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  1. Wyo & Scout fans are exceptional. UH fans can be rough yet unlike the FresTuckians they have "Teeth" not "Tooth."
  2. Yup embarrassing. We don't have a QB nor an OC certainly not an OL. Didn't you get Curb Stomped at Home by the Borg?
  3. This is one of my all time favorite threads. First I would like to thank the All Mighty Mug for the Ignore Feature. So far, can't read one ignorant Borg comment. Second, truth is something of convenience for that "Club." If it's convenient or beneficial for their use, its perfect and the standard. Thirdly, Trigger is so powerful with the JelloBusters. They simply didn't want to get a mark on their fancy underwear. Forth- see you Bitc---s next week in Provanistan. We will attempt to do what Boise couldn't. I promise you this, this will be an INSPIRED Aztec team.
  4. Gotta remember (on this subject) they (PacWhen Officials) actually think they are more important than the game itself! We used to have the worst in D-1 when we were the WAC- now your group carries that turd.
  5. Urine Bombers from FresTuckie, no equal.
  6. Actually we are looking to ruin their season. Get through this weekend healthy I like our chances!
  7. Well unlike our upcoming game (from the Aztec side anyways) this one will have points scored. Go Aggies!
  8. Good God another sleeper as we can't spell "Offense"...Doesn't the game start at 19:30 PST?
  9. I know, quite the stretch- Lower Nevada always no matter what their record happens to be at the time, pulls an upset about every year...Hi Boise! Nevada see Loss #2 -UH found the missing puzzle piece
  10. Clovis+Reality=lol/lol X jaaaaaaa jaaaaaaa... Back to the FOE and your Old English. That was a bad Puff team, we just happen to not have ANY offense.
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