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  1. The amount of $$ Miami is spending to protect their drinking water supply and storm proofing is getting Stupid. Anyone who lives near the ocean sees the impact of rising and warming oceans. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-08-29/miami-s-other-water-problem. (paywall sorry) https://www.gsd.harvard.edu/project/the-vulnerability-of-potable-water-with-climate-change-in-miami-dade/ https://www.npr.org/2020/06/13/875725714/a-4-6-billion-plan-to-storm-proof-miami
  2. Cuomo career is done. Dems won't back him either. Wish the GOP would not back Trump for playing politics with the pandemic as well
  3. nah. Costco is going nowhere. Several clothing stores like ross dress for less are doing quite well frankly. There are retail success stories if you look
  4. Desantis is asking Florida voters for $1 Billion dollars to fight climate change as insurance prices on the Florida coast keep climbing. you sure lol. https://www.tampabay.com/news/florida-politics/2021/01/28/desantis-calls-for-1-billion-to-brace-for-climate-change/
  5. But what he promised to only hire the "BEST" people in the campaign. ROFL and people bought that line....
  6. Am I correct is thinking that really impact countries like Brazil?
  7. Interesting. I guess I was thinking of the deep sea rigs more than the fracking and use of a single platform to drill multiple wells in different directions. Living near the ocean, I hope the demand for oil declines faster rather than slower. Especially in the use of plastics. I also see the warming, rising water levels impact on the coastlines and the rise of invasive species. Hawaii is already telling some coastal home owners they will need to be moving inland and abandon some coastal properties. $$ to protect some coastal properties will be very high
  8. I tend to agree. His Private legal problems will do him in to run again.
  9. True but would you agree the cost of getting at the remaining oil is climbing?
  10. Everybody in Wyo should be celebrating. The drilling jobs will come back, after the 60 day ban is lifted. There will probably be additional fed mineral taxes on drilling though, and some new regs on methane capture as that is what the ban is all about.
  11. Well Last president to balance the budget a do a bit of debt pay down was a democrat. Maybe you are voting for the wrong party if you want less debt. GOP likes DIck Cheney's words. "Debt doesn't matter". Dems are tax and spend but at least they tax to pay for it
  12. That was the part I whiffed on. Only had 12% and 10% held out of pension and SSA. Yet with job buyouts with a retirement in June, I made significant more than Usual. Should have withheld at the 22% level. So paying a bit more than usual to the fed. Did Ok on both half year state returns though. Stayed just under the penalty level at the fed. Whew.
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