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  1. Post your favorite UNR memes and gifs

    It's not the size of the goalpost, but the motion of the kick.
  2. Post your favorite UNR memes and gifs

    Hey Brotzman, take notes.
  3. Post your favorite UNR memes and gifs

    Does it matter which way i go when I'm administering justice with the iron fist? Take that however you want. I'm man enough to have it out there.
  4. I have sold the Boise site to

    If you post on BC, you're gay.
  5. Wazzu QB commits suicide

    This came up here once before, but a girl I dated lost her husband to suicide. He had threatened to do so even as a child and apparently at several points during their marriage. She finally told him she wanted a divorce and he hung himself. They had three daughters together....guessing on the ages at the time, I think around 6, 12 and 14. The layers of grief, anger, and just anxiety in general that followed were incredible. I met her through a mutual friend about 6 months later and I had no idea what I was walking into. She was nowhere near ready to date someone, obviously, and those poor girls had all sorts of issues to sort out and likely will for the rest of their lives. This was on top of her dad taking his own life because of what he incorrectly self-diagnosed as terminal cancer, which turned out to be some very treatable disease. What a mess.
  6. Wazzu QB commits suicide

    I've had some exposure to this on several levels as well. What someone may appear to have going for them from the outside is often not a consideration. Depression or other factors they're dealing with are a much bigger factor for those struggling with their situation. I agree with halfmanhalfbronco.....spend 10 minutes to advocate mental health spending and education.
  7. Haha! Yes, thanks. I'm sure Hugo Chavez was anti-immigration as well. But yes, Caesar Chavez wasn't particularly PC when speaking about illegal immigrants....it's funny to read some of his old quotes from back in the day when people could speak without fear of the PC police coming for them.
  8. While that's true in most cases, it's only true due to crossing other thresholds, not because the visa expired. For example, if you entered the U.S. as a student, your overstay begins when you stop studying (or stop complying with the terms of your visa). But someone in that case wouldn't accrue unlawful status until a judge declares you to be here illegally. Ostensibly, if you can fly under the radar for 30 years under that scenario, you're not here illegally, though you would be undocumented and probably have a hard time working (legitimately).
  9. No, that's not neccissarily the case. If you overstay your visa (referred to as an "overstayer"....and that's the official term), there are a lot of consequences, including being barred from the U.S. in the future, having future work visas declined, and so forth, but certain conditions have to be met for an overstayer to be illegal. These conditions include age, pending exemptions/asylums and others that I don't recall at the moment. In most cases, that person is accruing illegal status, but the simple act of overstaying a visa is not considered illegal.
  10. This thread is ridiculous for a lot of reasons, one of which is your name calling. What a tantrum. Why the left is bringing up the fact that this happened on MLK day is beyond me. MLK was not an advocate of illegal immigration and, in fact, is noted for being opposed to the "wink-wink nudge-nudge open borders" which allowed illegal immigrants to take or undermine the position and opportunities of African Americans. So let's start by leaving MLK out of this equation in an attempt to tug at the heart strings of those who admire MLK. Even Hugo Chavez was anti-illegal immigration and supported immigration restrictions. Being disgusted about our political system for enforcing laws that are in place and have been for decades is almost as silly as blaming Trump ICE for enforcing them. If anything is disgusting, it's that Obama allowed people to sidestep these laws to begin with. If a new immigration law is passed that allows people to stay after following the laws of this nation, then so be it. And just additional food for thought. The articles I've seen don't detail whether his parents (and by extension, Jorge) crossed the border illegally or if they entered on a work visa that subsequently expired and they never returned. If that was the case, it's worth noting that they (and he) would be undocumented and not necessarily illegal.
  11. You're a dipshit. Like mug said, you're renting someone else's stadium. Your stadium is in Whitney, Nevada and is 9 years older than Bulldog Stadium and usually about 1/3 as many people in it. Yes, UNLV has beat FSU a few times in recent years, but don't try and compare the two football programs and the Rebels 1 conference title to FSU's 26. Just stop.
  12. Not only is a UNLV fan throwing shade at a Fresno fan about football, but a football stadium??? Bwahahahahaha!
  13. Utah State @ Nevada

    His Achilles Heel has been his Achilles heel.
  14. OT: Larry Nance Throws it Down

    I've seen better, but his "raise the roof" game is weak.