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  1. You are always kind and respectful, almost to a fault..What a delight you are..
  2. The WAC 16 was such a roaring success 8 schools jumped ship at once.. Maybe the AAC wants to try a huge boondoggle like this but it doesn't seem likely..
  3. You care enough to mention it and name names..
  4. Who cares if some AAC guy is a douche..?
  5. Mister Bobnote.. I know you think this is the no brainer of no brainers but there are many layers to consider. 1. There is no current vacancy in the MW 2. It is not at all clear NDSU wants to move up at this time 3. The official MW position at this point is contraction is more likely than addition. 4. Football only invitations are rare. Hawaii pays a lot of dough to be football only. 5. There would be no interest in NDSU as an all sports member
  6. Nick Blake having a tough few minutes..
  7. I think Boise will stay because even though this is not a big time football conference it is a pretty good basketball league. Even to Boise, there is value to that. I found it quite interesting that Boise voted for the 20 game schedule.. The vote was 7 to 4 with AFA, NV, UNLV and SDSU voting no. Boise is in the majority voting block, at least on this issue..They have had no trouble getting good ooc games at home and away so you wonder what they get in exchange from the 6 schools for that vote..Maybe a voting block that approves something Boise really wants down the road..HMMMM??? How is
  8. Other than the NDSU posters there are very few folks here who believe NDSU would bring an increase to the tv deal.. I think contraction is the likely outcome going forward.. The MW started out as an 8 school conference..They had the glory years when they had 9.. I don't think there is much resistance to a smaller conference should schools leave.
  9. It doesn't matter if Craig Thompson wants NDSU or not..You have to convince at least 7 presidents to vote for you..Thompson can make suggestions but he has no say..
  10. The schools have people poring over the data already..They have been for years..The official position is contraction is more likely than adding and if they do add it will be with expansion into Texas. I appreciate your passion but I do not think you have a chance..
  11. It would be really helpful if there were MW presidents were pushing for you..As yet no one has said anything publicly
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