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  1. please keep the posts and updates coming. its my only way to follow
  2. Ethan Anderson being the best PG in conference is laughable. He wouldnt even be the best freshman PG in conference.
  3. I was looking for an explanation on how the rankings were compiled. Thanks.
  4. FWIW. Kenpom ratings have Flynn 4th in national player of the year. I don't see Jalen in the top 10. I only have access to the top 10.
  5. Crowd was waiting to go nuts on one of his threes.
  6. Just tuning in. Does jonah Antonio +++++er ever hit anything?
  7. I just have to do MWC Board in small doses. Cant let message boards consume me again lol.
  8. PTR and Sage continue to be the best Lobo posters. I leave for a year, come back and its still the same.
  9. I mean come on. This is an absolute sh*t show. If there was ever a time to get on a high horse, it is now.
  10. This thread is great. Nevada fans up in arms about the softest dig possible. She is a fan of your rival, she made a little comment in jest. Not a big deal lol.
  11. Freaking boise camera looking straight down court.
  12. Has Bragg had issues with the law before?
  13. You did call Dutch. I remember you saying something about Dutcher having charisma and thinking he could do well as a head coach.