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  1. UNLV gave them a tough game..They are going to win some games with this new coach..
  2. Former Frog does not seem to be sorry at all..This is like the third or 4th sock he has created this week..
  3. I do suspect you are another Cowboy sock. You really don't understand the history of the schools in the MW. If it helps you to insult schools you know next to nothing about, have at it. But the bottom line is these things have a way of sorting themselves out. Could NDSU become a member someday? Sure. Are they the key to the MW surviving? Not even.. You guys come over here and say you would dominate football and be the next Boise State. It took 20 years of 1-AA and low level Big West play for Boise State to be the next Boise State. It is a rare story to do what they do
  4. That would mean 9 football schools left..Or, in other words, the perfect number for an 8 game, round robin conference schedule. The conference could add a non football school or two (and there are plenty of them to choose from) to help the scheduling in the oly sports.. NDSU is not the key to anything, let alone the survival of the MW..
  5. Cowboy is a sock for former frog..He appears to be running a couple other socks with the pretend guys from Montana and North Texas..
  6. There are no indications that the MW is looking to add at this time.. But I suspect that you are a sock just looking to troll..
  7. You misunderstood the question. Hawaii has to pay for their football only membership. Do you think it all fair to them to just give you a football invitation for nothing? The other Dakota folks who haunt this place say that NDSU could not afford to be in the MW for all sports. Do you just want it all handed to you?
  8. Would you be willing to pay the same travel subsidies Hawaii has to pay for a football only invitation ?
  9. If two schools leave it would be 10 for football and 9 for other sports..I am not sure why there would be a need to add..However, because of the vote to go to 20 game basketball schedules next year I guess we will have to take on 2 non football schools..Not delightful..But what the hey...
  10. Why? We are already stuck with a 20 game conference schedule next year..Bumping up to 12 means a 22 game schedule..Blech...
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