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  1. If in Mex gotta be at the "Drewl"...La "Saliva" Bar & Grill La Salina Beach Hotel
  2. New Mexico can get coaches. FresTuckie can get coaches. Lower Nevada-its still Lower Nevada.
  3. Bohl is quality, question is how long till Poke fans start crying about Bohl (Ghost of Joe Tiller)...
  4. It may be a long reach yet I am certain with the skinny neck of yours, you still can pat your back.
  5. Point being- we have beat you with much less (at that position) over the years. Add- we have RB's and play a little D too. Record?
  6. Yup and how many Socialist Republic of KaliForniac players on on the Pack>Boise>Wyo>EuuuWTah State Penn?
  7. We had him here in SD. With him he brought an unbelievable staff to include a Hall of Fame Coach. Like Stanford- he really liked the female students also DUI count was not 1 in SD it was 3. Michoacan I have been to both of our games there. Ohio State three of our games in the Shoe- OSU fan all over Michuacan idiots.... Good luck with Harbough.
  8. Great thread! Concur with Mug its Marketing/Perception. This year was an anomoly next year (or actually this upcoming) should be more stable and consistant. SDSU FINALLY is losing (he was a moron of the highest status) our "Marketing" Genious whom is officially retiring (he retired on the job for over 20). Mid West and East Coast can't watch our 7:30 games- too damn late. That limits the MGC exposure. Solution>Exposure>Interest. Lastly- we have to win. Can't do what we did again a crappy Puffalo team (they had 1 day to prepare-not nearly enough) and the Josers can't g
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