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  1. I fail to see what a comprehensive solution for the immigration problem has to do with a shutdown beginning with the government completely controlled by one party and then unilaterally extended by that same party when the other (the Democrats) was voting to open the federal government back up over and over again? The Democrats were willing to come to the table and discuss border security and immigration reform, and have been in the past, on comprehensive immigration reform repeatedly. Both parties have discussed such proposals in the past and failed to come to an agreement because it's a hard subject. The Democrats just weren't willing to do so as a condition for reopening the government because that's rewarding legislative hostage taking. And no point has Poke dealt with this point. You can't give ANYTHING to Trump as a precondition to just let the federal government stay open or he'll just shut it down again the next time he doesn't get what he wants. Trump pointed a gun at the federal government's head and said to Democrats "Give me my wall or all these innocent people being hurt by the shutdown will continue to be hurt."
  2. They specifically ran against Trump's positions on immigration. The only thing that the Dems could have done to help solve the problem would have been to cave and give into Trump's demands, which would have been terrible negotiating and embolden Trump to do this approach again in the future. How do I know this? Because they passed bills over and over again reopening parts of the government. First to reopen all of it, then they tried specifically reopening one agency at a time. McConnell did not allow them a vote in the Senate until the day before the shutdown ended. The Dems did the only thing that they possibly could do: not negotiate with a terrorist taking the country hostage because he didn't like the Fox News coverage of him not getting his wall. The GOP had unified control of government for two years and did not fund his wall. Why on earth should the Dems give Trump the votes he was unable to get himself from his own party just because he threw a tantrum? No. Trump owns this shutdown with an assist from McConnell for covering his butt by not allowing a vote on an IDENTICAL BILL that the Dems passed on their first day in office on January 3rd that passed by voice vote in the Senate before Trump's hissy fit.
  3. Dude. Don't go handing out my official title to other people. I've already got the MWC Board Commie corner staked out.
  4. Point it out to me. I've illustrated my reasons at GREAT LENGTH why I view the GOP as being solely responsible. All of your responses have been mostly ad hominem. Not one time have you substantively objected to my bullet point timeline.
  5. I hold the Dems innocent in this for the reasons I've laid out that you haven't even attempted to respond to. I posted the timeline. There's video evidence that the only thing Dems are guilty of is not caving to Trump's demands when his own party didn't give him what he wanted for two years. I welcome any sort of explanation why this is "both sides'" fault but you have yet to offer one. In your defense, there really ISN'T one. And my suggestion would be to just admit that. Trump caused this shutdown. McConnell extended it by not just re-passing the bill that passed unanimously prior to Trump's flip-flop. The public ended up blaming Trump for obvious reasons. So McConnell eventually just told Trump he couldn't hold the line any longer. This is just easily verifiable facts. Not EVERY hill needs to be the one to die on. The GOP did this completely except for the Dems not utterly caving weeks after an election they won by giving Trump something that his own party wouldn't give him for two years. You stated earlier that I was digging in. It's projecting amigo. Nothing I have said so far is opinion. It's all easily supported facts.
  6. See post above with the timeline. The worst thing that the Dems are guilty of is not giving Trump what his own party didn't give him for two years after campaigning against giving it to him. Sure the shutdown could have ended the very next day...if the Dems gave into the hostage taker. So what happens next? Trump takes another hostage. "Give into me again or I shut the government down again." You absolutely can't reward this behavior.
  7. No. You have yet to show how any side other than the GOP failed us. Again. 1. The GOP had full control of government for two years. 2. They did not pass funding for the wall. 3. There was a national election that Democrats won big on, largely running against the concept of a wall. 4. The GOP controlled Senate voted unanimously to pass funding that did not include a wall because Trump had said he'd accept it. 5. Fox News complained and called him weak. 6. He changed his mind and said he'd no longer accept anything without a wall...after being on video saying that it was his shutdown and he wouldn't blame the Dems for it. 7. The shutdown started before the Democrats were sworn in. 8. The Democrats did not immediately decide to give into the hostage taker's demands. This isn't opinion. This is the exact timeline. No. Stop this BS both siderism. The shutdown began because Trump saw something on Fox News that made him scared of losing his base. The shutdown continued because McConnell covered his ass and didn't allow the bill that passed 100-0 to come to a vote before yesterday.
  8. When a shutdown begins when one party controls all branches of the government and the leader of the party declares that it will be his shutdown, it's REALLY hard to spin that it isn't that party's fault.
  9. I covered that. >Paul Ryan refused to allow a vote on the unanimously passed Senate bill.
  10. When one side takes a hostage and the other side refuses to negotiate with terrorists for fear of encouraging the behavior and making it happen again, should both be equally blamed? Let's review here. >The GOP lead Senate passed a bill, unanimously, to keep the government open. Trump had signaled his acceptance of this. >Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh threw a hissy fit about it not having wall funding >Trump changed his mind and said he wouldn't accept anything without wall funding >Paul Ryan refused to allow a vote on the unanimously passed Senate bill. >Shutdown started. >Trump demands Pelosi fund his wall despite just having lost badly in an election largely centered around the very issue. >She says no. >Shutdown continues. >Polls go badly against Trump and the GOP for obvious reasons...that Trump is on camera saying that it's his shutdown and also because it began while the GOP controlled ALL branches of the federal government. >Trump folds, intelligently choosing to do so on a day when Roger Stone got indicted. Might as well have two bad stories on the same day when there are limited column inches to write with than spread them out. The only thing Democrats are guilty of is campaigning on something and then not immediately capitulating once they're sworn in by giving into a guy realizing he's got a base problem and throwing a tantrum, deliberately hurting hundreds of thousands of people by betting that the Dems will fold because they care more than he does about the harm being inflicted concessions.
  11. It was her stated reason initially. That workers for homeland security not being paid might be somewhat less inclined to take a bullet for the guy denying them their paychecks. Trump responded that there were no security concerns. (Effectively calling her bluff to be fair.) She shifted her reason afterward to the shutdown. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/426655-read-pelosis-letter-telling-trump-no-state-of-the-union-amid-shutdown She did move the goal posts. The original reason was a pretext. Give Trump, or his advisers not sure which, credit for figuring out that she probably doesn't give half a **** if Trump lives or dies. The real reason, IMHO, was always to apply pressure on the shutdown by poking at something that Trump really cares about: his ego. He wanted all the pageantry and the applause and TV time of the SOTU. She has the ability to deny him that as a bargaining point and do so in a way that leaves her hands relatively clean because "No SOTU while the government is shut down but we'd be happy to have you once the government is open Mr. President" is a pretty easy talking point.
  12. Thinking that we should beyond making decisions based on our intestines at this point. It never seems to work out well. Facts. Evidence. Logic. These things I support making decisions on. Whether or not the KFC is repeating on me is something I'd consider a sub-optimal data point.
  13. If she schedules it for a few days after the CR expires and there's a new shutdown, then the same reason would apply would it not? No State of the Union during a government shutdown. To be clear, I'm not advocating doing a Charlie Brown with the football thing here. But I am suggesting that Trump pretty obviously cares about being able to do his fancy speech and it moves him more than the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people. If there's no shutdown after the CR ends, then Trump gets his speech. If he's learned nothing about the fact that he's not an autocrat and this is not a dictatorship, then the lesson can be repeated.
  14. Re: the general subject of the wall and funding thereof. If it were that important to the GOP, why didn't they secure it when they had unified control over the federal government over the first two years that Trump was in office? Or if they didn't have the votes then to secure it, why would they think that they'd be able to accomplish it now once they got slaughtered in a midterm election? It lacks logic.