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  1. Good. I live in a heavy retirement area and way too many old people still trying to drive due to lack of public transportation. Tired of little old ladies going the wrong way on these new-fangled things called roundabouts
  2. Which of course, in a way, punishes the states who kept the pensions modest, required employee contributions, pre tax, and did not give away the farm in promised raises. New York is about 90% funded and Wisconsin is 102% funded for example. Oregon is at 104% funded and in great shape as is Washington at 90% This is not a nationwide problem Kentucky and Illinois at 41% are a disaster
  3. Meh. when montana pension system was under water they just required more money from the teachers and public employees in monthly holdouts and they required more match form the cities and schools. State kicked in one time cash deposit and did not increase benefits. They also decreased the benefits for new hires. Montana is recovery now and balances are building again, but a few years to go to get to totally healthy. Teacher pension in much better shape then the Public employee one is though Some states simply got way too generous on the benefit side with requiring too few years of work and not enough money matched from the employees checks. Pensions can work but you have to be careful and Cali and other states were not
  4. Have we gone too far?

    kind of like the kid beauty pageants we have been doing for years with little kids dressed up to be adult like? nothing new here
  5. CSU:  One-Down…Five-to-Go

    CSU cleaned house
  6. Anybody else do Uber?

    Meh. Lyft is better
  7. Game Night: SDSU @ WYO

    Say what?
  8. uhh always root for any of the academies. always root for all p5 losses. just the way it is
  9. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    high turnout. dems win. low turnout repubs win. same old
  10. yep. elon musk will have us on mars before nasa gets us back to the moon
  11. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    What do you know. There is hope for this country after all
  12. 2017-2018 coaching carousel

    so oregon, s alabama, g southern, and kent state last ones open?
  13. 2017-2018 coaching carousel

    updated. former wyo coach, dana, pool table, dimel to utep
  14. US moving Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

    I wonder how many Americans will die just so Trump can prove a point