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  1. She won 42% of the vote. Italy has about the same percentage of fascists as us and obviously have some form of electoral college too where someone who cannot win the popular vote can still get control.
  2. Please send the message that "everyone is moving to the right" to Marine Le Pen, Colombia, Chile. Argentina, Trump, Boris et al. Colombia's president was a damn FARC guerilla for goodness sake! These right wingers tend to get in when everyone is apathetic but promptly proceed to screw up and blow themselves up somehow when they can't make good on their "pie in the sky" promises.
  3. I have a tendency to agree that we probably should stay away from Russia....but we should make it clear that NATO would consider the deployment of nuclear weapons an indirect strike on NATO itself. It would almost certainly cause a response that would cost Russia the entirety of its Ukrainian seized territory at a bear minimum. An immediate Russian defeat would be in NATO's best interest to stop the attack. At minimum, we would likely take off any guardrails to the types of military hardware we provide to Ukraine. A no fly zone would have to be set up over 100% of Ukraine and any threatening missiles or anything else would have to be taken out. It should be clear that we won't use nuclear in Ukraine...because we don't need it to win...like Putin does. So if having a chance to hold or win the war is important to Putin...nukes cannot be used.
  4. I am also leaning towards using Densglass for the exterior wall sheathing instead of OSB or plywood. They use it a lot here in Costa Rica because we have no OSB and we have a tropical climate. Honestly, I am not sure why it isn't used as more of a standard. It is basically mold proof, doesn't swell like wood, is easier to cut with a utility knife and snap, amongst other benefits. I can also leave it exposed to the elements for a year without cladding which gives me a natural stopping point after framing if I want to let my mom go around choosing external cladding. It is also mostly fireproof. It looks like 7/16 4x8 sheets of commodity OSB at Home Depot are currently $15.60 per sheet. Gold Densglass exterior wall sheathing is $24.23 per sheet. My understanding, however, is I can put liquid flashing over the seams almost like joint compound and I may not need a house wrap. I see a lot of that fancy green zip OSB on a lot of the home building shows but nobody even has that in stock. It is probably going to be closer in price to the Densglass (which is actually in stock). Densglass is used a lot in commercial structures, apartment buildings, etc. Does anyone see a reason why I should NOT use this? Why isn't it used more? Is it just people aren't comfortable with it? This shows some wall assemblies and other technical data: https://buildgp.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/DensGlass-Technical-Guide.pdf
  5. Yeah, it may make sense to get another Geotech engineer to review but I am a bit inclined to take a more conservative approach in the foundation. My preference is actually a deeper foundation, I think, because I don't have to worry about any foundation problems later. There is a TON of foundation issues in that part of Colorado Springs. I do like ICF a lot also..but after looking...I am not sure if it is right for us. The installed cost is $31 per square foot of wall whereas a lumber framer told me he would do $10-14 per square foot of the entire house for labor. The costs seem really high to me and there aren't a lot of other competing contractors who are comfortable with the system so prices seem higher. The other thing about the ICF is that they have about an R22 rating for insulation. I am a bit surprised this isn't higher. The ICFs, however, have almost zero air leakage so that is really a lot of their benefit as well. I may still change my mind, however.
  6. The EU could really help by setting up refugee camps for young people who want to flee Russia to hide out until the war is over. "If you don't want to kill or die for Putins genocidal land grab, come across the border before you get drafted or they shut the border. We have a place for you to stay free of charge" It would be better for them to flee before they are drafted to avoid the new law against surrender. This could also be a good place to engender and insurgency in the future to finally topple Putin.
  7. Instead of sending the best and brightest, they send the worst and dumbest. I suppose I understand if they are simply cannon fodder. If I was one of these draftees, though, I would use it as a good opportunity to get out of Russia, surrender, and try to get asylum abroad.
  8. This is a cool example. I like how they insulated between studs traditionally vertically and then they used rolls in the void space horizontally between studs without any breaks for the 2x4s. I don't really know the code for fire breaks. I know sometimes you are required to put a stud horizontally inside a wall as a break so I am not sure how that works but using an insulation material that is impervious to fire can't hurt. Edit:--I actually found a great youtube that talks about fire blocking requirements from the building department where my mom's house will be. Basically you can use insulation as a fire block.
  9. Regarding Putin's Nuclear Saber Rattling.....I think it should be clear to him that any use of weapons of mass destruction will bring his loss of every square inch of of Ukrainian territory from a possible outcome to a near 100% certain outcome. In other words, if he is terrified of losing the war in Ukraine...he better not use nukes....at the very minimum it would force us to wreck him there to end the war swiftly to stop the reason to launch nukes in the first place. I think we have seen Russian conventional forces are a joke...we may run through them faster than we did Iraq in the first gulf war.
  10. I saw a good youtube on different insulation types. I like the idea of the double stud wall. I have seen some videos where they use an insulation netting to keep the blown in materials in place before hanging the drywall. The biggest thing I don't really like is there is no great open area for electrical to run. Having remodeled and added switches and things it is really nice to have some space there. Perhaps you could staple the netting to the back side of the inside double stud walls instead of the front and that would leave you the width of a 2x4. Why did you choose cellulose instead of some of the other blown in products?
  11. CDOT Class 6 road base is what they are calling for for fill materials in the geotech report for an overdig.
  12. Nice, I just googled it. Does that use cellulose? What do you think of that stuff in comparison to other insulation? Doesn't it slump down in the walls in time a lot? I was thinking rockwool insulation but I am just beginning my analysis.
  13. Looks like Trump needs to ask Hillary about retroactive classification!
  14. A GC I just talked to kinda freaked out about the helicals and said he thinks it would be a lot more expensive...but you warned about that. I would have to dig 4 feet laterally on the footers and 4 feet below. I may as well dig a bunch of lap pools and then fill them with a bunch of expensive rock.
  15. What exactly does a 4 foot overdig mean? Does that mean I have to dig it 4 feet below the footers? How far would I potentially need to excavate if I would have a crawl space? How much fill material would I need if I went that direction? Would I need testing to confirm? I am trying to see if it even makes sense for me to do traditional footers. Thanks again!
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