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  1. Weirdest State in this country, Planet Kolob...
  2. Offense returns solid parts of the OL and reloads at RB- QB is solid, best news new OC D-Solid yet Rocky is gone-replacement TBD but certainly not Rocky... SDSU 4-0 Fresno 1-3- back to the Meth Lab Hawaii 3-2- talented UNR 1-3- Love the HC-OC play calling not so much... SJSU 2-2-well coached and talented UNLV 1-3-lol
  3. Pumpkin Center Firebaugh Oildale Green Acres All representative of the 'V"
  4. I say the Superior Nevada team up north will be a huge surprise (BTW Wyo will shock this year)...
  5. Aztecs might have the best TEAM they have ever fielded this year. What remains to be seen is how they adapt on D to the new coordinator-O will be vastly improved and hopefully not so predictable.
  6. Athlon.. lol 2nd team K Matt Araiza, San Diego State. That alone tells me not to (again) buy their Fishwrap nor put credence in anything they publish.
  7. Genius, I was refereeing to the Pac 12...
  8. NM will be improved, no doubt. The following year(s) will illustrate, lots to implement in the 3-3-5 personnel needs to compliment, not sure the players are in place... Looking forward to seeing you guys paste the FresTuckians and others!
  9. See the phrase, "MassHoles" for reference above...
  10. BYU/Fresno - New Mexico Bowl- long way to travel on a Massey Ferguson just to toss Urine Bombs at the Enemy... SDSU/ASU - LA Bowl-How many times do we have to beat these guys? Hoping for better match. Boise/Boston College - Fenway-This I like. AF/Miami University - Idaho Potato-Same good match. WKU/Hawaii - Hawaii-UH on the Island, tough to beat. Florida Atlantic/WYO - Frisco Bowl-Wyo would curb stomp. They will be nails this year. Ohio/Nevada - Arizona Bowl-Unknown, Nevada has talent, coaching is the unknown- Ohio is extremely well coached.
  11. That conference has dropped so far in the past 10 years.....
  12. Nice. Back to WYO- whom I believe will be very good this year, Harsin is a very good recruiter. End. Sorry we don't play you guys this year, always enjoy that game and good luck, Wyo will be a beast. 9-3 or 8-4 in 2020