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  1. I'm just busting balls, as I dig both of you guys.
  2. I get you may like each other personally. But there is no way you want BYU to do well, and vice versa.
  3. I don't believe @utenation is wishing BYU well this year. I also don't believe @NorCalCoug is wishing Utah well. You guys are both rooting against each other's school. You can end a conversation without the fake pleasantries lol.
  4. There are some horrendous takes in this thread. There will be minor moves, and that's it. Nobody from the P12 is going to the B12. SDSU will go to P12, maybe with SMU. Maybe B12 looks for another G5 from the west. I would be shocked if it was Fresno. I think when everything shakes out, it will be rather boring. Until the TV contracts come up again.
  5. From the reports I've read and listened to it seems unlikely the Loyal will be moving up.
  6. Letting the kids have practice film is standard.
  7. I'm so confused about why this thread is on this side of the fence.
  8. I like regional conferences as well. That being said, I'm not sure you would be able to sell the presidents on UNLV.
  9. I feel like SLC is still developing its culture. Especially downtown, where you see a lot of rainbow flags at various bars, and tons of diversity, but yet you still feel LDS influence. It almost seems like it wants to be a Portland or Seattle, but will never quite get there. I found some of the rules regarding drinking to be absurd, now granted some of this was more in the Park City area. One time I wanted to get a couple of shots for my friend and I, and there was a rule about having two drinks in my hand. Had to put drink down, give one to my friend, and then take my drink. (something like that).
  10. For me, the trips to small college towns are what make the B12 desirable. When else would I ever go to Ames, or Manhatten KS. I think they would be fun, but what do I know?
  11. Can't lie. i find her attractive as well. She's way more my type than Hair.
  12. This doesn't do it justice. But it's Viejas East.
  13. I'm currently taking a dump in downtown Houston hotel. There was a huge Aztec gathering last night where all the explayers were there. It was great. I think SDSU fans are out numbering the other three teams. After I'm done dumping im heading out to pregame. Go Aztecs!
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