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  1. Slapdad

    Nevada @ 7 in latest AP Poll

    The only surprise in seeing Boise ranked 10.5 is that I haven’t yet heard BSU fans complaining that they were ranked too low and proclaiming that the voters are disrespecting them!
  2. Slapdad

    Nevada @ 7 in latest AP Poll

    Nevada faced some similar teams in their tournament runs when TJ was our coach. We lost to runner up Georgia Tech by 5 in 2004. runner up Illinois in 2005, and Elite 8 Memphis in 2007.
  3. Slapdad

    OT: Things Keep Getting Worse in Moscow

    Didn’t three BSU players get expelled a couple years ago for rape? Sadly, stupid stuff like this happens at just about every university at some point.
  4. Slapdad

    Pick 10 Results Thread

    There will be no licking.....dust or otherwise.
  5. Slapdad

    Pick 10 Results Thread

    This year was a travesty! It was a sham! It was a mockery! It was a travishamockery! Timely results and a second place finish is unacceptable. My second place finish would have 3 of the 4 other groups and I’m pretty sure that @jdgaucho rigged this somehow. Congrats gaucho...I commend you on your picking prowess, but vow to return next year to claim that car or whatever the grand prize is.
  6. Slapdad

    #5 Nevada @ USC

    Duke has lost to Lehigh, Mercer and Providence in the past as 2/3 seeds....anything can happen if one team catches fire and another has an off night.
  7. Slapdad

    Pick 10 Results Thread

    I don’t know. There was no fanfare about anyone winning and his post said through week 13, so I was working under the impression that we were going up to bowl season.
  8. Slapdad

    Conference Awards

    A Boise fan? No way!
  9. Slapdad

    Pick 10 Results Thread

    He who hangs his hat upon Texas gets the horns! You have been warned!
  10. Slapdad

    Pick 10 Results Thread

    One week left. I have Washington (playing Utah - Washington is listed at 57.2% odds of winning), you have Texas (vs Oklahoma - Texas 27.1% chance of winning) and UCF (vs Memphis - UCF 76.6% chance of winning). If I win my game and you lose both, that should bump me ahead of you. This is, obviously, what the universe is rooting for.
  11. Boise barely beat Nevada.....beating UCF isn't a gimme.
  12. Slapdad

    Nevada at UNLV - Battle for the Fremont Cannon

    Absolutely. A poster from RebelNet (how daughter’s face) a number of years ago. He hasn’t changed a bit.
  13. Slapdad

    Nevada at UNLV - Battle for the Fremont Cannon

    Classy as photoshopping a posters kid into a porn pic? You’re not exactly an authority on whaylt is and isn’t classy.
  14. Slapdad

    Nevada at UNLV - Battle for the Fremont Cannon

    Don’t ever forget.....you’re a dipshit.