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  1. Rev McQuervo

    Football needs to hurry up and return

    Nevada is well coached. Nevada will go to a Bowl this year. Good God, even Lower Nevada (figure) will be improved. I will even go so far as to say SJSU will win one game (maybe more, weirder things have happened-see FresTuckie last year for reference) SDSU will be 8-4 (three of the four we will play horrifically, bank on it).
  2. Rev McQuervo

    Good News MWC non-BSU Programs!

    They may not drop the Nevada game, but I will make every attempt to be in Boise to watch the Aztecs beat Boise (that said and of course losing at least one game we have no business losing).
  3. Rev McQuervo

    Football needs to hurry up and return

    17 Days till Stanford...
  4. Rev McQuervo

    MWC Ad Campaigns I’d like to see

    Not me- just some of our fans by your "Elites." Nice way to 'Represent!" Fressssbbbbbbuuuuurrrg.
  5. Rev McQuervo

    MWC Ad Campaigns I’d like to see

    Urine Bomber U.
  6. Rev McQuervo

    Air Force football player comes out as gay

    Boy Scouts.
  7. Rev McQuervo

    Fresno State Preview

    Agree with you on UCLA (that scheme was figured out 6 years ago) so substitute Toledo. The "Boat Rowers" in the Land of the Great White Northern will run over you. Also, Boise in Boise week prior to the Aztecs, whom will come to FresTuckie with a chip and focus this year. Just remember, we are all 12-0 so far in 2018.
  8. Rev McQuervo

    Fresno State Preview

    one of my favorite songs, "Rum, Rum, Rum, you make me kinda.....SMART"
  9. Rev McQuervo

    2018 MWC Predicted Order of Finish

    Perfect! Chapman's final year, exceptional Oline, absolutely perfect!
  10. Rev McQuervo

    hair thompson

    Wish he would, that guy has done less with more than any other commissioner...
  11. Rev McQuervo

    hair thompson

    "Useless" has a face.
  12. Rev McQuervo

    Board News

    What is the "MW Wire?"
  13. Rev McQuervo

    What is there to do in Boise???

    Great town, nice people, pretty and great microbrews & fly fishing close. Just imagine how NASTY FresTuckie can be and expect the opposite in things to do and fans (actually knowledgeable and nice). I will be there Thursday and Friday this week for work. Fun place.
  14. The FresTuckie Hate is strong, wow the little fellers are feeling frisky this year. Must of had a good dose of Roundup overspray. Washington will be supported by perhaps the best Aztec Oline since the early 90's. And yes he runs back KO's very effectively. Hopefully we can repeat what I witnessed in Boise a few years back on the first play of the game.... This is an 8-4 team. FresBurg however will get a much tougher game this year, Rocky will ensure.
  15. Rev McQuervo

    2018 Breakout Players Thread (aka Kapri Bibbs thread)

    Breakout year for Christian Chapman. Bank on it, some new tweaks in the scheme, little drop off at RB, OLine VASTLY improved (will be dominate) and TE's that block, catch and have good speed. See attached for Penny's replacement at KR and those whom doubt Chapman's ability to pass: