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  1. Government Shutdown 2018

    Democrats should be on TV talking about this...that is the only thing they should be talking about right now. Why are Republicans keeping the government closed?
  2. Government Shutdown 2018

    That is why Democrats need to press to reopen the government for 2-3 days at a time. I don't like a shutdown either. There is no effin way that we should be paying for that effin wall, though. If Trump tries to deport the dreamers that is on him. NO WALL!
  3. Government Shutdown 2018

    Why won't they put up a clean CHIP bill and not tie it to the spending resolution? Wouldn't that really jam Democrats? Why not just pass it?
  4. Government Shutdown 2018

    Boo hoo....then fund CHIP and stop tying it to other stuff...you are right...it is no game. If it is a good program then vote on it and DACA and stop trying to use it as leverage.
  5. Government Shutdown 2018

    DACA and CHIP can stand on their own but Republicans won't allow a vote on them so they can use them as a bargaining chip for a wall that nobody supports.
  6. Government Shutdown 2018

    Democrats should be talking about this all day long. Why are Republicans holding the military hostage to build an unpopular wall?
  7. Government Shutdown 2018

    Democrats should agree to fund the military through the shutdown and agree to the CHIP funding that Republicans want to show their willingness to compromise. Who doesn't like kids and the military? Sorry, if that removes a talking point about illegals over the military. Democrats should be negotiating through the press because they have the upper hand if they get their message out. They should also agree to keeping the government open with 2-3 day continuing resolutions.
  8. Government Shutdown 2018

    Donny small hands thought he was going to be able to use DACA kids as a hostage to build his wall once Dems gave up their leverage. SORRY NOT GONNA HAPPEN Dems should be pushing for 3 day CRs until all the outstanding legislation is addressed. Time to govern.
  9. Government Shutdown 2018

    Maybe Donny shouldn't have started the DACA fire by ending the program if he didn't have an extinguisher. He is a great bomb thrower but bad at deal making. If you are going to end a program you better damn well have done sort of legislation proposal on next steps and not just punt. This is the typical Republican problem though. They know what they are against but cannot agree on what they are for so they don't have viable solutions when they destroy something. That is why they could not repeal the ACA.
  10. Government Shutdown 2018

    Yeah, I am sure the public is going to be cool with them not coming up with a long term funding deal because "we have to go to recess." Children who want to go play at recess need to get their homework done first or they have to stay inside. It looks like their useless meetings just got moved up until now. Action and no more talk! Too many continuing resolutions
  11. #Release The Memo

    And if he released it it would prove he is a liar and kill these dumb conspiracy theories. He wants to keep it classified as part of the disinformation campaign. It is hard to have a conspiracy when YOU ARE "THE MAN!"
  12. Government Shutdown 2018

    It looks like MConnelly and Ryan forced a shutdown because they would allow for a few day funding extension. SAD!
  13. Government Shutdown 2018

    Thanks Mike Lee, Lindsay Graham, Jeff Flake, and Rand Paul for showing this is squarely a Trump shutdown. Now it is time for Mr. Deal maker to get something done. That partisan piece of trash you tried to force down the senators throat won't cut it. Can you believe McConnell didn't even meet with Democrats to hammer out a deal? Time to govern!
  14. Government Shutdown 2018

    Too long. Democrats should agree to 3 days to "Force Trump Republicans to finally do their job of governing instead of tweeting, doing campaign rallies, and golf."
  15. Government Shutdown 2018

    Looking for the die hard meme since we are on that theme...."shut it down, shut it down now". How about "we are going to need more FBI guys"