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  1. Agreed. We need more schools saddled with ridiculous debts to build stadiums that they can’t fill and continually pay huge buyouts for bad coaching hires only to make another bad coaching hire all while getting 4 wins a year. Come on guys. Get on it.
  2. Congrats to CSU on the hiring of Sargent Slaughter.
  3. The best anyone can tell you is sometime between tomorrow and April.
  4. Bastard refs are costing us the game!!!
  5. Yep. Too bad we can’t give their stadium to San Jose.
  6. CSU is an embarrassment to this conference. What a disaster.
  7. Let’s go Rams. Try not to be your regular old shitty selves tonight.
  8. I feel bad for those sheep in Laramie tonight. Take it easy on them boys!!
  9. True. But I could still beat the hell out of all these Wyoming pussies.
  10. It wasn’t more than a couple weeks ago little Troy was whining about USU having like 15 returned missionaries.
  11. Good. If nothing else I can kick you in the dick.
  12. I’m guessing the USU game is one of BYU’s highest attended games as well.