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  1. Hey ya, Robe. Glad you made the trip and for you..glad ya'll won. What a whopper 4th quarter. Interesting thought...does BYU get a mega bowl if ya'll win out? Shoot, I'd rather see BYU and (probable) Cincinnati in the AAC Champs game this year..as a special one-time thing. Not unlike ND's one time special all-in relationship with ACC.
  2. Good to hear, Robe...re UH tix office news. I'm glad some good, strong blue Cougs will be in tow at TDECU. Makes for great television... ....I gotta take a bit of LOLS on that Duarte article above...it's just one game; had it been an FCS opponent the stats would have been like All Decade uber great. Dial it down. We see what Coogs are really made of Friday night and that's that.
  3. UH put out a presser back in August saying 25% capacity for football, or 10k. I do not know if that's been modified since then...seems like you should be fine if you show up live but dunno fer shure..
  4. Gawd..WE finally got to play last Thursday. It was soooo late in the season our offense thought it was Christmas what with gift wrapping the ball and handing it over to the Tulane every chance it got in the first half. Fortunately Coogs snapped to it second half and remembered that it's only early October. Double Header Friday Night on the nigh ESPN Normal. First it's SMU/the Tulane. Then it's Coogs/Cougs.
  5. I just threw down. Wow...one of those innocent looking easy weeks, which can be dangerous. Ugh and oy. Flip a coin re Iowa State @ TCU. There's gonna be a surprise turd floater in here somewheres today. It's either Tennessee or Virginia Tech if I had to guess...which means both of those will win by landslides.
  6. Returned to the group...I'm in..and a bit surprised College Pik Em is finally back. Yahoo nonetheless. The first slate is for Saturday the 26th with some good stuff already thrown down. ESPN Pik Em is always a hoot with some tough and fancy navigation at times. Join Up!
  7. Bryson Jackson made the Hometown rag press yesterday...congrats, UNLV. Chron Linky
  8. No other league has been more disappointing than MLB. Every league has tried its best to adapt and carry on. MLB did the direct opposite. Screw em and their relentless whiney ways.
  9. No, we do not. Per the Canadian government. At this point who gives a flip about whiney MLB? So many of them pulling out of their teams like a bunch of rhythm method Catholics. No offense, Rome. Screw MLB. For many months they've whined about too much, done nothing, and will be an afterthought until year after next. PGA goes. MLS goes. NBA goes. NHL goes. Football goes. Russian ping pong goes. Mask-wearing kick ball in a Walmart parking lot goes. MLB implodes..long overdue. Overpaid fatt butt idiots.
  10. Maybe. My nephew Dougie hosts an annual live Fantasy Football initial throw down at his digs. Entry fees of course. NFL fantasy league requires super attention to deets in Dougie's league. I innocently won it all in 2017 by not paying too much attention. Lols. 2017 was my year of NFL junks. I'm always down for it in nephew Dougie land.
  11. Ya'll do fantasy football MWC Board? Who woudda knew. Lols. Obviously it's far from congenial...but MWC types do what they do..pent up anger issues. However, if there is folding money on the table re that...phouck ya buddy and screw you. Who doesn't like competitive sports betting..you tell me.
  12. Stick with diversified technology stocks thick and thin. If you were perhaps getting freaked out months ago tapping your inner Catholic pull out method using the rhythm method...you don't belong in Manhattan long term. The Equity markets are not for the frail of heart nor the short term thinkers. Research, buy, hold. and out perform. With some modifications quarterly minimum.
  13. True that. But the point is to sacrifice salaries for a bit and set an example. Texas can afford anything. I know of no other FBS squad that froze pay increases for academics/support staff while throwing major dime at football during these times. $268,000 aint no chump change, in my opinion.
  14. UH President, the AD, and Gridiron/Hoops HCs took six-month pay cuts voluntarily. Texas did the opposite..pay bumps north of a quarter million $$ for 3 asst FB coaches despite merit pay freeze for faculty and regular folk staff (to avoid layoffs)...lols.
  15. In it to win it. Again. okay...once before. Twas sweet then, will be sweeter now.
  16. you have me on highlighted probation. agree with the slotting tho.
  17. 9, 18, and 20. I'm fine with that...I think we're gonna see #18 in the CCG. Navy played perfect...not easy to replicate. But maybe so. Speaking of which... New Mexico > Air Force > Navy > Houston > Oklahoma jest sayin
  18. Aggy and esp. Tennessee way up there? Pfffffft. I'll happily take the 8 tho.
  19. Well this didn't happen on our end. We're like CBI or NIT. Definitely not Tourney.
  20. If I beat Temple this evening at home, do I get to go to the bubble batch?
  21. I'm down for this action. yahoo.
  22. Bye Toledo. Thought it was gonna be Bowling Green that did em in. They probably will when that one comes up..... ....Navy @ Memphis will be close I think. But Memphis pulls it out.
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