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  1. Stadium is a dump. SD City Council is full of Morons that can't get out of their own way. Absolutely clueless for a city of this size... Chargers leave, we get the land, GOOD RIDDANCE! Aztecs will build a nice NFL expandable stadium a great extension to the main campus (served by the existing trolley) and develop what was an eyesore into an exceptional representation of Americas Finest City. We have the INS and USMC to protect us from the Hoards of the North (LA). Long Live LoCal!
  2. Boise SDSU WYO AF USU The Rock Nevada SJSU UNLV Sheep Lobos FresTuckie
  3. Can't be the truth, BYu gets all the calls from the MGC Refs.
  4. Your HC might very well be the best coach in the MGC. You guys are going to be scary good next year.
  5. Where are all the posters claimed this guy was the Greatest Find? FresTuckians pretty quiet these days....
  6. Disagree with Fowl (rarity) I believe our OMG Bad OLine will determine.
  7. She's been dead for about 6 years. Thanks for asking...
  8. "Bright" statement from a team that just beat Mighty NM State. Oh wait you also "Beat" Sac State, my bad.
  9. Lassard and Washington back at RB for the Aztecs, same could be said for the Pokes...
  10. Hobos are in for a long game. Sheep coaching is clueless yet they do have talent and some speed.
  11. Too bad "Vegas" doesn't play for you guys.