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  1. Slapdad

    Nevada 2019 Commits

    Nevada picked up a commitment from Georgia QB, Austin Kirksey yesterday. He's a three star QB who seems to be a bit of a sleeper, but he started to get the attention of Alabama, Auburn, BC, Georgia, Clemson, and A&M, Ohio State, Oregon.
  2. Probably....but you never know. I know the SEC rule currently leaves it up to the school/coach/AD for transfers to other SEC schools and Saban has taken a beating on that.
  3. Not if the conferences have a rule that prohibits it. Just makes the conferences/schools the bad guys and not the NCAA.
  4. Nevada signed their deal with Adidas last month, btw.
  5. Slapdad

    Transgenders Beat Other Girls

    Like which bathroom they should use?
  6. Under Armor has decent products, but they just haven't been able to tap into the apparel market for non-athletes. Their new CEO has a pretty good track record for reshaping companies, so it will be interesting to see if they're able to bounce back. I always wondered why Puma hasn't been more active in the U.S. with their sponsorships. There are only five NFL players with Puma and zero baseball....even though they do make some decent cleats. Their basketball shoes are straight out of the 80's, so I get why they don't have any NBA players. But, to answer the question, Nevada's new deal with Adidas is at $1M/year I believe. Seems pretty low to me considering CSU is in the $2M range, but whatever.
  7. Oh sure.....if you look at it that way.
  8. Expanding the playoffs to 8 is the only thing that should be expanded in the college football postseason. Adding more bowls is ridiculous.
  9. Slapdad

    Coastie Award - North Region

    The only prudent thing to do is to hunt down those who nominated and seconded you and bluerules and make them #1 seeds for next year's Troll Derby!
  10. And just because someone comes from a bad low major team, that doesn't mean that they aren't good.....just as someone from a big program doesn't mean they will be good. It's all about evaluating the talent and I think I'll trust Muss' judgement on this.
  11. Uh....the other three were starters on other teams.
  12. Signed, Chris Beard.
  13. Slapdad

    No more Big 3, TUNRF is the flagship fanbase of the MWC

    Like Fresno has an airport!!! Stop....nobody goes to Fresno.
  14. Slapdad

    Pick 10 Sign Ups

    Mug, it's Friday night and still no updated standings. Great....I guess this is how it will go again this year. What a stupid game. Im in!
  15. Good to hear. He won't have any problem ending up in a good situation and I'm sure whoever the other player is to go won't either.