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  1. Hey greg. Interesting topic but around these here parts we do college ball games in two forms during the season. The first ones is already done with predicted W/L record snake draft in group formation. The other ones is someone like Warbow sponsors the ESPN Pik Em battle all season long with its surprises. I like your idea much, greg. It's interesting. The more games, the more better. Please go into further deets how this will work starting with FBS Week 0 or Week 1.
  2. For now, it's all about either of Houston or Cincy in the G5 Cotton Bowl bid. The more interesting part is whether it is against Southern Cal or Oklahoma. Way too early NY6 predictions. It's a looong season with plenty of surprises and whatnot. Who knows, Coastal Carolina could be in the Cotton Bowl. Looking forward to the initial AP poll one week from today and MWC rankings.
  3. This is always interesting. Props to the Academy for taking Colorado. UCF taking Florida? Wake Forest over either of NC State or North Carolina? Linky
  4. The AP ballot debuts one week from today. Wilner already has Fresno State at #21. Linky Supporting Article
  5. At this point Colorado Coors folks not named AFA have to tap their inner West Virginia and make some moonshine 101. Tap their inner West Virginia.
  6. You have a brain. This is a fine surprise.
  7. fun topic, greg of AZ. Especially agree re Colorado. lols.
  8. It's a toughie OOC lot. I can envision Air Force winning straight through. Wyoming as well once on the other side of Illinois. San Diego State has a great shot at it all. I do not see Boise taking down BYU.
  9. In alpha order, and here it goes as a posting project. Air Force hosting Colorado hosting Navy Army in Arlington (neutral) Boise State: at Oregon State hosting BYU Colorado State: at Michigan payday at Washington State Fresno State: Oregon State at USC Hawai'i hosting Vanderbilt at Michigan payday Nevada at Iowa New Mexico at LSU beatdown payday and totally embarrassing San Diego State hosting up greg of Arizona at Utah San Jose State at Auburn payday, nothing further Wyoming at Illinois hosting Tulsa UNLV at Cal at Notre Dame Utah State at Alabama
  10. ^^^ nonetheless for now, re Week One Action, Hawai'i over Vanderbilt and Nevada over NMSU. Utah State is a landslide favorite. Hopeful for Wyoming in Champaign as a surprising upset over the Illini. I assume Rebs take down FCS Idaho State. 5-0 record for MWC Week 0 results. When this occurs, it is two wins over Power 5 squads no matter who they are. Win.
  11. Unfortunately, after Utah State delivers a crushing blow against UConn, next up is at Alabama. Ouch. Super ouch. Give em a good show in Tuscaloosa despite the odds. It is Alabama's season opener before they trot off to Austin and take on Texas. Give em a tough run for their Bama pay day bucks, Utah State post UConn beatdown. Assuming this occurs and I really hope it does - Alabama will be p*ssed beyond belief and try to destroy Texas in Austin the following weekend. Or be double tested to the limit two weeks in a row. We shall see. Utah State and Texas right outta the gate for Alabama. No easy chore at all for Alabama.
  12. The early, early Vegas odds are in..really early for Week 0. Thus far it is this: Utah State a stunning +33 over UConn. Total yawn and props in advance to Logan hosting up a fine gimme. Nevada +17.5 over NMSU. Illinois currently favored by +9 over visiting Wyoming. If I were a betting person I would take Wyoming. Hawai'i and Vanderbilt are even steven with Hawai'i winning by less than a Safety. As in a one point ball game. No line published as of yet re UNLV and Idaho State; that will come later.
  13. p.s. re G5 representative to the Cotton Bowl; there may be no coin toss at all re AAC champ. If BYU runs its slate clean with its difficult sked, that would be amazing. Coastal Carolina is in the mix as well with its QB1 constant pressers. A new question is posed re the Cotton Bowl G5 rep. Why not Aztecs? Especially if there is a win over Utah in Game 3 preceded by two lights-out wins over Arizona and Idaho State in newby fantastic SnappyDragon Stadium.
  14. Three short Saturdays from now, it all begins with a generous Week 0. Week 0 used to be about some yawn side foreign soil matchups in Australia or other. The only foreign soil one this year is Northwestern and Nebraska in Ireland (yawn). Thank goodness there are 10 match ups on domestic soil featuring 5, yes 5, MWC squads. MWC gets outta the gate early for the 2022 season. UNLV, Utah State, Wyoming, Hawai'i, and Nevada are all In Action. I am most interested in what Wyoming does at Illinois. And Hawai'i hosting up Vanderbilt. Utah State, Nevada, and UNLV get a good pass re their match ups. Week 0 Link
  15. Fortunately, through various ranking sites, Coog OOC lofty ones Alabama, Virginia, and Oregon are getting great attention. To boot ongoing conference play Cincinnati is in the highly selective and wonderful Maui Invitational...featuring Cincy, Arkansas, Ohio State, Texas Tech, Arizona, San Diego State (props), Louisville, and Creighton. Maui Invite link. Go Aztecs, greg of Arizona, and Cincy not getting tossed too early. And of course Memphis doing what Memphis does in hoops re conference play. It is the quiet before the long, sustained, difficult storm. Supposedly UH gridiron is in the Cotton Bowl against either of USC or Oklahoma. That's just a bit of a coin flip betwixt the AAC champion this year in the AAC CCG. Hoops are different. Final Four in Hou in 2023 at Reliant and if it finally does happen for Coogs re Hoops National Crown, it is THE best possible time ever to do so.
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