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  1. Look there is plenty of blame to go around from both parties about how things are where they are today. But the fact of the matter is right now Israel is acting as the provocateur to destabilize and create conflict. You just can't have settlers stealing land, the army killing people, and ghettoizing people. It just isn't fair and it wouldn't be fair if the Arabs were doing it to the Jews either. The fact of the matter is Israel has a right wing government of religious fundamentalists that is supported by a right wing US government supported by religious fundamentalists. The Palestinians in charge seem like they are less fundamentalist than they were in the past and are looking for pragmatic solutions. The one thing you can say for sure in this conflict is that the fundamentalists are usually the ones causing the problems at any given point in time.
  2. He just validates what his critics say about his right wing government whose boot is on the necks of the Palestinians with his illegal settlements.
  3. Trump and Israel love using the deep state to silence their critics. What a cowardly move and an abuse of power. Imagine if Obama had done this. The outrage!
  4. Guys, I think you are all missing my point. A lot of the "welfare" we pay out is "spending through the tax code" with special credits, breaks, deductions, preferential capital gains rates, subsidies, accelerated depreciation, loopholes, exclusions from gross income, etc. IMO, everyone should be able to see what their tax would have been without these "welfare" payments that are basically a cash transfer to reduce your "flat tax" rate. The way the 1040 is setup now most of those payments are hidden from view so people sanctimoniously say "I don't take handouts." Somehow there is this idea that if you get your welfare check from the IRS in the form of lower taxes than you would have otherwise be paying if you paid the "normal" top tax rate somehow you don't get "welfare." We could pay the same amount as we pay right now, just change the format so people can see how much welfare they actually get.
  5. Spoken like a true accountant. If I were in charge I would probably redesign the 1040 so that it just shows a "Flat Tax" like the cons want at about 35% of total income. Give them their tax return that can fit on a postage stamp. Everyone takes their income and multiplies it by 35%...DONE...that is your tax. Page 2 would be "CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF WELFARE" where you get to see every dime of "welfare" you get. Reduction of Taxes for Low Income Levels (everyone would get this because of progressive taxation) Older Person Welfare People with Children Welfare Home Owner Welfare Prius Owner Welfare Petroleum Company Welfare Page 3 would show how much welfare they get for things that aren't individual handouts like national defense, highway, etc. States could also piggyback on this and they should add food stamps, cash assistance, etc. Just because people get their welfare through the tax code they feel they are superior for some reason and don't get handouts. Greatest trick ever cons have pulled to make all these uneducated people think they don't get welfare. We just need to put TANF and Food Stamps right there next to that mortgage interest deduction and that will cure the issue real quick on who is a mooch and gets the most welfare.
  6. Anyone who takes mortgage interest deductions and child tax credits and doesn't pay the highest marginal tax rates should be denied too. Just because your welfare comes on your tax return doesn't mean you don't get it. Someone else is paying your freight while you lay in your hammock, you welfare queen!
  7. How the hell does the Trump administration allow this to happen? Utter incompetence or something else?
  8. Yes, there are a lot of closeted racists that secretly love the guys but are embarrassed if anyone knows.
  9. Wow, that is a tough question. Who is worth Trump or GWB? GWB was a bumbling idiot who fully implemented GOP economic policies and neocon foreign policies. Extreme Degregulation/Crony Capitalism, trickle down, debt and deficits during economic expansions...things I thought would get thrown on the ash heap of history that they are currently tripling down on and that will once again fail. Bush had a more effective legislative demeanor and could actually get things accomplished. He had goals and plans that he was able to execute that were thought out past the next tweet storm. That is what made him so dangerous, he could "hoodwink" the average low information voter to think his failed ideas may actually work. He had some goodwill built up so he could lie to us to get us into a war. Trump, on the other hand, has the attention span of a nat and he is a completely ineffective legislator and has a hard time implementing any policies because he has no ideological core. He just knows that he came to prominence as a birther so he has to stick with that racism now but he has no courage to "sell" anything to the American public because he likes to push the blame onto everyone when policies fail so he always has his finger in the air to test the political winds. He does constantly tear at the social fabric of the USA whereas GWB used his presidential charm to hoodwink, Trump uses the power of the presidency to denigrate the USA in the eyes of the world and to divide us. Trump is ineffective at getting policies through but his ideas and followers are like a Chernobyl radiation leak that may be with us for years to come. I think it is arguable who is worse. It is possible Nixon would be ranked higher than these two. Obama, GHWB, Clinton, Reagan, Carter are not anywhere on the same level as the Nixon, Bush, and Trump Republican triumvirate of infamy. They are actually going to be thought of as mediocre to excellent presidents by historians. I would probably say the objective list to rate just these ones would probably be: 1 Reagan (probably going down in ranking as time passes, had major scandals and interventions in Latin America, and was horrible at debts and deficits, but did do good ending the Soviets) 2 Obama 3 Clinton 4 G HW B (probably going up in ranking as time passes as the last sane Republican president before shit when off the rails) 5 Carter
  10. Lots of countries have "moral decay," violent video games, and mentally ill people. The only difference is that we have ineffective background checks and very permissive gun laws. We had atrocious and unacceptable amounts of mass shootings before 2013 compared to other countries. Trump's Racist Birtherism and the Internet/Facebook really got started in about 2013 though and super charged the mayhem. We can try and search for some super complicated reason to try to obfuscate our gun fetish but I prefer to use Occam's Razor.
  11. Crime in many places is concentrated in certain areas and goes hand and hand with poverty unfortunately. The scary thing about the USA is that these mass shooters pop up everywhere. Malls, schools, bars, festivals to instill terror so even if you are in a low crime area and a safe venue you are a likely victim. It is nice to know my family doesn't live in a mass shooter crime area like the USA. That is why so many countries are issuing travel warnings for the USA. Hopefully they don't think we are "shithole"
  12. You can also call me a communist if you want but that doesn't stop the mass shooting problem. ..which no other country including costa rica has. But you can continue to deny, deflect, distract, and strawman.
  13. Of course they want to do "something." That something, unfortunately, is "thoughts and prayers" followed by deny deflect and distract.
  14. Imagine how successful Trump would be if he focused his attention on his numerous failures instead of his daily feuds. "Owning the libs" isn't going to help him when the history books show his only major accomplishment is stoking white nationalism, a recession, and a huge tax cut for the wealthy. Maybe he should focus on getting all those "easy" international deals done.