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  1. Maybe, but if ESPN were to gain control of all the other properties, you don’t think they could buy out FOX?
  2. When is it up for renewal? Isn’t it coming up? and the PAC’s before that?
  3. I think we can all agree that ESPN wants to corner the College Football market. I think ESPN’s plan was a multi stage attempt to control all of the BIG XII properties. OU/T into the SEC and incentivize the remaining 8 into the AAC where it would control their rights exclusively. I think ESPN thought they could convince the remaining 8 that their value was going to drop to close to $9 million per, and that ESPN would split the difference between what they were making if they jumped into a 20 team monstrosity of an AAC. I think this move was not to create a 20 team confer
  4. We were good in 2016 also, but our season got derailed as the news of Tom Herman, and UT talking started to surface. We are one of the top media properties in the AAC, if not the top. When we are good, to above average in football our ratings are at the top by a good margin. When we play middle to top quality P5 opponents our viewership ratings are very high, and it isn’t just our opponent. The city of Houston as a whole follows UH when it comes to media viewership. When we are playing in a big game the city tunes in. That’s why we get such high ratings. You are also righ
  5. So, the Big XII just distributed of $345 million. $34.5 million per school. If the Remaining 8 agreed to give OU and UT the first $80 million off the top, $40 million each, and evenly split the rest by all ten schools, UT and OU would get $66 million each and the others $26 million each. But isn’t that still better than the Remaining 8 can do under any other scenario?
  6. Kinda like the last 3 times they did this...
  7. Short memory I guess, but this whole exchange between the two of us got started because you got your panties in a wad over this statement... “Because we had better success in the SWC than they did while we were there. They don’t want to elevate a competitor in their backyard.” So yeah, it was relative to what you were arguing. Quite frankly I wasn’t even referring to TCU, but TT and Baylor.
  8. You are right! I am done. I’m not sure why it was even being challenged in the first place.
  9. I’m really not sure why you are having to throw a bunch of “yeah but’s” to the facts. Im not trying to argue with you. Everything that I stated was a fact. Our 4 SWC Football Championships And 3 Final Fours While in the SWC shouldn’t count? Our record against UT vs everyone else’s shouldn’t count? I just threw the other sports on their as bonus I’m not quite sure why you are trying to down play our accomplishments while in the SWC
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