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  1. The Dallas Cowboys should sign more former Boise State players if they really want Trevor Lawrence that bad.
  2. Warbow spoke on a QB. Shit, welcome to the MWC Joe Montana.
  3. I see Brian Hoyer skill set and potential upside. I don’t see him as an NFL QB with the transition to more mobile QBs but you never know. Great talent for sure.
  4. I agree that it was pass interference according to the textbook rule. That said, there are numerous pass interferences both offensive and defensive that aren’t called in any given game and under the current rules, PI isn’t reviewable. Gut wrenching for Chambers. Third year in a row with a season ending injury. But he will hopefully be back next year as a 4th year Sophomore.
  5. I’m not blaming the loss on the one call. It was pivotal but there are always many plays in a game that impact the outcome. But, as far as the call, it doesn’t matter what the on field officials saw because there is absolutely no dispute that the ball never hit the ground. Thus to avoid an impossibility that couldn’t be the right call, the review should have been to decide whether it was a TD or an interception and nothing else because nothing else was a possibility. There can be no argument that the officials got the call right because their call was an impossibility.
  6. One point about the game. The 'incomplete pass' call was pivotal. The refs clearly got the call wrong because the call they made was an impossibility. The call was the endzone throw that Hearn ended up with but was called incomplete. It seems obvious, but if a ball doesn't touch the ground and if neither player goes out of bounds then it is either a catch or a pick (it can't be neither). The only decision that should have been available was did the receiver establish possession before Hearn ended up with the ball. The ultimate decision of incomplete was clearly wrong because it was not
  7. Congratulations to the Colorado State Rams and Adazzio! For the first time since 2017, Colorado State does not open the season with a loss.
  8. And Williams a 3rd year freshman next year. Pretty crazy.
  9. Wyoming constitution requires that the University of Wyoming be located in Wyoming.
  10. You don't know who the f*** I represent or what my connections are. Seriously, enough.
  11. CJ, halfman and BSU please go somewhere else with all of this irrelevant shit. There is an off topic forum for that and those that enjoy those topics can go there. This was a good topic discussing actual football and the strengths/weakenesses of Nevada and Wyoming.
  12. Dude, you can have your own beliefs but none of that shit belongs on this message board.
  13. I'll call him out. CJ's posts on Matt Shepard are disgusting and shouldn't be on a sports message board. He doesn't speak for anyone but himself. But you guys egg him on which is just as bad and start the whole topic inappropriately and disgustingly as well. And I have real connections to the Matt Shepard trial and case and which isn't published and which I am not going to go into.
  14. Cool rig and drill pipe picture but no way that is Albany County. Could be Converse, Campbell or Sublette County.
  15. Yes stay in the paradise known as California.
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