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  1. rudolro

    Recipes for small, whole trout

    If you have a sous vide this is the best way to cook delicate fish. I use butter and dill wit a a little salt and pepper.
  2. rudolro

    This is unacceptable

    They weren't. They bowing to the lowest common denominator. Trump supporters.
  3. This spells bad news for the house and the Senate.
  4. rudolro

    Hiring is tough

    If they made that far in the process. That might be viable. Also I know we pay better than most here.
  5. rudolro

    Hiring is tough

    I always have a hard time finding quality candidates. I don't think it's the unemployment rate, I think it'smore of people don't want to start at the bottom. I've seen way to much entitlement come through my office.
  6. rudolro

    LOL -- Remember this clown?

    I saw that yesterday. WTF burglary of a mobile home. Brilliant
  7. Fortunately I've never suffered from depression. I can't imagine what would cause you take your own life.
  8. rudolro

    Good Job Trump

    What changed?
  9. rudolro

    Good Job Trump

    You forgot money laundering also. Drug trafficking is far different than selling on street corner.
  10. rudolro


    Goddammit there's no such things as dress shorts. Unless your sporting a mullet and living in Gainesville and then those are jorts.
  11. rudolro


    Taco Bell prices just went up 30%
  12. rudolro


    Jesus. He really needs to stop talking.
  13. rudolro

    Good Job Trump

    I was going off memory. I found this. Full disclosure I'm not a fan of any pardons. Like Beretta said if you can't do the time don't do the crime. https://www.rollcall.com/news/obama-clemency-pardons-drug-offenders
  14. rudolro

    Good Job Trump

    I wasn't singling you out. Sorry if I made it seem that way. It just more double standard that's going on with the GOP and Trump. It's just driving me crazy. I guess we aren't going see any consistency coming from the government anytime soon.