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  1. I never said Knuth was not going to be fired..I knew that was coming..Your post said EVERYBODY wanted him gone.. That was not the case.. You again hit the hyperbole button when you say EVERYBODY on the board saw this..Again, not the case.. You are good at generating conversation here.. I just don't understand your absolute certainty about EVERYTHING..
  2. I saw every game and I don't think that was the case.. However, no use looking in the rear view..Cambridge left to play with his brother..Washington got 100 grand and Sheffield has a shot at going to a top program 2 guys left because they never got much playing time 7 guys stuck around. Perhaps they liked each other and their coach a bit more than you think..
  3. Lots of things played a role in a bad season..
  4. Alford deserves criticism and his share of blame but he is taking steps to remedy things. Whether it will work or not is unknown at this juncture..
  5. I have no inside info but my guess is he won't be returning..
  6. 8 teams had a more complete roster.. I have no idea how this new roster will work out and they still have 2 open slots but it was clear last season's team never gelled. Nice guys but not tough at all.. Nevada has a fairly typical mid major roster most seasons*..If the pieces fit they can win some games. Changes had to be made.. *Muss had a couple of monster teams but that is the exception.
  7. No the Pack was not the most talented team in the conference last season. SDSU, CSU, BSU and Wyoming were all more talented..Not even close..
  8. Literally? BYU is not taking the Big 12 off the market during escrow. The Big 12 is not worried about having to evict BYU should they become squatters. There is no possible cloud on the title.
  9. Norvell coaches CSU now..He is paying money to NV at the moment.
  10. I think the jury is still out on Sandoval. I was saying you were creating something out of nothing because you were saying everybody hates Knuth..Not the case. However, I take no stand on him one way or the other. Players come and go...Coaches come and go..AD's come and go. And University presidents come and go.
  11. I have no inside info and I am fine either way..I do wonder what the pitch to the new AD applicants will be. Normally, AD's like to pick their own basketball and football coaches. That is likely off the table now unless Sandoval wants to eat some really serious cash..
  12. If you want to believe every hates Knuth and Alford or that the Pack players hate each other have at it. I think Convert is a ridiculous tool.. The facts are, it is not black and white like you believe..There are shades of gray like anything else..
  13. The team wasn't all that talented..They had some major injuries and lots of covid pauses..However, to suggest they disliked each other is ludicrous. I think you are trying to drum up something that doesn't exist..Some people are down are down on Knuth some people are fine with him. Same with Alford.
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