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  1. CA proposes no tackle FB before HS

    Flag football will become a college sport. The only question is when. That's a reality.
  2. OT: Nance Jr traded to Cavs

    The Lakers basically gave away two good young players for a late 1st round pick. Lakers are banking on landing major free agent(s) otherwise the deal is horrible horrible for the Lakers. Cavs are now immediate title contenders.
  3. OT: Discussion of WCC possible expansion candidates

    BYU would like to get into the Las Vegas market. New Mexico Highlands makes the most sense and the school fits the basketball demographic of the WCC.
  4. AZ JuCos cutting football

    At a JUCO level, the cuts make a lot of sense. The football program is likely not adding much when it comes to the visibility of the school and the cost of insurance will begin to go through the roof once concussion litigation commences. I agree with the decision. I personally believe it won't be long until 'Flag Football' is an NCAA sanctioned Spring sport and I believe many schools will cut tackle football in favor of flag football. The big schools will likely have both tackle and flag football programs IMO (similar to indoor and outdoor track).
  5. Who's boycotting the Super Bowl?

    You’re a very smart man! I’ve heard from a reliable source that the Illuminati are involved in the fix and that it somehow involves sonic attack methods from the Cubans. Additionally, the final game score has already been released!!! But it was buried in a chest somewhere in Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  6. This reminds me of the last time a poster on here started regularly quoting themselves. That guy was full metal jacket crazy.
  7. Titus Young piece by LA Times

    I'm nominating this for racist/disgusting Post of the Week.
  8. Titus Young piece by LA Times

    wtf is wrong with you. Your post lacks all decency whatsoever and is not funny in any way.
  9. Wyo at CSU

    I don't believe so. The Pokes can literally beat or lose to any team in the tourney. With the lack of consistency of this team, I can't see them putting together 3 straight tourney wins.
  10. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    Excellent, I hope you also got the $44.99 rate! I've had Charter for years because it is far and away the best ISP in Wyoming...every time the "promotional" offer is up, I just go walk into the Charter building and ask really friendly for the new promotional rate and they give it to me. I would also recommend changing out the modem with Charter because the older one you have may not actually be designed for the newer 100 MBPS speeds.
  11. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    For a sports fan, I can't make any sense why someone would opt for the $35 DirectTV Now plan over the $40 Hulu plan. The difference is $5/month. For that $5/month difference...on Hulu you also get CBSSN (MWC games, ESPNU (MWC games), ESPN News, FS2, Olympic Channel, Golf Channel,SEC Network, Big 10 Network, ACC network, NBCSN.
  12. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    You need to contact Charter. In most places they have moved to 100 mbps and ask for the $44.99 rate. They will absolutely give it to you.
  13. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    Yes thank you for the reminder! Also with your Hulu subscription you can download the WatchESPN app and get access to ESPN3 and ACC network as well plus ESPNs library of “replays” on demand. Between ESPN3 and Big10, I’m able to watch quite a bit of high level college wrestling that I otherwise would not be able to watch.
  14. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    Also, I’d recommend 100 mbps Internet, a tri-band router with 2-5 ghz connections (at least AC5000) and devices capable of streaming 4K. I operate mulriple TVs solely on the 5 ghz bands and really never have any interruptions.
  15. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    As a sports fan and as a fan of a MWC team, I concluded Hulu TV was the best value at $39.99 per month. It comes with all the ESPNs, CBSSN, SEC, Big 10,FSN, FS1,FS2, NBCSN and a couple others. All the other credible streaming services require the higher packages to get that sports content. Plus on HULU you get access to the huge TV series and movie on demand library (no need for Netflix) The only thing really missing is NFL and MLB Networks. But I purchase Sunday ticket and MLBTV separately.