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  1. Returned to the group...I'm in..and a bit surprised College Pik Em is finally back. Yahoo nonetheless. The first slate is for Saturday the 26th with some good stuff already thrown down. ESPN Pik Em is always a hoot with some tough and fancy navigation at times. Join Up!
  2. I was looking forward to this one after Navy failed to show up at all re BYU. The three of Us all play in a mini tournament (BYU @ Navy, BYU @ Coog, Coog @ Navy) We shall see who ends up on top for a sorta CIC trophy like thingy. BTW..how does the CIC Trophy work if all 3 are 1-1? I guess it's score data without bothering to google it.
  3. Quickly replaced by @ Baylor next Saturday on Fox...with a future homey/homey to follow. We got ditched by Washington State, then Rice, then Memphis...finally we get to play and I'm thrilled it's not HBU or similar. Lols re Tech hosting HBU yesterday slipping by with one point. Texas should have offered to take the square root of its score hosting up UTEP yesterday..they still win if that were the deal (not unlike Coog High Scoring Days trouncing SWC competition back in the day..take the square root of our score to make it competitive). Texas State v UTSA was great fun to watch 4th qu
  4. Wrapping it up...finally...
  5. Louisiana Monroe @mondego has final 2 picks @wapitipoke is behind
  6. @Wapitipoke34 You're up...let's roll along pls. thx.
  7. Since we're nearing the end..I'll proxy for ya, bud. You, me, Wapi, and Mondy have our final 2 picks coming up in quick succession. I'll proxy for you in your listed order.... if'n they aint be took...(I'm practicing my Auburn ness as a previous selection).
  8. Both #1 seeds fell in Game One. This is gonna be interesting....
  9. Louisville twice as nice...who woudda knew?
  10. SMU over TCU after the both you figured it out. Game 100 ish. Go Pony.
  11. Says lowly UNM. How's that XII bid goin these days?
  12. Okay, so I kinda dorked up the first one not realizing the 20-limit poll option. East Carolina and Tulsa were not an option. I failed to list both Wyoming and Colorado State. Here is the new set. Hawai'i and San Jose State eliminated from the first round. Enter BYU (yes BYU), Colorado State, and Wyoming. This will be a public vote and the top 12 (or 14) are what We think will be a very fine, unified conference...whether it happens or not. The poll options are listed based on first round results sliding scale. Vote for as many as you like but preferably 12 or 14. Let's see what unfolds.
  13. Bryson Jackson made the Hometown rag press yesterday...congrats, UNLV. Chron Linky
  14. It's all about the pretty little cumulative boxes the website tosses up. Heisman winners anyone? NFL drafts? ConfeIrence championships? Consistent poll ratings? It's cumulative history and it's a hoot. We beat out Oklahoma State in the simple W-L record, but their pretty boxes are far better than ours. jest sayin. I dig this website much. It's right to the argumentative point however you like to spin it. This is a good page there
  15. I found this on a lark trying to find the AFA/UH football series record quickly (see other thread). I now love it. Pick two teams in the Compare button. When things get testy from time to time, as they always do on the MWC board..put the facts right out thar. http://winsipedia.com/ Here's a fun one ahead of 2024/2025 first ever series
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