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  1. Wolf Pack down to 8 Scholarship Players

    Cameronn Oliver left early... Devearl Ramsey transfered. Kenny Wooten asked to be released from his LOI.. That is 3 guys who Muss recruited and signed as freshmen..Had they stayed they would be on this team. As those guys left he grabbed some transfers so that next year he will have 11 guys on scholarship with 2 open spots that he could add. He is brought in two freshmen for next year..PH, as per his norm, doesn't know what he is talking about..Muss is not a lazy recruiter..Far from it.
  2. fire Rodney Terry

    USU absolutely smoked a pretty good Pack squad in Logan last year..That is a tough place to get a win.
  3. Wyoming @ Nevada

    Do you feel better making pronouncements like that Bob?
  4. Hutchison MWC POW

    Great player but there is a lot of season left..
  5. 12/31 MBB Rank ‘Em

    it helps..but 20 year olds everywhere can get in top shape
  6. Boise State at UNLV

    It is a long conference season and it is just getting started..UNLV looks like a team that will get better as they get more experienced. Boise is really good right now. This was not a surprising victory at all but that doesn't mean UNLV doesn't have a quality team.
  7. Boise State at UNLV

    Is this game on tv or the world wide web?
  8. Two bid league this year

    The dictate from the committee was to schedule and win road games..Whether you think they matter or not they are going to be given more weight this year.. I agree 5 wins on the road is not a resume builder but 10 is. in the scenario you just laid out..UNLV probably won't get anywhere near 10 and that will hurt them..It doesn't have to be a death blow but you have to get a respectable road win in there sooner or later..
  9. Two bid league this year

    The thing that will hurt UNLV is, even with accepting best in west's optimistic take that they will go 14 and 4 in conference with only road losses to NV, FSU, BSU and SDSU, that means you have only 6 total true road game wins..All those wins would be against low rpi schools. I think for UNLV to have any real chance at an at large bid is to actually get better road wins..It is certainly possible but not easy.. Nevada already has 6 true road wins and the committee is reportedly going to give extra weight to road wins..If the Pack finishes with that same 14 and 4 with road losses at UNLV, SDSU,BSU and Wyoming they will still have10 true road wins..Since they are starting at a higher RPI than UNLV now, they would have a better shot at an at large..Nevada also has no home losses. If Boise knocks off UNLV in Vegas you will be hurt and Boise will be really helped. Boise can lose in Vegas and still be in pretty good shape.. UNLV is a much better team this year and that helps everybody but this is still looking like a one bid conference..
  10. Non-Con is Over. Let's Update Predictions

    No excuses..Sometimes the shots drop, sometimes they don't..I don't think anybody is going undefeated this year..
  11. Nevada @ Fresno

    Always tough to win on the road. The Pack played a very solid game tonight.
  12. Non-Con is Over. Let's Update Predictions

    Caroline had his worst game in a Nevada uni against USF. That played a major role in the loss. The team also missed far too many free throws. The Pack is pretty talented overall but they have to play very well to win games, particularly away from home..
  13. Non-Con is Over. Let's Update Predictions

    He also doesn't start the second half..However, I suspect he will be back starting tomorrow. I still think the Cody is the best player on the team. Caleb is the most efficient scorer though.
  14. Non-Con is Over. Let's Update Predictions

    One bonus in having Caleb come off the bench is that chances are he will be guarded by a player coming off the bench for the other team. However, I think part of the reasoning for Muss having him off the bench is that Caleb has been nursing an injury. Also, I think he wanted to give Josh Hall a bit more run with the starters and knock some of the rust off Foster. Now that he has his legs back after 2 off years Hallice Cooke is playing quite a bit. I think Muss wanted to involve those guys in more combinations to help with the flow. I would guess now that conference has started Caleb will be back starting..
  15. Non-Con is Over. Let's Update Predictions

    I would say that Cody is the best player on the team but I would start Caleb too..When those guys on on the court together they have an incredible connection between them.