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  1. Maybe. I would argue we don't know the odds of a universe like ours forming. Physics may say it is pretty common if we can ever ge to that level of understanding quantum physics.
  2. Just math. Given the billions and billions of planets there are many earths out there in the Universe. Physics would suggest multiple universes would be similar unless there are no "laws" of physics. I certainly agree with live every day.
  3. AP. The seized records include some marked not only top secret but also “sensitive compartmented information,” a special category meant to protect the nation’s most important secrets that if revealed publicly could cause “exceptionally grave” damage to U.S. interests. The court records did not provide specific details about information the documents might contain. Not just a leak anymore that he had Sensitive compartment info. felony offenses https://apnews.com/article/florida-donald-trump-mar-a-lago-merrick-garland-government-and-politics-f63c018b600e1539ff3660a896a132d0
  4. Oh I get the codes are long changed but I just don't see Trump being stupid or corrupt enough to have real serious stuff in his personal safe...... He can't be that far gone can he?
  5. Ok trump is an idiot but I am having a hard time believing he had launch codes in his personal safe. I mean come on.....
  6. Man and he is pissed they did not warn him because he is "special" https://apnews.com/article/elections-pennsylvania-donald-trump-congress-cfa625f007ef38c18727a1755dec4a4f
  7. Without Taiwan we can't make much in the line of high tech weapons. Now take the supply of rare earth minerals from China away and.......
  8. History has not been kind to the US when we go into isolation mode. Doubt it is even an option anymore since we are not the manufacturing powerhouse we used to be.
  9. Weird. In Hawaii, they just warn you the lifeguards are going off duty on a loud speaker and that you are on your own
  10. So prohibition laws don't work? you don't say
  11. So a mother and doctor who plan an abortion are guilty of premeditated murder. Thus they should be given the death penalty. merica
  12. Yep. A lot of early retirees in the US from Covid and big stock gains
  13. I almost always finish dead in the Center. Had a 3rd once. Come on lady luck
  14. During my teaching career we went through a couple of workshops on how to deal with generational poverty and the mindset of that group. It is a tough problem and not as easy as just saying get good grades and go to college. People who think it is that easy are very naive. So many challenges facing these kids and a mindset to break.
  15. US house reps have visited Taiwan before. China being a++Ho++
  16. Is this the research that the plaque in the brain is not causing Altimeters, but rather the brain trying to protect itself. Hypothesis is that like a pearl forming in an oyster the brain forms the plaque. The brain, like the oyster, is coating a irritant to protect itself. By clearing the plaque we may be making the disease worse..
  17. Several companies are playing in the sulfur battery arena. GM is one according to some leaks. Add in the solid state batteries are much closer than originally thought and I wonder how the sulfur batteries play in that space. A lot of change coming but not sure how it all plays together
  18. It was a weird day. Big increase from the FED and then mortgage rates dropped today.
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