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  1. OrediggerPoke

    Update on THE Josh Allen

    Ryan Leaf was an addict that stole painkillers from his players. Horrible comparison if you knew anything about Josh Allen.
  2. OrediggerPoke

    2026 World Cup

    Congratulations to the United States for qualifying for the 2026 World Cup.
  3. UC-Davis should be the favorite. That will be an interesting off-shore line to follow.
  4. OrediggerPoke

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    You're delusional. The Potato Bowl will never be desirable due to location and a MAC matchup. There is absolutely zero interest on both sides of the equation. The MWC would be better off if that bowl just went away as it is holding the league back to be honest. I can't tell you how many buddies I have that had planned to attend Wyoming's bowl game until it was announced it would be the Potato Bowl and then they all declined (even though it was Josh Allen's last game as a Cowboy). The Potato Bowl can't even give away enough tickets for folks to attend. The game is a joke to most people and that is the reality. Once again, dump the traditional bowl model full of MWC v. CUSA/MAC/Sun Belt matchups in undesirable locations and think outside of the box.
  5. OrediggerPoke

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    This is devastating to the MWC and just plain sucks. There really is no current bowl tie-in (other than the Vegas Bowl) that you think that would be great to go to before the season even starts. Going forward, the MWC might not get any games against 'Power 5' teams in bowls. I would be for the MWC doing something drastic that would draw interest. Maybe look into an 8 team playoff with other conference(s) with the games hosted in desirable locations such as Vegas, San Diego, etc..and broadcast on streaming mediums such as Netflix, Facebook, etc... If the MWC is going to get the boot from the traditional model then it is time to think outside of the box with an actual eye toward the future. That said, I have no faith in Thompson doing anything.
  6. OrediggerPoke

    Winters May Suck but Summers Are Great in Laramie

    A family friend’s house 7 miles North of Laramie.
  7. OrediggerPoke

    Coastie Award - Nominations

    I nominate LaradiseCowboy for his in depth research and article contributions regarding former MWC football player and current Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen.
  8. OrediggerPoke

    Top QBs for 2018

    An article about quarterbacks and no mention of Josh Allen!!...not really worth reading
  9. Interesting idea. Seems to me that if the NCAA tournament moves to 128 teams that we may see some major conference realignment. Any ideas what that might look like?
  10. No. This is senseless. The bottom half of the WCC would be a horrible hit to the SOS of the MWC team. Additionally, having such a scheduling arrangement would likely improve the WCC SOS overall and thereby would make staying in the WCC even more palatable for Gonzaga (altho Gonzaga is not leaving the WCC anytime soon anyways). Finally and most importantly, the MWC doesn’t need to be doing BYU any more favors.
  11. OrediggerPoke


    Its unlikely that you will be well received wearing a BYU jersey to a Wyoming game. I would suggest wearing anything else...literally anything else.
  12. OrediggerPoke

    Troll Derby Tally Per School

    Thank you. I had interpreted the 'ADA' as the Americans with Disabilities Act and was under the impression that was pertaining to some of the more 'special' posters on this board.
  13. OrediggerPoke

    Troll Derby Tally Per School

    Stop ignoring Air Force. They are an actual member of the Mountain West Conference with a real reason to be here (unlike some of the schools you cite) and appear to have gone undefeated in the first round.
  14. OrediggerPoke

    Penny looking good in a Seahawks uniform

    Certainly that would be the opinion of a homer. I watched both plenty in college. I watched Martin in Schiano's offense as a rookie. Penny is the most NFL ready and the best back to ever come out of the MWC. He is a great fit in Seattle.
  15. OrediggerPoke

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    I've vaguely followed this competition over the years. Anyone that spends so much time on a conference message board for a conference that their team is not even a member of deserves serious consideration...#1Stunner certainly qualifies. That said, I don't want to encourage the byu fans. I do however notice that Air Force has been vastly under represented in this competition. Maybe give a shout out to some of their more active posters (perhaps bob).