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  1. UConn is one of the schools where this is true.
  2. AD should be fired for giving him an unwarranted extension.
  3. Anyone will be happy to win it. But lets not talk about how great of a tournament it will be lol.
  4. I agree about this Boise vs SDSU thing. Its pretty cool.
  5. This is not true. He announced the offer two days ago, and then decommitted. Stop being a homer.
  6. Looks like SDSU offered HI committ Anthony Mermea.
  7. not sure, I don't care though. Ill hit up the bars.
  8. you think the complaining is bad today, wait until people realize there wont be anymore tailgating
  9. would it be considered an on campus stadium? Asking for a friend who likes to drink in parking lot and at games.
  10. They arent coming back. A two game series 4 years from now wont make a difference anyways.Who cares if they come back anyways? Them in the conference probably hurts SDSU more than help anyways. They would be a legit threat every year to win the conference. This schedule agreement is a you scratch my back i will scratch yours type of deal. BTW its okay if we disagree.
  11. Half the reponses are "dont help byu fill their schedule or they will come back if nobody schedules them". I hope its the indy thing, and not the fact that they have kicked the shit out of us through the years. I dont like BYU, therfore i want to beat them on the field. Cant do that unless you play them. Obviously im in the minority.
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