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  1. Nevada @ the Baggies

    Are you kidding? These Nevada fans are pussies. They wouldn’t mess with the likes of us.
  2. Utah State @ New Mexico

    “Everyone’s a Lobo”. Well...everyone that is a pussy that is. Suck it Loobs.
  3. Never too early for WAY too early projections

    1. USU 12. San Hoser. You pussies can fight about where the rest of you fit in.
  4. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    Makes sense that you’d be “banging” an 86 year old.
  5. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    The best thing for you to do now little guy is to go to bed.
  6. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    I just sent an email to our AD saying no more donations from me if they beat Boise again. I was very clear. Hope that helps.
  7. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    I’m not happy. I’m super pissed we beat you. I wish we had lost. Stupid Mountain West!!
  8. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    To be fair, I’m not sure anyone knows what you’re trying to argue.
  9. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    You seem super cool
  10. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    You should have told us so we didn’t play so hard. I didn’t realize you were entitled to a bid without earning it. Sorry bro...
  11. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    You’re right. We should have let you win. Sorry man.
  12. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    I do have issues. I have issues with pussies like you. Now do you want to fight or what?
  13. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    Yeah. Right next to me so I can round house kick you in the teeth.
  14. Utah State at Wyoming

    You must have me confused with that sheep you were “wrastlin” with
  15. Utah State at Wyoming

    As with anyone, I don’t know why USU even bothers going to Laramie. It’s always a shit show.