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  1. nvspuds

    Question for Wyoming & Nevada fans

    I think Boise but should be a great game..
  2. nvspuds

    Competing boards?

    Personnel is a key component, particularly in groups of 3 or more.. However, no link for you..I have been told it is bad form to link other forums
  3. nvspuds

    Competing boards?

    The usual stuff..Have you come by to recommend we all visit the BYU board?
  4. nvspuds

    Competing boards?

    Are you over 18? If so, fine, but you should be aware that sometimes they talk about position changes..
  5. nvspuds

    Competing boards?

    I have always enjoyed the Penthouse Forum if that helps with the debate..
  6. nvspuds

    Nevada vs Boise State

    Oh well...beat the spread.. It's a shame they won't play again for a few years...
  7. nvspuds

    Nevada Recruiting for 19/20

    I don't think the Pack is still in the mix but that doesn't mean he is not a good player. He looks really promising.. The Pack will have 4 guards returning next year if Drew redshirts as is a strong possibility.
  8. nvspuds

    Nevada vs Oregon State

    I agree..The new offensive line is a little small and inexperienced. I think Norvell will be fine going forward but they really need to find some linemen on both sides of the ball.
  9. nvspuds

    Nevada vs Oregon State

    I don't think Nevada will be able to stop the run or even slow it down. Their only chance in this game is to win a shootout.. If this game was in Corvallis OSU would be a 20 point favorite.. As it is it is close to a pick em now.
  10. nvspuds

    Nevada vs Oregon State

    I don't see a win in the offing for you Boise dudes..Sorry..
  11. nvspuds

    Nevada vs Oregon State

    If Nevada was one of the better mid majors out there you might be on to something..I am hoping they win but the Pack is in a long rebuilding phase and just aren't all that good.
  12. nvspuds

    OT: Long Beach State to change their mascot

    The Long Beach State Non-Threatening Consensus Builders..
  13. nvspuds

    Nevada vs Oregon State

    I am not sure where you guys are getting this idea that Nevada 'should win". Bad PAC 12 teams beat bad MW teams pretty much every time.
  14. nvspuds

    MWC Updated/Early Lines...week 3

    Nevada fans betting with their heart instead of their head
  15. nvspuds

    MWC Updated/Early Lines...week 3

    I don't see this as a winnable game at all..It would be nice but Pack football hasn't ever been any good in the MW years..