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  1. It is possible he is just checking out his options and will decide to return..
  2. Coach's kid..I think his old man is Dave Odom..He had a nice career as a basketball coach..This looks like a solid hire to me..
  3. The test, even with its totally made up numbers, proves conclusively that a high IQ doesn't necessarily mean PH knows anything about basketball or any sports for that matter..
  4. I think you should hire Rick Pitino..
  5. There are some really good coaches in the "I got fired by UCLA club."
  6. Yeah, most coaches are totally against that that sort of thing.
  7. He was raw but really athletic..I think he will have lots of schools after him.
  8. Bob..You used to be an excellent troll but now you are in PH territory..Nobody ever wants to be in PH territory..Aim higher..
  9. Alford has really hurt you, hasn't he?
  10. Were you even alive then?
  11. You really need a hobby, sonny..
  12. My wife is an Oregon State grad so this is really cool..
  13. Coaches come and go. I hope Alford sticks around but...youneverknow..
  14. Lots of them jumped into the portal after Alford took over..He told every guy he wanted them to stay..All but Jordan Brown and Shamiel Stevensen decided to remain with the Pack..
  15. It is possible Kruger can talk a few of these guys into sticking around.
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