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  1. I hate that throw away line that has nothing to do with what we are discussing. Even if spending we cut 50٪ we would still have the issue of billionaires paying a lower rate than their secretary.
  2. For too long the legislative branch has pawned off its responsibilities to the executive and the only thing that they had was the promise that we had an executive who would respect separation of powers and the congress in general. With Trump we had a president who had nothing but contempt for congress. As with the filibuster, the prior "normal" expected we would have a good faith actor as the president/minority party but when you don't have those things those silly little niceties seem quaint don't they? Joe Biden needs to be focused on neutering the executive branch just in case we get
  3. What amazes me is how close to a dictatorship we actually were. I always hated Trump but I didn't expect him to be able to collapse the whole system like he did..... We were a few state elected leaders away from a full constitutional crisis. The crazy things is the nuthuggers are just fine with handing Trump a dictatorship as long as they get to be in the catbird seat. All dictators around the world seem to be propped up by their ethno supporters. Talk about the collective freak out that white supremacy is giving way to other folks actually having an equal say in the democracy.
  4. How about 37%....like the marginal tax rate that successful surgeons and NBA players have to pay? It defies logic for everyone that people who have met their basic needs millions of times over are paying lower taxes than someone struggling to put a roof over their heads every month.
  5. Remember when Trump was on Twitter almost daily because his campaign was "spied on" because a second rate staffer got attention for playing footsie with the Russians too much? Conjobs always cry the loudest for activities they are currently engaged in except they are doing much, much worse. Spying on committee chairman in congress!?!?
  6. Well, we can sit and argue about what provisions of the tax code cause it so that the working poor and middle class pay a larger percentage of taxes than the wealthy but that isn't really the point. Republicans and people like @bornontheblue believe this is a feature and not a bug and this is exactly the way things should be! They believe in things like infrastructure but they don't believe the wealthy should kick in one thin dime extra to pay for it. They believe we should either charge the working people higher gas taxes or make our kids pay for it and add to the deficit. With al
  7. Look, it you put in $100 billion in the bank and at the end of the year you had $120 Billion, we would call that $20 Billion in interest income. However, if you put $100 billion into Amazon stock and had $120 billion at the end of the year we call that ZERO income for the year? That doesn't make sense! No wonder they used to have 90% tax rates and other assorted silliness back in the day. They used to understand that these people expose nearly none of their actual income to actual taxation so they have to get a big bite at the apple for what is actually taxed in order to even get clo
  8. Watch, they are going to try to raise the gas tax instead of making the wealthy pay the same percentage taxes as the poor.
  9. Wealth is a static amount. You have to have income to grow wealth. Unrealized income is just fine to tax. It is called "mark to market."
  10. @bornontheblue Who told you that the wealthy were fleecing everyone by never realizing their gains on long held assets? It looks like Bezos, Musk, and Buffet are getting piles of wealth but never selling any of their shares and thus never have to pay any taxes! They just take a loan on the value of their assets and never sell anything! It isn't enough that we give them favorable tax treatment on Long-Term capital gains....they don't want to pay any tax so they just never sell any of their stock. I can't say I blame them....they are "smart" just like Donald Trump. It is too bad us wor
  11. Is that how Loughner got a gun to shoot Congresswoman Giffords in the face? Guns with no background checks! Very successful!
  12. In all honesty, I can think of situations where the government is completely corrupt or inept where something like the second amendment makes sense. I could see it being very useful in places like the northern triangle of Central America. "Stand your Ground" could be very useful in communities combating extortionists and gangsters. That being said, the level of guns in the USA is completely unnecessary. The idea was a good idea a wild and lawless frontier where outlaws could take over and we were under constant threat from foreign invaders but that isn't how the USA is currently. Unfo
  13. Fair indeed. Perhaps being charged with a crime may be extreme but perhaps we should just treat them like a lot of felons get treated and revoke the right to hold a firearm if you are proven unable to properly secure it. Maybe just 10 years without said firearm or something but you get to keep your freedom. You just get a time out and toys taken away since you have proven you are not a "responsible gun owner." What would happen to the militia armory guard if he was just "losing his guns" and getting robbed all the time?
  14. Here is a good article about why the articles of confederation failed: https://constitutioncenter.org/blog/10-reasons-why-americas-first-constitution-failed There are some interesting parallels but this one is applicable to this crazy invention of the filibuster 4. Congress needed 9 of 13 states to pass any laws. Requiring this high supermajority made it very difficult to pass any legislation that would affect all 13 states. The framers knew setting a supermajority requirement to pass laws was a BIG mistake and that is why they didn't do it in the constitution. The problem
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