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  1. Many veterans cant get jobs and dont have the civilian skills needed after leaving the military. Shoving more people through the military industrial complex doesnt seem like a resolution of inner city poverty. Making military service the only way to go to college for a lot of kids seems like exactly the wrong approach. Military service works great if you are going to be a foreman of a factory but I am not sure it translates to a world already struggling for blue collar jobs.
  2. With only charity. That didn't work very well. When was there a great success charity only?
  3. We have gone for 5,000 years without welfare and charity. Why continue with failure? Let them eat cake!
  4. This is a very inspirational message for the caravans from central America. Don't listen to the naysayers!
  5. Well, if you sole purpose isn't just to "own the libs" sometimes you really can see things from a different perspective.
  6. Well, I can think of a good way. Just make the people throw all their stuff in the dumpster and they can get on a greyhoud bus with their backpacks. We will pack em all up and send them to one of those mega churches and they can unload during Sunday mass and declare, "we are here to start our new lives....who is going to give me a place to sleep tonight and a job." All that costs is a greyhoud bus ticket. Watch those church ladies freak out as if Cousin Eddie Griswold just rolled up for Christmas.
  7. This can be summed up as ideology. Those who are derisively called "Liberals" care deeply about making sure there is a level playing field, at least for children. They do not believe in equal outcomes but giving people the right conditions for success. There is a realization that the ways things were done in the past did not set up these conditions. Trumpists and Tea Party conservatism basically takes the ideology of +++++ you...I got mine...life isn't fair so go +++++ yourself if you want to ask me to do anything about YOUR personal problem. Politics is about winning and if you aren't cheating you aren't trying. Power is everything and you are a sucker if you give it up. It is amazing weak ass liberals ever win any elections.
  8. WTF is happening to you. You are not as insanely obtuse as you used to be......
  9. Are you talking about the people who you want to build a wall to keep out of the USA? At this point because of Donald Trump's failure the border is more of a "red line" kinda like they did to the blacks, I suppose.
  10. @BYUcougfan, maybe if this money "Rained Down" on the Ghetto instead of onto fake ass conservative cheapskates they wouldn't be able to tell us all to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps or else Atlas will shrug?
  11. We have various Trumpists and Jackasses in this country who just don't want to understand. Just have to overpower them at the ballot box but with the failure of Trumpism and the last two disaster Republican presidencies this is going to get easier and easier. Their brand has failed....
  12. Really, you think so? Money literally rains down on white kids for generations. The best schooling, extra curricular activities, private tutors, everything. When that happens for generations that is called structural racism. Let's take a black kid with loving parents and "rain money on them" and give a white kid with loving parents a public housing voucher and some food stamps and see who ends up better. We have never "rained money" on the poor or minorities. We are actually pretty stingy if you look across the world. We take from the poor and give to the rich...class warfare. Then we get these white people who were born on third base and think they hit a triple acting smugly about how gifted and talented they are because the live in a McMansion since money has literally been "raining down" on them and their family for generations.
  13. Well, I do think that well meaning white 60s liberals caused some of this with some of the first generation welfare models. We have this idea that we need to moralize welfare and punish/teach poor people how to do things the "right way." 60s Liberals got a case of "white man's burden" and religious fundamentalists thought they needed to tie their anti-sex, anti-drug, pro religion dogma to social welfare. We created places like Cabrini Green in Chicago and said the only way you can get any type of public housing assistance is to live in this type of hell hole. You are not allowed to leave these black areas because we won't hire you and you can't get any type of mortgage. It is the "prison model" where if you concentrate a bunch of criminals together all you breed is criminality. If all you to is concentrate poor people in public housing projects you have food deserts, no jobs, crime, and the only thing that pays the bills is drugs. It is a self fulfilling prophecy. The answer is to stop this food stamp and housing voucher/project madness. Can you imagine if instead of a check we would send social security recipients a $600 housing voucher and some food stamps every month? Dumb! Just give everyone UBI and then people magically do have the money to move...and can take their time to find a job. Stop moralizing welfare and putting all these strings on it!