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  1. Yep. When I am out running, I struggle with the difference from Cheyenne to Laramie. My mile time is typically 20-30 seconds slower in Laramie.
  2. Says the AAC fan masquerading as a Wyoming fan who had this horrible take two (2) years ago: "Yep. Head in the sand syndrome runs abound. Nobody wanted to believe Air Force and Colorado State were leaving until McMurphy said it... and some are still in denial. The theories going around in here are something else. It's well known that Aresco is only fielding calls. He's not spamming anyone for invites. The AAC may even stay at 10. Who knows... This is just business and these men are professionals"
  3. No they won’t. The interest in Houston for Rice football couldn’t be any lower.
  4. If UCF isn’t a ‘Power 5 Cupcake,’ then I don’t know what qualifies.
  5. Then comes the loss to UTEP, I’ve seen this script before…
  6. The times I have rooted for CSU: 1) When they played BYU. 2) Today.
  7. Wyoming outgained Texas by 43 yards in the first half.
  8. We are a good football team. Craig Bohl said that and I think it’s true.
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