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  1. You can take a 1 million dollar raise at some other schools and still love Chris Ault. This is how Norvell makes his living. If a good offer comes he is gone..
  2. I am certain there were conversations with the media providers but there is also a split among the presidents about expansion..Not all of them are looking to Texas.
  3. The WAC tried 16 spread out all over..Can't see the MW having any interest in doing that. 12 works for football.. 11 for basketball means the schools who want the 20 game round robin they just voted for are cool.. I am not convinced the MW would look to expand if and when a couple schools leave..
  4. NV and Boise State had exactly no trouble finding landing spots when they stepped up..Montana could have gone to the Big West and then the WAC..Neither school had high budgets or revenue when they jumped. FINANCES!! It costs a lot of dough to play in the MW..The NDSU guys admitted they simply can't afford an all sports invitation. They want football only..I would guess you would want that too.. Hawaii is football only but they pay over a million bucks a year in subsidies to get that.. Would you Montana or any other FCS school seeking to come to the MW for football only be will
  5. Why do you think Montana has never shown any interest in leaving the Big Sky for FBS ?
  6. I am sure your stadium is nice and you draw well..That is good for you..
  7. You said that Big Sky schools beat MW which indicated they would not be a drag on the conference.. I pointed out that moving up is really really really hard..It too Boise and Nevada many years to get to the MW. I do not think the MW is being snobby..I have nothing against the schools who wish to move up but I do not believe they are ready to jump from FCS to the MW. There is so much more to conferences than just football..
  8. If you followed the thread you would see I suggested that Montana stay in FCS until something popped up in the neighborhood. Mr Grizfan agreed..However, he was suggesting that the MW should not expect FCS schools to work their way up to be invited to the MW..He said it was snobby . His argument was Big Sky schools have some wins over MW schools so they are ready now. He wasn't just talking about Montana..He was also saying the Dakota schools could and probably should be MW targets now. You hopped in when I said none of those schools are targets of the MW..He did just say they would
  9. Need to get some stops for sure..
  10. I agree..They will be prime candidates of the WAC..However, most of his posts are about FCS schools coming to the MW..I pointed out that I don't think any of the FCS' are a prime target for the MW nor likely to be so in the future.. His big disagreement is anyone suggesting they go to the CUSA..
  11. It would be hard but if you are determined to move up you might have to struggle for a few years...
  12. It would have to be a massive raid that guts the MW before that would happen..It is unlikely that will happen. As I pointed out, you could form a western wing of like minded FCS looking to move up and make it work.. However, how many schools are actually looking to move up?
  13. Adding schools from FCS is not a smart decision for the MW either..However, if you are set on moving up you will probably have to scramble a bit. The Big West had La Tech, Lala, Northern Illinois , Arkansas State, and North Texas and they were all happy to be there as it gave them their shot.
  14. His thing was the WAC thing wouldn't happen for years but he wants to see the MW invite some FCS schools now.
  15. You are not prime targets of the MW.. That just won't happen unless the conference loses more than 4 football members..That is unlikely.. If you simply must go now, then CUSA is an opportunity to do so. Both the Montanas, all the Dakotas north and south along with NMSU and Utep would comprise a very nice western wing of CUSA. Do that for a few years then some other western FCS schools might be ready to move up and you can have a conference all of your own making..
  16. No, I think you should stay at the FCS level. At the moment there is no 'starter' conference in the west. The new WAC may eventually get there and it would provide a platform to grow together...
  17. Nevada and Boise came from the Big Sky and started in the Big West. We both had to scramble for quite awhile to get to the MW..I am not sure it is snobbery as much as it is reality..A jump from FCS to competing with folks who have been competing at the D1 level for decades is really hard..Trust me..Been there..
  18. The TV people said no bump up of the contract for expansion..The MW currently has 12 football schools..I am not sure what you are hoping to achieve on a message board..None of us here have any say.
  19. Though TCU jumped ship early.. I was referring to when SMU, Rice and Tulsa left along with UTEP.. UTEP could have stayed but chose to leave..
  20. Plus NV right away and Boise the next year..10
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