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  1. I grew up in Colorado Springs. In the 80's in elementary school you kinda knew we were vaporized. Maybe schools should just stop the drills as kids are toast anyway. No need to terrorize them.
  2. I got pulled over for an illegal pass and the costa rican transito wasn't sneaking up on my car with his hand on his gun the whole time. We had a relaxed and friendly convo and we were both at ease. He ended up letting me go. ..no he didn't ask for a bribe.
  3. Pretty intense reading. It is too bad the extremists just shrug their shoulder cause they love them sum gunz
  4. Maybe Helsinki syndrome since they now love the Russians?
  5. Bunker mentality, persecution complex? Just guessing
  6. Really? Have you seen what ended up happening to a lot of those kids? They ended up joining racist cults of personality and suffered paranoid delusions.
  7. I am guessing that seeing the teacher pull out an AR-15 from the art closet and getting locked and loaded during the drills would make second graders feel a whole bunch better and safer that they aren't sitting ducks in a "gun free zone". https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/19/health/school-threats-lockdown-effects/index.html What school threats and lockdowns are doing to a generation of children
  8. Oh...no...they believe a judge is going to adjudicate whose "purely political" reason is better. Democrats wanting transparency or Trumps wanting to cover up his taxes. My bet is the judge is going to be a strict textualist like Alito that Republicans love and just read the "Shall furnish" part and rule accordingly.
  9. Impeachment is "purely political" according to the Constitution. What exactly does that matter? The law is clear but you guys and Trump seem to believe that the law says "Shall Furnish (except for Donald Trump)" or "Shall Not Obstruct (unless Donald Trump does it)." I hate to break it to you but Donald Trump doesn't get a different sent of laws for him versus everyone else. I am sure that is a big SHOCKER
  10. Um, no....Barr would have been constrained with the same office of legal counsel opinion that governs the DOJ to say you cannot bring charges against a sitting president. Why would he punt it to someone who also couldn't make the determination? If he was punting it to Barr why didn't he just say that? Barr is a hack appointed by Trump to do a hatchet job from the beginning. Trump got to tweet NO COLLUSION and WINNNNNN for a month. Barr tried to spin the report before releasing it. What a disgrace. If the congress needs to start impeachment proceedings in order to see the final report...maybe it makes more sense for them to start proceedings against Barr for obstruction of a congressional investigation. Maybe Mnuchin. also needs to have proceedings started since he doesn't think he needs to comply with subpoenas either.
  11. Well that is because you are the last of your kind, my friend, on this board. You just have to stick around because you own it. The other semi sane right leaning folks exited a while ago with their tales between their legs and the Trump cultists took over. The folks defending him against the face of all evidence are dead enders...most of them have shown up on this thread to defend the porn star messiah.
  12. “If we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts, that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state.”
  13. The IRA is only one entity. There were Russians and Russian contacts coming out the ears of the Trump administration. I am sure that Trump didn't coordinate with any of his SuperPacs that channeled dark money and took out ads either, including PutinPac.
  14. LOL, the report was issued yesterday! No...no....no....no....this will become a greatest hit...a classic! Just like the emails and BHENGAZI!!