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  1. rudolro

    Game Thread - SJSU vs Army

    Can you guys afford another season like this?
  2. rudolro


    Wow Memphis got screwed on that last play. The refs must of had a directive not to make a call against UCF D in the final seconds.
  3. rudolro

    Incivility of the left

    This shit needs to stop. I'm hoping for gridlock.
  4. rudolro

    Mulled wine

    It's not bad. Use 2 buck Chuck dump into crock pot set on warm add apples, oranges,and warm spices like cloves and cinnamon.
  5. rudolro

    MWC Early / Updated Lines...week 7

    Same defensive scheme.
  6. rudolro

    MWC Early / Updated Lines...week 7

    Army says nope
  7. rudolro

    USA Today Coaches Poll

    If that's the case he is exactly where he needs to be. As you can tell by our roster there are no DeRuyter QBs left. He would've been broken.
  8. rudolro

    Nevada vs Fresno St

    Cool. Thank you
  9. rudolro

    Nevada vs Fresno St

    Are Reno sports book taking bets on home games?
  10. rudolro


    I've never been to a Brazilian steakhouse. It seems a little off-putting to me. Meat just hanging there for god knows how long.
  11. rudolro


    My son's a little weird he's not into steakhouses yet he'll eat steak in a Japanese restaurant.
  12. rudolro


    Thanks guys really appreciate the feedback.
  13. rudolro


    I have reservations at Ichiban is it any good? My son loves teppanyaki figured it was easy since we're staying at Harrah's Thoughts?
  14. rudolro

    The Kavanaughcalypse!

    I agree. Romantic comedy doesn't belong in sports movies. EVER!!!!!
  15. rudolro

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    Nice tease.