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  1. I liked Tark. I thought his stretch at UNLV was really fun. He had great teams, outstanding players. Nevada only shared a conference with UNLV for a couple of years in the 70's so we only played them once a year for a long time. Tark was always respectful towards the Pack and never tried to get out of games against them. He was great for UNLV but he resigned 28 years ago. Since then UNLV has been a totally pedestrian mid major with 8 NCAA appearances. Successful coaches like Tark are rare so it is unlikely mid major UNLV will experience a run like that again. We all want to think the school we root for is special and UNLV basketball under Tark was very special indeed. However, that does not mean it will happen again in Vegas.
  2. It will hurt but college players all leave eventually. Just the year before Nevada lost the Martins, Caroline, Brown, Porter and Thurman. They lost their entire coaching staff. This is a rebuild but Alford managed to put a respectable team on the floor. I suspect the Pack will still be okay. I am looking forward to seeing how this new bunch does.
  3. He does..I would love to have Harris for another year but this does open up an opportunity for other players.
  4. Naw...I like outside of the box thinking but the MW would still have 8 members..16 game schedule.. easy peasy..
  5. I have no idea about how that plays out. I just posted the news.
  6. Brett McMurphy @Brett_McMurphy · 35m One-time transfer waivers are dead until at least 2021-22 academic year, sources told @Stadium , as NCAA Division I Council approved a resolution to develop legislation regarding transfer eligibility for January 2021 that would not be effective until 2021-22 academic year
  7. So you think Thompson decided that all on his own ? Maybe he did. I don't know. Is there anything in the by laws that requires football for a new school to be added. To be sure, by laws could be changed. Can Thompson change by laws arbitrarily on his own or does that require a vote?
  8. The pro 20 game posters make excellent points in regards to a true round robin and adding conference games making it easier to schedule ooc. My question is would it be better to add another basketball school and go to a 22 game schedule?
  9. I agree..There won't be many opportunities to get P5 games. Maybe UNLV and SDSU will get a few but probably not the rest of us. However, there will still be plenty of mid and low majors out there so filling a schedule will not be hard for some schools. However, it will still be hard for most of us to get good home games for a variety of reasons and that has always been the case. This doesn't change that. But in defense of the change. This does level the MW and is probably the fairest way to go. Vegas and San Diego are destination spots and that gives them some advantage in getting home games. This will save schools some money as they will have 1 or 2 less buy games and that helps the bottom line. I actually think losing the non D-1 games hurts a bit because their guarantees are lower. Schools that really wish to build an at large schedule may have to do a few more road games, If you can't get good schools to your place, which is often the case you might have to go on the road to get that good win.
  10. I agree that losing the non D-1 games is good. One of the downsides is non D-1 schools require less money to come play at your gym. Generally t runs about 30 grand. In addition, though the crowd might be smaller you still get the gate. D-1 schools usually get 100 grand and above. As for the round robin thing. That is fair but the reality is the automatic is guaranteed to the winner of the MW Tourney. The regular season determines the seed for that tourney. The top 5 get a bye so the the regular season champ gets the best seed but no real advantage as they will still have to win games against good teams to get the bid At large bids are mostly dependent on how you do out of conference.