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  1. No, you wanted to ridicule a guy and call him a failure..I thought that was a ridiculous assertion and I told you why..
  2. No..you are completely irrelevant to the argument..This young man can hardly be called a complete failure by any metric. Recruiting sites certainly over rated him with their stupid star system. That is not his fault. Lots of players have struggled under the coaches UNLV has had lately. He found his niche and I assume is a college graduate. That is not failure..
  3. Have you played any D-1 basketball games in your life..?
  4. I like Boise..It is a nice town..I don't anticipate visiting this year but maybe I will come back someday..
  5. I agree..It would have cost a lot of dough to move..This time..All things considered you should have stayed in the Big East/AAC when it was cheaper to do..I am guessing Boise will regret the hell out of that decision going forward.
  6. People were not rude to you. But you have to understand that this is a message board and folks here have a natural skepticism towards people who come on here with "sources" they never reveal. You aren't the first one and you won't be the last. However, you came barging in with glee about other schools were going to get kicked out, tv deals collapsing and pain and suffering on a global scale. That shit was pure trolling and you did right from the start. That was your choice..You did that. You can blame other people but other people didn't make this choice for you.
  7. Dude you admitted that you were making stuff up to win the troll contest.. You had no inside info that wasn't already out there. You are lashing out at people but you don't have to do that. This isn't on Jeff or Mug..It is all you..You made the choice..You can make a better one..
  8. There has never been any doubt that Boise wants to leave..While you have admitted to just being a troll there has been plenty other sources. I am still surprised Boise hasn't left yet. What you don't want to understand is even if Boise takes a few schools with them, the MW will continue.
  9. I agree..I was just surprised that Boise didn't leave when they bolted the 1st time and even more surprised they didn't leave this time..
  10. Cool..If you are delighted being in the MW, I am happy for you..It just seem you guys have buried that burning ambition that got you this far..Just sorta odd to me..
  11. I am not debating any of that..Boise is the big fish in a small pond. I can't believe for a second that most ambitious school that I have watched for 50 years now is happy or content with that role Measuring dicks when everyone, including Boise has a pretty small one can't be what you had in mind.. It has to absolutely stick in your craw that all your self proclaimed wonderfulness still has you in the exact same place you have been for years..No progress..Just treading water in that very small pond..
  12. I doubt that you are all that happy but I respect your opinion. However, getting to run rough shod over your business partners doesn't do anything for you in a fun but largely irrelevant G5 in your goal to be something other than a novelty..
  13. No doubt Fox likes you the most..That is fine..It does nothing to negate how much Boise hates being in this conference, though..
  14. Boise left the conference..It is not up to any other MW member to make things better for you..When you chose to come back you forfeited your right to piss and moan about your conference mates..You can make suggestions all you want but nobody cares..
  15. Nobody owes anything to Boise. You left the conference once and came back..
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