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  1. We have a group of people in America trying to get college debt erased and we have another group, like this guy, that thinks free college is worthless. What a world.
  2. Hoke is in the Steve Fisher phase of his carrier.
  3. Stop it. Cam Thomas had 20 TFL, 11.5 sacks, and 72 QB pressures.
  4. Damn. He was great for UNLV. There is risk to transferring up though. He has 1 year to learn system, pass up current players. I thought he would just declare.
  5. SDSU was the team that struggled against UNLV, Hawaii, San Jose. This team capable of laying an egg. Utah State has had some impressive victories. SDSU will need to play well to win.
  6. Good game Boise. You guys had a nice turnout. Your fans were pleasant. I just read through BroncoCountry. @halfmanhalfbronco seems like the only same one.
  7. Dude. He isnt talking about Gonzaga football. He is talking about a football version of Gonzaga. Cinderella to basketball power.
  8. I agree with SDSU fan. I've watched more UNLV football than all P5 teams combined.
  9. The Fresno San Jose game is the best mwc board rivalry by far. I love it. Keep the shit talking coming.
  10. The Aztecs aren't as good as their 10-1 record. But it don't care. Its been a fun season, and we are 1 game away from championship game. Win it, and then we can have beers celebrating the lucky season.
  11. You must be a blast at parties. I mean, I'm generally a glass half empty type of guy. But you put me to shame
  12. Sounds like my agenda. It will be hard to stay sober for the basketball game if the football team wins.
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