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  1. You can't just take endowment funds (or the income on such funds) and use them for non-dedicated purposes.
  2. I expect football teams to be cut too. The operating and staff expenses are so high for football and schools won't be keeping everyone on payroll for a sport that might not even be played in the fall at certain schools.
  3. This thread went downhill quickly. But it looks like the deserters didn't gain any traction.
  4. Your math is based on a lot of faulty assumptions. (1) You are assuming that past COVID infections rates over the prior 4 months will equal that of the 4 month college football season which is exceedingly unlikely to be true; (2) You are assuming that football players who are in close contact with their teammates and opposing players would have the same infection rate as any other 18-29 year old; (3) You are assuming a football player who is larger than the average 18-29 year old would not be at increased risk of complications; etc.. That said - I've always been a firm believer that people should be able to weigh the risks for themselves and make their own decisions. I too am in the camp that the more the younger people are able to get through COVID and build immunity the quicker the economy can recover and people can get back to life (although I acknowledge this belief is also based on assumption). To me and similarly to your suggestion - every college athlete should be provided the latest information and should be given the opportunity to make their own decisions whether to participate this year without fear of scholarship or coach reprisal. If it were me, it is a really easy answer of I am willing to take the risk and look forward to playing. But I understand the person that might say look - I am at increased risk due to my weight/other conditions and I have quite a bit of family responsibility to care for a parent/grandparent/child/etc..
  5. Honestly, it is week #1 for every team. Getting to week #1 and actually playing games is a bigger hurdle than most of us are willing to admit.
  6. I’d roll with the offensive coordinator at quarterback and start the rebuild.
  7. The UNLV Deserters! You know for people that live in the desert.
  8. Has anyone asked @RebelRobert for his thoughts? I thread like this requires an expert opinion.
  9. WOW! Horrible and gut wrenching to hear. I am almost always in line with you can't hold what a naive 15 or 16 year old kid does or says against him/her for the rest of their lives (I said this when the whole Josh Allen tweeting the 'n' word as a 15 year old came to light). But I agree that you can't have him on your team at all if not for anything but his own safety. There is no recovery from that disgusting dialogue.
  10. Do you have any guesses as to what year Fresno State will be able to end its current losing streak to San Jose State in football?
  11. Clemson helped arrange the game after backing out and paying Wyoming $1 million so Clemson could play Georgia.
  12. Grew up in a small town that didn’t have a soccer program. Started playing intramural soccer in college at the urging of some friends because I was fast. Fell in love with playing the sport because I found it to be a sport that I could play well after college and helped me get/stay in shape. Then transitioned into coaching at youth recreational and competitive levels despite kicking my first soccer ball at age 20. Still play at a decent level in adult leagues today as the ‘old man’. I still don’t enjoy watching it as much as football (outside of the World Cup) but it is my favorite sport to play hands down.
  13. I actually would like to see one brought in the State of Wyoming. While Governor Gordon has generally been more measured than other Governors (although I definitely disagree with the legality of some of the imposed restrictions), the ban on out-of-state residents' use of Wyoming State Parks for the Summer 2020 flies in the face of the Commerce Clause and Dormant Commerce Clause jurisprudence. And I stand to benefit from the order because I've had trouble accessing some of my favorite spots in various state parks over the years due to Colorado residents.