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  1. George Allen was older when he turned around Long Beach State (then the team rewarded him by dumping Gatorade on his head, he caught pneumonia and died)... Course LBSU no longer has FB-I see the same path for Lower Nevada.
  2. Lower Nevada continues its questionable athletic moves. Best HC I have seen there in a decade... Hope he comes to the Aztecs as our OC!
  3. No, apparently the AD's office was flooded with calls and emails. Hellstinkie was just that, saw it his first confusing year, in way over his head.
  4. Also consider our Oline is starting to play well. See some of you later today. Go Aztecs!
  5. All said above is true, what is missing is we hit a stride the minute we dumped our completely inept OC and the D has continued to grow. Had BoiZee and FresTuckie on the ropes, let up, don't expect a let up tonight. Here is to W #10.
  6. Lets make it 10 straight over the Legs!
  7. Scouts will be shorthanded this late in the season. Never have solid backups. Once we dumped Stinky, the Offense became a power. Continues to improve which has allowed the D to rest and refine. Season piss's me off as we wasted too much talent with Brady's loyalty to an incompetent buddy- both FresTuckie and BoiZee should have been Wins (would both be now if we were to replay). Scouts concern me less than the Josers.
  8. Pre-Season favorites coming to town.
  9. Hope we can establish a consistent scoring approach...
  10. Wait until they realize just what a "Prize" they "Won" in YBU.
  11. Your HC has done so much more with vastly less resources. Brady has retired on the job-yes we have facilities and players, we also had his inept Buddy running the offense into the ground for 2.5 years. That guy was pitiful!
  12. I would trade for yours any day!
  13. Since Robinson. Lower Nevada will always be "Lower Nevada."
  14. 24 years of Hair, she has nowhere to go but up! Glad we won't be here, but one more season-that idiot was the poster boy for the Peter Principle.
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