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  1. I like that they’ll likely be keeping the Big A and renovating it. It’s good to have some of the old stadiums around to preserve the history. As little history as it might have, it is the 4th oldest stadium in mlb.
  2. Source? On expectations on internet fan boards? Yeah, that’s how this works.
  3. You’re saddened by it? Oh Christ....stop it. Talk about a pathetic thing to get worked up over. The irony of your post is what’s pathetic.
  4. The expectations by nearly everyone in Hollywood is that she will be 007 going forward for at least one film without Daniel Craig. At this point, she is the de facto future of the franchise.
  5. I smell a Rooney Rule pushing it's way into Ft. Collins.
  6. But as of now, she IS the future of the 007 (Bond) franchise. They never wrote scripts that far out for Sean Connery, Roger Moore, or Daniel Craig either, but it it was clear they were the people entrusted to carry on the 007 torch. I just think its a mistake that could backfire and could be the demise of a great movie franchise.
  7. You're fishing with bologna! I realize that Nomi will not be Bond....she will be the new 007. I just think it's a bad move and one that's being done to move the whole franchise left of center to reside where the Hollywood creative types live. Why not just start a new movie franchise instead of trying to shoehorn something in? My prediction is that the franchise won't do well at the box office when she becomes the focal point. I could be wrong, but that's how I see this playing out. It has nothing to do with a woman playing the lead role in an action film....it has everything to do with a woman playing the lead role in THIS action film franchise. I would be just as skeptical of a guy playing the role of Wonder Woman being successful at the box office.
  8. That's a pretty big leap from what was said to what you are claiming was said. The comment was in regard to when the ball is handed off (or not) in an RPO (as well as the color of the jersey).....nothing about his talent running the ball thereafter.
  9. The trailer does look great, but this movie won't be the litmus test for a female Bond franchise, it will be the one following this one. We'll see how the next movie does at the box office, but I still think it's a mistake by the Bond powers that be. I certainly don't have a problem with a female character being front and center in an action film, but I feel like the change is being done as a statement more than anything.
  10. Yeah.....and we wouldn't want anything like that in the upcoming Bond films.
  11. Is it really racist though? He's making an observation (albeit a silly one)....it's not necessarily racist, IMO.
  12. I love it when Boise fans chime in, pretending that the people of Boise never participate in such things.
  13. I don't know about all that, but there would have to be a scarf or turtleneck involved to completely pull it off, right?