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  1. Exactly. Unions had their place at the turn of the century (not this one), but labor laws have made them mostly obsolete. the only thing unions do now are make the labor force lazy and inefficient.
  2. For that mom to go back into that fire for her daughter is amazing. It’s heartbreaking.
  3. Florida @MetropolitanCowboy you're up. @Jeffkills You're on deck
  4. I'd like to file a grievance. My button appears to be broken!
  5. Did you get the notification from WYO1016's post? Just want to make sure they're working.
  6. I’ve been doing it for years. I’m a trailblazer!!
  7. I can't say that hasn't happened over there, but being attacked doesn't bother me. It just gets to the point where I have no interest in slugging it out over a differing opinion. The OT board is just a "10 reasons I hate ______" these days and since I'm a positive kind of guy, I don't feel the need to stand in front of the flagpole so they can all run me up it. @halfmanhalfbronco close this thing already. Mostly I just wanted to test out the @ notifications for the Pick 10. Did you get it?
  8. In the interest of fairness, since the notifications have not been working, let's give @Boise fan an additional 12 hours. I sent him a PM three hours ago and I think it's only fair to start the 12 hour clock the. @WYO1016 feel free to make your pick at 2:00 am Central Time (3:00 am Mountain). And doing some quick math, if every pick is allowed to take up to 24 hours, we won't be done before the season starts (assuming it does). In the interest of time, picks in the first round will have 24 hours, then all remaining picks will have 12 hours. We should all be on board and aware of what's going on by then.
  9. I suspect foul play in Round 1!! Instead of voting closing last night, it was extended thought today, mystery votes were stuffed and things are tied! What dark days are these?
  10. I almost never post on the OT board....for that very reason.
  11. I was going to wait until all the teams were filled out and we had that awesome graphic, but it looks like the others are off and running. So much for running a tight ship! @halfmanhalfbronco you're on the clock. Teams available AMERICAN Central Florida Cincinnati East Carolina Houston Memphis Navy S. Florida SMU Temple Tulane Tulsa ACC Clemson Boston College Duke Florida St. Georgia Tech Louisville Miami UNC NC State Pittsburgh Syracuse Virginia Virginia Tech Wake Forest BIG 12 Baylor Iowa St Kansas Kansas State Oklahoma Oklahoma St. Texas Texas Tech TCU W. Virginia BIG 10 Illinois Indiana Iowa Maryland Michigan Michigan St. Minnesota Northwestern Nebraska Ohio St. Purdue Penn St. Rutgers Wisconsin CONFERENCE USA Alabama-Birmingham Charlotte FAU FIU Louisiana Tech Marshall Middle Tennessee North Texas Old Dominion Rice So. Mississippi W. Kentucky UTEP UTSA INDEPENDENTS Army BYU Liberty UMASS NMST Notre Dame UConn MAC Akron Ball St. Bowling Green Buffalo Central Michigan Eastern Michigan Kent State Miami (Ohio) Ohio NIU Toledo Western Michigan MOUNTAIN WEST AFA Boise St. Colorado St. Fresno Hawaii Nevada UNM SDSU SJSU UNLV USU Wyoming Pac 12 Arizona Arizona St. Cal Colorado Oregon Oregon St. Stanford UCLA USC Utah Washington Washington St. SEC Arkansas Alabama Auburn Florida Georgia Kentucky LSU Missouri Miss St. Ole Miss South Carolina Tennessee Texas A&M Vanderbilt SUN BELT Appalachian St. Arkansas St. Coastal Carolina Georgia Southern Georgia St. Louisiana UL Monroe South Alabama Texas St. Troy Off the board: 1. Clemson 2. Ohio State 3. Alabama 4. Oklahoma 5. UCF 6. Oregon
  12. I run a tight ship....be prepared to be done by next weekend.
  13. Ray Hushpuppi is a regal name, to be sure.
  14. Where did you get the percentage of those who attended the Trump rally that now have COVID? While the chances of getting the virus increase in an enclosed space, I have little confidence in the 18.7x number from the Japanese study for several reason, but even if I felt that was a valid number, not all enclosed spaces are going to present the same risk. For instance, a small bar isn't going to going to have same level of risk as an arena.