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  1. If Trump ran vs Hillary again he could get 46% again because she is so unpopular. She would get over 50% though after the disaster of Trump. Since lightning won't strike in the same location twice for that lucky SOB, Trump will lose to any Democrat with a pulse this time as the polls show. Nobody should have been surprised Hillary lost after her terrible performances against Obama and Bernie.
  2. Big difference, Trump never has nor will get to 50% approval. 42% is his ceiling. That is the difference between him and other Presidents who had temporary low numbers. 42% was their floor, not ceiling.
  3. I would say it is more like a WWF event to them. They know they are getting completely hoodwinked by the "sport" but it is so goddamn entertaining watching the daily bout where the MAGA Hero gets to take on the manufactured "heel" du jour.
  4. This is pretty clear that only 42% of people are going to vote for Trump but they are dead enders who will vote for him no matter who runs. It looks like there are probably at least 47% of people who will vote against Trump no matter what. Trump is NOT going to get 75% of the remaining 11% of swing voters he needs to get to 50%. And 42%-47% spread is the MOST favorable spread for Trump. He isn't going to get lucky again to face Clinton. Half the respondents probably don't even know who Buttigieg and Booker are but they are voting for anyone who is NOT Trump. I just worry that Biden is replaying the "not Trump" playbook that Hillary ran and I am not exactly sure what he will do for his platform. He isn't going to excite a bunch of people as "status quo Joe" by just running a "not Trump" campaign. I think the "not Trump" playbook may work better now that those whom he hoodwinked now see what a complete failure and disaster he has been. His approval rating by independents has consistently been in the 30-35% range. Pathetic. His HIGHEST approval rating ever is 46%. Pathetic. Obamas highest was 69%, Bushes 90%, Clinton's 73%, Reagan's 71%. These numbers don't look good for the president of the electoral college https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_approval_rating https://news.gallup.com/poll/203198/presidential-approval-ratings-donald-trump.aspx
  5. Giant carriers and expensive manned aviation systems are expensive relics of the past and the USA would take massive casualties in any real war with a modern navy. Our offensive capabilities should all be launched and controlled from nuclear submarines. We should have cheap small kamikaze air superiority drones flying in to attack opposing air forces that can move at G-Forces that would kill a human pilot. You should be able to launch and recover thousands of them from a sub.
  6. ...and what would you and Trump say if President Obama had done the same thing Trump has accomplished? Would all of Trumps embarrassing ass kissing of a ruthless murderer be seen as a smashing success? Can you imagine how harshly Trump would judge his performance is someone else gave it? Trump has gone from "Fire and Fury" to completely prostrating the presidency of the USA to Kim and achieved NOTHING lasting. Trump has so compromised himself with Kim that Kim can very easily embarrass the president tomorrow if he chooses to just by setting off another bomb. Now Kim has Trump compromised just like Putin. But when you go to the Trump school of international diplomacy where the steps are: 1. Create a Crisis 2. Make a big flashy spectacle "solving" the crisis you created 3. Return to the status quo before step 1 but claim COMPLETE AND TOTAL VICTORY You are going to feel compromised when the person who has the ability to show that the emperor has no clothes pulls the "razzle dazzle" away from our eyes. Mexico (it seems) also can embarrass him with his HUGE IMMIGRATION DEAL. In Trump world...the "Rose Ceremony" for the cameras...is the only thing real that matters until the next episode when everyone has forgotten about the last one. Of course Trump could always just invent an alternate reality so all of the Trumpkins on this board feel better when Kim makes a fool of him. "This is all just FAKE NEWS folks. Chairman Kim came out very strongly and said he didn't test any nukes and I BELIEVE HIM." ...as Japan and the CIA look on in horror from behind a mushroom cloud as the actual reality of the situation is brushed away so right wingers can feel more comfortable in their manufactured reality. Trump is a master at looking the other way when dictators like the Saudis, Putin, and Kim need him to be passive and help them to sell their lies.
  7. Yup, just like public companies have to declare their finances even though some investors may not understand them. It would bd a major scandal if Exxon just declared they weren't going to publish their financials any longer.
  8. Yes, I mean Truman in my original sentence, not Hoover. Truman dropped the effin A bomb....not really passive.
  9. What is wrong with drone strikes? It is a weapon just like a gun or a bomb from any other plane.
  10. Obama was a low key effective C&C. No "Fire and Fury" BS followed by "Love Letters". Obama was Mr. Drone strike and kept a lot of Americans out of harms way. Rolling in the tanks and overwhelming force was a pretty bad strategy for Bush in Afghanistan. He got a lot of coverage on cable news and looked "tough" and let OBL slip right out the back door. I will never blame Bush for going into Afghanistan...but he tried to distract the public with his OBL failure by invading Iraq. That was a boondoggle but it looked really "Peace Through Strenghthy" The last thing we need is more neocon windbags and Trumpian bluster to actually achieve our military objectives.
  11. That is pretty effin dumb. Roosevelt, Hoover, Kennedy, LBJ were all Democrats who were anything but passive. I thought Obama was a war criminal. Isn't that what you fools say? A passive war criminal...great!
  13. I always find it scary when the government monitors and tries to stamp out free expression. I guess that is why they created the second amendment...protection against right wing crazy thought police.