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  1. Shame, shame Notre Dame

    "Shame" and BYU. Never happen (as their "Standard" is not inclusive outside that "World") yet the theme is accurate.
  2. Nevada to play @Penn State in 2020

    Went back 2 years ago when we played them. Stadium is in the boonies, could not believe how many deer (some literally on front bumpers as in parts) we passed. Fans were normal and unlike the "F'ing Borg" they group visitor's in the same section.
  3. BYU & MWC

    "Them, Them, F-Them"...
  4. LET'S GO RAMS !!!!!!!

    ? Tonto.
  5. San Diego State vs Army

    Disappointed and disgusted. Staff and players both sucked. Senor Captains acted like the idiots from Planet Kolob, truly bad leadership all around.
  6. More to come today!
  7. San Diego State vs Army

    Army is a very good team this year. If the absolute dissing to Penny has made any impression on this Aztec squad, a Curb Stomp is a mere few hours away.. GO AZTECS!
  8. Mike Bobo

    Talent, no comparison. Lay this one at Bobo's feet, he failed, big time.
  9. New Mexico Bowl- Colorado State vs Marshall

    That was a painful game to watch. Still can't believe Bobo got an extension as your staff didn't do your team any favors yesterday, completely outcoached/schemed.
  10. SDSU vs Army in the Armed Forces Bowl

    We did a few years back on Navy and further back on Louisiana Tech... Emotions are everything in college ball.
  11. Penny Fifth in Heisman Voting

    Faulk, Pumphrey, Penny.
  12. NLOI Day - Two weeks away

    Wake Forest is a hell of a school- they have been recruiting out west for about a decade with sucess in odd places like Santa Barbara....
  13. 2017 MWC Football Attendance

    Simply put, he (Acee) has grabbed the #2 from Fat Nick and is now the Daily Drama Fish Wrap Hack in town. On the radio he comes across as the Fat Tuba Player with an attitude. Nick did it for decades, Acee is just filing that gap... Total Twit.