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  1. rudolro

    Bad beat

    I bet. They're up 12 mid way in the 4th to lose by 8. Hell up 2 with less than a minute. I don't get the stupid foul with 2.6 left
  2. That was the worst bad beat I've seen in long time. Who had the pacers +7.5?
  3. Anyone else thinking about not watching until you have all 6 episodes in the DVR? That way you don't have to wait until the next week to see what happens next. You can just bungee watch your way through.
  4. That's huge problem btw. We have that here in Fresno as well. Since the kids get zero time off there has been a highly significant up tick in arm surgeries.
  5. Well let's hope my contact is right..
  6. It was and Bennett was replaced. What I don't understand is how Batesole could go from 40-50 at CSUN to an avg of 35. As for the contract my understanding it was a one year deal. My info could be wrong. As for the Bates hire itself I think the U got it wrong. Rupcich or Scott should have gotten the job. So I'm a little jaded Edit Rupcich was a long time assistant to Bennett and Scott is a local coach that has done a great job at FCC
  7. Exactly. The program has been dying a death by a thousand cuts. With a new AD new expectations. We'll see how the season turns out. Apathy is the worst thing for a program and that's where we are at.
  8. If Batesole doesn't get 40 wins which it looks like he won't he will be gone.
  9. I've seen them just don't post on them. Kind of convoluted and dumb with no substance. Just angry. I try to stay away from those
  10. You're right. Fresno does typically finish strong. But the D is a glaring issue so is untimely hitting. Bates has shown that he can't coach these kids up desipite the talent he gets. He should be winning close to fifty games a year and hosting the regionals every few years. The one thing Fresno is it's a baseball town. I miss three thousand fans at Bieden I'm done. Time to start a fire Batesole thread.
  11. No. This series and the the series against Vegas told me who we are.