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  1. You do realize that he didn't create it, right? Some artist from Mexico did.
  2. I was just telling someone that the other day. The beginning of "Good Times Roll" from the Cars, on the tape I made had a skip at the beginning that was pretty seamless that threw an extra note in there. A few years later I started playing guitar and when I learned that song, I inserted the extra note until my brother asked WTF I was doing. I still do it to this day.
  3. That's the natural progression. It's like wine....starting with white zinfandel then progressing to reds with more body, only in this case, you want less body upon which to build, thus creating a blend.
  4. Agreed. I bought them for almost all of my wives! No visitation deals hammered out or anything though, but that's okay.
  5. The joints would have to be much smaller....even smaller than those rolled on 45's!
  6. Tough to do a cover like the Stone's "Sticky Fingers" with an actual zipper on it with a cd....it was an art that faded with vinyl.
  7. I agree...the tactile experience of playing music is the reason that I still play vinyl. I have a ton of 60's through say 1990, but finding stuff from the early 1990's through mid-2000's is tough. To get that stuff, I usually have to buy it from overseas and it isn't cheap. The other side of that is that some of the rare stuff that I had on cd doesn't show up on vinyl or on most streaming services, so that's where my cd collection comes in. I'm a modern day multi-media man!
  8. DJ's have been mixing on turntables since the 70's, so I'm not sure that's the reason for it as much as the hipsters figuring out how cool it is and the nostalgia of it for those who are older than hipsters. Even the dj's that use "vinyl" have a Mac with the songs saved digitally, then they assign it to one of the two time-coded vinyl records that they use so they can manipulate it manually. If you watch, most dj's will never switch records these days. I still have five direct drive turntables (2 technics and 2 Stanton) from when I dj'ed in college) and a vintage Marantz that I pair with
  9. Except that Kap went to the NFL and was a decent QB there in a different system.
  10. Absolutely true. One team is more active than the other though.
  11. The number of threads per day always amazed me...and it's still happening.
  12. Why are you asking me what some states do it while others don't? You're asking the wrong guy...ask them.
  13. Have you ever worked for tips or on commission? I did when I was in college and I would take that all day long over being paid a higher hourly wage. In my years of commission and working as a server, there was only one week when I had to get a minimum wage adjustment. By "paying the servers more" the end result in most cases is that they would make less than they do on tips. I haven't kept up on Nevada law, so I'm not aware if they have a carve out for tipped employees, but they used to....that's where I worked on commission and for tips while in college. It may have changed since then.
  14. Yes, I still have that feeling. Being a pizza delivery guy doesn't mean that you've read a financial statement for a pizza place or, in the event that you have, that you've understood what you were looking at. Most general managers of pizza places have little to no knowledge of what to look at and most of the time, they just look at day's sales. Not all, but most. Also, most pizza places are going to pay the IRS mileage rate, which is $0.56/mile in 2021.
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