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  1. The biggest factor - lack of drilling investment during the pandemic. Everyone in the industry saw this as a real (if not likely) possibility. Demand crashed and companies reacted by slashing drilling programs and laying off and granting early retirements to skilled workers. Now, that demand has recovered, we have a big big problem because we would need to basically double the rig count to catch up to pre-pandemic on shore production levels and we don’t have the workforce nor materials. Worse than gasoline prices for the average consumer is $9/mcf natural gas. Prepare to be shocked for heating bills next winter.
  2. @RebelRobertis the longtime expert in fantasy realignment scenarios that will never happen. I’d suggest you defer to the expert.
  3. e-sports is the future. MWC has already locked up SJSU and is better positioned.
  4. Hunter Maldonado announced publicly today that he will be returning for his 6th year of Wyoming basketball. With the only significant loss from the NCAA tourney team being Drake Jeffries and the additions of 3 PAC 12 transfers, this could be a pre-season top 25 team.
  5. ‘Utah Tech’s’ rise has been pretty meteoric. It wasn’t that long (2006) they were a JUCO named Dixie College. Then they moved up to Division 2 GNAC. Then they became Dixie State. Then they moved to Division 2 RMAC. Then they moved to Division 1 WAC and FCS independence. FBS could be around the corner.
  6. Boise fans have been saying the same thing since roughly 2010...
  7. Assumptions make blank out of you. I learned long ago not to speculate based on perceived motivation. I have no clue who leaked it nor does the media. It could have been a paralegal staff member for all we know (who are also bound to the duties of confidentiality under the license of the supervising attorney). Whoever did it and whoever may have facilitated it should be barred from the practice of law forever in my opinion. PS - attorneys must independently of state bar admission seek admission to practice in the various federal courts. Federal courts have their own jurisdiction over attorneys and federal courts have the ability to regulate their own dockets. You are also incorrect as to your belief of investigative arms of federal courts (you ought to research the duties of the Marshall of the US Supreme Court along with the Administrative Office of the US Courts).
  8. They are the rules and regulations that State Bars hold attorneys accountable to. A lawyer that breaches the rules (or a lawyer whose staff member under their supervision breaches the rules) is subject to discipline including the loss of any rights to practice law.
  9. There is a very serious rule broken. This is a rule we as a society rely on when we freely speak to counsel. A law clerk or other judicial staff owes the same duty to their client "the court." 1.6(a) A lawyer shall not reveal information relating to the representation of a client unless the client gives informed consent, the disclosure is impliedly authorized in order to carry out the representation or the disclosure is permitted by paragraph (b). 1.6(c) A lawyer shall make reasonable efforts to prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client.
  10. They may share my view of stare decisis but they sure don't share my view on the integrity of the courts and the rule of law.
  11. FYI - your reasoning is extremely flawed. Dred Scott was decided prior to the 14th Amendment. Dred Scott was overturned on the basis of the 14th Amendment that was later enacted following the Civil War.
  12. I've already asked myself that and answered that exact question in this thread as well. The answer is NO. Our legal system is based on the certainty of stare decisis. The legal system does not work if it purely becomes part of the political process with the law seemingly changing at the whims of the new judge.
  13. I believe in women's rights over their body. I believe in the legal system of stare decisis (precedent) and the necessity of being consistent and following established law. Am I the "right" that you are speaking of?
  14. Yes - the early writings do directly state that the Court system was created to be immune from outside influence. In Federalist No. 78, Alexander Hamilton called the judiciary “the least dangerous” and weakest branch, because it held neither the purse strings of the Legislature nor the force of the Executive; the judiciary wielded “merely judgment,” he wrote. So it had to be protected from outside influence by providing safeguards to its independence. Importantly, Hamilton also said in Federalist No. 78 – presaging Chief Justice John Marshall in Marbury v. Madison – that it was the duty of the courts “to declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void.” The judiciary would protect the guarantees set out in the Constitution by having the power to say “no” to the Legislature and “no” to the Executive when they overstepped the limits of their constitutional powers. And as Chief Justice William Rehnquist later observed: “The Constitution tries to insulate judges from the public pressures that may affect elected officials. The Constitution protects judicial independence not to benefit judges, but to promote the rule of law.” https://www.americanbar.org/groups/litigation/initiatives/committee-on-american-judicial-system/in-the-news/threats-to-judicial-independence-and-rule-of-law/
  15. I'd suggest you and others that may legitimize the leak to start by reading a history of the Judicial System. I'd suggest you and such others read the discussions and writings of Madison, Jefferson and Hamilton on the role of the judicial branch. I'd suggest you and others read the early opinions of John Marshall discussing the role of the courts. I'd suggest you and others ask yourself if the Court should be just another branch of the executive or the legislative allowing for the thriving dictatorships we see in Russia and other countries. I'd suggest you and others ask yourself, should we rid ourselves of our history of judicial autonomy in favor of a Trump utopia of supreme rule? I'd suggest you and others ask yourselves what you really believe in.
  16. The judicial process only works if it is immune from outside influence. You are dead wrong here. Absolutely dead wrong.
  17. Disagree. There is no evidence this is the work of a 'left wing activist.' This is a red flag on someone or some group of folks that have neglected their obligations that they swore to uphold regardless of philosophical belief. As a legal professional, I am appalled.
  18. Anyone that has a belief in our system of justice should be asking whether any draft decision, regardless of context, is appropriate to reveal. -Signed someone who has appeared in the highest court of multiple states and who has a relative as a clerk on the highest court of a state.
  19. If a law clerk leaked this, they will and should be disbarred forever. This type of leak will forever stain the ability of a Court's Justices (both state and federal) to feel secure in their discussions prior to issuing a ruling. With trust gone so is the ability of the court system to properly function.
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