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  1. BYU will be lucky with 2 games left on its schedule.
  2. Except the point of a conference only season is not to add games. It is to lose 4 games and that gives you scheduling space to deal with problems and keep travel and exposure down.
  3. Looks like BYU has lost 5 games on its schedule for 2020. Probably 7 lost games when Missouri and Houston pull out. I say let em sweat. They won't bring fans to anyone this year anyway and they never return favors. They burnt that bridge. The idea of a conference only schedule is to reduce exposure and risk for the athletes. Just go a conference schedule only, Adding a BYU game just increases risk and expense. There will be no bowls without a vaccine anyway
  4. Checking in. No changes . Yep team purple 😜
  5. But then west coast cuts off fruits and vegetables to wyoming and alaska.
  6. Not according to the contact tracers across the country who are tracking it to bars and large gatherings of young people. New York, Chicago, etc all had very large protests and they are not seeing spikes in Covid. In fact, infections continue to decline there.
  7. Hmm japan and taiwan major cities have avoided any major hit. They dont see one coming if they are careful and are waiting a vaccine without a major disruption.
  8. Herd immunity is several years away without a vaccine, if it is even possible, It is an RNA virus and they can mutate quickly. We already see evidence that the virus mutation in the US is far more contagious then the mutation that hit china
  9. Europe was far more successful in slowing the spread of disease, Their cases are declining while ours are climbing steeply. I also believe that there is a difference between professional and college level athlete and the risks we ask them to take.
  10. SO what about the evidence that even in asymptomatic people there is permanent lung damage occurring. You are risking their life long health with the idea that they all fully recover. sad
  11. must be why Houston hospitals called a code red today and ICU beds are full and they are considering field hospitals. Texas locks down alll bars and restrict gatherings again. I guess they have not decided to just go on with life. Arizona is one 90% full and filling
  12. College football season is hanging by a thread