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  1. Losing to BYU makes the season a total loss.
  2. Come on man this personal opinion of yours has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. I appreciate what the Air Force does for our country as a service branch. I don't appreciate how the Air Force football team is taught to make 'tackles.'
  3. I honestly doubt that CSU (in the past 20 years) has ever thought to itself 'we need to make sure to hire a white coach.' As much as I dislike CSU, this sounds like happenstance. I look forward to the day that the color of someone's skin doesn't even cross anyone's mind in a hiring process. Tony Alford sounds to be quite a good hire because he appears to have the resume, the results and the local connection to potentially be successful for a long time period.
  4. CSU should strongly reconsider Mike Bobo for the open head coaching position. He has a proven track record of taking CSU to 3 bowl games when few coaches would be able to achieve that level of success there.
  5. How so? Both programs getting rid of coaches with solid pedigrees that had the programs way overachieving their means. Bobo took CSU to 3 bowls...given CSU's limitations, Bobo should have been given a lifetime contract rather than shown the door.
  6. CSU just fired its Rocky Long. Ask New Mexico how well that turned out. Looking forward to CSU's Mike Locksley. CSU sucks and will continue to suck for a long time.
  7. And a fact that is just as relevant to the topic is that Pringles are not actually potato chips.
  8. Very tough choice. I probably picked Air Force because their hits on our QB the past few years are fresh in my mind. But because Tom Burman betrayed us all, I’m sure I’ll be reminded of BYU soon.
  9. In every post I have made (as well as others), I have stated it is a 'legal' hit under the rules. Every AF grad I have met would get this without having to state the same thing over and over and over again. And as a CB, I wouldn't have hit the QB from behind to come and make a 'tackle' at all. The play was over. The QB was engaged with 3 defenders and being driven backwards. But preach on.
  10. We get it. You and slapdad believe that as long as it is within the rules it cannot be a dirty hit/tackle and certainly Howdy Doody agrees with you. A lot of us that have played and coached football disagree strongly with this statement because even some legal 'hits' and 'tackles' can lead to devastating consequences. If my kids ever end up with a coach teaching these 'legal' tackles, you can better believe they won't be on that team for long.
  11. So do you believe that BYU is doing great things with the WAC by helping orchestrate and focusing on the Texas footprint? Should we expect good things to come out of the WAC with its focus on Texas including Houston Baptist, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley and Tarleton State?
  12. Very few coaches would. Washington should get more accustomed to 7-5.
  13. This is what happens when a fanbase has unrealistic expectations and turns on a coach. A one time 7-5 record was way below Washington's fans' expectations. I am sure their fans think they will find a better coach.
  14. Clearly you don't and won't ever get it. But best of luck.
  15. I doubt he had ill intent as well. He was just doing what he was coached to do. Therein lies the problem.