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  1. Slapdad

    Nevada Football

    Uh......This coming from a SDSU fan?
  2. Slapdad

    Nevada Football

    Not having much of a choice never stopped Ault before. 😀
  3. Slapdad

    Nevada Football

    That was Groth. But to be fair, Fox was part of TJ’s staff and was recommended by TJ on the way out.
  4. Slapdad

    Nevada Football

    I don't have a problem with that process. I don't think it's unlike any hiring process where you have a favorite at the beginning and it changes as the process unfolds. He made the right choice in the end.
  5. Hardly any G-5 schools will generate a following outside of their city & alumni. There will be upticks where there is more interest, but there won't be a sustained interest from outsiders without sustained success. Boise State is about the only school to accomplish this for any amount of time. But the level of recognition for Nevada has certainly been greater after the 2010 Boise game, the first Sweet 16 run and the last year's run.
  6. Being a myth and not being commonplace are two completely different stances. If you read my original post, it said that a successful athletic department CAN be one of the best marketing tools for a university, so let's be clear...I doubt many here would argue that this is the case at all or even most schools. And the success stories would almost exclusively involve small schools who are not in a P5 conference. That being said, one great season in 2010 for Nevada may have produced a small uptick in applications, but it certainly wouldn't cause a large long-term change in the makeup of a university. Increasing the number of applications won't change the fact that the University has to adhere to state mandated admission requirements, so even with an increase in applications, you wouldn't necessarily see an increase in SAT scores. The academic makeup won't see much of a shift until the Board of Regents and the University revise their mandates. Boise State hasn't necessarily become a top academic school, but the academic side has benefited greatly from the Bronco's success at the very least As the RGJ pointed out, "Since Boise State’s first Fiesta Bowl (2007) to its last (2015), the university has exploded. Enrollment is up 18 percent, research grants and contracts are up 68 percent, foundation assets have increased 59 percent and the number of donors, not just in athletics, but the entire university has risen from 5,271 people to 12,195, a 131 percent jump." Boise State has improved it's academics, but not a lot, as it still ranks towards the bottom of the barrel of most FBS schools. It will take years and policy shifts to do that, but I think they're working towards that goal. What it has done is provide BSU money to improve their infrastructure to accommodate growth and improvement on the academic side. The article also mentions that officials at UConn, Gonzaga, Butler, Davidson and even Alabama have credited athletics with huge positive effects on the academic side from athletic success. Again, nobody is claiming that this is the norm, but to deny that it happens is foolish. As for A&M, I can tell you first hand that more Texans now identify with Texas A&M than Longhorn fans (22% vs 20% after the move to the SEC compared to 15% vs 23% before the move) and having a son go through the college application/admissions process in the past couple years, I can tell you that the majority of the students now favor A&M....your view of their "fake army culture" notwithstanding. I think everybody here wants their school to have big time athletics, otherwise we wouldn't be on this board, but I don't recall seeing anyone claim that sports improves a school academically. If you got that from any of my posts, then you've misread them. What a successful athletic program CAN do is increase the pool of applicants from which the school chooses that's within their mandates.
  7. Slapdad

    Nevada Football

    Horton may have bit it on the final play of his final game, but he didn't ruin the program in one year....though his defection with all the coaches and some players did hurt. Tisdel was handed one of the best teams Nevada ever had and the wheels fell off. I wouldn't put Horton in the same category as Tis & Tormey.
  8. Slapdad

    Nevada Football

    Yeah, it was Tisdel that sank the boat first....then Ault fixed it before hiring Tormey to sink it again. Ault was a great coach, but horrible at hiring a football coach.
  9. A myth, huh? Look no further than Boise State where applications spiked by 40% after each of their Fiesta Bowl wins. Smaller schools are in a better position to capitalize by a sudden rise in fortunes in football or basketball. Ask Gonzaga, who in 1990 was looking at a $1M deficit and enrollment dip from 4,167 to 2,100 in eight years before the Zags took off in basketball. It happened to Butler and Northern Iowa. It can also happen at P5 schools. The school that all Texas high school students wanted to go to was UT....until A&M joined the SEC and Mariel electrified football. Now, A&M is the school of choice in Texas. So to say it’s a myth is absolutely wrong. Does it happen to every school, of course not. But a successful athletic department create some bonds within the state/community that translates to applications, admissions and eventually alumni.
  10. RebelRobert absolutely did it, though not on this board. On RebelNet a number of years ago, he took a picture of another UNLV fan there (Maybe RebelX or someone like that...the name escapes me and he wasn't around much after that). Anyway, Robert took the picture of the poster's daughter and photoshopped her head or face onto a pornographic photo....she was young too. It was classless and sick and RebelRobert was banned from his own school's board....probably still is. Robert posts are all moronic and always have been, but that was another level.
  11. A successful athletic department can be one of the best marketing tools for a university and financial sinkholes come in many forms for a university, but those areas of a university that drain finances often offer the most cultural impact for a community. Arts and humanities are on that list.
  12. Slapdad

    Canvas Stadium one of the nations best..

    The coveted Popular Mechanics top stadium list!
  13. Slapdad

    What the hell, Spartans?

    I'm not going to bust their balls since we lost to Idaho State last year.
  14. There was not "both" option, which would have been my choice, but I'm guessing the basketball votes are a result of the MWC being woefully under-represented in the tournament in recent years while the MWC always seems to have a team in the mix for best of the G5. Add to that, basketball is easier to build a winning team quickly and at least the NC is accessible to a non P5 school. But Football still drives the budgets and I think it's important to focus on both.
  15. It's not surprising that UNC generates less revenue on basketball than Boise State does on football, but the number is pretty close. The big difference though is that UNC turns a 60% profit on basketball, whereas Boise turns a 30% profit on football. But licensing is where UNC makes a lot more money and that isn't due to their football prowess.