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  1. rudolro

    Unindicted co-conspirator

  2. rudolro

    Unindicted co-conspirator

    Don't engage. He's hiding under a desk in his mom's basement hoping all this goes away.
  3. rudolro

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    Me in disguise pushing down old ladies in Boise vs Reno , or was it in Reno vs Boise. What ever, those stadiums look a like when drunk and on the hunt.
  4. rudolro

    Arguing outside of MWCboard

    You're doing it wrong. Just toss a grenade and leave
  5. Waiting on him to blame Mueller on the stockk market dropping. Also suprised he didn't retweet he would have a 75% approval rating this morning
  6. None his thoughts are connected. Looks like a drunken text from an ex
  7. rudolro

    Fresno Strikes Gold

    Cleveland had to hired after Tark and Lopes. We were on the verge of a death sentence. CTD was the right hire for short term. He moved us away from PH. Tedford was the only hire.
  8. rudolro

    ...& the plot thickens in boulder, Colo

    Nope he's an equal opportunity hater of all things Colorado Or if you prefer a Colorado racist
  9. What I got from the article is this chick is a ho
  10. That's because nobody wants crazy. If you've done that once you realize that it was one time to many.
  11. rudolro

    2018-19 Coaching Carousel

    Maybe Harsin seems to burn through OC's at pretty high rate. I'm surprised Hill isn't looking for a job also. What I found odd is that Tedford had him in his staff at Cal and didn't retain him.
  12. rudolro

    2018-19 Coaching Carousel

    I guess WWJD doesn't mean the same thing today
  13. rudolro

    2018-19 Coaching Carousel

    Honestly I couldn't tell how good he was with our WRs because his offense was so bad. So you maybe right. Also this sounds a lot like the SJSU hiring.
  14. rudolro

    2018-19 Coaching Carousel

    Really? He was pretty underwhelming here.
  15. rudolro

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    Both would in the same season no less. They could have a nice little round robin tournament.