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  1. 3 in 5 Adults back vaccine mandates according to polling: https://morningconsult.com/2021/07/28/return-to-normal-vaccine-mandates-polling/
  2. It is time to begin mandatory vaccinations for people who want to attend school who are over 12 and for private employers to mandate it. Furthermore, it should be required for interstate air travel. The feds cannot institute some of these measures but they can certainly provide air cover. Anti-vaxxers are mostly Trumpists and they are not going to vote for Biden anyway so who cares if they bitch? I will tell you, though, if we start having to shut down schools and have huge outbreaks in October and Biden hasn't forced the mandates he will lose voters who may have actually voted fo
  3. I can understand how Manchin needs to be as a Democrat to win WV but Sinema is in a state that Biden WON. BIDEN WON ARIZONA. Biden won Arizona because they wanted him to be able to enact his agenda. Honestly, I can get the House democrats being pissed. They have a 3 vote margin yet are just asked to swallow whatever Biden allows Sinema to water down in the senate. How about this? How about Nancy Pelosi passes the original $6Trillion Biden proposed and kicks it over to the Senate and then everyone can just pressure Sinema to get onboard with the legislation or tank the legis
  4. I could see the Big12 not totally decimating the MWC and AAC because it could help them with the NCAA and the new playoff negotiations to have other credible but weaker conferences so the SEC doesn't just carve up everything for themselves. For example, if ESPN and the SEC decide to go to 12 playoff spots but only allow 4 conferences champions to get auto bids so they can get more at large bids that would impact the lesser conferences. It makes a lot of sense to have a credible MWC, AAC, and Big XII around that cannot just be dismissed. I think the Big XII may only add 1 from the MWC/AC
  5. Democrats want to vote for Democrats, not Republicans. Believing the filibuster is more sacred than voting is not a moderate position. She is WAY out of step with nearly everyone on this issue. She is going to get primaried it she isn't careful and we can get a reasonable moderate like Mark Kelly in there who has a higher approval than her anyway. She is a fool of she thinks she is in the senate because she blows up her party and waters down.
  6. They are all running on the GACA platform for 2022. Give America Covid Again!
  7. Didn't you hear? Simone Biles is the next shiny object of cultural grievance of the highest importance! This was really why Trump was such a terrible president at actually doing any legislation. His focus was only on cultural commentary of every little news story and trying to inflame a culture war. That is why "infrastructure week" was such a joke. Biden ignores the ‘shiny objects’ and nears a bipartisan win https://www.politico.com/news/2021/07/28/biden-infrastructure-bipartisan-win-501463
  8. Here in Costa Rica...."tipping" is not really a thing they understand unless they are used to dealing with Americans in a tourist area. They come and take your order quickly but I find it frustrating sometimes that people don't come around to the table more often to ask if you need anything. On the flip side, the thing I like is that they don't rush you out the door like they do in the USA. It can be really annoying when a server is trying to turn their table over for more tips and they are bringing you with your receipt and asking you about dessert 3 minutes after they put down your
  9. I am glad conjobs have finally climbed up to reached equality with "the blacks."
  10. I think the question is do people really want to see the USFL, XFL, or CFL? What exactly is college football with pro athletes anyway? Perhaps we will see model that allows students who want to "go pro" the ability to transfer to the SEC freely after the season but they will need to lock in to a real college during the season and play for their scholarship only. We also need to see coaches and everyone else getting fat on the student athletes get a big haircut. The athletes are right that there are too many people exploiting them to get rich.
  11. I don't know....does America really want a regional AAA/D-League southern semi-pro league? Half of these SEC schools are shit academically. I am not 100% sure the Pac12 needs to worry about trying to follow them down that direction. If the Pac can take a shot at a "pro" team once a year but maintain their traditional/academics that could be a successful model.
  12. So you are just like Trump, Tucker, and the rest of the fully vaccinated people who continually try to spread disinformation, anti-maskerism, and hesitancy to rubes? That is even worse!
  13. Why don't you go to the local hospital or morgue and ask the coroner about your little conspiracy theory and maybe you can count toe tags. Anti vaxxers are now responsible for all the other people who aren't able to get the medical care they need because the hospitals are full of anti vaxxers. Stop being an idiot or stay at home, typhoid Mary. Anti-vaxxerism is not a victimless crime when you are in close contact with other people.
  14. You hear about medication resistant bacteria because people don't finish their antibiotics or use them properly. What happens when we start to see vaccine resistant covid because we are allowing it to run through a 50% vaccinated population testing our vaccine for weaknesses and evolving to overcome it? You want to talk about lab leak theory? What about us creating a 350 million person biolab doing our best to develop variants and not using masks and vaccines to stop the biolab. The people saying we should just ignore the CDC guidance because vaccinated people are okay right
  15. Okay, now I am pissed. The very people who tried to downplay and ignore the pandemic for their political benefit are now the ones who are trying to extend the pandemic for their political benefit. Donald Trump and De Santis and these other idiot governors are unbelievable. If these people hate masks so much you would have thought they would have been the first in line to get vaccinated but.....NO....we have to deal with these insufferable douchebags now bitching about masks. IT IS YOUR FAULT WE HAVE TO WEAR MASKS AGAIN. IF YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE VACCINE 3 MONTHS AGO WE WOULDN'
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