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  1. Slapdad

    OT: Padres Sign Machado for $300mil-10years

    I’m not sure you’re in a position to say I don’t know what I’m talking about since you don’t even know what actually said. I didn’t say he was the 15-19 prospect at his position....I said he is ranked 15-19 at his position in the MLB. There’s a big difference. Saying that the Padres will have possibly the best INF in MLB isn’t going to happen this year when 3 of 4 positions are ranked below 15. That may change in a few years once these propects get some experience at this level, but probably not this year. Of course, there’s always a chance one of them could turn out to be a Donovan Tate or Nick Hundley.
  2. Slapdad

    OT: Padres Sign Machado for $300mil-10years

    Urias and Tatis have great potential, but at this point, who knows to what extent they're realize that potential as of right now, both are ranked around 15-19 for their positions. Hosmer is a middle of the pack 1st baseman (at best).....he ranks slightly above average to below average in most of the rankings and has been very inconsistent and his offensive metrics haven't been great the past few years either. That being said, the Padres have a great farm system with a lot of talent in the pipeline and that's another reason I don't like the move. Machado is the last personality I'd build a young club around. That's just me though.
  3. Slapdad

    OT: Padres Sign Machado for $300mil-10years

    I think it was a pretty dumb move. The Padres were trying to rebuild and don't have any other pieces to put around Machado outside of Hosmer and an aging Ian Kinsler, who was horrible last year.
  4. That's what you were saying when Fenner, Marshall and Oliver were leaving. You don't know what the team will look like next year.
  5. Slapdad

    Alright, which one of you did this?

    I've heard this kid's sister dated Manti Te'o.....he's got to be good.
  6. Slapdad

    Newsom gives up on California High Speed Rail

    There’s some light rail in downtown Houston and they’ve recently expanded it, but it still isn’t very extensive. They may expand it from downtown out to the bullet train station, which will be in town inside the inner loop, but Uber/Lyft will make it much more feasible than it would have been 10 years ago.
  7. Slapdad

    Newsom gives up on California High Speed Rail

    There’s a high speed rail planned for Dallas-Houston. All the land is acquired and they’re now moving ahead with the permitting and engineering. There’s also a new plan for a second train making a triangle between Houston, Austin and San Antonio from Virgin that’s gaining traction. Should be interesting to see develop.
  8. Slapdad


    It didn't help that Nevada had a couple guys playing through some injuries and after arriving in NM, a couple guys on the team were sick.....the Lobos caught the Pack at the right time.
  9. Slapdad

    Anyone else have a garden ?

    You're welcome. Life doesn't unfold for the meek....you have to grab the brass ring!! Any day can be your birthday if you so choose.
  10. Slapdad

    Anyone else have a garden ?

    What a farce. If you truly loathed me a such as you claim, you wouldn’t have come out to celebrate my birthday that night! Admit it, you miss me.
  11. Jeff isn't 10 years old you know. I would wager that when he was young, the Cowboys were good, so that became his team.
  12. I guess they just don't bandwagon at the same level you do???
  13. Slapdad

    A BIG F U to the Gays from the wyo legislature.

    To suggest that a state has to rush to pass a bill that wasn't particularly liked by either side to be "progressive" is absurd. In fact, suggesting that Wyoming (or anyone outside of California) wants to be as "progressive" as California is absurd.
  14. Slapdad

    Another insult