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  1. No it wouldn't. The conference is necessary for scheduling and a whole bunch of sports other than football or basketball. Conference TV revenue outside of the Power 5 is bread crumbs in the scheme of things. I would tend to bet the flexibility such a structure would provide would increase the total amount of media money into all of the various schools. The teams that would get little in terms of media revenue are those that have trouble competing in the money sports for reasons largely unrelated to conference affiliation (i.e. SJSU). If the TV revenue was the straw that broke the camel's back for SJSU as an FBS football team, then so be it. Wyoming is a 'small market' but I have high confidence that it could do just fine if it was in charge of its own media rights. If anything, this structure would strengthen the conference in my opinion.
  2. The MWC should not do a next conference TV deal. There is no point anymore. Each school should be granted the rights to their home games on any media platform of their choosing along with the right to market such home games with any media provider on any terms and conditions that such University may desire to do. As part of this, however, the away team should be allowed to market and show any conference away games on any media platform that would limit itself to a local market on such terms and conditions as the away team may so desire. It is a very different environment from 8 years ago and each conference team is going to have their own individual desires when it comes to broadcast of games, this would allow each team to achieve that objective while allowing each team to reach their target audience for any given game.
  3. Let's be realistic. Utah State will probably lose 2 more games before the MWC tourney. This conference, at no point, has been a 2 bid conference. It's a 1 bid league with a really good 1 bid.
  4. https://trib.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/uw-football-draft-prospect-carl-granderson-facing-sexual-assault-charge/article_59245cf0-059a-5ad7-8fb5-b14438bbf15b.html#tracking-source=home-top-story We will wait for the alleged facts to come out but this is very bad for the look of the University of Wyoming following similar misdemeanor charges against Ghaifan. No way the charges are resolved before the draft and it looks like Granderson will go from a 3-4 rounder to undrafted potentially.
  5. OrediggerPoke

    Mwc recruiting rankings

    Bob, the Falcons did about their average according to the rankings. Air Force is a completely different animal though and I wouldn't focus on rankings too much for them.
  6. OrediggerPoke

    Mwc recruiting rankings

    Bohl has generally finished in the bottom few teams according to 247 rankings and has 3 straight bowl eligible season. This is the first year since the High Altitude Performance Center Completion and Wyoming is currently ranked with the 4th best class in the MWC. We will be just fine. https://247sports.com/Season/2019-Football/CompositeTeamRankings/?Conference=M-West
  7. OrediggerPoke

    D II school folds their football program

    Interesting stat: 10% of Malone’s total student enrollment was on the varsity football team. I would imagine that enrollment will take a real hit.
  8. OrediggerPoke

    Fresno State Wrestling knocks off #11 Wyoming

    That's pretty amazing to have that much D1 talent coming from Clovis. I knew they had a good program but didn't realize they were producing that much D1 talent.
  9. OrediggerPoke

    Fresno State Wrestling knocks off #11 Wyoming

    There will be 80 D1 wrestling programs next year. A few programs are currently in their 'transition' period and not counted as D1 this year. Title IX had devastating effects on the amount of D1 programs. The sports you listed have more programs at the D1 level because they have a 'women's counterpart' or are women only. Accordingly, because essentially the same amount of wrestlers are competing for less D1 wrestling spots, the quality of wrestlers/teams at the D1 level is typically very strong.
  10. OrediggerPoke

    Fresno State Wrestling knocks off #11 Wyoming

    Wow, you are always so insightful as to the sport of wrestling. I recall multiple threads where you have provided the same brilliant insight! What's the point? This is clearly MWC related as it was a dual between two MWC members that happens to fall under the Big 12 banner.
  11. OrediggerPoke

    Fresno State Wrestling knocks off #11 Wyoming

    BTW, the Pokes were #8 in intermat's dual rankings but are sure to drop like a rock.
  12. OrediggerPoke

    Fresno State Wrestling knocks off #11 Wyoming

    Congrats to Fresno State! Certainly a big let down for the Pokes on the road. But Fresno State is vastly underrated and is absolutely a top 25 team in the country. It is amazing how fast Fresno has built their program in just a few short years. They will be a powerhouse for years to come as they likely will pick up all of the California talent (their only real competitors are Arizona State and Stanford and Stanford isn't realistic for many athletes). As a note, the Pokes did have 2 away duals yesterday and also traveled to Cal State Bakersfield where the Pokes prevailed 25-6. It isn't an excuse for the poor performance against Fresno but the Pokes didn't do themselves any favors in scheduling.
  13. OrediggerPoke

    Which FBS schools need to drop to FCS?

    Clearly a poorly researched article that serves to gain clicks but is drastically inaccurate. The article doesn't even cover one of the biggest sources of revenue...donor dollars! Donor dollars for most programs would take a major hit with an FBS to FCS move. There have been reputable studies and they show that move down doesn't make sense in most situations and will result in larger deficits dropping down a division. Additionally, the article ignores one of the most critical aspects of FBS football. Advertising for the University itself!! The article doesn't discuss nor prescribe a value to the additional advertising that a University may get being in the MWC versus the Big Sky. Click away...but I would hope University Presidents would be much more intelligent than the article.
  14. OrediggerPoke


    Wyoming is currently #8 in the nation So 2019. http://intermatwrestle.com/rankings/college/Team2
  15. OrediggerPoke


    When was the last time CSU was ranked #8 or better nationally in a varsity sport?