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  1. OrediggerPoke

    AZ no longer has JuCo football.

    Yep. Although I predict that new collegiate football will emerge and take off like wildfire. A flag football version that largely reduces concussion risks.
  2. OrediggerPoke

    SDSU McDaniels Sued Over Alleged Sex Tape

    I don't like to spread rumors of a serious nature when I don't have any reliable information or any firsthand knowledge myself and when there has not been any reliable media confirmation to date. The rumor information is out there in the Twitter world and on Wyoming's message board and generally involves a physical altercation.
  3. OrediggerPoke

    SDSU McDaniels Sued Over Alleged Sex Tape

    Some of the rumors floating around are pretty disturbing and hopefully aren’t true. However, I would surmise it’s pretty serious as his bio has already been removed from the Men’s basketball website.
  4. OrediggerPoke

    wyo DT sexually harasses & beats-up woman in Ft Collins

    I’m not defending Ghaifan as these are serious allegations and he will have his opportunity to defend himself on Jan. 2. But there is absolutely nothing in any article indicating that he ‘beat up’ the housekeeper and this is quite a ridiculous topic headline. As a a side note, the folks at the Coloradoan must be pretty lazy to obtain the same police report and to report this identical ‘breaking news’ nearly a month after it had already been acquired and reported by a separate newspaper https://trib.com/sports/college/wyoming/football/police-say-suspended-uw-football-player-made-sexual-advance-at/article_59952b28-89ca-5efd-8785-cc6c351e1c5c.html
  5. OrediggerPoke

    Wyoming vs SC

    Yes, Wyoming dominated that game (actually started the season 12-2).
  6. OrediggerPoke

    Nevada - Transfer U

    Is this significantly more than the typical attrition? Wyoming has had 3 receivers transfer out (or announce that they will be transferring), but I don't believe it is substantially higher than the typical attrition other than they all are from the same position group.
  7. OrediggerPoke

    Wyoming vs SC

    Absolutely! The last SEC team to travel to Laramie was...in 2002 when Wyoming beat South Carolina. It is unlikely Wyoming will draw many (if any) SEC teams to Laramie in the future. This one worked out because Edwards' brother is on the staff at South Carolina and a home and home was agreed to.
  8. OrediggerPoke

    Wyoming vs SC

    I'm happy for the win, but neither South Carolina or Richmond are particularly good. South Carolina is 4-4 having lost at home to Stony Brook and at home to Wofford by 20. Richmond is 4-5 and having lost at home by 20 to Hampton. When all is said and done, I bet Northern Colorado finishes the year with a higher computer ranking than both.
  9. OrediggerPoke

    If you were Mtn West Commissioner

    I would fix the MWC's football postseason problem. The 4 bowls that the MWC will have tie-ins in 2020 is a joke. I would create a novel concept that may be a colossal success or may be a complete failure but I would try something other than staying with the status quo and waiting to die. I would create a novel concept of a 2 for 1 bowl package in Vegas on the same day and perhaps at Sam Boyd Stadium(i.e. the MWC has 2 bowl tie-ins in Vegas with every person that buys a ticket gaining access to both games similar to the NCAA basketball tournament). This would create a unique all day football event and would be a positive for the MWC because likely the fans from the MWC schools that stick around and watch both games will be rooting for the MWC teams. Vegas travel is pleasant, simple and relatively cheap for just about the entire United States. This also solves the issue of being at least 2 bowl games short moving forward. My fix would address the following issues: Issue: Bowl games are often in front of empty stadiums.Solution: 4 teams, 2 games and 1 ticket likely to lead to a packed houseIssue: The MWC will be short at least 2 post season opportunities after 2019Solution: Create 'new' games in a desirable location such as Las VegasIssue: Bowl games sometimes are not well attended due to location and travel difficultiesSolution: Schedule the games in Vegas on a day that people may be able to travel (i.e. the saturday after Christmas)Issue: ESPN dictates where teams play during bowl season.Solution: To hell with ESPN. Reach agreement with any other myriad of entities that would love to show college football in December. As part of the agreement, have specific requirements as to how the teams playing will be selected. Could be as simple as the MWC championship game winner and loser qualifies for the 2 bowl games in Vegas.
  10. OrediggerPoke

    CBS Sports Ranks The Bowls

    Those are much more accurate than Yahoo which places the 'power ranking' of the Potato bowl game with BYU at 38. Personally, I find the #39 game with Louisiana-Lafayette and Tulane far more intriguing.
  11. OrediggerPoke

    Well, Urban is available

    He will become one of the highest paid football TV personalities.
  12. OrediggerPoke

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Keep in mind that Sears and K-Mart were also around for decades but are no longer viable. Hell look closer to home...Westmoreland Coal Company has been around for over 150 years mining coal and it just recently filed papers indicating it may no longer be able to operate as a viable company. If you aren’t changing with the times and continuing to adapt, you’re at risk of being left behind.
  13. OrediggerPoke

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    There is certainly questions as to that point of MWC viability going forward in today’s climate. Just as the original MWC (with Utah, BYU and later TCU) is not the same as today...the Potato Bowl is not the same as the original Humanitarian Bowl When the ‘humanitarian bowl’ started in Boise it offered something unique (a blue field in a non-traditional bowl location). Due to that aspect, the game drew ‘big name’ teams and national interest and even with an ACC tie-in at one point. The novelty has unfortunately worn off and it has become a bowl that fans don’t tend to travel well to and to what many teams hope to avoid. I don’t know how anyone could have watched the CSU-Idaho and Wyoming-Central Michigan games and believe that the bowl game is on solid footing.
  14. OrediggerPoke

    Football Transfers

    Yes, we lost both of our inner city Illinois receivers. Donatlan's future is in track and he never dressed for a game at Wyoming. But I think it is rather silly for Wyoming to recruit in Chicagoland because those recruits rarely stick around due to the culture shock of little town Laramie versus Chicago (outside of Brandon Ewing).
  15. OrediggerPoke

    Football Transfers

    You have to keep in mind that when a non-graduate is transferring to another FBS, a player must still 'sit out' for a year. Basically it is a wash when transferring to an FBS as a non-graduate (you either lose the year where you played less than 4 games or lose the year where you sit-out). Thus, I don't think the transfer rule for non-graduating players will be that big of an impact.