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  1. Rev McQuervo

    Long may they reign

    Winnemucca, Gold Field, Battle Mountain STRONG!
  2. Rev McQuervo

    Long may they reign

    WHEN. Mugster its WHEN we beat the FresDruggians.
  3. Rev McQuervo

    Long may they reign

    Besides being AATW Graduate! Solid dude from an illustrious family of solid beer drinkers!
  4. Rev McQuervo

    Guess who’s tweeting again

    Is this some crazed FresTuckian gone Chernobyl again?
  5. Rev McQuervo

    SDSU at Fresno

    Ok, makes sense although these kids are pissed. I will be surprised if we don't come out of the "Anus of the Valley" without a W. Duck, here come the Urine Bombs!
  6. Kingsman not Lancers (however their Purple outfits are nice-lol)
  7. Rev McQuervo

    "Lovely" FresBurg

    Gotta love the Ignore feature! Thanks Mug, "Tough" Keyboard Thugs from FresTuckie (just like the Borg) disappear!
  8. Rev McQuervo

    "Lovely" FresBurg

    Great article about the Crack Capital of CA: https://goaztecs731.blogspot.com/2016/10/an-ugly-win-hey-win-is-win.html?fbclid=IwAR3s-BGFwj-dNVjDdqC2igN2ResULZVQTj2WWg-U32feNPjuxshYbVH_Ye0 Imagine, doing this to a 92 year old man...
  9. Rev McQuervo

    Fire Tedford!!

    "Over Rated..."
  10. Rev McQuervo

    Congrats Fresno. Fire Harsin!

    They need the extra day to get that B of a QB ready for the beating he is going to get next Saturday. What a Whiney little B.
  11. Rev McQuervo

    Congrats Fresno. Fire Harsin!

    Next week, Crack dealers will get it again, no Vaseline.
  12. Rev McQuervo

    Great game Boise

    Keep your excuses for next weekend.
  13. Rev McQuervo

    SDSU West leading big

    AztecMessA is just that. Mods are dolts (exclude Fish up north of course!)
  14. Rev McQuervo

    SDSU West leading big

    HARDLY. He wanted to negotiate directly without Public input for Sucker City. He is a weasel to put it mildly.
  15. Rev McQuervo

    UNLV at SDSU

    Lower Nevada always gives us fits (like FresCrack this is their version of the "Superbowl)". Course the way we play, we really don't need outside competition, we are our own competition.