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  1. UConn is one of the schools where this is true.
  2. AD should be fired for giving him an unwarranted extension.
  3. Anyone will be happy to win it. But lets not talk about how great of a tournament it will be lol.
  4. I agree about this Boise vs SDSU thing. Its pretty cool.
  5. This is not true. He announced the offer two days ago, and then decommitted. Stop being a homer.
  6. Looks like SDSU offered HI committ Anthony Mermea.
  7. not sure, I don't care though. Ill hit up the bars.
  8. you think the complaining is bad today, wait until people realize there wont be anymore tailgating
  9. would it be considered an on campus stadium? Asking for a friend who likes to drink in parking lot and at games.
  10. They arent coming back. A two game series 4 years from now wont make a difference anyways.Who cares if they come back anyways? Them in the conference probably hurts SDSU more than help anyways. They would be a legit threat every year to win the conference. This schedule agreement is a you scratch my back i will scratch yours type of deal. BTW its okay if we disagree.
  11. Half the reponses are "dont help byu fill their schedule or they will come back if nobody schedules them". I hope its the indy thing, and not the fact that they have kicked the shit out of us through the years. I dont like BYU, therfore i want to beat them on the field. Cant do that unless you play them. Obviously im in the minority.
  12. Lets get the series going. Good job JD. Aztecs fans seem to hate that BYU went Indy. They did whats best for them, just like SDSU tried to do whats best for for SDSU by switching conferences. No hard feelings. Its business. BYU brings great attendance to SDSU and they are a solid opponent. Dont worry if it helps BYU.
  13. Yep. Fans/boosters deserve some blame. They got so dramatic and ridiculous at the thought of Rice being fired for Howland. To the point they were hiring lawyers to sue if season tix didnt get refunded. Boosters/fans have too much say so at UNLV. Tough for AD to make best decision for school.
  14. No. For example I have a friend who won 36K. But he played 17 entries at $25 per.
  15. I play fan duel. Play 50/50's to increase your bank, and use the winnings for the tournaments. If you are going to play tournaments you need to play a ton of entries, stick with three core members of the team ( the most reliable players, regardless of cost) use all three players on same line ups, mix and match around them. If you want to play tournaments, but cant afford to pay for a ton of entries then look for single entry tournaments. There isn't as many of them, and the payout isn't as high, but I won 1000 bucks a couple weeks ago.
  16. LOLLOLOL. The balls on the kid.
  17. Wow, there is a whole lot of dumb going on in this thread. Confusing APR with RPI LOL. Confusing baseball with basketball LOL.
  18. You couldnt ask this in the Fire Dave Rice thread? Its kinda on topic there. Move it Mug! Lol
  19. Carter wont start over Zimmerman or Goodluck. He isn't nearly as good, there isn't a point to starting him.
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