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  1. There are certainly people who need to be put away to protect society. That is the point.....
  2. Kind of there point of being a christian is to forgive...right? The real point of prison is to make sure there is no future danger to people. It is not to keep people locked up forever or the rest of their lives.
  3. I would love to have Norway's New Testament/christian ideas and work to reform and rehabilitate people rather than lock them up and charge me the bill for the rest of their lives
  4. Sure but no way you defeat a country that big and try to win a war in Japan as well. Our allies were tapped and we would not be able to sustain a two front war much longer either.
  5. US military was stretched thin with the war in Japan. The idea we would have easily taken out Russia is stupid.
  6. Same reporter. McCain told him he was asking idiotic and stupid questions. Dems and GOP agree the reporter is an idiot.
  7. well. those Austrians mostly spoke German before Germany invaded so it was OK.
  8. Maybe 25% to 30% of Hawaii does not want to be part of the US either. They resent the US invasion and Take over of Hawaii
  9. So? huge chunks of the US speak foreign languages as well. Why do you think they all want to join Russia?
  10. Glad you are still running. Had me/us worried about you
  11. Best wishes. I can personally relate to your struggle. One ofthe great CSU fans
  12. Only Jones would build an NFL football field that sits East to West
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