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  1. Yep Major League Baseball seeing it too. Screw that though old men want to watch football!!!! Look at the low death rate. I don't care about anything else dammit!!!!!!
  2. Big, Pac, MWC . all coordinated SEC, ACC, Sunbelt. Heart of football land hanging on until the bitter end. They will cancel as well
  3. yea I was sticking to P5 as I thought they would be the only ones playing this fall. but if we all go spring and G5 play few P5 body bag games..... Arkansas State @masterfrog
  4. So are we redoing this in the spring or do I have to be serious still?
  5. Probably the top 2 academic conferences overall. They tend to think alike
  6. Hurry uuuu... oh wait purple team. Nm
  7. Yep. 9 game season and a championship game and be done. Give AF a navy/army as subs for the out of division play
  8. The Trump who can't even pronounce Yosemite want to debate?
  9. Air Force probably inadvertently saved 3 games for the BYU schedule
  10. Would not play a team from Georgia right now. You also said they felt the CUSA and Sunbelt covid protocols are not up to snuff? Mixed message there
  11. Stanford is needs based. A lot fo kids from poor families go there for zero or low tuition costs and they don't play sports. Nor can those kids use sports as a crutch to edge out better qualified candidates.
  12. IF you think this won't spread across the P5's you are nuts
  13. College sports needs a huge redo anyway
  14. As I understand it. the current covid mutations are making it more infectious but not necessarily deadlier. For an RNA virus, Covid has not been a quick mutator, like cold virus.
  15. Uhh wyo has a full indoor football field and practice facilitirs. CSU? Not so much besides colder in michigan, minnesota, wisconsin, etc
  16. If UNM is not voting in MW meetings and doesn’t expect tp play in the fall, then no way NMSU plays
  17. All about $$. That and flu and cold viruses mutate quickly
  18. Yea lets make these Kids play two seasons in one year and disregard the risk of higher injury and recovery. NCAA won't do that.
  19. Not on all islands for the students. Big island and UH Hilo is not included. Testing is not overwhelmed here though. At least on big island where I live. Oahu is struggling
  20. Fourteen day quarantine supposed to no longer be in effect sept 1. Gov debating a negative covid test within three days of arrival or a quarantine to replace it.
  21. AAC and which P5. 3 are conference only and two are conference +1. The P5 are not on exact same page
  22. Better get on the phone BYU. Looks like you lost all MWC games