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  1. D2 teams don't figure into NET rating. It would be terrible for the perception of any WCC team to schedule and most likely lose to Mines. I do agree with you, Denver University is a natural fit with the WCC. DU even offers critical degrees for the barista workforce such as: Art History, Media Studies, Global Studies, Socio-Legal Studies, Gender and Women's Studies, Performance, Studio Art, Pre-Art Conservation, Theatre,
  2. There are not at Mines past freshman year. It cannot be done at Mines. There is no 'communications' or 'theatre' degree to hide under at Mines.
  3. Neither are. -Denver is an overpriced private school for the wealthy. -Mines is a public school offering one of the toughest and most rigorous engineering undergraduate programs in the country. When I attended Mines, the acceptance rate was about 30% and the graduation rate for entering freshman was about 30%; plenty of smart folks that couldn't hack it.
  4. Colorado Mines delivers the Houston market probably more so than the Denver market. And you must not have been following Mines in hoops, they've been one of the best in D2 hoops for a number of years (D2 'elite 8' this year and 8 consecutive D2 tournament appearances). Colorado Mines is already better in hoops than the vast majority of WCC teams. https://www.denverpost.com/2021/03/23/colorado-school-of-mines-basketball-ncaa-elite-eight/ That said - they have zero fit in a religious private school league that would require substantial travel. They have a great fit in the regi
  5. This changes my outlook on UNLV substantially. How does UNLV golf forecast over the next several years?
  6. Wiretap recordings are unreliable...especially when you’re winning basketball games and filling your arena.
  7. They clearly acted expediently and without waste to clean up the program once the wiretap of Ayton became public in February 2018...
  8. Hopefully never. That would be a huge disservice to the movie that is already perfect.
  9. Good to see Arizona taking the lead and cleaning up its program. Can only conclude that this decision is related to the superior ethics of UA's administration.
  10. Mines isn't going to the WCC but they would have finished 3rd most likely in that conference this year.
  11. Yes. Because the MWC has proven time and time again that it is loaded with tournament caliber teams prepared to make deep runs in the NCAA basketball tournament.
  12. I’m sure. In addition, few states allow for admission without passing a bar exam (although bar exams are exceedingly easy and don’t accurately reflect a lawyer’s ability to practice law). That said - I graduated law school quite a few years ago. Not a single classmate that I’m aware of would write garbage like that.
  13. The New Mexico State loss looks really bad now after perennial Division 2 doormat just beat Tarleton State.
  14. There is no way that was drafted by a lawyer. Either way, this is a bizarre story.
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