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  1. He hasn't completed his sophomore season. I assume he was not a full qualifier out of high school.
  2. Boise State on the road..That is very impressive..
  3. Boise State took a nasty punch but they are still in this game. Got to get some stops on defense but the offense is moving the ball.
  4. Viejas has been the toughest by far for Nevada. I don't think the Pack has ever won there.
  5. I watched a Major League Baseball game this week on Facebook..Digital is the future..
  6. Football is very valuable as a time killer until basketball starts..
  7. I agree..It is good for the conference that Queta can play this season. ..
  8. If it were 9 this would be my preference. WY/CSU NM/AFA NV/UNLV SDSD/FSU Boise State
  9. Speaking as a Nevada fan, I really look forward to playing Boise St, Fresno St and UNLV in all the sports. I don't know what Hawaii or SDSU fans think about playing Nevada but I like going up against them too.
  10. Nevada goes undefeated..You said bold..
  11. Muss will do okay with Arkansas but you guys are kind of the Sisters of the Poor in your Big Boy conference. If he gets you above 'cupcake ' status there he will leave for a much better job.
  12. Spin it any way you need to feel better but, once again, I never mentioned Few. Serious push or not, Gonzaga proved to be unwilling to move.. They also got a very nice deal from the WCC. I do have more info on this than you do..
  13. What makes you think you have a clue? ..I do have some inside info on this..But thanks for the gratuitous rip.. Had you actually read what I had posted you would clearly see that I said Gonzaga. I never even mentioned Few. You have appointed yourself as some sort of message board monitor because I find it quite unlikely anyone one would have voted you into the job..