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  1. rudolro

    Mueller Report Out Next Week?

    I'll believe it when I see it. How long have they been saying this?
  2. rudolro

    OT: Padres Sign Machado for $300mil-10years

    Please no. We need Pitching plus we can get by with a journeyman type infielder/third baseman.
  3. rudolro

    OT: Padres Sign Machado for $300mil-10years

    You and I dont know how long he can play because of injuries. But with certainty he's numbers will start to decline after 30. This isn't a risk I would've taken. 5 years for $150 would be a better return. Also active payroll right now for the Pads is $43 mil that's not with Machado. Between he and Hosmer the Pads will paying roughly $50 mill on two players. In 18 total payroll was $79 million. That doesn't leave much to build on. MM will be 29 this year
  4. rudolro

    OT: Padres Sign Machado for $300mil-10years

    Arbitration can cancel out the younger players contracts if they are as good as advertised. Hell we've seen in the past that contracts don't mean anything in baseball they way players sit out if they feel they're under valued. We can thank Ricky Henderson for this.
  5. rudolro

    OT: Padres Sign Machado for $300mil-10years

    This contract is good for only Machado. 10 years $300 mil guarantee they will be paying him long after he's gone and or declining. The Pads have no way of trading him unless they're willing to eat half of his contact. With 60-70% of money tied up into one player, there's no way they can pay the up and comers in a couple of years. So the cycle will continue to repeat itself of the Pads finishing in the bottom of the NL West and trying to rebuild.
  6. rudolro

    Fresno State vs New Mexico...

    Screw you that's just how I cheer.
  7. rudolro

    Hey guys, I realize that some things trigger you

    When my kids were little it was pokemon,. All these phases designed for kids under 8 is crazy
  8. rudolro

    Hey guys, I realize that some things trigger you

    Those things make great frisbees at 70 mph
  9. rudolro

    McCabe vs Rosenstein

    Rosenstein sort of. He kind of just avoiding. I'm sure when he's done he'll back up McCabe. He can't really say much at the moment.
  10. You and Jimmy H are keeping them in style
  11. Are those Kirkland's? Every white dude over 70 owns those sweet kicks.
  12. None. I can't believe there is anyone else that stupid. Now they may just do it on day one if elected
  13. Exactly, why throw him a lifeline?
  14. Nope, but they can bring him up on abuse of power and start the impeachment process.