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  1. Can we all agree to stop using the term "conservative" as it has no meaning other than Rush Limbaugh and others perverted the term to basically signify "us" vs "them" and it really has no meaning. Trumpers are only interested in amassing more power, white power, economic power, gun power over others. They will wield the consitution or the bible to bash people over the head with if it suits their needs but are amoral and agnostic towards them as they engage in gay sex, abortions, defecit spending, stealing from congressinally appropriated funds, ignoring congressional subpoenas, and submit to their divinely given "porn star president." The difficult part for people like George Will is knowing how deeply unpopular his professed brand of ideology actually is. Cutting off all government spending and returning us to an 1800s agrarian Jeffersonian state was never going to work or be popular. Trumpers and their states love their welfare payments and even they don't think that showering tax cuts on the wealthy like we have for 50 years has been a good idea. So maybe George Will's brand of conservatatism has been popular with 5-7% of the population. The problem is those folks who have that ideology used to think they had the rubes in check and could manipulate them however they wanted with just a bit of white supremacist scraps thrown their way. Little did they know that someone like Trump would come by to give them an all you can eat buffet and totally kicked the legs out of any support they had. The best thing, however, is that this lays bare just how morally bankrupt the Republicans are. They have jettisoned any ideology and have simply signed up for a cult of personality as their ideology. Perhaps "conservativism" if we still want to use that word is best understood as a group of "followers" who need a Putin type strong man to lead them around. They want to put us in a time before the consitution where you were either controlled by a strong man from the state or the church. It is much simpler when your ideology is just whatever the dear leader tells you it is for the day on his tweet. But the one thing we know for sure is that whatever ideology du jour the Republicans have come up with in George W Bush or Trump the one commonality is the cataclysmic failures and near disasterous results.
  2. I think this is something to consider. A lot of "nonprofits" are just ways to extract money from well meaning donors in order to give the money to crook administrators who suck most of the tax exempt income as personal enrichment. Taxpayers shouldn't be subsidizing Jimmy Swaggerts mansions. People with a vow of poverty should already have plenty of room in the tax code not to pay income taxes. Churches should already have plenty of valid expenses and nonprofits should be able to demonstrate enough expenses doing their missions to not show taxable income.
  3. It is funny watching Giuliani getting the Michael Cohen treatment. Trump soon will be like "I know Giuliani is AN Attorney...but he hasn't been MY attorney for a very long time....and when he was he worked on very small and unimportant things." "And by the way, Rick Perry, was the one who setup this Ukraine thing...I always knew that guy was an idiot even if he tried to put on some glasses. You should ask Mike Pence about it because he was working with Perry on it very closely."
  4. The cowardly performance by Senate Republicans is one of the best examples I have seen on why we should potentially consider congressional term limits. They are so terrified that they may be banished from Washington and they will have to go back to where they are from and get regular jobs that they can't even stand up for basic right and wrong. Basic civics tells you that you have to comply with subpoenas and congressional oversight...the law is clear that you can't use private funds as leverage to get secret campaign contributions. No wonder Trump feels so bad for how Blagoyovich was treated "unfairly"...they think they can put a secret "for sale" sign on things owned by the taxpayers and sell them off for their own private benefit. If Republicans can't stand up for right and wrong and defy their "boss" that clearly shows that we need to remove their continuing employment patronage relationship by putting in term limits so their minds will be free to put the constitution above their own political fortunes. Having a completely ineffective senate that enacts no laws that is filled with Octegenarians who are terrified to have to go back to the real world and who have not lived in it for 50 years is clearly a danger to our democracy.
  5. It looks like these guys were funnelling money from the Ukraine to some political organization and eventually to a congressman who was putting pressure to remove the Ukrainian ambassador. Interesting in that Giuliani and Trump also had the same goal to remove this person....
  6. The only people who want the courts involved in this are the Trump nuthuggers because they know it will delay any outcomes until 2030. There is no role for the courts in impeachment per the constitution. It is an entirely legislative function and the legislature has its own power to subpoena and do all the necessary things it needs to do to proceed without involving the courts. If Nancy goes to the courts for anything that is essentially waving the white flag as they have no role in the house moving forward with its investigation and impeachment.
  7. The only reason Republicans want to have a vote is so it allows them to throw up more chaffe and deny, distract, deflect, and delay. The current inquiry is moving efficiently and with speed and Republicans want to try to halt the progress and to obscure the truth. Democrats have no reason to assist the Trump cult in their mission to obstruct justice and they shouldn't allow the cult to control the proceedings and they shouldn't take any votes until it is advantageous to the investigation to do so. Likely there won't be a vote until they are sending the articles of impeachment and then the senate can do all the investigations it wants.
  8. The executive branch already has the ability to subpoena as does the senate. The FBI isn't required to offer the accused its evidence nor enforce subpoenas on behalf of the accused during an investigation. This is required during a trial but since impeachment isn't a criminal offense there is even less reason why it should be allowed. The executive branch has much more resources at its disposal to gather all the evidence it wants without having the accusing institution do its dirty work for it. Futhermore, the house has the ability to subpoena regardless of the starting of an inquiry, trial, or anything else. It has the absolute consitutional right to investigate whatever executive activity it chooses under subpoena, if necessary.
  9. I don't think anybody blames him on the overall idea that we need to wind down these foreign wars, just like nobody blames him for going after China. The problem people have is that Trump is so shallow and is such a bad planner that he only really can comprehend the top line objective. He figues that if he has a call with the Turkish dictator one day and then just unilaterally enacts a withdrawal the next day without figuring out how to protect the kurds and our interests in the region that that is all he needs to do. A withdrawal of this magnitude requires a detailed draw down plan that is executed flawlessly. Because Trump and his minions don't think past the next tweetstorm that is almost impossible to execute for them. These types of things also require a multilateral approach because there are so many competing interest in the region. The Russians, Turks, Europeans, etc., all should have had to make certain guarantees and concessions in order to get the USA to leave the space. This is the exact same problem he is having with his Chinese trade war. He decided to go at it alone and didn't get a coalition together of other countries to pressure China to reform so now the USA is getting crushed by tariffs. With impulsive unilateral decisions and no plans or execution strategies even the best top line intentions will fall short. Imagine if FDR would have come out in 1939 impulsively and said "We are going to invade Normandy tomorrow" without doing all the staging and pre-work and multilateral planning. Our entire fleet would have been at the bottom of the Atlantic. The idea of invading Normany is obvious to everyone and it is a good idea but it will fail uterly without the tactics, timing, and strategy in place that your team understands and can execute. This is where Trump and the Trumpettes repeatedly fail with their impulsive unilateralist presidecy by tweet.
  10. When does the defense "call witnesses"? They do it during the trial and not during the investigation. Calling witnesses is just a stunt to delay. The senate or the defense can call all the witnesses they want now or during the trial. The house is a majoritarian institution so side shows will not be allowed to derail the investigation with baseless conspiracy theories.
  11. This is a silly talking point. The executive is supposed to submit top congressional oversight, testify willingly before Congress, and honor subpoenas whether under threat of impeachment or not. His failure to do so is an impeachable offense and the house doesn't need any intermediate show votes before voting to impeach for this obstruction.
  12. This certainly debunks the talking point that "Freedom and Democracy" are somehow inseparably linked to "Capitalism." It appears that authoritarian China is very good at capitalism without needing to worry about "Freedom and Democracy." Market Authoritarianism seems to work pretty well for the Chinese.
  13. Elizabeth Warren can basically run the exact same campaign against Trump as he ran against Clinton. "Drain the Swamp" with all of the self-dealing and the Trump kids shady business deals in China, Panama, among others "Emails" are basically the hidden tax returns. "EU if you are listening....I hope you can find those missing tax returns...our press would reward you mightily if you find them." "What do you have to lose." We have had 50 years of tax cuts to the wealthy and Trump just tripled down on the same failed policies. It is time to disrupt the status quo and give the average person some advantages since the billionaires now pay a lower tax rate than most of the regular working people. "Health Records" We should have full transparency of the hidden health records where the President was able to get out of Vietnam because of "bone spurs." Where exactly are those records and why have they been covered up?
  14. It looks like our numbers are pretty consistent with the New Washington Post poll: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/poll-majority-of-americans-say-they-endorse-opening-of-house-impeachment-inquiry-of-trump/2019/10/07/be9e0af6-e936-11e9-85c0-85a098e47b37_story.html 58% support the impeachment inquiry...up over 20% from before the Ukraine issue. 57% of independents support impeachment inquiry with 49% already favoring removal from office. Republicans are also starting to break against Trump to support the inquiry and to confirm that asking foreign governments for dirt on campaign opponents in exchange for congressional funds is inappropriate.
  15. The Democrats need to roll up every ignored subpoena and every act of Obstruction of congress for ALL of the Trump Scandals into one big article of impeachment and kick it over to the senate. Let Senators decide if they want to allow future executives to ignore congressional oversight. That should shake loose some more information for the subsequent Ukrainian articles. No more reason for delay as the Ukraine investigation is stalled and there are no other avenues for the congress to pursue for this urgent issue.