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  1. Good luck with that...I am sure that 70% of people within those states wouldn't like your idea, nor is it possible for a state to strip away US Citizenship from its citizens. US Citizens have the right to live in the USA and not in Trumpistan. Armed revolt would just end up with Biden using Trump's favorite law, the insurrection act. You guys love your high minded lectures about the constitution for the past 15 years and now the rest of the country has finally learned the lesson. You have taught us that the ceiling and the floor for ALL behavior is what the constitution allows and it
  2. We'll just give those electoral votes to the only resident of the district, President Biden, and see if the Republicans want to compromise with us on re-apportioning those.
  3. You can't win the game if the insaniacs can't win the senate any longer when Puerto Rico and DC are added. Check mate...mate.
  4. Well, neither is following the constitution. The constitution allows a majority to add new states, never mentions a filibuster, doesn't limit SC judges etc. In honor of Scalia, I think Democrats will just go the originalist route very soon and get back to the consitution.
  5. Well, get ready to bend over when the rest of it is gone and there is a blue wave when McConnel pushes this through.
  6. And they will have learned that they need to add kill the filibuster, add DC and Puerto Rico, kill Citizens United, and expand the supreme court within the first month. They should be under no illusions.
  7. Yeah, I am sure if President Clinton's biggest success was to get a peace agreement for some foreign muslim shithole countries while at home we deal with plague, natural disasters, joblessness, near civil war like the four horseman of the apocalypse have descended on us, the "America First" crowd would be falling all over themselves with praise!
  8. This is true....he does have a very high IQ when it comes to being a conman. I guess when you have to sell a con to the marks it helps to believe it yourself.
  9. I disagree that Trump tries hard. The only thing he tries hard at doing is owning the libs and lying. Trump likes to do "Rose Ceremonies" but hates putting the actual WORK of getting any major changes across the legislative finish line. He knows that he would have to compromise and feel some political pain with his base in order to actually get anything accomplished so he doesn't even try to do anything of substance. That is why all of his big promises in 2016 have failed....because they actually take work...and he is very lazy and stupid.
  10. Are individual cell phones really the proper place to store "government documents?" Any data security training anyone ever does at major corporations warns people not to store data on personal cell phones and laptops that is important for the organization. Cell phones can be lost, stolen, dropped in a toilet and they then are considered "wiped." I think the real question is why the Trump administration doesn't have the proper policies and security procedures in place to ensure all these important "government documents" were backed up properly so they couldn't just be deleted by the intentio
  11. Can't disagree. Effing Richard Nixon started the EPA...these days people would be called a communist if they did something so bold. Democrats had basically become the Republican lite party of bankers, tech CEOs, and various coastal elites who were very much "lifestyle liberals" who supported gay rights and other personal liberties but didn't support the economic policies to give power and opportunity to the middle class. I can't really blame Bill Clinton for being such a centrist because that is what he needed to do to win. I really think it is the boomer generation that was the problem.
  12. How many people here have lost a phone over the past 4 years? Wouldn't it probably be normal practice to "wipe" phones periodically that have sensitive information that FBI agents carry around? Complete non-story......
  13. Nice to know that along with budget busting deficits Trumpists are also on board with tons of regulations. At least we don't need to listen to those fables for 40 more years.
  14. Corona Virus is officially @mysfit's fault for wishing pestilence on us. God was listening...it appears...
  15. You also said, "Oh good one. Not one but TWO Trumpian appointees to SCOTUS. We know Judy is getting the first, who is left for the second? Is Wapner still alive?" Lol about Judge Judy and Judge Wapner That was about the only thing that wasn't a complete clown show. Who'd have thunk at the time!
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