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  1. Sure, they are free to attempt to renegotiate...just as the boss is free to say no or get lost. As I stated, nothing precludes them from going somewhere or getting a different job if they don't feel appropriately compensated. As a taxpayer funded arm of the state, I certainly don't want nor support the University of Wyoming getting into the business of paying players.
  2. Here is what I don't like - those players accepted the scholarship to go play football for the University with the knowledge that it was virtually unpaid except for the education and housing allowance. This is no different than the unpaid extern that goes and works at a business/state in exchange for college credit. Both the extern and the football player knew of the deal when they willingly accepted it. Both the extern and football player are free to quit and go play/work somewhere else if they don't like those terms. Should an 18 year old (a legal adult) not be accountable for the agreement that they made? Should they be able to break that agreement and now demand money to play as well? PS: I fully believe that players should own and should be able to profit of their likeness. If the college player is good enough, let them go line up endorsements with the private sector.
  3. I like the idea of an 8 game schedule and Wyoming going 8-0 to capture the 2020 Border War Championship!! Sep. 5: Wyoming @ Colorado State Sep. 12: Colorado State @ Wyoming Sep. 19: Wyoming @ Colorado State Sep. 26: Colorado State @ Wyoming Oct. 3: Wyoming @ Colorado State Oct. 17: Colorado State @ Wyoming Oct. 24: Wyoming @ Colorado State Nov. 28: Colorado State @ Wyoming
  4. BTW...MLB has proven that the model CAN work! Miami is sick...so they are out for a week or two and the MLB just rearranges the schedule on the fly. Let's say Wyoming is scheduled to play Nevada and Texas State is scheduled to play Rice. Rice and Nevada have outbreaks...well guess what Wyoming, you are now hosting Texas State this week! It is absolutely outside the box and poses a lot of logistical hurdles but MLB is seemingly proving that those hurdles can be overcome.
  5. What? I am sure another team would love to play asymptomatic players so they can get sick.
  6. Not really eye opening, but San Jose State has more bowl wins in the past decade than Colorado State.
  7. None. Too much money on the line. 'Indefinitely Postponed' or 'Postponed until March 2021' - I'll predict the Big 10 will be the leader and others will follow.
  8. I have no contacts and this is pure speculation but I actually do believe the 'MWC' will have football this upcoming fall. Here is how I see it shaking out and what I think Wyoming's schedule could look like: New Mexico State ('non-conference' scheduling agreement)@ Colorado StateNew [email protected] [email protected] New Mexico State ('non-conference' scheduling agreement)Colorado StateBoise [email protected] New Mexico('MWC Championship game')I see it this way:'MWC East': CSU/Wyoming/New Mexico/Boise (maybe New Mexico State)'MWC West': Nevada/UNLV/Utah State (maybe BYU)The academies won't be playing anyone. The military is going to run a tight ship to control coronavirus in its ranks. It is pretty clear to me that the Cal State system is going to cancel all fall sports (no SJSU, Fresno or SDSU). My sense is Hawaii will follow suit given their location. You have to look at this way - teams are going to have tremendous pressure from their states and university administration to completely avoid air travel and possible exposure to the many people at an airport (the stated goal of all these schools with their recent releases is to control coronavirus spread on their campuses). Therefore, any schedule should be feasible through driving. The reason I see Utah State sliding over to the 'West' is the BYU attachment and the closer proximity to Reno and Vegas where driving is very feasible but I could see Boise slotting over too. Note: I am assuming that New Mexico and New Mexico State will receive some sort of state waivers for this type of plan.
  9. You can't just take endowment funds (or the income on such funds) and use them for non-dedicated purposes.
  10. I expect football teams to be cut too. The operating and staff expenses are so high for football and schools won't be keeping everyone on payroll for a sport that might not even be played in the fall at certain schools.
  11. This thread went downhill quickly. But it looks like the deserters didn't gain any traction.
  12. Your math is based on a lot of faulty assumptions. (1) You are assuming that past COVID infections rates over the prior 4 months will equal that of the 4 month college football season which is exceedingly unlikely to be true; (2) You are assuming that football players who are in close contact with their teammates and opposing players would have the same infection rate as any other 18-29 year old; (3) You are assuming a football player who is larger than the average 18-29 year old would not be at increased risk of complications; etc.. That said - I've always been a firm believer that people should be able to weigh the risks for themselves and make their own decisions. I too am in the camp that the more the younger people are able to get through COVID and build immunity the quicker the economy can recover and people can get back to life (although I acknowledge this belief is also based on assumption). To me and similarly to your suggestion - every college athlete should be provided the latest information and should be given the opportunity to make their own decisions whether to participate this year without fear of scholarship or coach reprisal. If it were me, it is a really easy answer of I am willing to take the risk and look forward to playing. But I understand the person that might say look - I am at increased risk due to my weight/other conditions and I have quite a bit of family responsibility to care for a parent/grandparent/child/etc..
  13. Honestly, it is week #1 for every team. Getting to week #1 and actually playing games is a bigger hurdle than most of us are willing to admit.