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  1. Also, congratulations are in order for New Mexico State on its under the radar invite to the Mountain West Conference. I was previously unaware of their admittance.
  2. Does a team need fans to be eligible? Asking for a friend.
  3. BYU should schedule Georgia Southern next...show the world once again that BYU will play anyone, anywhere!!
  4. Not going to happen. My LDS friends in Wyoming also have a strong distaste for BYU. But, as a Wyoming fan, I am certainly envious that your team has been able to play the amount of games it has. I've already stated my position that I am open to Wyoming scheduling BYU in this year where we have had so few opportunities for games and when one of our own conference members (Colorado State) declined to play a game.
  5. I expect a total of 12-15 bowls or so this year. I see at most 2 MWC teams in bowls.
  6. Wow, this is impressive! Perhaps an even bigger game than the North Alabama game!! Congrats are in order for @#1Stunner
  7. That’s what happens when Covid forces players to miss time. I believe Wyoming had 6 scholarship and 8 players total.
  8. Welp, I guess the question on everyone’s mind is do the Broncos stick with Hinton or go back to Lock when he is eligible to play.
  9. No turnovers yet. Hinton is better than Lock so far.
  10. Wyoming against UNLV’s defensive front.
  11. I’m guessing you were too young to remember Randall Cunningham. One of the most physically talented to ever play the position. If I were a fan of UNLV, I would really worry about a head coach that has played Oblad, Gilliam and Rogers over Brumfield. Anyone that has ever watched football should realize in a matter of minutes that Brumfield is a far superior talent.
  12. He really is a guy that oughta consider a transfer to a school like Wyoming. He is made for Wyoming’s offense.
  13. Brumfield should be UNLV’s QB and it isn’t even close. Dude has an arm. I saw a throw like that from Josh Allen in Wyoming’s 2015 spring game and knew he was the real deal.
  14. The last time Arroyo coached in a game between Wyoming and UNLV, UNLV won 42-16.
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