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  1. According to the minions on "NancyMesa" no, hence always safe to take the opposite of that boards opinion for reality.
  2. The only thing I want to happen to that school is to watch the "L's" pile up on their side of the scoreboard. Too many years/decades of disingenuous behavior, outright cheating, and re-writing of the rules. I don't miss anything about that program or its fans.
  3. West Division SDSU-might be the best talent overall on the Mesa Nevada-Its time and they have a light schedule Hawaii-Very good talent, new staff.. SJSU-Excellent coaching- Excellent Coaching UNLV- good talent, new everything who knows Fresno State-where they belong. Mtn Division Wyoming-Favorite Coach in the league, he doesn't settle Air Force-Scout are solid need to stay healthy Boise State- they are overrated UNM-Coaching, they will be underrated USU-QB gone CSU-Baaaaa
  4. Cowherd=Hacksaw (aka Butterknife) on a National Basis- pure comedy.
  5. Bajamar Mexico, anybody need help?
  6. Go to Goldfield and practice in the dirt. Plenty of social distancing available...
  7. Earthquakes on Planet Kolob? Don't soil your under ware!!
  8. Curious- seems like I read we are right at 30k per game. Perhaps you have us mixed up with San Joser or NM?
  9. Concur- Wife said on Friday "lets get toliet paper," I responded no I am low on 357 and 30-30 Ammo, lets buy that instead.
  10. Stuck playing in Lower Nevada for Basketball- why FB? Come to SD- better weather, Women with Teeth and dressed (keeps out the FresTuckians) and lots of room. Plus, its San Diego...
  11. As a Team, this is the deepest and possibly most talented team in decades. Hokomainia Lives!