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  1. Come on, Boise. This will be a nice win.
  2. What does that have to do with anything?I responded to someone that said Shaver played well. I wasnt saying he sucked. He just wasnt that good in this game. That's it. Nothing more.
  3. Wtf lol. How could you possibly make this proclamation?
  4. He maybe. He just wasnt that good in this game, save the last 5 mins.
  5. You guys are getting caught up in garbage time. Shaver wasnt that good for the first 35 mins IMHO.
  6. That 3 looked good. Boise lost, but played hard. If they can get some 3 pts shooting they will be a difficult team to play.
  7. Announcer is dumb. You cant just jump on someone's back for a loose ball.
  8. Shooting is going to be an issue all year. Seems Dennis and Shaver are best attacking basket. I know Doutrive is not playing, but you lost Jessup from a already poor shooting team.
  9. Boise is playing hard. Defending aggressively.
  10. IIRC Boise struggled from 3 last year. How is that supposed to change this year. When 24 gets ball in his hand he is only looking to get a shot up.
  11. Ray J is fun to watch. He has some flare to his game. I wonder how well he shoots this year and if he can run an offense and be a playmaker. Alston struggle with physicality and toughness of houston.
  12. I would do something to try to get Alston ball at high post. He was good there last year. Either driving with right hand or making jumper.
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