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  1. Akkula

    Amazon pays $0 in 2018 US taxes on $11b income

    Cons talk about how the 1% in awe as if they were so much "smarter" the rest of us because they figured out how to outsource all their jobs and then reimport their products for the same price. This is EXACTLY what people mean when they say we tilted the playing field in their favor and so they can pay their fair share of taxes. The hypocrisy that they can say "class warfare" when anyone mentions tax increases is absolutely stunning after the class warfare that was taken to nuke the middle class. This is no smarter than the companies who used to hire scabs and union busters except it was done on a national scale. Amazon play the game as well as anybody. Paying their fair share of taxes is a necessary but not sufficient condition. We need to fix our crony capitalist free trade system that has caused a massive wealth redistribution from the entire country into the hands of a few. It is amazing to me how cons can completely prostrate themselves to the wealthy. Do they really think they will be part of that club or are they just racist toadies?
  2. Akkula

    Amazon pays $0 in 2018 US taxes on $11b income

    I have been saying for years that our free trade policies are nothing but a corporate giveaway race to the bottom and that we need to only be trading with people who share our commitment to labor and environmental goals. That used to get me called a "communist" by you all. Since Trump decided to con you by taking Bernie Sanders and Democrats idea... now all of the sudden he is some cutting edge guy coming up with all these new ideas to the Republican rubes. Just another con on his marks. Take the communist/socialist ideas and sprinkle in a bit of racism and put a MAGA hat on it and they love it! Trump's problem is that he is an idiot. He should have put pressure on China (as I have said for years on this board) but he is THE WORST at tactics and coalition building. Instead of pissing off Mexico he could have embraced them to renegotiate NAFTA to disallow some of the abuses that were setup as "race to the bottom" corporate giveaways that were basically just designed to pit US workers against Mexican ones and forced some things like a higher minimum wage. He could have made it easier for businesses to sue their competitors for trade practices in Mexico to force them to being their labor and environmental standards higher. We should have been embracing Mexico and making NAFTA better and a model for the future. However, you can only call Mexicans rapists and talk about a wall so much and you poison the well. The catch-22 is that Trump would have never been elected without the racism. He should have also embraced the Europeans, WTO, and other AMERICAN setup institutions to redesign the global trade order with a goal of pulling up wages and environmental standards as highly as possible. We could have been increasing wages, free trade, and reducing carbon emissions all at the same time on our terms. But instead he pushes Europe away to embrace Putin who has an economy the size of Mexico's. But hey, RACISM makes the rubes feel really good though!
  3. Akkula

    Amazon pays $0 in 2018 US taxes on $11b income

    The problem is we let them outsource the jobs and then we give them free access to import these products back into the USA to sell back to us. Its a race to the bottom. We should only be free trading with countries who have a commitment to eventually raise their labor and environmental standards to our level as quickly as possible.
  4. Akkula

    Amazon pays $0 in 2018 US taxes on $11b income

    Why don't you make the same argument for all those other taxpayers "wage slaves" who don't pay income tax?
  5. Akkula


    You are wasting you time. Those scum bag elementary schoolers need to be paying their own way instead of sitting on welfare. My dad taught himself trigonometry at 5 and never asked for a handout once!
  6. He is, that is why it is so surprising!?! Trump can't afford to have more people hate him because nobody is suddenly deciding to like him.
  7. The Congress literally just told him "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SPEND THIS MONEY" and he says...screw you...I will take the money you have left me responsible for and do it anyway.
  8. In other words, a stacked supreme court and a feckless legislature....LIKE VENEZUELA!!
  9. Did you just figure out that Republicans are the party of hypocrites? Where are all those 1700s wig guys marching around with their pocket constitutions?
  10. Akkula


    Gilded Age 2.0: U.S. Income Inequality Increases to Pre-Great Depression Levels http://fortune.com/2019/02/13/us-income-inequality-bad-great-depression/ But if you don't have your head in the sand you are definitely a SOCIALIST. If it weren't for these damn Mexican gardeners stealing my prospects to work as a share cropper this wouldn't be happening! Build that wall!
  11. Akkula


    Look, starting at about $50k in income wage earners will pay a higher marginal tax rate than a billionaire who has long-term capital gains and dividends. The only socialism and redistribution is the thorough robbing of the middle class to give to the wealthy. I am sure Donald Trump will continue to serve up racist distractions and entertainment for his rube Republican marks while the faux populist continues to rob them blind. That guy likely has paid a zero tax rate because he did such a bad job with his daddy's money and has a huge loss carryover. Everyone's income should be taxed on the same progressive rate schedule and if any income is given preferential treatment it should be income where people actually had to work for it. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to have people with a certain level of assets have to "mark to market" every year and pay taxes on unrealized gains and get a tax deduction for losses. This will force shareholders to put more pressure on companies like google who are hoarding cash and not paying dividends to help their shareholders defer taxation forever. All that cash on corporate balance sheets needs to be used for something productive in the economy instead of stock buybacks and our tax system encourages them to hoard cash.
  12. Are you telling me MAGAS don't like the same footwear as young minorities. Wow!
  13. Akkula

    Green New Deal

    Now AOC knows why Klobuchar cracks the whip so hard on her staff.
  14. Akkula


    Well, I do have a masters degree in econ...but it has been awhile!
  15. Akkula


    I am sure you would get some kind of carryforward. This doesn't really raise taxes per se...just eliminates deferral. Maybe as you age you get to defer less or something and that helps to offset the estate tax.