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  1. Fresno finding out just how dumb the Sheep really are.
  2. So long as he isn't OC or the QB coach, I would at least see how he does at MSU.
  3. Off topic, but Ric's daughter has really come into her own as a Women's champion, and basically being the female version of Ric. Alas, it seems there's no female Sting to feud with. But she has done her own incarnation of the 4 Horsemen too.
  4. Lucky. I don't even have a stream to watch said ads. Let alone the game.
  5. Yeah, as an OC, well, we all saw that. But many of us thought he would be better as a HC anyway. So far, that rings true in Montana State. But the real question is how he would do with his own recruits at all the key spots. If he became Bohl's successor in Laramie, and so long as he had someone else call the plays and coach the QBs, I think many would give him a shot, if nothing else.
  6. Socko, unfortunately, didn't help cushion the fall. Okay, now I know where that came from. I just know it better, being a 90s kid, from Scott Steiner as the Steiner Recliner. And while he didn't bring it to wrestling first, he did make it a popular move for future wrestlers, and remains as one of his most iconic moves, Goldberg's Spear.
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