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  1. Rev McQuervo

    SDSU West leading big

    The average Nye County resident does NOT have a computer.
  2. Rev McQuervo

    Slowest AFA team in years

    We played down to their level (gee there's a shocker!). That is a bad Scout team.
  3. Rev McQuervo

    Game Thread - SJSU vs Army

    In this region, with the quality of players and JC programs, how in the hell can you lose to Army that badly?
  4. Rev McQuervo

    Rank em

    Utah State - UPSET ALERT THIS WEEKEND VS WYO SDSU FresTuckie-Overrated (See Minn Game for ref) Boise State UH Nevada Boy Scouts Colorado State New Mexico Wyoming UNLV SJSU -Flat embarrasing
  5. Rev McQuervo

    Game Thread - Fresno State vs. Wyoming

    Urine Bombs be careful Wyo!
  6. Rev McQuervo

    AFA/SDSU Official Game Thread

    Simply stated, we play down to the level of our competition. The Scouts are bad this year, we kept them company in that comment. San Joesie this week, another laugher...
  7. Rev McQuervo

    Air Force at San Diego State

    Nice quotes LTC and the best of luck to the Dirty Filthy Leg Scouts (excluding PJ's & Combat Eng) AF Squad. Looking at the Air Force schedule makes one really scratch their head. To date, excluding Navy which is at best a poor Navy squad, not really impressive in the 'W" category (perhaps Stony Brook-actually thought that was a hippy shoe?). Eight in a row has a nice ring to it, not banking on it as your (insert above) lads will be ready to get this game over with and back to the Greens. Here's to a safe inspired game. Go Aztecs!
  8. Rev McQuervo

    UNLV at Utah State

    Pff isn't that the truth. 18 -22 year olds (no not YBU 34 year old Grandparents) whom struggle with focus. Feel the same about our (SDSU) game tonight, anything can happen.
  9. Rev McQuervo

    The All CBB Projection systems Thread

    Again, why? Do they have a real good Woman's Basketball team? Anything that brings more than 200 fans?
  10. Rev McQuervo

    Bad News Nevada Fans

    Its those Damn Nevada fans from Battle Mountain, Pesky Knucklehead's!
  11. Rev McQuervo

    2018 attendance update

    So the guy that states he is a Air Force (See Boy Scouts for reference) yet is really a Wyo fan wants to shoot holes into statements regarding integrity? Car is parked, keep chasing...
  12. Rev McQuervo

    2018 attendance update

    Imagine that, a written publication that expands the truth...SHOCKING! Stadium holds 72K if you have 30K in attendance it appears on TV like 15k. We get 30k+.
  13. Rev McQuervo

    Show me where UCLA wins a game

    Love it as future Public Servant's are clueless about the game in comparison to $C fan. They have not been good since Donohue. UCLA is irrelevant, similar to SJSU in the MGC.