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  1. God bless America! I'm not going to lie...I haven't laughed that hard in a while. God bless Sarah's tits.
  2. Thanks mate! It's been a busy year. But it's nice to find out that I'm still remembered even if I haven't been around much. Big bro (or sis) fist back.
  3. I don't want to put to fine of a point on the intellectual and journalistic credibility of Mr. Carlson but... ...even assuming that he's telling the truth about this super double secret damning evidence that he supposedly sent.... ...he sent such important stuff without making copies or keeping duplicates or records or, well, anything at all whatever? I mean, under the VERY MOST favorable interpretation I can possibly imagine, which is that Tucker Carlson - a "journalist" of many years experience - is telling the truth and he had documents of critical national importance in his hand
  4. Fixing it quickly would require a phone booth from a Bill and Ted movie. Great result, but our special teams (and most specifically field goals or punts) being crap is, well, it's just so US. Pretty sure that it's up there with trick plays at this point as our calling card.
  5. Second trade offer with comments sent to Space Krakens. Is there a way to get a list of which MWC board usernames own which teams? Be nice to be able to @ them.
  6. Trade offer with comments sent to the Space Krakens.
  7. Should probably add some context. Joe Mixon ruled out for this week. So Bernard will have the backfield all to himself.
  8. If any owners out there are still actively reading this thread and are looking for some immediate, short term help at RB... I can afford to sell on Giovani Bernard who will have the backfield to himself this week in Cinci. I can swap in James Robinson and be fine at RB and am pretty comfortable at 4-2. So if you're an owner who wants/needs a RB who will give you something RIGHT NOW for this Sunday, please let me know of your offers. I consider myself weakest at TE, with WR after that. I'd also be willing to package Bernard with another piece to get a longer term solution at either posi
  9. That's disappointing. How do I get in touch with her? As you know from our experience together with trades, I like the discussion aspect even if the first offer is not what the other side wants.
  10. Trade offer with comments sent to Win Like Flynn.
  11. I'm coming for you! You had a pretty rough week bye week wise last week. Kind of hard to win down both Michael Thomas, Russell Wilson AND Chris Carson
  12. So... My matchup this week against Win Like Flynn came down to the final drive of the KC vs. Buffalo game. I was leading, but Buffalo needed to move the ball down the field quickly and my opponent had Cole Beasley remaining while I had Josh Allen. Essentially, the only way I could lose was if Allen marched the Bills down the field throwing to Beasley a lot. And then my fantasy quarterback threw an interception...and I cheered. Because it effectively ended the game and this week's fantasy matchup. I won by less than 3 points after the -2 for the INT. And thus was the phrase "g
  13. I've only watched a tiny bit because this is a predetermined outcome, but in general they've focused on the Affordable Care Act, that it will be struck down and the preexisting conditions part along with it, during the middle of a pandemic. But otherwise it's been political theater. The GOP CAN do it, so they WILL do it, hypocrisy be damned. But, that aside, I think Dems' chosen line of attack has been decent if not likely to change anything.
  14. Horse shit. And, frankly, you know it is deep down. In the absurdly unlikely hypothetical situation that you posit, naturally positions would need to be reexamined. But the "off the cuff" response shouldn't be "I need to consult" it should be "elected leaders don't get to choose when they have to be reelected".
  15. Amy....just a hint. The answer is no. Unequivocally no. In a democracy, presidents don't get to hold elections when they feel like it at a time most convenient to them. A gentle reminder that this is the ideologue that the GOP is ramming into a lifetime appointment because they can't win fair elections. Someone who won't commit to not letting a president pick and choose when he has elections.
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