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  1. The Giants were using a telescope back in the 50’s. A former Cardinals player said LaRussa was using a camera for years in St Louis. I think most, of not all teams have been doing this and will turn into a team by team witch-hunt.
  2. As was pointed out above, there's always someone that came before the person that made it big. Kraftwerk absolutely led to Depeche Mode, but DM is undoubtedly the most the most successful in terms of album sales/popularity, so I'm not surprised to see them in first. Kraftwerk will get there though, as should New Order/Joy Division, Devo....maybe Erasure and Pet Shop Boys.
  3. Maiden, JP, Soundgarden, and Motorhead got the shaft because they were all on the same ballot and split votes. They need to put one or two on until metal/hard rock gets more traction. It's good to see Depeche Mode and NIN in, which should open the doors for Kraftwerk, who deserve to be in. Still no Chaka Kahn (Rufus or otherwise) either, which is a shame. The greatest HOF induction was the letter to the hall from Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols.
  4. Depeche Mode, NIN, Thin Lizzy and Motorhead should have been in before DMB, though I don't have a problem with his style of music being in the R&R HOF. Rock and Roll comprises a lot of different types of music, including pop (and I think hip hop).
  5. According to this, the fade pass from inside the 5 yard line is successful just 33% of the time.
  6. The worst! I'm just glad the MW doesn't have a team with fans like that.
  7. Ah, the good ol' days, when everyone was poor!
  8. Your post didn't specify financial inequality, so that is probably part of what drew a response from BSUTOP25, but even with a wider financial inequality gap worldwide, you're coming at it from a very pessimistic angle. The wider gap has more to do with little to no opportunities to move up or better your situation for 99% of the worlds population through most of history. Outside of royalty/emperors/tyrants and their cronies, everyone else in the world was mostly poor and struggling. Beginning in the 19th century, people were largely able to work their way out poverty if they were hard workers, smart, and/or lucky and, as a result, there is a larger percentage of people with money than 100 or 200 years ago and before. You're lamenting the fact that not everyone is still struggling at the same level instead of celebrating the fact that some of those people have climbed out of it. According to the World Bank: "Over the last three decades, more than one billion people lifted themselves out of extreme poverty, and about half of the world’s countries have reduced extreme poverty to below 3 percent."
  9. What a sorry sight this thread is. All this talk about giving up and whatnot. Pull up your skirt and keep chugging along. Sheesh.
  10. Strong looks good when he has time, but our OL is bad, so he’s not only getting pressured, but there’s no running game, so they just key in the pass. There’s not much he can do about that.
  11. If if's were skiffs, we'd all be skippers.
  12. Nothing but hard luck for Boise. I am so sorry.