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  1. It's quite obvious where I'm going with this. For those who can't read between the lines, I'll come out and say it....there is zero outrage from the left when there's a murder of a cop and the murderer happens to be black. True colors indeed.
  2. I wonder where criminal falls on that list? Probably higher than 14.
  3. I didn't see @retrofade posting his outrage on this, so I'm assuming his internet is down. Where's the outrage?
  4. NewsRadio with Phil Hartman (not to mention Joe Rogan, Andy Dick, Dave Foley, Stephen Root, and Maura Tierney) is my favorite. I think Hartman was on the verge of being the next big SNL member to hit it big before his wife shot and killed him. The show was hilarious though.
  5. Can you imagine the hate Oaklanders (?) would have for Vegas for taking two out their three teams? It would be glorious!
  6. A lot like what could have been with Javale McGee, Armon Johnson, and Luke Babbitt. Or Armon Johnson, Luke Babbitt, and Olek Czyz had everyone stuck around. Oh well...it helped get rid of Carter.
  7. The Pack leapfrogs UNLV in the MWC standings into second place and is 1/2 game behind SDSU for first. The Pack has been on a roll in MWC play going 8-2 in their last four series with one more to play against the Rebels today. The Pack has Fresno State (on the road) and SJSU (at home) left on the schedule (in conference....there's a game against UCLA left too), though I'm not sure if they'll make up the games against UNM. SDSU has UNLV, AFA, and UNM left to play, all on the road. UNLV has SDSU (home) and FSU (away) left. Shaping up to be a good with SDSU, Nevada, UNLV, FSU, and AFA all within 3
  8. Is the former UNLV student body president up to his old tricks?
  9. As long as he graded fair, that's all that really matters.
  10. It's just a matter of time.
  11. I'm not going to let that dipshit ruin a clean-looking helmet. He can eat a corn dog.
  12. Baseball teams almost never use their school's primary logo. In the MWC for football, SDSU, Nevada, CSU, AFA, UNLV, and Hawaii currently have helmets that use something other than their primary logo....and UNM's helmet uses a variation of theirs. It happens all the time, so I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for the AD to address anything. Common sense.....she's a fickle mistress.
  13. What's to hate? It's a super clean look.
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