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  1. Rev McQuervo

    MWC Has Two in the Top 25

    Been there and witnessed. Crafts first game whatever year... And yes, that it a post that merits truth.
  2. Rev McQuervo

    MWC Has Two in the Top 25

    Concur as this IS a rebuilding year. We've lost too much in the running game and on the Dline. No FB has stepped up and we are but an injury away on the Dline from being an 8-4 team. "Little Caesar" (aka Fresburg) will prove to be a One Hit Wonder. They are delusional, we play our worst game of the year and lose and its their Superbowl. Guess if had to live there, its makes sense. Gotta say though, they did beat a real tough Incarnate Word team!
  3. Rev McQuervo

    It's Happening.

    I wish SDSU would never had rescheduled those DBags.
  4. Rev McQuervo

    Spring Football Reports

    Reliable, smart and consistent. Talent, not so much.
  5. Rev McQuervo

    OT: Herm Edwards

    He is a hell of a coach, and no he has not forgot how to coach. Passion and the time investment will tell if he is worth a damn in D-1. We know they will run a 3-3-5 and we play them in September. Good guy, hope he does well until we kick their Azz!
  6. Rev McQuervo

    Air Force boxing captures Regional Title

  7. Same thing they do every year: Cheap Late Shots Whine like 13 year old girls Think they are the Show Replay gate Be the pompous, useless, disingenuous SOB's they have always been and continue to be. Nothing new...
  8. Rev McQuervo

    Shame, shame Notre Dame

    "Shame" and BYU. Never happen (as their "Standard" is not inclusive outside that "World") yet the theme is accurate.
  9. Rev McQuervo

    Nevada to play @Penn State in 2020

    Went back 2 years ago when we played them. Stadium is in the boonies, could not believe how many deer (some literally on front bumpers as in parts) we passed. Fans were normal and unlike the "F'ing Borg" they group visitor's in the same section.
  10. Rev McQuervo

    BYU & MWC

    "Them, Them, F-Them"...
  11. Rev McQuervo

    LET'S GO RAMS !!!!!!!

    ? Tonto.
  12. Rev McQuervo

    San Diego State vs Army

    Disappointed and disgusted. Staff and players both sucked. Senor Captains acted like the idiots from Planet Kolob, truly bad leadership all around.
  13. More to come today!