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  1. Yet the hypocrisy is it is always completely okay for the debt to empty out the treasury to give billionaires huge tax cuts. The deficit and debt scolds magically disappeared when their faux populist gave the billionaires another tax cut. You can't take these people seriously any longer. There are a certain amount of basic services the government needs to perform but we have a generation of people who border anarchists. These people loved the government when it was giving them free education and schooling in the beginning of life but now they are miserly and only think government should pr
  2. The 400 richest families in the U.S. — worth between $2.1 billion and $160 billion and representing the top 0.0002% of all taxpayers — paid an effective tax rate of 8.2% between 2010 and 2018, according to a new analysis released by a pair of Biden administration economists. https://www.yahoo.com/now/ultra-wealthy-pay-8-2-233342545.html A single taxpayer making $50k, like a secretary, would be in the 22% income tax bracket on their wages about about $40k. A poor physician who makes $250k a year is in the 35% tax bracket. Shouldn't a bil
  3. Sorry to hear. Tragic but no longer unexpected.
  4. Wtf does that have to do with the rich paying a lower rate than their secretaries??? Non sequiter
  5. How rich that he can complain about "fairness" when the wealthy pay a lower tax rate then their secretaries
  6. Why aren't Amazon, Tesla, and Facebook paying it when they don't pay dividends?
  7. You are either ignoring or trying to purposefully misstate what I said. I said a greater percentage than a billionaire just in self-employment taxes than billionaires pay in income taxes. Billionaires pay a lower percentage rate than their secretaries, as we all know. It is so surprising to me that the great populist Trumpists are such shills for the billionaires and that their great messiah populist's crowning achievement was a tax cut mostly for the wealthy.
  8. Let me give you another good example. Amazon pays ZERO in dividends. In the olden days large "blue chip" companies were prized because they paid out dividends. But dividends will create taxable income to the shareholders. Capital gains, on the other hand, never create a taxable event to shareholders until they sell the shares of Amazon stock. Bezos is in control of Amazon so why do you think they don't pay dividends? Without looking, I bet Tesla, Facebook, and most other billionaire corporate entities don't pay dividends either!
  9. YES... that is exactly what I am saying!!! Democrats think it will impact less than 1000. I would LOVE to see a HUGE cut in self-employment taxes that a lot of small businesses and sole proprietorships have to pay. Small businesses have to pay 15+% just in THOSE taxes on top of regular income taxes! Small business owners are probably paying more % in S/E taxes than billionaires pay in total taxes! We need to reward entrepreneurs instead of huge corporations and billionaires.
  10. The way it normally works is you have to value your assets every year on 12/31. If you have a gain you have to pay income tax, if you have a loss, no tax. You have to keep track of what you paid in tax on the asset until you sell. If you end up having an overall gain or loss you get to use all of the prior taxes paid on gains and losses and valuations to reduce the amount of tax you pay on final sale. At the end of the day it all comes out even when the asset is sold. The current system allows billionaires to defer the tax forever and then it allows them to pass on the assets with a
  11. You are playing games and trying to distort for people who aren't well versed in taxes. What option does "Joe Six Pack" wage earner have to defer 100% of their income so as to avoid 100% of income taxes for a given year? Furthermore, what percentage of "Joe Six Pack" people can even afford to do such a maneuver to avoid taxes when they have bills to pay and kids to feed? Furthermore, what option does "Joe Six Pack" have to only pay capital gains tax rates on this income when they do sell instead of ordinary tax rates? This is what people mean when they say our tax code rewards wealth and n
  12. You keep repeating that but there is no proposal to tax wealth...just unrealized gains.
  13. Look, the average Joe six pack gets ALL or nearly ALL of their income in the form of wages. The IRS gets a copy of the W2 you receive and they know exactly how much you receive in income. You can't just "move some things around" to pay zero or nearly zero taxes on your wage income. There is a different set of rules for billionaires. They can shift income to other countries, decide how to structure their income, defer income, borrow off their income, etc., while still getting the full benefit of using that income. They play the tax code to be able to earn income but not have to pay
  14. I guess that most commenters on this idea were watching the yellow journalism of fox news or various other right wing media. But they and Republicans are LYING about the actual proposal. The proposal I have heard only impacts less than 100 billionaires who will have to mark to market and get taxed on unrealized gains. However, lying Tim Scott says" https://www.foxnews.com/media/tim-scott-warns-dems-plan-to-tax-unrealized-gains-risks-wrecking-the-entire-us-system "[E]very American who sells a house or sells a business that is a once in a lifetime transaction. To be double taxed on
  15. Well you guys should run on that in 2022....don't do popular things. We are the party of: Anti-Vaxxers White Supremacists Billionaire Tax Repealers
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