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  1. I really think the GOP gets a woman involved. Nikki Haley isn't a realistic option. More likely it would be Kim K, Snookie, or Paris Hilton. Heiress with sex tape checks a lot if the GOP boxes.
  2. Well, @robe is right that GOP likes former Democrats line Reagan and Trump. Perhaps we can offer Rod Blagoyovich?, Cuomo, Manchin?
  3. Governator Arnold, Tommy Tuberville, Steve Largent...GOP worship clueless celebrity yet simultaneously feels shunned by them. Very Trumpiam to always be seeking their attention and celebrity and also being embittered when they shun you.
  4. Russians and religious fundamentalists have that in common with them.
  5. I saw this coming when Incredible Universe went out of business Oh well, we have circuit city trucks down here so maybe sooner frys ones are headed south
  6. Perhaps Trump can restart celebrity apprentice on TV and the rubes can pick between Tom Brady, Elon Musk, and the Rock. Those guys are imminently qualified entertainers who don't know shit about governing... perfect fit for the GOP.
  7. I remember I prayed for Trump to be the nominee in 2016... unfortunately you prayed harder and got Hillary. That doesn't stop me from praying for Trump again!
  8. For hating Hollywood elites you guys sure love you some media personalities to mindlessly follow!
  9. Just another tiger king!
  10. Lol...Rachel Maddow is not the mirror image of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Laura Ingraham or Tucker Carlson......she is more of an left leaning egghead and more akin to someone like George Will on the right. Those right wingers are provocateurs...there are no mirror images of them on the left that are taken seriously much less given such a platform.
  11. I never claimed to be about unity. I will kick you in the nuts on BOTH SIDES of the Trump election failure!
  12. But, but....both sides are just mirror images and Democrats do the exact same thing as Trump and the white supremacists. You are just a hypocrite for criticizing trump. Both sides BOTH SIDES, BOTH SIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDESSSSSSSSSS
  13. Wind, solar, nuclear, fossil fuels... that is just a distraction. Texas was in charge and they screwed up and they are trying to deflect to blame someone else in Washington. Cuomo is doing the same thing after his screw up. People just need to own their mistakes and fix them. That is a sign of character, not of weakness.
  14. Trump and Rush's lives have proved that you can only invent your reality for a time. Then the laws of nature will slap you coldly and quickly into reality.
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