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  1. That is why they should impeach him for the coverup instead of the crime. The Senate will have to decide if they will be accomplices and that gives the Democrats a great cludgel and there is no evidence or need for a long trial. They can push the pause button on the other articles until the evidence is forced out into public.
  2. This thread is getting to lame. It is like trying to fit and entire football season of games into one thread.
  3. Will you be getting your PHD in communist anti fa women's studies?
  4. Pelosi fought against impeachment tooth and nail. If you dont think Trumpism is huge threat you are just normalizing and engaging in both siderism to avoid taking a stand. Mooshy middle.
  5. You are right because if this was court witnesses would be compelled to testify.
  6. I am with you. Let's lay it all out there. Tax returns, porn star payoffs, mcghan, pompeo, and make all those witnesses testify who are refusing subpoenas. Pompeo could ask Hillary for some tips on how to testify as sec of state in front of a hostile Congress.
  7. Well, if you view everything in short term transactional trumpist terms on what wins the next 24 hour news cycle or have your finger in the air with no core moral compass (flavored vaping ban?) your points make sense. If, however, you think that they must uphold their oath of office to protect the country from this and future tyrannical presidents the short term transactional trumpist view of doing anything to get a temporary bump in the polls kinda falls apart. It is nice to see Pelosi and company taking a longer term historical view in this grave moment.
  8. So what came of those emails that were released? Yawn, right? They were released for the public, no? Did I say they should be hidden?
  9. Disagree....transparency is paramount Sunshine is the best disinfectant as these people all work for the American people and not the President or Congress. People will spin things but the cure for that isn't letting the executive conceal facts to protect us from ourselves. People can plead the 5th but executive privilege needs to be very narrow too.
  10. The biggest impeachable offense and the most profound constitutional issue is completely ignoring subpoenas which allows for a massive coverup on multiple items. Democrats should impeach Trump for that and put everything else on hold until all the facts are known. Voters nor Congress can make an informed decision on any of these issues without all the witnesses and facts available. Senators would have a lot harder time being complicit with setting a presedence that future presidents can simply ignore subpoenas and congressional oversight. He should be forced to produce all the evidence before additional impeachment articles can even be considered.
  11. Well, as a globalist, I am pretty excited about bringing the rothschilds, new world order, and freemasons down on their puta cabezas.
  12. I don't know why you buffoons think Hunter Biden is s good strategy for you. YOU LITERALLY HAVE THE INCOMPETENT TRUMP CHILDREN PROFITING OFF THE PRESIDENCY DAILY. People in glass houses.... It will be fun to see the eventual democratic nominee pick up the Hunter Biden playbook to use against trump. Thanks so much, guys!
  13. You want to talk hypocrisy? You government haters would be freaking out if some low level beaurocrat was refusing to carry out their lawful and official congressionally authorized duties unless they recieved a bribe. But if the messiah does it, "nothing to see here." Trump is basically doing the exact same thing Blagojevich did when he tried to sell the Senate seat for campaign contributions. Remember how you were up in arms about that? What changed?
  14. Republicans have lost all sense of decency, ethics and right from wrong. They will do and say anything in service of the cult of personality. This results in severe cognative dissonance and the only way they can resolve these internal conflicts in their minds and resolve the monstrosities they have become is to invent conspiracy theories so they can defend the indefensible and still believe in their minds they are decent human beings.
  15. He is wrong. If you have over 2 million in assets it WILL apply. Look up "covered expatriate." Nobody can get you out of it. There only people who get out are people with low assets and taxes due every year.