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  1. Akkula

    Wisconsin No Longer Democracy

    Trump barely won the popular vote in the state. If the state house had barely won the popular vote they should have a slim majority not a 2/3 majority. In this case they lost the popular vote and still got a 2/3 majority!
  2. Akkula

    Wisconsin No Longer Democracy

    There are no benefits to democracy, it is just a partisan power grab. To gerrymander all you have to do is pack as many Democratic votes into as few of districts as possible and spread Republican votes so they can just get above 50% in that district and they win. The Democratic votes are all wasted once that district gets to 50%. Wide swaths of the Republican party are now cynically devoting themselves to minority rule. They no longer are interested in Democracy and are only interested in preserving the status of those in power for as long as possible. They have thrown overboard the idea trying to get the majority of voters in any given election to agree with them. Now they are simply interested in election fraud, voter suppression, gerrymandering, and to use structural advantages like the US Senate to control the government by minority rule. Their only real power is holding government hostage unless they get their way and they are completely dedicated to keeping power despite fewer and fewer people wanting to vote for them democratically.
  3. Akkula

    Wisconsin No Longer Democracy

    I suppose the only path is for a non-Republican governor to veto any gerrymandered lines drawn that are redistricted. However, it looks like Republicans almost have a veto proof majority in the Wisconsin house. Perhaps they can lower the threshold for a veto on congressional maps in the lame duck session too!
  4. In Wisconsin, Democrats won the popular vote by 200,000 votes and won all of the state wide elections but LOST the state house by 63 to 36. Furthermore, Wisconsin has no citizen initiative process so they can't put a ballot initiative on the ballot to make non partisans in charge of the congressional districts to eliminate this gerrymandering. They cannot get the political appointed Supreme court to declare this gerrymandering unconstitutional. So, the people of the state have really no avenue to defeat this gerrymandering to create fair districts. Their vote doesn't matter and results are pre determined. And Republicans have the temerity after just losing the popular vote in the election to take away power from the people who won the popular vote to give the power to the next congress who didn't. Outrageous! This my friends, is how Castro, Putin, Saddam , etc., run elections. The put a veneer of people being able to vote but the outcome is never in doubt and the people have no way to actually impact the change they voted for. https://thinkprogress.org/wisconsin-skewed-2018-results-anthony-kennedy-98060a6a19e9/
  5. Trump lied to the American people about this real estate deal in Moscow where he offered Putin the penthouse and Putin knew it. Putin could have kept this information secret or published WikiLeaks style in a very damaging fashion at a very damaging time for Trump. Trump colluded with Putin to keep this information secret which could be considered an illegal campaign contribution from a foreign hostile power. Trump is a liar and we all know that but this time his lies have put the USA compromised position. Putin probably has more information on Trump. It looks like Trump is a criminal and a traitor who should be impeached and removed from office but Republicans won't do that. He should have a indictment issued that isn't pursued until he out of office if the prosecutor believes he committed a crime. Republicans will have to decide if this necessitates removal from office. I fully expect Trump to self pardon so that issue will have to be adjudicated after he is removed from office and hopefully we will correct that flaw in the constitution if we find that he can self pardon. At that point he won't be a harm to our democracy, though.
  6. The victory here won't be the jailing of Trump it will be the final death blow of modern Republicanism lies, frauds, and failures since the 1980s. Voodoo economics doesn't work and it blows up deficits and craters the economy as proven by Reagan, GBW, and Trump. George HW Bush was the only one who wouldn't double down on this stupidity and the rubes wanted him out. The Republican rubes who support the 1% agenda ability to self delude themselves that climate change is a hoax, poor brown people cause their problems, voodoo economics work, etc. over 40 years has culminated in the liar and a fraudster representing them for their final act. I am feeling like the facts have finally caught up with the lies and they can't lie any longer. Trump will end his presidency in 2020 as a model of failure that discredits rube Republicanism as thoroughly as GWB discredited the establishment. This will be a much better reward for the country than "locking him up."
  7. Or they talk about how Obama kills US citizens or Hillary's emails. LMAO I feel like a neutron bomb has gone off in here for Trump supporters. Blues and a few others will be at the bottom of the sea when then ship goes down, I am sure. The smarter rats have already jumped ship.
  8. Akkula

    Former President George H.W. Bush Dies At 94

    RIP. I wonder how pissed Trump will be when he is asked not to attend the funeral.
  9. Akkula

    Russia vs Ukraine

    We have our very own Russian propoganda troll here and it isn't me! Thanks for the tips, Ivan.
  10. That is why I am here too. Evading the law
  11. Is being compromised by a foreign power an impeachable offense even if it is not a crime? Maybe this is what Derschowitz was talking about.
  12. Akkula

    Manafort met with Julian Assange

    Trump and Manafort's attorneys may have just engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct justice.
  13. The populist savior of the working man is a clueless billionaire who made 5 million a year at his first job from daddy.
  14. Akkula

    Russia vs Ukraine

    I am just a realist. I have just come to find out with the war on drugs and the war on immigrants that market forces are more powerful than chain link fences or great walls of stupidity. Until we realize that this militarized border concept is as big of a failure as the failed drug war we will never have the security and human rights we desire. We need to figure out that the cure is worse than the disease and we need to have workable solutions for people to operate in a worldwide economy just like products. But you all can keep putting your finger in the dyke if you want.
  15. Akkula

    Caravan stopped in its tracks?

    What votes did Democrats gain or lose in the last election because of immigration? OMG the CARAVAN!!!