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  1. Montana has no abortion law and can't without changing the constitution of the State. Post this elsewhere but at least be accurate
  2. already taken. You get to pick two. look in thread for picked teams
  3. Time for the tribes to Separate and build side by side but different America. Unified only by the Military and the post office
  4. not the same. Can't put crypto in my safe deposit box...;)
  5. Have to wonder what a mess it would have been if Trump had managed to stay in power. Yes a constitutional crisis to be sure and the Supreme Court most likely would have thrown him out eventually but would it have totally broken the country and led to a split?
  6. The hate won't be back. Each focused on different conference goals and championships. Simply would not be the same level of intensity as an in-conference rivalry.
  7. The NCAA Division I Transformation Committee is considering changing how scholarships are awarded in equivalency sports — a discussion that could result in more than $1 billion annually in additional scholarships to athletes in those sports, As the Transformation Committee tackles various aspects of redefining college sports and what is required to be in Division I, lifting the cap in financial aid could come with a concurrent move to change the mandate to sponsor 16 sports to be in the FBS. Chun confirmed the double and triple counting of track and cross country programs is among the issues being discussed in redefining Division I membership requirements. https://www.oregonlive.com/sports/2022/06/ncaa-division-i-transformation-committee-discussing-converting-equivalency-sports-to-full-scholarship-pac-12-supports-what-would-be-the-biggest-change-to-college-athletics-since-title-ix.html No more partial scholarships in the Olympic sports. 16 programs and all athletes have a full ride. “We’re going to give more to a few athletes as opposed to giving much to many,” McMillen said. “We’re going in a different direction and it’s a more commercial direction. ... I believe the division should be more kids have opportunity not less. If you look at it from a zero-sum situation, the way it is today, yes, there will be sports cut and that 16 number may change or it could even cause the stratification of the FBS where the FBS could become smaller because schools can’t afford it During SEC Spring Meetings earlier this month, Sankey said the Transformation Committee had not yet discussed lowering the 16 sports requirement.
  8. Yep mainland. Hawaii condos not going down yet. At least not on Big Island.
  9. Condo I was looking at just took a 25K cut or about 7%.
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