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  1. For those that want to bet Boise, you would be much better off just waiting to see if Boise makes the title game and bet that game heads up.
  2. CSU at 66-1 is by far the best bet. Not that I think CSU will be any good but at those odds and the talent they do have it’s absolutely the best bet.
  3. Anonymous quote about UNLV: "The good news is that they're stacking their roster with some dudes." I don't know, they might be better off stacking their roster with some chicks.
  4. I like the optimistic Pokes fans but I really think the defense is going to struggle. Call me crazy but I could see Wyoming getting into some shootouts. You just cant lose 4 year starters at safeties like Wingard and Epps and the entire defensive line and hope to maintain any consistency. There’s talent on the defensive side of the ball (Tyler Hall, Logan Wilson, etc.) but this isn’t going to turn out well IMO. I hope I’m wrong.
  5. Hazelton was a great coach but the defense was REALLY talented the past couple years. Wyoming just lost DT Ravontae Holt for the year. Huge blow. The defense will be really young and not very deep.
  6. He isn’t the first overlooked Fresno area athlete that wanted to play for the hometown Fresno team but was discovered by the coaching staff at Wyoming.
  7. Really? Even with a CSU education, you couldn’t connect the dots of a player being originally overlooked by the hometown team but obtaining a second look after proving themselves elsewhere.
  8. This one seems pretty apparent. He proved he could play and belongs at the D1 level last year. He most likely got assurance that he would be welcome at Fresno State and would get a scholarship (his hometown school that didn’t offer him a scholly out of HS) and so he left Wyoming.
  9. I really don’t understand all the hate for CSU’s stadium. It was absolutely visionary and those that saw the effort through should be applauded. With the amazing New Belgium beer garden and excellent stadium Wi-Fi network, no one actually has to watch the on field product. Absolutely visionary!
  10. CSU will suck and will continue to suck for a long time.
  11. If we are talking in the MWC, this ranks near the top.
  12. Since we are making up shit that isn't and will never happen. I heard it was actually Texas and Oklahoma joining the MWC to get out of the Big 12.
  13. Wyonation is probably down about 90% as well. Message boards are becoming an outdated form of communication and are going there way of AOL instant messenger, MySpace and internet chat rooms. Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter have replaced dedicated message boards for anyone under 25. So there is no longer a stream of new users, students and recent grads anymore on message board platforms. I actually find it funny that Facebook is being blamed because if you said that to someone under 25 they would laugh at you (Facebook is rarely used amongst the youth of today for social media and communication as compared to other mediums).