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  1. The comprehensive rankings are Here. NCAA.com with drop down thingy for all the polling data. Just like baseball and its 5 different ranking things, the ladies have their version every Monday. Betwixt our two leagues..some smattering of attention one way or another. UCF, Fresno, Coogs, San Jose State, Tulsa, SDSU, USF. ...however, nothing to crow about quite yet. Under the radar stuff for now. Coog Softball at the UNLV tourney today - Sunday. With the 'money game' tomorrow night v UNLV.
  2. Yahoo..knocked off #25 Stanford in Round Rock yesterday 11-4. Good news following Opening Weekend debacle. Oy. Tennessee up next, then Texas Tech. Coogs go to Vegas for a 2-fer hosted by UNLV in about 3 weeks. The ladies go to Vegas next weekend for a UNLV tournament. Coog diamond squads really dig Vegas....
  3. Other than Boise JeffK, when it comes to the homey/homey middle 2020s, only Boise Jeff will get it.
  4. Enough of this pls. Regarding petty bullcrud. It stuns me how myopic some folks re MWC folks are short sighted, bitchy in general, (No offense SDSU). That's probably why TCU bolted. That's why Utah bolted. And BYU. It's a general mish mash of backward thinking. Especially Boise State. UH needs to undo the football deal. Regular UH of AAC. Good luck.
  5. I suppose we're playing Detroit State University in the middle 2020s given that craptastic comment. Dude, we are a Global City. We are not Austin. We are not Alamo SA. We are not godawful Dallas. We are energy. And diversity. We also steal baseball hand signals to +++++ up Los Angeles. We do trout fishing at night nearby. We hunt deer. We embrace Little India. Little China. And everything Venezuela lately given their political mayhem and refugees from Caracas. These are things fly fishing Idaho expo I will never understand from your point of view, Who really every wants to refugee in Idaho other than an hapless methhead from Alberta or the yukky parts of Oregon.
  6. If I may, and no offense SDSU. There is only one lock for March for MWC. And that's SDSU. IF Utah State runs wild and free until MWC tourney champ game, MWC has two teams In, in my opinion. There are so many squads in Hoops, like 330 plus of em, but the better leagues need to place well and do well. B1G is a suffering beast lately with too many. ACC has 3. SEC has 3. PAC has 2,3, BE is beating up on itself lately and yahoo. My league at this point is fortunate to have more than two. It's really tough in Hoops. So much has changed this year. Except SDSU. Sustainable. Durable. Fantastic performance consistently. And of course, congrats for winning the regular MWC crown this week, Aztecs. Wow..that was early. Props. Let's see what Utah State can do.
  7. It's not like anyone from Idaho is gonna show up in Houston middle 20s. Why we scheduled Boise is beyond me. Talk big, ya. Delivery is fail. As in bus action from Boise.
  8. Gheesh. In the end, what a stoopid topic I fell for. Why? Because generally I like you folks. Across the board. I've stayed well away from the ongoing internal bitching re Boise and the rest of ya'll. In the end it's all your own horseshit to figure out. We externals need to stay out of the fray. Boise is definitely all about false sense bravado, horseshit, and whatnot. However, from time to time are not all guilty of that? Let the blue beast run wild for a few months. Then back to backwoods regulation. It's all about SDSU. Without qualification.
  9. Regarding scheduling football matters, I'm a bit stunned we didn't do it SEC style. 2 Here, 1 there. With Boise. We have 1-1 with Washington State. 1-1 Utah, 1-1 Colorado. 1-1 BYU. Westward wise. 1-1 Kansas. 4 year Texas Tech. Just ask San Diego State about how to deliver re West Coast Action. Many, many, many of Us dig the Top Four Aztecs.
  10. If there were a San Diego State topic re fantastic success...it's no dream. It is.
  11. We have 1-1 football deal coming up homey-homey. Middle 20s. Obviously you are the exception to the wayward rule.