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  1. Tell you what the next time they go on sale I'll ship you out few. I'll DM you to get your your info when that happens Edit. Costco sells prime for under $9 a lb. You should be able to get that way
  2. What's he charging you if you don't mind me asking. I bought 5 a couple weeks ago when they went on sale for $2.78 lb
  3. They sell tri-tip in the south? About 20 years ago I couldn't find it in Texas. Had to go to a butcher shop and tell him where the cut was and he sold it to me for .59 a lb. He asked what I was going to do with that junk meat. Lol
  4. Media is different than journalism. MSNBC, FOX, CNN are all opinion shows that need to be taken with a grain of salt. But all have some very good reporters on.
  5. Maybe idk about the other Presidents we had to rely on the press to let us know what was happening. I know Clinton lied his ass off. But this is a whole different level.
  6. It's because the POS lies at every turn, and when he accidentally tells the truth or shows everyone who he is he walks it back or says that wasn't me. He treats the American people like we're idiots. So you have no problem with what he does and says? This is a problem, you may hate him or love him but you can't normalize his behavior.
  7. I wasn't calling you out. I know where you stand on these issues and you've been very consistent. Sorry if it came across that way. That wasn't my intention.
  8. Co-workers are like family. You cant pick either one.
  9. If I put a loaded gun in your hand you don't have to pull the trigger. Trump pulled the trigger Not saying either one is right or wrong. Just tired of people defending everything Trump does.
  10. Here's the problem. This administration has lied so much they can't be trusted. For all of you saying words don't have consequences here's where we at. As for Syria Trump attacked them in first few months of his presidency for gassing. Let me see I have this straight. Obama does it and the info was fake. Trump does the same thing and the info is good
  11. Yep he definitely has dicky do. For those of that don't know what that means. It's when you belly sticks out more than your dicky do
  12. Dude, he doesn't wear condoms. That's what makes his infidelity even more disgusting. He was out there bare backing it while his wife was home wife a baby.
  13. I'm going to hold out hope that he didn't do that again.