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  1. The Michigan issue is nowhere on the level of the Florida QB and Nebraska interim coach issues. Florida and Nebraska did all they could and should do which was immediately suspend Kitna and Joseph and speak out against the allegations. Both those schools have handled the charges appropriately to-date. The Florida QB appears to be a very sick individual based on the allegations. A backup QB at an SEC program with wealthy parents probably has zero difficulties attracting the attention of the ladies. We all would have dreamed to be that guy in college. Yet his interests apparently lie with little kids. Disgusting and obviously something very wrong with him. I’d say his football career (as it probably should be) is over. As to Mickey Joseph - he likely saved Nebraska some money because they should be able to fire him for cause rather than being forced to pay the buyout on his additional year remaining in his contract. Joseph probably also precluded himself from any coaching jobs in the near future as well and maybe forever with the recent additional felony charge. Hope the wife is ok. But something I find interesting is Joseph is 54 and his wife is 34. That seems to be quite the age gap.
  2. I’ll just throw it out there - - these were the exact same discussions when SJSU was ultimately invited. ‘Why expand for expansion’s sake when SJSU is another mouth to feed without financial gain?’ Whether or not the SJSU invite was ultimately the right decision has been debated ad nauseum on this board for years. I assume you are familiar with that discussion. The answer then and the answer now is that some expansion is probably beneficial and necessary even without additional revenue per team because it provides the conference with additional stability in the event a few programs leave to other conferences. In the MWC’s current case, if the PAC were to get further raided and then do something crazy like invite 4-6 MWC teams, the remainder of teams left behind in the MWC might not be enough to keep the conference from imploding all together and perhaps leaving some programs on an island and with few options (For example - see WAC meltdown and the cases of Idaho and NMSU).
  3. UNLV Football All-Time Conference Football Record: 88-170 Kevin Sumlin All Time FBS Head Coaching Record: 95-63 What exactly is brutal to watch?
  4. Nearly every player on that Wyoming team served in the war.
  5. Disgusting and completely false. Not funny in the least.
  6. Going to OU. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/26316
  7. That said - interested in a wager as to whether or not Wyoming finishes 8th or below in the MWC? I'll give you 2-1 odds too. If Wyoming doesnt finish in the top 7 based on conference record, you win!
  8. Linder has stated in recent interviews that he expects Ike to return in January. I don't believe he would state that if he didn't believe it to be the likely case. You're speaking to the choir about Hunter Thompson. While he is easy to root for being from small town Wyoming, his offensive game of standing around at the perimeter makes no sense. Caden Powell, although he needs to put on some size and is a true freshman, should be playing many more minutes with Ike out. I do believe that Linder is also limiting Jeremiah Oden's early season minutes because of recent injuries (concussion and knee).
  9. I agree. The only team I see this squad without Ike and Maldo beating is AF.
  10. Is this a rank em based on results to-date or based on where we believe the teams will finish? Wyoming is a very different team with Ike and Maldonado. I ask this because I am not following the logic of your rankings which have SDSU #1 despite 2 losses and a poor showing against Irvine but say despite that, SDSU will be very good and rank them over 3 undefeated teams. Yet at the same time, you have Wyoming as the 8th best team presumably based on the poor start and without Ike and Maldo. AS an FYI - I'd be happy to take any bet that Wyoming will finish better than 8th in the MWC.
  11. I talked with an offensive coordinator at a D1 program and he straight out told me that he only recruits wrestlers for his offensive line because of the toughness and agility they have. It was by far the most difficult sport I competed in but by far the most rewarding and helpful in life too.
  12. Wyoming has a damn good wrestling program (top 3-4 program in the west). Rumor floating around he is following an assistant coach who left to Oklahoma. I’m sure there is NIL money involved (he is a legitimate Olympic hopeful).
  13. In Louisville's defense, they've had to play some real basketball powers: Bellarmine, Wright St., Appalachian State.
  14. https://heavyweightnationblog.com/2022/11/29/stephen-buchanan-enters-transfer-portal/ Stephen Buchanan, NCAA third place at 197 pounds last year has entered the transfer portal with 2 years remaining to compete. This is a devastating blow as he would likely be competing for a National Championship.
  15. What are you even talking about? And what the hell does NAIA have to do with anything?
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