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  1. I think you’re missing a perhaps equally or greater likely scenario. There is no spring season and there is no football this year for many teams like Wyoming. Don’t want to see it but that is where I see things headed right now.
  2. That would be quite the achievement for BYU. Good luck and perhaps BYU will become a member of the Sun Belt if all goes well.
  3. Unlikely. RMAC has postponed sports until the spring but schools can practice at their discretion. My understanding is mines is not practicing in the fall for basketball but I could be wrong. Any chance to schedule Troy as a replacement?
  4. Congrats! Seems like a rivalry in the making.
  5. I like this idea. I can’t watch any more random folks playing cornhole on ESPN.
  6. What is the other reason(s), other than money considerations, that a university would have to allow men’s football to compete in the fall but not a women’s sport? I can think of none. Now if there were scientific studies showing that women have a much higher mortality rate from COVID or that it might impact their future ability to reproduce, then that would likely be a valid justification of a university. I’m not aware of anything like this. Facepalm me all you want. But under title ix’s interpretations there has to be logic outside of financial considerations for the decision to allow a men’s sport to play but not a women’s sport.
  7. I’m not the biggest fan of how Title IX has been interpreted. People can bury their head in the sand all they want. But prior decisions have said economic factors are not to be weighed when considering women’s rights to compete in sports. The benefit that will be argued is the actual ability to play the sport. It won’t take a great lawyer to show that special accommodations were made to the men’s football team to allow them to play in the fall but none of which were made for women. Once again - we would all love to ignore title ix and focus on economic realities. But prior precedent isn’t going to allow universities that receive federal funding to do that.
  8. Read it... ”No person in the United States may, upon the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of...any education program or activity receiving federal assistance.” Prior decisions have basically interpreted this as females must be guaranteed equal opportunities in both funding and participation. This will be the first case filed if a school allows a men’s team to compete in the fall season but not a women’s team.
  9. This thread should be moved. Some of us don’t want to read political crap on a sports board. That is why there is a separate board for it.
  10. The issue no one is talking about... Title IX. If a team like Nebraska were to sponsor men’s football but no women sports after the conference postponed all fall sports, that seems to be a relatively easy case for gender discrimination under earlier precedent.
  11. Reports last week - MWC to play 10 game season starting September 26.
  12. Common sense. Sun belt and CUSA don’t have as much to gain as P5 schools by playing football but they have the same amount to lose from a liability standpoint.
  13. Fishing and hunting for me and the rest of Wyoming. Will do some fall trips into the wind rivers and snowies.
  14. Not answering the poll but there will be no football season in the spring. Even with an effective treatment, it makes no sense to go through a full spring football season and then ask the athletes to begin preparing for the next football season a month later. That is borderline dangerous to the health of these players. Common sense dictates that spring football is a falacy. At best - some of the marketable P5 teams will put together a schedule of a few spring games to make some additional revenue.
  15. How’s the BYU fan base in St. George?
  16. Sources are indicating that BYU is finalizing an 8 game scheduling agreement with Dixie State University for the 2020 college football season.
  17. This doesn’t sound believable even for CSU. If true, college football season is done.
  18. Sure, they are free to attempt to renegotiate...just as the boss is free to say no or get lost. As I stated, nothing precludes them from going somewhere or getting a different job if they don't feel appropriately compensated. As a taxpayer funded arm of the state, I certainly don't want nor support the University of Wyoming getting into the business of paying players.
  19. Here is what I don't like - those players accepted the scholarship to go play football for the University with the knowledge that it was virtually unpaid except for the education and housing allowance. This is no different than the unpaid extern that goes and works at a business/state in exchange for college credit. Both the extern and the football player knew of the deal when they willingly accepted it. Both the extern and football player are free to quit and go play/work somewhere else if they don't like those terms. Should an 18 year old (a legal adult) not be accountable for the agreement that they made? Should they be able to break that agreement and now demand money to play as well? PS: I fully believe that players should own and should be able to profit of their likeness. If the college player is good enough, let them go line up endorsements with the private sector.
  20. I like the idea of an 8 game schedule and Wyoming going 8-0 to capture the 2020 Border War Championship!! Sep. 5: Wyoming @ Colorado State Sep. 12: Colorado State @ Wyoming Sep. 19: Wyoming @ Colorado State Sep. 26: Colorado State @ Wyoming Oct. 3: Wyoming @ Colorado State Oct. 17: Colorado State @ Wyoming Oct. 24: Wyoming @ Colorado State Nov. 28: Colorado State @ Wyoming
  21. BTW...MLB has proven that the model CAN work! Miami is sick...so they are out for a week or two and the MLB just rearranges the schedule on the fly. Let's say Wyoming is scheduled to play Nevada and Texas State is scheduled to play Rice. Rice and Nevada have outbreaks...well guess what Wyoming, you are now hosting Texas State this week! It is absolutely outside the box and poses a lot of logistical hurdles but MLB is seemingly proving that those hurdles can be overcome.
  22. What? I am sure another team would love to play asymptomatic players so they can get sick.
  23. Not really eye opening, but San Jose State has more bowl wins in the past decade than Colorado State.