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  1. Clinton Campaign’s Cyber Security

    Still spinning the greatest hits around here I see.
  2. This is positively titillating! Porn stars, Trump, "taint teams," Hannity....................this is like the next B-movie sequel version of the Godfather!
  3. Isn't it delightful that we have a twitter record from our blowhard conman president: 18 Times Donald Trump Said the U.S. Shouldn't Bomb Syria http://time.com/4730219/syria-missile-attack-donald-trump-tweets/ Obama must be rolling on the floor right now! It is times like these that Donald wishes he could have lost the election to Hillary and could have just been a bomb throwing pundit. It seems like being president is a bit harder than arm chair QB bomb thrower. I hear the alt-right MAGAs are really excited about the continuation of the Bush\Clinton\Trump doctrine of foreign interventionism! He he
  4. Hate gays and Mexicans conservatives or huge budget deficits conservatives? Maybe some other kind? Such a loaded word...conservative...
  5. China blinks first

    Trump is not wrong about our trade policies being screwed up and that they don't benefit the American worker and environment (nor do the benefit the foreign worker and world environment). His issue is that he has unsophisticated solutions from the 1950s and spices it up with a bit of 1950s racism. Unilateral tariffs and trade wars aren't the best way to approach this problem. We need to be setting minimum labor, intellectual property, and environmental standards for our trading partners and help them to rise to our level instead of how we push ourselves now to the lowest common denominator. Our current setup benefits huge multinational corporations over workers and the environment but Trump makes it about nationalism and racism even though workers and the environment across the world are getting the short end of the stick with our current system.
  6. Paul Ryan will not seek re-election

    He doesn't want to face the humiliation of giving the speaker gavel to Pelosi after election day and he is also trying to preserve any shred of a future political career he may have after the taint of Trump and the GOPs capitulation. If he quits now he can say, "I was planning on giving up the speakership anyway." Nice political retirement of another rat leaving the sinking ship. I am guessing everyone will forget what an utter fiscal mess he put us in when he becomes a deficit scold in 3 or 4 years. Hypocrite.
  7. Yet, paradoxically, some of the least restrictive in the entire world.
  8. I was making fun of the "good guy with a gun" narrative that you guys will be trotting out soon. The only way to be safe in a group is for everyone to pack lethal heat on them at every moment like we are in the wild west, right? Those stupid liberals should have known better than to go to work without their heater. All of this situation is simply caused by the lack of enough firearms out there...not too many!
  9. Actually...the point is proven again that it is too easy to get guns and there are too many of them in society. All Those teachers with guns certainly would have helped though
  10. Just keep repeating it until it is true..."media has a liberal bias"..."media has a liberal bias"..."media has a liberal bias"..."media has a liberal bias"..."media has a liberal bias"..."media has a liberal bias"..."media has a liberal bias" Eventually if you say it enough times it becomes the new reality, right? That is basically what has happened. The reactionaries have been brainwashed so they will only believe Sinclair and the sources your overlords approve of. Very dangerous indeed when they have made you so skeptical of certain sources that you buy into the propaganda "hook, line, and sinker." The fact of the matter is the media is being controlled by fewer and fewer corporations so the idea that these are a bunch of bleeding heart liberals controlling the messaging is laughable. These corporations have their own rational self interest in mind and they are a bunch of capitalists. They allow their employees to express opinions that they allow them to display and will force their message out with whatever blunt force they have to when it is in their interest to do so. Having brain dead irrational white racist, fundamentalist, gun loving zombies is a great way for the overlords to pit the masses against themselves.
  11. Can I save this quote for the next time you or one of your ilk is crying about how biases the "liberal msm" is? Yeah, I am really sure Rupert Murdoch, Comcast, and Sinclair are really are pushing to get Bernie in there.
  12. This just goes to show you. ..gay sex...crystal meth...media bias. If Republicans are pointing the finger they are engaging in said activity 10 times worse. He who smelt it dealt it, right?
  13. Well, I agree it is now apparent to my dumbass that there is a conspiracy out there!