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  1. EVERY BwhyU loss is as good or better than an Aztec W!
  2. Don't sweat the RB position, we are SOLID and deep. DL different story. Hope Brady can work some magic (3-3-5 will assist).
  3. That's a long toss for their Urine Bombs!
  4. Hmmm, might the NFL's support of rogue players had a lasting effect?
  5. Aztecs tweak O approach and it fits well. 9-3 (two of the games we will have NO BUSINESS LOSING-see Lower Nevada or UH. Aztec D will improve and TO margin will increase to prior years or better.
  6. One of the strengths of that program. Best wishes to a full and quick recovery.
  7. Uggghhh. Many times we have fought this paracitic group of malcontents. "Aztecs" somehow became "Offensive" to what was a Prof (of Native American ethnicity) at SDSU and he led a group of losers in protest. Good news, he got canned for "Other reasons." Funniest part, groups in Mexico City protested against the protest as they found it to be an Honor to be represented by SDSU. Stupid "Parked Car Chasing Fools" Aztec society has been dead for over 500 years.... Always someone (see the 4 females currently) who will find something wrong with nothing and carry a crusade only to promote themselves.
  8. Name: Rev McQuervo Hometown: Carlsbad, BC Mexico University and Degree: U La Verne-BS Bus Admn Occupation: Regional Sales Manager Teams: Aztecs-Nevada-Wyo Interests: Yes Dislikes: Yes Favorite Activities Off Road Riding in Baja, College FB (Western), Fly Fishing, Tequila On my playlist: "Two old ladies lying in a bed..." Married/Kids/Pets: Yes, 5 (for real) Golden (from Mex) Pinche Mut (from Hell) Cat (from Mex) Miscellaneous: Sure
  9. Where would they move? Green Acres (yes a real place) Wasco, Oildale, Pumpkin Center? Its all Hell in that Valley...
  10. Will do the bet straight across. BTW where is your Brother "Le Chon?"
  11. Scouts are (slow this year) real chippy...
  12. Utah did not want to continue this game, State legislators mandated. Go Utes, Hell go ANYONE whom curb stomps the Enemy Borg!
  13. That was the point entirely. They will come on their knees begging. Can't wait!