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  1. I think that the MWC can compete successfully against the...WAC...in Texas.
  2. Congratulations to Longview Kalicago on crushing our finals matchup. Your team was absolutely the best one all season, and you proved it beyond a doubt when it mattered most. Thanks to everyone who participated and played this year but in particular @cgzpackfor stepping up and running things. I had fun and it's appreciated.
  3. In the league that I've run for nine years, we go with two-week playoffs. Whether that's the best approach or not is open to discussion. We like it because it makes it more likely that the best team advances, but it does make things a little less exciting in that upsets are less likely so there's some tradeoffs involved. Basically, weeks 1-12 are the regular season. Then four teams advance. Weeks 13 and 14 are the first round of the playoff combined. Then weeks 15 and 16 are the championship. You didn't ask, but I'll volunteer since you really seem like the type of commissioner
  4. Well...yes...true. I'll have to seek comfort and solace for not getting those anymore in the warm embrace of the girls from one of the better Vegas strip clubs. (Post-pandemic of course.) It'll be hard (in more ways than one) but I suspect I'll find a way to cope.
  5. Hawaii fans, please take this in the teasing spirit with which it is intended. Literally just saw this on a different board and came over here to watch the roasting comments I'm expecting from your conference mate posters.
  6. I think I'd be more likely to be in favor of a keeper league if I know a season in advance. Coming into this year, I drafted based on my expectation of who would help me be successful THIS year. One thought that I'd toss out there... Maybe do an Auction style draft next year with the announcement that the following year would let you keep, say, 2 players. That way everyone has an equal shot at getting some of the true, high end studs like Cook, Henry, Adams, Hill etc. if they're willing to spend up to get them. I could see some wild bidding on the top studs if people know in advance
  7. I'll throw in a few more concerns. 1. Recruiting. You've got the 141th ranked recruiting class in football for this year. This seems fairly consistent since you were 142nd last year, 134th the year before, and 135th the year before that. I imagine that number would improve if you were in an FBS conference, but I'm not sure how much. Fargo is not exactly a choice destination for out of state talent and you don't have much in-state talent. 2. No TV contract value. You're in a tiny TV market and would be unlikely to improve the conference's TV contract value enough to justify an additi
  8. My apologies. I'm rusty at this! Been away for to long.
  9. Is it known what the specific comments were? Hard to have an opinion on the validity of the players' protests without knowing the exact quotes.
  10. Let me double check something first. ... ... ... Yes, YES I DO have Josh Allen as my fantasy football quarterback and yes I AM the current top playoff seeded team. (This bit of gratuitous trash talking was brought to you by the "Make Sure That I Piss Enough People Off That the MWC Board has a Fantasy Football League Next Year Gunning for my Extremely Sexy Ass" committee.) Oh, wait, I should say something about Josh Allen the real world quarterback. Hrrm. He's great! I'm thrilled at what he's accomplishing not only for himself, not only for Wyoming, not only for re
  11. This is true....to a point. But you presented SDSU as the alternative marquee name with zero evidence. There's evidence that BSU is still the marquee name. I presented some in my last post. Such as being in the final top-25 football rankings most years and constantly being a contender in basketball even if the school isn't the best at it. You're correct you can't conclusively prove such a thing, but if you're going to float a different name you should at least have SOMETHING you can point at to support that view. Similarly, if you want to say that BSU wants to leave and most of the rest o
  12. Again, prove the bolded part. You're stating this, but not supporting it. Even not at it's "peak" BSU has been ranked in the final top-25 for football 6 out of the last 9 years. That's equal to the rest of the conference combined. So...support your point that SDSU is the closest that the conference has to a marquee name. Present some evidence. I don't disagree completely with you that BSU's brand name doesn't carry quite the weight it used to during its peak years, but I do disagree that it doesn't carry more weight than any other school in the conference. The most accomplished schoo
  13. I'm willing to entertain arguments as to why SDSU is the marquee name. Boise State remains the best football team in the conference, is the reigning conference champion, and is at least a "good" basketball team in that it's competitive almost every year in that sport. So, what makes SDSU the marquee name for the Mountain West?
  14. This post starts from an unproven premise, then presents a SECOND unlikely premise, and goes on from there. HARSIN is not happy with where BSU is. Harsin is a football coach. He is ONLY a football coach. And not a universally loved one at that. But he does not speak for the university. Of course BSU wants to leave EVENTUALLY. It wants to get into a power conference. That's a long ways away. Of course BSU has to kick the tires on what else is out there by exploring options such as going to the AAC as a football only member and parking the other sports in the WCC. It's just doing your
  15. A. The MWC was going to take away the extra TV money that BSU gets B. BSU sued. C. The conference decided that BSU would continue getting the extra TV money. The math isn't complicated. No, legally, the issue was never decided. But practically, BSU won because they forced the conference to keep giving the extra money that they negotiated after they tried to stop doing so. Sure, the issue will likely be revisited again at some point because the conference clearly isn't happy about the contract they signed. But, well, tough titties. BSU isn't a villain for simply enforcing w
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