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  1. It has already changed Japan's immigration policies. As the US birthrate declines, the US will see a population decline without immigration. In the next decade, with automation also eliminating many jobs it is a difficult question to maintain a healthy population, for the economy, and yet not have a chunk of people with no work due to fewer jobs. Others think automation will also create jobs as it eliminates others. Really a tough question most of the world will have to deal with as the birth rate falls virtually worldwide.
  2. My Canadian friends are sending you dirty looks and smirks ;)
  3. Hell I would insist on all US, Canadian, European, and Australian prisoners https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_foreign_nationals_detained_in_Iran
  4. A bit on the mass exodus of California https://calmatters.org/explainers/california-population-migration-census-demographics-immigration/ "Depends on how you look at it. California is losing residents to other states and as the population ages, but those losses are being more than offset by new births and foreign-born immigration. The number of Californians is still increasing, but our once-robust growth rate has slowed." One group of Californians isn’t looking for greener pastures: college graduates. Over the past five years, California has attracted
  5. Did you know Nebraska is losing almost as many people, per capita, as California.
  6. Great woman who did so much for women in her life time. Nothing but respect here. God speed RBG
  7. well they rent a 19,000 seat stadium. They don't really have one
  8. I watched some NFL. NO college games, just not interested in the teams still playing
  9. Maybe the Big 12 should have not played this fall?
  10. We have 6 full rows. Do just those? and Hawaii record for the rest of the team? I do see LA tech was already taken when I picked them so change La tech to Troy. I take FIU this round for what that is worth. @masterfrog
  11. A picture is worth a thousand words. Amazing how the far right labels anyone who is moderate or not right with them as a flaming liberal.
  12. And then Ronald Regan pushed for gun Control in Cali https://www.history.com/news/black-panthers-gun-control-nra-support-mulford-act
  13. in hawaii I drove out to the elections office and did a drop box for this primary. Very simple and no lines
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