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  1. It was on the Global College Gameday. It's THAT big of a deal.
  2. Nevada at 28 in the AP Top 25 (23 votes and behind Washington and Liberty) and at 26 in the coaches poll (39 votes). Just missed.
  3. Second round? Seems low for one of our long snappers.
  4. They were talking about it again on College Gameday this weekend. He led the nation in long snapping for four years.....never before and never since has someone dominated at putting something between his legs. Ph is a close second.
  5. A punter won the award three times last year....the same punter, in fact. A good punter who can flip the field is a great thing to have.
  6. It's a Cuban....he's not going to spit it out. But the next cigar will be smoked in a new pair of alligator boots. That man is what a man should be.
  7. I think looking into the sun the entire game is a bigger headache than being cold during some games. And during early season games (not including this season), the east sideline gets pretty hot. I'd take the west side too.
  8. You all have just witnessed internet bullying. I'm going to file a grievance! I'm riding on baskets!
  9. That's what I was implying. I didn't want to push it into everyone's face since I know that you're also extremely humble.
  10. Poll? I'm telling you like it is, not asking your opinion. Get on board with fascism or get on board with getting water boarded....the choice is yours.
  11. We've had several rescue calls for mountain bikers who eat shit and end up crazy amounts of broken bones and that always crosses my mind when I'm out on the trail.....and I usually slow down a bit. Most people probably don't give much thought to the fact that being a good rider comes from being athletic. Anyone can pedal a bike, but that doesn't mean they're cut out to rage down something technical. I had a roommate in college that took up mountain biking so he could hang with the group. He could pedal up the hill as good or better than all of us, but he would always take a spill and he c
  12. After selling my road bike years ago and only having my mtn bike, I recently bought a Giant road bike and that I'm really impressed. I don't know if it falls into the "bang for the buck" category because it certainly wasn't cheap, but that thing moves! I'm looking to upgrade my 26" full suspension to a 29 and I'll have to at least take a look at what Giant offers.
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