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  1. I agree it’s not irrelevant just because I say so. It’s irrelevant as a matter of fact. Pursuant to long-standing caselaw -Presidents undoubtedly have the power to issue executive orders where: (1) to fill gaps where Congress has not spoken; and (2) where congress has provided the President with such authority (such as the Antiquities Act). So if a President issues 1 million executive orders that all follow these guidelines, they have not exceeded the scope of their power. If a President only issues 10 total EO’s but one of the EOs seeks to usurp an existing statute, the Presiden
  2. The number of EOs is a completely irrelevant measure. An EO could simply declare flags to be at half staff. It is the substance of an EO that matters. Also - the legislative gaps were enormous 100 years ago actually giving the President a bit more freedom. The scope of legislation in today’s world in almost every topic area dwarfs that of 100 years ago.
  3. I don’t understand the desire to deflect or move on to unrelated topics. It’s a pretty simple question - does the President have authority to usurp the laws of congress? Both the Biden and Trump administrations unquestionably said yes by executing orders that directly conflicted with existing statutory law. It doesn’t matter who it’s coming from, it’s an assault on the system our founders adopted. Biden’s federal land executive orders are without question in direct conflict with existing law. Those that support those orders don’t support a form of government with checks and balan
  4. This isn’t a lawsuit about any specific lease or leases. It’s a lawsuit to enjoin the Biden administration from curtailing onshore leasing all together in direct violation of the MLA and FLPMA. This has nothing to do with Trump, ANWR, etc.
  5. That’s not my opinion. That’s the law articulated by congress that the secretary of interior SHALL hold quarterly lease sales. You can read the Mineral Leasing Act and the Federal Land Policy Management Act as those are publicly available.
  6. Why does this turn into Trump v Biden? And how does number of executive orders have any relevancy to anything? Many executive orders are relatively innocuous. A few executive orders introduced early in the Biden administration were shocking in respect to the utter disregard of the statutory law set forth by congress. It’s pretty easy - you either believe in 3 branches of government and checks and balances or you don’t. Disturbingly, the nationwide trend on both sides has drifted away from those ideals. Liz Cheney and others see it.
  7. Both the far right and far left appear to desire dictatorship. it’s disgusting IMO. This decision is very important to the principles of the founders and the escape from the monarchy and will almost undoubtedly make its way to the Supreme Court. The 1915 US v. Midwest Oil must and likely will be overturned.
  8. A Louisiana District Court basically struck down Biden’s unconstitutional power grab and ordered federal oil and gas lease sales to immediately resume. The Federal District Court basically found that the President cannot override the Mineral Leasing Act and the Federal Land Policy Management Act with a strike of his/her pen. All those that actually believe in 3 branches of government and the role of congress in passing laws should rejoice. Those that believe the President should be able to act as a dictator with the power to prescribe laws and reject Congressionally passed laws on
  9. How about a Josh Allen jersey in exchange?
  10. Wow she is very inspirational in the video. Can’t imagine how difficult this is to not only tackle but share with the world.
  11. What’s your take on the 1987 war drama cult classic full metal jacket?
  12. @Jeffkillsit appears that there is a significant amount of demand for a MWC football insider podcast featuring respective Boise State and SDSU football program gurus @Ibanezand @Steve Aztec@SteveAztec . It is likely that this could generate a significant amount of cashflow if the podcast were to be hosted through this site. What’s your thoughts on facilitating this endeavor?
  13. A podcast with you and @Steve Azteccould be huge for MWC football! I could see a National following. It could even stray into other areas such as military movie and film review.
  14. Did you know that, similarly, @Steve Aztec was an insider with tons of information about San Diego State football. In fact, he was instrumental in San Diego State’s mascot change. I’d like to see such instrumental MWC football insiders come together. Maybe you can reach out to him for a podcast?
  15. You ever met @Steve Aztec? I see a lot of similarities.
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