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  1. The refineries and chemical plants, for the most part, are out by the ship channel, not in Houston. There are more chemical plants in Indianapolis than Houston and Portland, San Antonio, Sacramento, Memphis and Denver aren’t far behind and for refineries, Los Angeles has quite a few right at LAX/El Segundo.
  2. Rafter was intolerant of anyone who posted anything contrary to what the other fools on the board posted or liked and would ban people for it. He was the Anthony of BC. That’s the beauty of this board and the WAC board before it...it isn’t just one school’s fans and you can have an opposing view.
  3. Reddit is the third most visited site on the internet and it’s a message board. Message boards still have a place, but Twitter has certainly cut into some areas that message boards used to take up.
  4. I can’t imagine something like LinkedIn causing so much distress in one’s life.
  5. How dare you throw your off-the-grid views in my face....and on the internet, no less! I'll be creating a FB page dedicated to cyber-bullying you and you won't even know it because you're not there to see it. I don't even feel bad for what will likely transpire because you've forced my hand.
  6. I've just shared this post on multiple social media platforms. I'll let you know what the world thinks of your outrageous behavior shortly.
  7. Don't have FB? Are you writing a manifesto in a cabin somewhere?
  8. Oh look, a whiny bitch in this thread too! You’re doing yeoman’s work in the pouting department.
  9. I love this get. Not only is he extremely athletic, but his this bodes well for signing his younger brother, who is supposed to be even better and more athletic.
  10. There are a couple fields here in Houston that are turf infields and while the true hop is great as an infielder, the dark brown turf gets so hot. I don't think I've experienced shoes melting, but it can be an oven out there. One field finally replaced turf on one of its fields and it was a light tan rather than a dark brown and that's much better.
  11. That's embarrassing. Nevada leads the league in fielding % and is second in ERA, but is second to last in batting average. Usually, good defense will offset a marginal offense, but in this case, the Pack just hasn't been able to get any momentum this year....very frustrating.
  12. I don't mind the turf, but that black turf where the dirt would be looks horrible. And on hot days, it will be brutally hot.