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  1. June Jones has nothing to do with the University of Houston or Deriq King.
  2. He is the coach of Houston. Don’t see him leaving that tremendous job.
  3. Yea I would bet McDonald has less interceptions and fumbles in the NFL as well...you can’t throw an interception when you aren’t even on a roster
  4. You name the bet and I’ll take it. 1) Who will be drafted higher, Josh Allen or Cole McDonald? This is assuming that McDonald is even drafted which is very much in doubt. 2) Who will have more starts in their first 3 years? (Can’t leave a bet open for 20 years while Allen continues to put up numbers in the league) 3) Who will have more passing yards in their first 3 years? 4) Who will have more rushing yards in their first 3 years? 5) Who will score more touchdowns passing/running/combined in their first 3 years? 5) Who will lead their team to more victories as a starting QB in their first 3 years? ...and the list goes on
  5. While the game was never in doubt (even long before tip off), the question is beyond stupid. Would we rather lose!?!? WTF kind of question is that. Of course we want our Pokes to win. No matter how bad our team is, we want to see the players succeed because we give a damn. Ask yourself the same moronic question. Do you root for Boise State to beat SDSU in football so the MWC can potentially get a conference New Years’ Day bowl rep? If you answer yes, then you should just stop calling yourself a fan and you should donate all of your SDSU gear to the local shelter or something.
  6. BYU should enter into a bowl arrangement to play the highest ranked Ohio located MAC team. This could be huge! Ohio has a large Mormon and BYU following. The game could then be played in Utah or Idaho allowing for an annual pilgrimage out West for the Ohioans. I’d anticipate this could result in BYU acquiring an additional HD Truck. And probably one with those really nice heated recliner seats. Stunner needs to get on it!
  7. Colorado State University is the best recruiter for Wyoming. Area players don’t want to play for a team that sucks and will suck for a long time.
  8. Much closer than I expected. CSU isn’t very good.
  9. Did you not realize Wyomjng scheduled a division 3 non scholarship for tonight and could very well lose!?!? Glass houses.
  10. Wyoming beats Boise this year if not for Weaver. We had no answer for him. BTW, McShay has him going #20 overall in his latest rankings and Kiper has Weaver as the #2 OLB prospect. But who are those guys.
  11. BS!! Easy first rounder. Probably somewhere between picks 10 and 20.
  12. Neither was Wyoming’s most successful college athlete of the 2010s. That goes to this guy:
  13. Beating CSU 44-0 Beating CSU 22-19 Beating CSU 45-31 Beating CSU 38-17 Beating CSU 16-13 Beating CSU 34-21 Beating CSU 17-7 On second thought, maybe it is just because CSU sucks and will continue to suck for a long time.
  14. It’s hard to attract viewers for a blowout. People like me that had planned to watch the 2nd half passed