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  1. It is an old fartapalooza. Jesus, when will these old folks finally give someone in their 30s or 40s a shot?
  2. Perdue refuses to debate. What a coward. At least Loeffler is going to do a debate. I doubt we will see ticket splitting. It will either be 2 D or 2 R.
  3. Just a quickie behind the dumpster? Glory hole? Very noble. I never let him start to run the bases on me. I think the furthest I may have gone was to once say he had "pretty lips" until I thought better of it.
  4. Many landmines are designed to wound instead of kill. Why do you think that is? A wounded person is more of a burden than a dead one. If we were just playing Russian roulette and 1 in 100 got a bullet all you would need to do is clean up the body. There full intensive care beds are a huge cost. How about the lost productivity. You can't just let it run through your workplace. Not everyone can spend a week in the hospital like the fuhrer without it causing economic damage.
  5. These people are effin morons. Look at all these Republican clowns with covid. Hey Grassley, I hope your old ass survives your irresponsibility. The Trumpists are trying top give themselves herd immunity. No wonder 250k people have died on his watch. He may kill more people than WW2 before he is done. Call in the mobile morgues. Trump says "hold my beer. "
  6. Trump could be a no-show at virtual G-20 as coronavirus ravages the globe https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/11/20/g20-2020-trump-coronavirus/ Has he totally given up on actually doing his job at this point? Is he afraid Merkel or Trudeu will taunt him or something? Why would they do that to him? He would never do such a thing to them!
  7. Where is that guy? Is the president still in charge or did someone gag him in the white house and steal his twitter password? I thought the great general would be out front leading the voter fraud battle.
  8. The only outcome that isn't fraudulent is a Trump victory. Here said so himself.
  9. For those who follow Jesus as their Messiah the mark of the beast is 666. For those who follow Trump as their messiah, the mark of the beast is a mask.
  10. I bet Trump is going to say the vaccines were safe UNTIL Joe Biden got them. Now he will say that Biden is going to put digital tattoos in the vaccines to track conservatives so he can track and take their guns. Bet me......
  11. Women in Georgia need to decide if they want to continue homeschooling then they can vote for Mitch. If they want adequate supplies, testing, and everything else needed to successfully open schools they should vote to support Biden. Take a vote MITCH! Show everyone what they can expect if you guys win!!!
  12. I prefer UBI. We dont need more corporate or other welfare junking up the tax code. Welfare payments and tax collection should be completely separate.
  13. Jeezus, I didn't think it was that bad where everyone isn't wearing masks at stores. You guys are becoming a religious fundamentalist country run by the grand Ayatollah trump complete with religious goons running around getting violent because the store tells them, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Mask, no service.
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