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  1. Muss will do okay with Arkansas but you guys are kind of the Sisters of the Poor in your Big Boy conference. If he gets you above 'cupcake ' status there he will leave for a much better job.
  2. Spin it any way you need to feel better but, once again, I never mentioned Few. Serious push or not, Gonzaga proved to be unwilling to move.. They also got a very nice deal from the WCC. I do have more info on this than you do..
  3. What makes you think you have a clue? ..I do have some inside info on this..But thanks for the gratuitous rip.. Had you actually read what I had posted you would clearly see that I said Gonzaga. I never even mentioned Few. You have appointed yourself as some sort of message board monitor because I find it quite unlikely anyone one would have voted you into the job..
  4. Oops..That was a typo..it should have said BYU is NOT interested in returning. I think BYU is happy with what they have going now. I think the ship has sailed..
  5. Gonzaga had zero interest in joining the MW..They were using the conference as leverage to blackmail the WCC into giving them more money and and selective conference scheduling..Wichita State had interest but I am not sure they were ever going to get enough revenue to make it work since they have no football. In addition, they are too far away for non revenue MW olympic sports to justify the more expensive and time consuming travel. BYU is the only add on that ever made any sense and they are interested.
  6. I agree, I was just pointing out that not all schools who say that leave. If I were UCONN I would do it..
  7. Gonzaga said that last summer when they used the MW to blackmail their WCC mates into giving them more cash and schedule control.
  8. I think NM looks long, experienced and athletic. They should have a very good season.
  9. To all past, present and future dads..It is a great gig..
  10. The Pack will miss Brown..One thing he really excels at is passing..He will experience the sophomore jump for Arizona and should be an excellent player..I hate to lose that. But, the page has turned..I am eager to see what comes next..
  11. Muss didn't make Brown quit on Alford and his teammates..I blame Brown 100 percent for this. It was his choice..
  12. Methinks, Brown was going to leave even if Muss played him more..We can blame Muss, we can blame his parents but this was his decision. He has known it all along..He put Alford in a tight spot. He seems like a nice kid but I just don't care why he left or how he will do in the future..
  13. Expectations are just expectations..This Nevada team you wish to call a failure wasn't as good as the team they had before..