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  1. Its pretty shocking that you weren't on top of that given the bulletproof nature of your Pick 10 picking process.
  2. The available teams (according to my list of those available) are listed below. I added UConn (Indy) and Old Dominion (CUSA) who I'm guessing were left off because the 2020 list didn't include either team since both canceled their 2020 seasons due to COVID. AAC ACC Big 12 Big 10
  3. 24 hours (ish) have gone by, so I'm going with NC State and Central Michigan. @TheSanDiegan you're up for two.
  4. I don't understand why people engage in doomscrolling/doomsurfing, but 3/4 (or more) of what is posted on the OT board begins with it. It's harmful to people's mental health and I have no idea why people go out of their way to find and talk about negative news.
  5. Even with the second sentence being a joke, the first sentence is a ridiculous take on its own. The fact that the default position is that anyone who thinks differently than you is a racist is what makes it a ridiculous take.
  6. @Desert Wolf You're up. @Bob Get your shit together!
  7. He's alive! You're like bigfoot.....you pop in just often enough to make us believe you're real then you up and vanish like a fart in the wind! Very mysterious.
  8. Every bar in Virginia City has bras on the ceiling. Not really, but they should. Union Brewery Saloon I believe.
  9. You would probably remember it as the Helms pit, which was next to the truck stop/Casino (Western Village). This picture was taken during a flood, so they used funds from a super funds grant (tank farms are to the right out of frame and were found to have been leaking for years) to clean up the pit and turn it into the Sparks Marina. Lemons to Lemonade.
  10. John Tyson. He's been there forever.
  11. Agreed! There's nothing worse than people who think they're better than another group of people.
  12. I don't know why people think that using "literally" translates to being more believable. You do realize that a housing shortage doesn't mean that not enough houses exist, right? That's not what's going on. There are enough houses....in fact, there are approximately 17 million vacant homes in the U.S.. A housing shortage, which you're obviously referencing, refers to the number of homes on the market and that is a function of people staying put and not putting their home on the market and inventory levels of less than six month on the market at any given time.
  13. I won't lie....that one felt good.
  14. Aren't you the Hawaii fan that was crying about Nevada being picked ahead of them last year? Whoever it was, I had this same conversation with them only in regards to Hawaii having a new coach. Feelings were hurt and angry posts were made about how Hawaii would show Nevada.....en route to their 4th place finish (5th overall). And yet, here we are doing it all over again.
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