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  1. I saw Jenkins play in person in Reno. He is stocky but probably not 6'2 ..Maybe closer to 6'....He had an off night shooting but he did rebound well. He is not really a point guard and he really struggled defensively against the Nevada guards. I think he will have value as a spot up 3 point specialist. I think the guards UNLV have now are better all around..
  2. Cody Martin has just been invited to the combine..
  3. For all those to whom this applies. Shout out to 4UNLV ... For someone from Vegas she is remarkably tolerable,
  4. Yes they were..You had a great season too but when you don't have a great season it is nothing special..Pretty much the same with most of the schools in the conference..
  5. 1. New Mexico is really the toughest because the fans show up even when the team isn't great 2. SDSU.. Great student section 3. Wyoming, when the team is good..way up high in the mountains 4. UNLV but only when they are good 5. Nevada...ditto 6. Fresno State...ditto 7. Boise State..ditto 8. CSU..ditto 9. USU..when the students aren't there it is like being in a library. 10 AFA.. 11. SJSU
  6. Not a good thing by any stretch..Alford has his work cut out for him.
  7. I do find it cool that the massive achievement you are touting was beating a conference mate in a low major WAC twice in one week. You had a stretch where you were better than Nevada..Wow, what a history.
  8. The Pack has added transfer Desmond Cambridge from Brown. He is a 6'4 Guard. Sit 1 play 2
  9. The Pack adds Freshman Zane Meeks, a 6'9 stretch 4 from the Brewster Academy.
  10. I would not say Nevada loses everybody. Most of the guys are staying and they were all recruited by Muss. He has an excellent track record at identifying talent. In addition Alford has several open scholarships and he is a pretty successful recruiter too.. I don't know how they will all do but I don't think they are at all gloomy about the Pack's chances.. As for New Mexico..It is very helpful to the MW when they are good and the same holds true for SDSU and UNLV.
  11. Argenal should apply at North Dakota..