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  1. I believe Gonzaga backed out because they were just using the MW to get a better deal with the WCC..
  2. Tommy Sheffield is completely balls out crazy..Your players will love the guy. I think it has been 10 years since he last blinked..One intense dude
  3. I think there are 4 great teams in the conference,,Boise State, Colorado State, San Diego State and Wyoming. The problem may be that they will likely beat each other up which may affect potential seeds.. In addition there are still lots of opportunities for bad losses..
  4. Except for the players who are told to go into the portal by their coach, none of these guys has to do it. If it is a risk, it is a risk they are willing to take. All the portal does is make them a recruitable athlete again. If they get an offer they like they leave..If they don't they stay. If the current coach doesn't want them back they are out of luck.. A whole lot of kids quit playing college football every year..
  5. A number of these transfers are walk ons..Others drop down a level to get playing time..Others move up a level. It is more complex than kids thinking they are better than they are.
  6. There are a large number of these portal guys who are encouraged to leave by their coaches..
  7. I thought you said the dice have been tossed on this topic..
  8. Baker doesn't 'jack' up 3's..He has only shot 31 so far this season. He has made 14 for a 45 percent success rate..By far the best on the team and much better than Meeks, who hit 35 % last season and 33 % this season for USF. Baker is hitting 53% of his shots inside the arc. Meeks hit 47 % last season. It was not an either/or situation with Meeks..He chose to leave for a variety of reasons. However, he is simply not the player Baker is..Will is getting the first extended minutes of his college career and is getting better..Meeks is a junior who hasn't improved much..I would t
  9. Maybe on offense but he was a very limited defender with bad knees..
  10. I don't "know" if any of those guys will leave..I think it is possible some will..The Pack lost Meeks, Milling and Robinson to the transfer portal last summer.. There is a good player redshirting this season, Nick Davidson, 6'8 forward.
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