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  1. USU is in. Not like BYU was “in” the Big12. Actually in.
  2. Wait! So you’re saying USU has to win to get in? LOL.
  3. Refs gifted USU 23 points that half. Everyone knows the fix is in. Poor Fresno.
  4. He should have his wife write how many timeouts he has on his belly with a sharpie. That might help.
  5. Has there ever been a bigger collection of puds than Nevada’s coaching staff?
  6. I want to fight all NM fans before they go back to that crack hole of a City. Please message me to arrange an appointment. Suck it.
  7. I found fans worse than BYU fans. According to Lobos fans here in the arena the foul count should be 45-1.
  8. That loss came with a silver lining. That was the last straw for Duryea. Without that loss who knows where we would be.
  9. Oh yeah? Come over here then pencil dick..
  10. I have this feeling that either Nevada or USU is going to lose in the quarter finals. I sure hope I’m wrong.
  11. Nevada’s silence is the other thing that leads me to believe it. They also had their tv cameras there. Seems like if it was something else (racism or saying F you) Nevada would’ve disclosed it. Now im really out you dildos.
  12. He ain’t staying at USU long term but he ain’t going to Nebraska.