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  1. Wyonation is probably down about 90% as well. Message boards are becoming an outdated form of communication and are going there way of AOL instant messenger, MySpace and internet chat rooms. Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter have replaced dedicated message boards for anyone under 25. So there is no longer a stream of new users, students and recent grads anymore on message board platforms. I actually find it funny that Facebook is being blamed because if you said that to someone under 25 they would laugh at you (Facebook is rarely used amongst the youth of today for social media and communication as compared to other mediums).
  2. This thread is ridiculous and reeks of envy. The guy already lasted longer in the NFL than 75% of 6th round NFL draft picks. Financially, he is likely set for life and can choose any path. Additionally, it is not out of the realm of possibility that he catches on as a QB with another team or another league.
  3. Once again, I don't have any non-public insight, I am just reading between the lines purely on my own speculative belief. I am certainly not a conspiracy theorist but do try to put some thought into what I read. As a coach, Joe has generally been the type to be up front with the media (basically the opposite of recent Wyoming football coaches). Take a look at who is releasing the retirement statements (Tom Burman, official University websites, etc...). Joe Legerski's statement, however, was pretty darn vague 'it is nice to be able to make this decision at this time in my life..' and he uses the word 'retire' in respect to the head coach of this university ('I have made the choice to retire as the head coach of this great institution.'). I am sure that moving closer to family was a factor in his decision but personally I believe that there is probably a bit more to it. Like I said, Joe has a ton of class and genuinely cares about the University of Wyoming women's basketball program and would never be the type to burn the place down on his way out. I could be completely wrong. This is just my opinion based purely on observation and nothing more.
  4. No clue at this point. Joe has too much class to spill the beans so I doubt we find out. The entire University is a shit show right now. The BOT demoted the President to a faculty member and won’t divulge any reason despite the fact that the President was generally supported amongst the faculty.
  5. Yes, I would conclude that from the article. Something that Joe didn’t like and he apparently decided to step away. I doubt he takes a new head coaching job given where he is at with things but I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes another gig somewhere.
  6. Legerski resigns as women’s basketball coach He was at Wyoming for 16 years and established a solid program. Not only was the women’s team consistently competitive, they carried a cumulative team GPA of 3.7 which is amazing. Huge loss and I’m not sure Wyoming can fill the void. https://trib.com/sports/college/wyoming/wbb/joe-legerski-retires-as-wyoming-women-s-basketball-coach/article_cd425e4e-e489-552b-85a9-ab4fbbd40ba9.html#tracking-source=home-breaking
  7. Wise decision! Taking up drinking is likely a much better alternative to watching CSU Rams football. Congrats!
  8. The league would have already folded if not for his $250 million investment (of which he is said to have already lost $70 million). When a person is losing literally millions by the day, I can't fault them for trying to mitigate the damage.
  9. Article: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/reports-alliance-of-american-football-folds-just-weeks-into-inaugural-season-165805452.html Well that was a quick exit.
  10. Then one would expect the WCC to have a lower conference RPI than the MWC as both conferences play out of conference games to help establish how they stack up against other conferences. (one would expect good players would perform better against out of conference competition than bad players) So I would say that answer to your question on an objective basis would be no. This year, the WCC has a much better conference RPI (#8 to #16) than the MWC. http://realtimerpi.com/rpi_conf_Men.html In the past few years the conferences have flip flopped but prior to that the MWC used to destroy the WCC in conference RPI. Hard to argue against the proposition that either the MWC has got worse, the WCC has got better or a combination of both.
  11. Hate to state the truth but the WCC is a tougher men’s basketball conference than the MWC.
  12. It’s the conference scheduling model as well. Discouraging how far the conference has fallen in men’s basketball over the past 5 years and Wyoming is as much to blame as anyone.
  13. Hokit is fun to watch! He has national championship talent but that will be difficult without concentrating just on wrestling. Congrats to him!
  14. Rebuilding what?? Teams with RPIs in the 300s aren’t rebuilding. They are just bad teams plain and simple.
  15. Wyoming with a rough consolations in which every wrestler was eliminated in either the 2nd or 3rd round of consolations. Hokit is carrying the torch for Fresno and will wrestle tonight to become an All-American!