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  1. U$C's Athletic Budget is $120M
  2. Bummed. Rolo was a great fit and helped your program out of a bad situ. Heres to hoping his replacement is better!
  3. Fair comment, yet the Cupboard is full of talent and lots of very good staff will remain. I expect an improvement in the next 3 years- 9 W's (or more in 2020) and (like his last time here as HC) some hot names in important positions coaching wise. THANK YOU AGAIN (Morons) MICHUOACAN for another Fantastic Coach! (Steve Fisher and Dutch also worked out pretty good)
  4. Damn- hate to see him make this jump this early. Oiiink On!
  5. SoCal is QUITE Different than LoCal, he would NEVER move up past the Orange Curtain.
  6. I speak daily with my College Roommate/Teammate whom is a Mayor in a city very close (in Michoacán to) "The Whores City." Check Brady Hokes % Win versus (3 not 1 DUI's) Harbaugh. Funny huh? So close. (Hey every wonder why your braindead coach got tossed out of USD and Stanford? I know the story at USD-Stanford probably the same). Fans in Michoacán are so myopic and clueless. Let's hope Brady gets the offer and accepts. He is quality and will take the program a step forward-(I think Rocky is done as he will not fire his Best Friend Horton).
  7. Bad enough to take us to 10-3 Reina. New adds in 2020 will address.
  8. Smack from San Joser (the school that SHOULD be kicked out of the MGC). Funny.
  9. They got us last year by a similar margin...
  10. aka Borg North... Shiiiiiiizz the bed in a big way!
  11. EuuuuuwwwwwTah embarrassed last night against a low>mid level Big 12 team. Aztecs 5-6 FB Wins in past 3 years over Pac/Back 12 teams. Quit whining about the MGC that Conference is in severe decline.