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  1. This adjustment was due. Just glad for the tweak. Now- Special Teams....
  2. Correction (as we want NOTHING TO DO WITH SoCAL or NooCal) its referred to as LoCal." Keep in mind, pretty much the same as calling Ft Collins>Planet Boulder.
  3. One of the best, if not the best, SoCal HS Programs for QB development. That said, SoCal NOT LoCAl!
  4. Matters on which Aztec team shows up, the one like last year vs Army or the one like the year before against Houston...
  5. lol- they will come to play. I was disappointed in that pick as well.
  6. We are lucky to be invited anywhere, even Texas. Rocky will have the team ready, he is too pissed not to make a showing.
  7. Boys will have to strap on their "Depends" if we get into a bowl...
  8. They have Teenagers at YBU? Never seen one...
  9. Will do the bet straight across. BTW where is your Brother "Le Chon?"