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  1. Akkula

    Charles Krauthammer has died

    I was not aware of that either.
  2. Akkula

    Cambridge Analitica and Hillary emails

    We know that you got onboard the Trump train early with Bannon and Miller
  3. But I am sure you would follow federal law when they "com fur muh gunz", right? It is too bad Trump and the Republicans are so weak that they can't even pass a bill through the house that they completely control. Not even Republicans think his proposals are good so he is going to perpetually kick the can because the alt right controls Republicans but the country strongly disagrees with their racist agenda. Trump and his zero tolerance policy lasted about 10 minutes and now he is going to be going back to "catch and release"
  4. People who are still Trump supporters will be remembered by future generations very poorly and they will be a cautionary tale.
  5. Just make immigrants pay a social tax and pass a criminal background check and vigorously enforce sanctions against employers who try to pay a substandard wage on the backs of society. You can even do E-verify and remit the tax right from payroll. Problem solved. The reason this won't be implemented is because the alt-right doesn't care about a workable system. They want to protect our "heritage" which is code for we hate brown people.
  6. Akkula

    29+ years and he's done

    We should clone Reagan to run in the Democratic primary!
  7. Akkula

    Mueller's Got The Russians

    And yet the president of the usa and Congress can't expose all of these conspiracies even though they control all of the government. Oh yeah, I forgot the "deep state" is more powerful than the man who knows every USA secret and can declassify them immediately. Maybe they got to him...hmmmmmm. But he definitely didn't collude with any Russians...that is just silly. . It is amazing how people can spin their own alternative facts and invent their own reality once facts become alternativized.
  8. Akkula

    Border Crisis

    Except if they are McVeigh or Branch Dividians or other armed right wing criminals.
  9. Akkula

    Mueller's Got The Russians

    They had legal warrants to apprehend these folks. You gun freaks just want mythologize these criminals and fantasize that you will have the same opportunity one day. I know you threaten that a lot.
  10. Akkula

    Mueller's Got The Russians

    You are dangerous. How often do dead men get arraigned?
  11. Akkula

    Mueller's Got The Russians

    David Koresch was a polygamist who abused women and children and a mass murderer. He used children as human shields. If he was a Muslim doing the same thing he would be a pariah to the right. You guys continue to invent alternate realities in which you crazy racist criminal behavior is justified. There is no deep state, the south fought the civil war because they liked using human slaves, and Koresch was an evil murderer like Jim Jones. You seem to be a very dangerous and ill individual who has lost touch with facts and reality. Unfortunately the evil right has legitimized and encouraged this behavior of mass self-brainwashing.
  12. Akkula

    Mueller's Got The Russians

    Collusion had already been proven. How many Russians connections have already come to light? Trump will be brought down for obstructing justice, campaign violations, and tax and financial fraud.
  13. Akkula

    Mueller's Got The Russians

    You are an idiot if you are making child raper David Koresch out to be some kind of martyr. You guys just love to reinvent history for your cult leader du jour.
  14. Akkula

    2018 World Cup

    That was an entertaining game. Viva Mexico