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  1. If you were trying to gas up your car in Atlanta you would
  2. easy fix. Take the pipeline IT system off the internet, put it on isolated network, and engineers have to Come in and not work remotely. Done
  3. So I have outlasted 5 owners/administrators now Best wishes and thanks for continuing the board Mugtang. Welcome overlord jeffkills
  4. too many remote workers and engineers.
  5. NO. You can't use Star Trek symbols and call it Star Wars. Just so wrong on so many levels.
  6. Houston Methodist hospital also requiring all employees to be vaccinated. 26,000 employees. Makes sense with so many anti-vax types in Texas you will remain exposed for months if not a couple of years
  7. Hawaii is low tech. We are reintroducing damselflies to control mosquitoes and flies. They had been almost wiped out. gee help nature control them with natural predators. Who would have thunk it. https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2021/05/08/with-damselflies-brink-extinction-crews-release-insect-oahus-north-shore/
  8. I will take this genetic solution over more pesticide and chemical exposure anyday.
  9. watched part of the SDSU/Delaware game. Delaware was small and slow. There is no depth to the FCS. top couple of teams look solid but that is about it
  10. Does that even cover daycare costs for 1 kid?
  11. I agree. there will be no extension, barring a variant that escapes the vaccines.
  12. Yes but factor in Lack of affordable daycare, people avoiding jobs with high covid exposure, and other issues are also to blame and not just laziness as some portray it. Out? No it is not. Too many anti-vax people in the US for that to happen. It will be a low smoldering virus with hot spots popping up over the next couple of years
  13. Has been the rule in Hawaii for a couple of months. Mask inside. No Mask required outside unless you can't stay away from people. Common sense
  14. When trump did his America first and told other countries you are on your own he basically opened the door for Chinese expansion. They loved his foreign policy. Hated his tariffs, which were ineffective for the most part, but loved the openings he gave them to the world. Trump's decision to kill the TPP was a gift to China
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