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  1. I dig ya and get it. I too wanted Boise, but it's off the table. Future picks down the list pls..mits off Indiana, Texas, San Diego State, Tennessee, and Hawai'i. Jest sayin. On the sly, kev can do funky things during the pik em. Who knows...
  2. https://www.pbs.org/video/china-undercover-zqcoh2/ Great piece on Frontline PBS. In general Frontline does captivating, insightful work; no grandstanding.
  3. I for one am keeping it neutral. However, in further rounds I may add a song or two...completely neutral. Thank you for being a part of Team Black, madame Boise.
  4. 398F in Houston is like a Sunday. The science is nothing about direct human contact at all. It's about Covid killing air filtration behind the scene with no human discomfort. Picture it like this..a wind farm in your backyard wondering why the chickens still lay eggs.
  5. Memphis taking a page outta Baylor hoops back in the day. Memphis to XII. Lols, however there has to be a dead body in XII Hoops re Baylor and then you have a strong shot of winning it all. Gangsta style in milk toast Waco.
  6. Great..tap your inner Janeway, my conference bud.
  7. Thx. We're working on it all. Once a vaccine is invented, Tang it is my bro. Along with nuclear fission at the Texas Center for Superconductivity.
  8. Maybe. My nephew Dougie hosts an annual live Fantasy Football initial throw down at his digs. Entry fees of course. NFL fantasy league requires super attention to deets in Dougie's league. I innocently won it all in 2017 by not paying too much attention. Lols. 2017 was my year of NFL junks. I'm always down for it in nephew Dougie land.
  9. Ugh..only B1G and PAC have decided to do this. ACC and SEC are 'studying' the situation. IF ACC falls to conference play only, SEC will follow suit. Then XII. No one likes these unfolding things much at all. However, collectively we're gonna find a way to make it all Go. There's no spring in college ball. Just like there's no crying in baseball. Unless you're an MLB person this year.
  10. There's no legal basis for it. None whatsoever. During These Times, sports across the board are scrambling to make do in so many forms. Professional and amateur. To Mr. Warbow...we're both now open on September 12. If my squad is up for it to fill in the Washington State hole...let's work on that instead as well as we can. UH v UH September 12 in Hawai'i. Easy non-stop travel from United hub IAH to ya'll. Assuming we get a great slot on ESPN. If it's relegated to CBSSports Network..total meh.
  11. Even though its gig with Oregon State is tossed out...I'm going with perceived 2nd best in XII. The paddle slappers of Stillwater.
  12. Pls dude. Stop talking bullshit. I split half my time betwixt Texas and New Mexico. There is no way New Mexico is any position to build a wall from either of Arizona, Texas, or Colorado. Try me on that one, dude. Super poor state..rivaling Mississippi in the lowest funded poor state re education..yep, it's New Mexico. You're freaking lucky to have Texas imports. However, NM is full of charm. It really is. If one can turn a blind eye to the rampant meth crises. New Mexico is an anomaly. The back roads, ranch land is excellent. The native lands in the NW abutting AZ and Utah..coolo. If NM could dislodge Santa Fe politics with its relative Who Gives a Shit...it would be a better place. Even in Albuquerque. The Republic of Texas should never have given up its original territory.
  13. Ya'll do fantasy football MWC Board? Who woudda knew. Lols. Obviously it's far from congenial...but MWC types do what they do..pent up anger issues. However, if there is folding money on the table re that...phouck ya buddy and screw you. Who doesn't like competitive sports betting..you tell me.
  14. Pls do not confuse the wonderful MWC with the Ivy League. The rest of Us are gonna play ball in the fall. NBA reboot sequestered in Florida will get all of our grove back. Fat butt MLB and its constant whining is lost, but who gives a crap re MLB. NFL is quickly adapting with eyes on NBA to finish its season.