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  1. Leg, Try it at 800' with 120# hanging off your waist out of a UH-1 at 0200.
  2. Tennessee is the only D-1 venue I have visited where the fans are somewhat (they don't piss in coke bottles and throw at the opposing team) similar to FresTuckie fans in "Tooth" count.
  3. Not all Californians feel that "Stepford City" is a delight. Besides, somebody with a real education needs to manage those Spud Farmers. Viva!
  4. I enjoy watching East Coast Aztec feeding the bushes their morning nutrients prior to attending the event. Attitude and approach- right up there with Cover and Concealment! Stay Humble my Leg friends & Go Aztecs!
  5. Planet Kolob is certainly a tough place to conduct business unless your in the "Club."
  6. We have the team, the OC is our huge ? Nice stock of QB's one will surface-our D will be stellar and our ST should be very good. Again, "HellStinkie" the OC is the key.
  7. Jesse is still on the team-correct? Also we just got the tranfer whom is huge and very fast. Non issue. OC-there is the issue! BTW was in El Centro this week- the "White Small Bird" is flying...
  8. UGLY will not be a challange. $C still has "Jethro" as the HC, sad to see the Pac "When" so far down the scale as a conference. For decades (up until the past two) it was a Nationally dominate conference- No more.
  9. Either way ladies, as stated in the movie, "You go to Utah, you stay in Utah." As stated, our O was horrific. Part due to lack of direction by OC, mismanagement by OC and incompetence of OC. Add, our Oline never jelled under the previous OL coach whom now is gone. And yes, we couldn't keep a QB on the field worth a nickle... Personel wise, we are fine and deep. Also curious about our Kicking game, drop off last year yet as a result of the above, not a surprise. Game will be played in the armpit of LA (pretty much all of LA fits discription) with maybe 12K in attendance. I e
  10. Don't forget the famous B-52 song and the movie Napolean Dynamite-both proud reps that illustrate the pride of that state!
  11. Expect huge leaps from the Hobo's. They certainly have the coaching, now fill the roles.
  12. Two comments both related to the offense (which has been "Offensive"): We needed a change at Oline Coaching-underperforming every year- GOT IT. We need a QB-same as above but really it has yet to been seen. One more- our OC is below average-so bad I would prefer Jeff Horton over this guy, really bad sauce. All said, love the schedule, we will beat one if not both Pac "When" teams and I like the fact we play Boise last.
  13. Next up (PULEEEAAAZZE) a new OC...
  14. If in Mex gotta be at the "Drewl"...La "Saliva" Bar & Grill La Salina Beach Hotel
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