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  1. True. Those were the loudest 50 people I’ve ever heard. Just imagine 50 college kids screaming like @madmartigan‘s mom. It’s plain crazy.
  2. not scared, it’s just that ever since your sister started coming over I no longer feel the need to slap around a little pud all day.
  3. Ok. How about...”hey Lakers, protect those fire extinguishers!” Nailed it!
  4. Good for him. Most coaches try to recruit bad players. I think he’s on to something. Grab your lube.
  5. I’m glad we got SJSU twice. That should really help our resume. Thanks Craig.
  6. Queta is coming back. Let the battle for second place begin.
  7. If you think I’m a pansy wait until you get a load of this pussy named @Bob
  8. There is also zero chance that you have not had a weiner in your bum.
  9. USU will never lose another game in any sport. And I will kick @Bobin the puss.
  10. You know what they say; “you are what you eat,”. Now go home you dick.
  11. cosinama


    Ummmm. That’s the joke.