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  1. OrediggerPoke

    Question for Wyoming & Nevada fans

    Wyoming's games with both teams don't reveal much...Wyoming's offense was terrible against both as it has been against every other team on the schedule. Boise wins based on a very good Senior QB on the home field.
  2. OrediggerPoke

    BYU vs USU. That was an outrage!!!

    I'm puzzled. Did the NCAA change the rule about requiring the team being at least .500 (usually 6 wins) to go to a bowl game? It appears that there will be plenty of bowl eligible teams, and, in the event that there is not, I would suspect that a 5 win team should get the nod over a byu.
  3. https://sports.yahoo.com/hawaii-went-hi ... 24249.html Hawaii wanted to keep the Cole McDonald injury a secret from Wyoming. They went as far as sending some other guy out in warmups with McDonald's jersey. Have to give them credit. Not sure when Wyoming knew of the QB change.
  4. OrediggerPoke

    MWC Early / Updated Lines...week 7

    Will you be making the trip to Gainesville on Nov. 17 to watch the Idaho Vandals take on the Florida Gators?
  5. OrediggerPoke

    BYU vs USU. That was an outrage!!!

    Well that is good that BYU fans do not want to be a like a Wyoming team that was in the MWC championship game 2 years ago...well because there really is no championship for BYU to play for on a yearly basis at this point. But it seems to me that if BYU continues to struggle to schedule teams that it can compete with, that moving down might be a good option. BYU could simply join a regional conference with like minded and similarly situated schools like Weber State and Southern Utah. It's almost a no brainer.
  6. OrediggerPoke

    BYU vs USU. That was an outrage!!!

    Let's be honest here, BYU doesn't have capabilities to compete with Mountain West Conference teams week in and week out. This is why independence fits BYU so well. This way BYU doesnt have to run through the gauntlet of teams on a weekly basis and it can maybe hope to steal a win every other year or so against the Mountain West Conference. Utah State just shows that the team with better players will likely end up winning out in the long run.
  7. OrediggerPoke

    MWC Early / Updated Lines...week 7

    UNLV and Wyoming will cover. I wouldn't bet the rest.
  8. OrediggerPoke

    Ryan Leaf 2.0 watch

    Allen led the Bills to a win over the division leading and 3-1 Titans, I would say that is quite remarkable.
  9. OrediggerPoke

    Ryan Leaf 2.0 watch

    Geno Smith was thought to be a first rounder and better than Manuel but dropped to the 2nd (perhaps wisely)
  10. OrediggerPoke

    Wyoming Fans - Mini Helmet bet?

    As the #1 Josh Allen fan, there should be some good options to choose.
  11. OrediggerPoke

    Wyoming Fans - Mini Helmet bet?

    No one wants a Hawaii helmet. But how about the loser buys the winner a Josh Allen rookie card?
  12. OrediggerPoke

    Josh Allen -- Season Stats

    Haha, it's hunting season and that means usually in places with no cell service. Allen is doing far better than anyone could have hoped as a first year player with the talent that Buffalo has surrounding him on offense. We really appreciate your support of Josh Allen and the University of Wyoming, but why not give us an update on Hawaii's professional quarterbacks every once and awhile?
  13. OrediggerPoke

    bobo has to gogo

    Doesn't the tv money increase when CSU begins play in the Big 12? Makes sense to me to use those funds.
  14. OrediggerPoke

    bobo has to gogo

    Extend Bobo!
  15. OrediggerPoke

    JOSH ALLEN - Lighting up the Vikings 17-0

    Yes garbage time passing yards against prevent defenses are fantastic for fantasy football! Too bad they don’t mean anything as far as winning the real games