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  1. Absolutely correct- unfortunately. We always play up and down to the level of competition and always lose at least 1 we have no business losing.
  2. From the Land of Urine Bombs here comes an opportunity for a group of Dentists to load up their 401k's... Careful on the freeways of LA as the Hoard from the North will be plugging it up with their Massey Fergusson tractors. Expecting a lot of action from "Mr. Haney" to the Crapper.
  3. Chop Blocking U continues. Cheap play-not appreciated, not good Sportsmanship. All that said, you got a "Free" TD on a horrific BYU'esq Replay Review!
  4. Place under the category of a WIN!
  5. Read your moniker - read your comments. You Obviously never served in the military, "AFA's players are always well focused." Should replace with "Well Rested." Great Golfers for certain!
  6. To say Air Force "CAN" pass is a first in a decade. Scouts can, will they, might have to as our DFront might be the best in the MGC. If our China Doll QB can adjust for the elevation change, our Special Teams are the best and will contribute, our D will play up to the level required. Concern- that friggin Moron OC/QB "Coach" of ours. More "Sharp Tools" in the shed than he knows how to utilze. We win 10+ (and of course I am aware of the "Curse" of an Aztec top 25 Ranking...)
  7. They flat haven't played anyone: Lafayette +Navy (a bad Navy team) -Lost to a lousy Ut State team +Florida Atlantic +New Mexico +Wyo +A sub par Boise team ---They get us at home then ...Army (decent) ...Sheep (Bi-Polar program) ...Nevada very good Nevada team ...lastly Lower Nevada Nice schedule for certain!
  8. You would get lost in the "Spaghetti Bowl."
  9. Big games, now (not before the Hoke era) we come to play. This is a "Big" game.
  10. More concerned with Nevada.
  11. Credible comments. 1) Still Scouts are One-Dimensional. 2) We have the best D-line in the MWC. 3) SDSU D-is what #3 (entire Country) against the run? 4) We have not dropped off a bit with the New DC (OC COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY!) 5) This team plays more like a team than most Aztec teams I have watched since 1986. Scouts- well they will all be very good Golfers one day (san PJ's & Combat Engineers whom I have the utmost respect).
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