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  1. The league would have already folded if not for his $250 million investment (of which he is said to have already lost $70 million). When a person is losing literally millions by the day, I can't fault them for trying to mitigate the damage.
  2. Article: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/reports-alliance-of-american-football-folds-just-weeks-into-inaugural-season-165805452.html Well that was a quick exit.
  3. Then one would expect the WCC to have a lower conference RPI than the MWC as both conferences play out of conference games to help establish how they stack up against other conferences. (one would expect good players would perform better against out of conference competition than bad players) So I would say that answer to your question on an objective basis would be no. This year, the WCC has a much better conference RPI (#8 to #16) than the MWC. http://realtimerpi.com/rpi_conf_Men.html In the past few years the conferences have flip flopped but prior to that the MWC used to destroy the WCC in conference RPI. Hard to argue against the proposition that either the MWC has got worse, the WCC has got better or a combination of both.
  4. Hate to state the truth but the WCC is a tougher men’s basketball conference than the MWC.
  5. It’s the conference scheduling model as well. Discouraging how far the conference has fallen in men’s basketball over the past 5 years and Wyoming is as much to blame as anyone.
  6. Hokit is fun to watch! He has national championship talent but that will be difficult without concentrating just on wrestling. Congrats to him!
  7. Rebuilding what?? Teams with RPIs in the 300s aren’t rebuilding. They are just bad teams plain and simple.
  8. Wyoming with a rough consolations in which every wrestler was eliminated in either the 2nd or 3rd round of consolations. Hokit is carrying the torch for Fresno and will wrestle tonight to become an All-American!
  9. Fresno did not have a good showing at the NCAAs and has one wrestler still alive (Hokit). Wyoming with 6 wrestlers still alive at this point (Bridges, Turner, Ashworth, Hastings, Samuelson, Andrews).
  10. Official NCAA National Championship Tournament guide can be found here: https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/2019-03-13/ncaa-wrestling-championships-live-updates-brackets-schedule-and-latest
  11. Not going to happen. There is no way Penn State doesn't win the title. This is a battle for 2nd place between Iowa, Oklahoma State and Ohio State. Next year is a different story and Iowa could very well be the favorite.
  12. After the first round: Wyoming - 5 (22) Fresno State -1 (40) Air Force - 0 Advancing to the round of 16 for Wyoming: Bridges (133), Turner (141), Ashworth (165), Andrews (HWT) Advancing to the round of 16 for Fresno State: Hokit (197)
  13. Congrats to SJSU! This could be the start of SJSU's esports dynasty. I don't see any MWC team knocking them off. SJSU should drop football and allocate all those resources to esports. SJSU Tecmo Bowl champs!!!
  14. I didn't know that Southern Cal and San Diego were considered elite schools that would cause one to spend millions of dollars to get in. But I'm thinking it is starting to make sense how gostate and similar posters on here may have been admitted to any university.