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  1. I think that has to do with your perspective more than anything else. Each side sees themselves as wearing the white hat.
  2. This has zero to do with a consumer boycott of a company. Its funny to see how the left pivots from hating big, mean corporations to raising their flag when that company is on the business end of some backlash from the right.
  3. I've been told that I'm conservative on this board (though I consider myself in the middle or maybe slightly right of center), so let me say that these protests are dumb. That is not to say that North Face didn't have this coming given their history or boycotts/protests against other companies. Live by the sword, die by the sword. I just don't care enough about most things a company does to engage in such activities. The number of threads started here to express outrage in another group's outrage is equally dumb.
  4. The same could be said about the snowflakes on the left...it just won't be said by those on the left.
  5. What a horrible attitude. F**k you! It's crazy that people would go that far....sorry to hear that you've been on the receiving end of such craziness. I blame @mugtang for creating such a toxic environment here.
  6. I can't imagine sending threats over message board content. I save that shit for the commute to work!
  7. Bluerules was (and probably still is) a dipshit. I remember going at it with him as far back as the mid 90's when he was known as Jibscout. The great mosquito slayer is definitely on the Mt. Rushmore of message board idiots. I'd say that worst Boise poster, albeit with a shorter lifespan before flaming out and getting the permaban, was BadWillHunting. Both were banned on their own school's board though. It would be rough to be universally hated like that.
  8. His stats don't measure up to Walter Payton because of knee injuries, but his yards per rush were better. But Gayle Sayers played in the same era as Jim Brown and that's why I included him in my post. If you want to put Payton above Sayers, that's fine, but it's not like I'm the only person to put Sayers at or near the top of the RB list. At any rate, I'm not here to argue Payton vs Sayers as the better RB and both were far and away better human beings than Jim Brown.
  9. I'd take Gayle Sayers over Jim Brown any day and, by all accounts, he was a great man on and off the field. Jim Brown likely wasn't even the best back in the Brown's backfield....most Browns players and coaches felt that Marion Motley was the better back. "Sports Illustrated's "Dr. Z," Paul Zimmerman, wrote that Motley was the best all-around player in the game's history. Paul Brown said Motley was his greatest fullback, better than Jim Brown. Coach Brown also noted Motley played linebacker at a Hall of Fame level. One of my humbling privileges in the businesses was getting to know Marion." I won't dance on the grave of Jim Brown, but I'm not going to celebrate him either.
  10. Torchy's (and Velvet Taco and others) are totally different tacos than the street taco. Torchy's makes eclectic tacos with crazy sauces. They have the Trailer Trash (order it extra trashy) and the Democrat as well as the Republican, all of which deserved to be mentioned on the OT board.
  11. You need a truck that's "24 Open Tacos"! They never close.
  12. There has been a taco truck near me that piqued my interest based solely on their trailer marquee sign that simply said "24 open tacos". I finally had to stop and their tacos are amazing. There's a reason why that truck has been there for 20 years. There's a taco truck near me now that's the same way....amazing stuff. That being said, there are strata's of taco places. Taco Johns/Del Taco/Taco Time/Taco Bell are not the same category as Torchy's or Velvet Taco (both of which are certainly better than the previous taco slingers). Indy taco stands and trucks are a third strata. And Taco Bell is doing this for the greater good and not seeking $. Liberate Taco Tuesday!!
  13. Meh....it's not like SDSU hasn't scheduled body bag games with Michigan and Ohio State among others. Nevada has one of the lowest budgets in the MWC, so that payout is a important....let him have his posts.
  14. You're right, you're no expert. There have been several papers written on the possibility of the Titanic grounding on a mostly submerged iceberg. It's less likely, but they just don't know for sure. The scans could help answer that questions.
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