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  1. It reminds me of @Bob’s boyfriend. Fat and gay.
  2. Instead you can stay home and exchange dick pics with @Bob
  3. It’s too bad that having a little pecker couldn’t save the college football season. If so, you could be the man to save college football.
  4. Not exactly an ideal time to be looking to leave. Not happening.
  5. I was shocked to see that BYU didn’t get a Big 12 invite. I really thought they were in this time.
  6. Is CSU the worst athletic department in the conference? I’m going to say yes. By a mile.
  7. The thing I like most about @Bob is his vagina.
  8. USU could have never done that against Fresno or SDSU.
  9. Well...shit. That will be interesting.
  10. Boise wins the “on paper Mountain West championship”. Congrats fellas on having a tougher schedule. USU could never lose to SDSU at home. Congrats what a feat!
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