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  1. The T cell response to produce an unusual monocyte from the innate immune system after a mrna vaccine is not the same as the innate immune system response after an infection. The immune system response is simply not exactly the same when comparing a real infection and the vaccine. "First identified in a recent vaccine study led by Pulendran, these cells — a small subset of generally abundant cells called monocytes that express high levels of antiviral genes — barely budge in response to an actual COVID-19 infection. But the Pfizer vaccine induced them. This special group of monocyt
  2. you keep thinking the reaction to the vaccine is the same as the reaction to the Virus. it is not. I will stay with the consensus of the professionals on this not the outing research. I am glad you are getting novovax although I want to see its effectiveness versus Delta.
  3. I already. did. "A recent study by Ogata and colleagues[9] reported the detection of spike protein in the plasma of patients following immunization with the Moderna vaccine, which was barely over the limit of detection. The authors noted values up to 6812 picograms [one thousand billionth of a gram] per mL (peak concentration) during the first week after the first injection. No subsequent peak and detection above detection levels were observed after the second injection. No full-length spike protein was detected at any time, and no nucleocapsid protein was detected in either of the patien
  4. great deals. My last mortgage was a 10 year at 2.25% I have no debt now, but this is really cheap money.
  5. They are marginal wells and most are not profitable to operate. Hang it on the taxpayer to fund the oil business. There is no oil shortage and no interest in these small producing wells.
  6. loose talk in Hawaii again about quarantine when you fly in or show your vaccine card. Cut the numbers down and stop the locals from flying to Vegas and bringing covid back with them.
  7. well I met with some science teachers from local christian school. They were a feeder k-8 school to the public High School where I taught chemistry and earth science. They could not believe we taught that climate change was real and that we did not teach creationism as a scientific option. They pushed hard for us to change the curriculum and teach their ideas as real science and then let the kids decide which to believe. I just sat there grinning and shaking my head.
  8. Not a peep on this mess in the US. Old abandoned oil wells are becoming a real problem. https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-business-health-environment-and-nature-coronavirus-pandemic-f04ac92a45b4e02392e86b618cc4ff03
  9. Florida setting new pandemic case records. Spike is higher than it has ever been. Way to go Desantis. Hospitals are cancelling non-emergency surgeries all over again. The non-vaccinated screwing everyone else around "The Florida Hospital Association said Friday that statewide COVID-19 hospitalizations are nearing last year’s peak, and one of the state’s largest health care systems, AdventHealth’s Central Florida Division, this week advised it would no longer be conducting nonemergency surgeries in order to free up resources for COVID-19 patients." https://apnews.com
  10. I cant believe how fast this is going. Weird
  11. I am going out less. No longer eating indoors, and avoiding indoor contact with people. 25% of cases in hawaii are in kids under 18.
  12. You do know the early spanish flu bug was very mild a year before it started killing? Then it mutated to a milder form. not all viruses become less deadly and it is safe to say the delta variant is causing more severe illness than the alpha variant did. We seem to be going to wrong way for mutations.
  13. from the article Data from the Danish Meteorological Institute and Polarportal.org show that the Greenland ice sheet saw about 8 gigatons of melting on both Tuesday and Wednesday. In total, more than 26 gigatons have melted this week so far. That would easily be enough to put the Sunshine State under 6 inches of water.
  14. Currently, 39% of Americans say returning to their pre-coronavirus life right now poses a large or moderate risk to their health and well-being. This marks an 11-point increase from the end of last month, and a return to the levels of perceived risk from late May. Americans growing more cautious. https://www.ipsos.com/en-us/news-polls/axios-ipsos-coronavirus-index
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