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  1. It’s funny because bentonites while a great industry for Wyoming and required for drilling is also one of the biggest curses to drilling in Wyoming. Likely the most prolific formation in Wyoming in terms of oil and gas in place is very difficult to figure out and drill because it is loaded with bentonites. The Mowry Shale has an unbelievable estimated oil and gas resource in the powder River basin but because it is a tight shale it must be fractured and the bentonites that were deposited as ash from volcanic activity during the Cretaceous in the Mowry are giving operators fits In trying to f
  2. Yes - that is all BLM and USFS. The State of Wyoming does not have jurisdiction to commence reclamation operations on federal surface lands.
  3. Energy is our livelihood and for many of us in Wyoming it is part of our careers. Most industries in Wyoming are somehow related with or connected to the energy sector.
  4. Covering all wells located in Wyoming that are not on federal surface. Some of the CBM wells being reclaimed by the State of Wyoming are actually located on private surface but were developed under federal oil and gas leases due to federal mineral ownership.
  5. Muma was the best defensive player in the MWC but Thomas deserves the award because he was a huge part in SDSU compiling its much better record. Team record is always going to be a factor. The only slight I have for Wyoming is that Isaiah Neyor wasn't first team. Dude deserved first team.
  6. The WOGCC has a production tax that goes to the 'orphan well' program that has been plugging some of the old vertical wells and more recently abandoned CBM wells from companies that went belly up. The State has taken a much more aggressive approach on reclamation than the federal government. The relatively new 'idle well' bonding in Wyoming provides much more incentive for proper reclamation. With some of those really old wells, it is not just the surface that is a concern. Many years ago, they literally plugged some of those old wells with large logs...which over the years can l
  7. Most of those wells in the Big Horn Basin were drilled over 100 years ago. Development and regulation then is not even remotely comparable to drilling and regulation today.
  8. You're going to be devastated to learn that all of the Western United States including Nevada and California was once referred to as Laramidia named after the Laramide orogeny and the Laramie Mountains of Wyoming.
  9. How much money would the MWC have to donate to the AAC to take CSU?
  10. Cheyenne has not been NIMBY...I'd actually argue that Cheyenne and LEADS have gone above and beyond to try and attract business. If you didn't know, check out the new data centers and crypto headquarters to be located in Cheyenne that were just announced last week.
  11. Diversify to what? Wyoming has passed every law imaginable to be favorable to the location of a wide array of businesses. Wyoming is the leader in crypto legislation. Wyoming is as business friendly as it comes. It turns out, however, that large companies are unable to acquire the necessary workforce in Wyoming and largely locate elsewhere and in urban centers. Wyoming has a wider array of natural resources than virtually any other place on Earth. Wyoming will always be a state that survives and exists on its natural resources (including oil, gas, uranium, trona, bentonites, r
  12. Virtually none of Wyoming's oil and gas deposits come from leaves or from trees that died 249 million years ago or at any time. Wyoming's oil and gas deposits largely come from a time when Wyoming was under the Western Interior Seaway and prior to the Laramide orogeny. If you're going to make statements might as well be a bit educated.
  13. Most minerals owned by the federal government in the Powder River Basin are private surface lands (federally owned minerals). Nothing to do with the railroad and everything to do with the homesteading acts the lands were patented under. In short, these are not public surface lands. Bonding has always been a matter of discretion of the BLM and bonding also occurs at the state levels (even for federal minerals). Thus, wells in drilling units in Wyoming that include any federal minerals are double bonded (at both the BLM and WOGCC). The federal bonds are relatively meaningless from
  14. Sounds like a good app. BLM has all of the information available on its own LR2000 app/website though.
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