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  1. Rev McQuervo

    Utah State rehires Gary Anderson

    Status Quo.
  2. Rev McQuervo

    Las Vegas Bowl - Fresno State vs Arizona State

    lol- they will come to play. I was disappointed in that pick as well.
  3. Rev McQuervo

    SDSU vs Ohio in Frisco Bowl

    We are lucky to be invited anywhere, even Texas. Rocky will have the team ready, he is too pissed not to make a showing.
  4. Boise will stomp the FresTuckians.
  5. Rev McQuervo

    Mack Brown UNC

    Uggghhhh- bad, bad choice.
  6. Rev McQuervo

    Arizona Bowl

    Boys will have to strap on their "Depends" if we get into a bowl...
  7. Rev McQuervo

    BYU blows 27-7 lead

    They have Teenagers at YBU? Never seen one...
  8. Rev McQuervo

    Aztec fans mini helmet bet?

    Will do the bet straight across. BTW where is your Brother "Le Chon?"
  9. Rev McQuervo

    Can we talk about how bad CSU sucks?

    A bronzed Corcoran Jump Boot. "Silly leg, Jump Boots are for Men!"
  10. Rev McQuervo

    CSU @ Air Force Game Thread

    Scouts are (slow this year) real chippy...
  11. Rev McQuervo

    Utes don't see much value in playing BYU

    Utah did not want to continue this game, State legislators mandated. Go Utes, Hell go ANYONE whom curb stomps the Enemy Borg!
  12. Rev McQuervo

    UNLV Football Head Coaching Candidates

    RR has moved from San Diego to Norman...Sounds like the Tooth ferry has a chance at reality!
  13. Rev McQuervo

    Looking at the bowl situation

    That was the point entirely. They will come on their knees begging. Can't wait!