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  1. I don't have any inside info so I am really just guessing. While I think he would happily take any raise that came his way, I am not sure money is the deciding factor. When he came to town he talked about a 4 year plan and he has succeeded with that. He has 7 guys graduating out of the program. To be sure he has some talent returning and some interesting transfers but this appears to be a reload at best or perhaps a rebuild..Does he want to do that again at Nevada? It is really hard to have long term sustained success at a mid major. Maybe he is happy to have a home and stays . I sure as hell hope so. Either way, he has put Nevada back on the map and the program is light years ahead of where it was under Carter. The job pays well now. There is a nice basketball facility. Good coaches will be interested in the gig.
  2. I was just trolling the Vegas folks.. I think Smith is an up and comer and will likely land a very nice job before too long.
  3. I put Muss at 90/10 leaving though not for WAZZU. I think Smith will stick for one more year in Logan..
  4. That may move to a push or even USU as the favorite by tomorrow.
  5. People camping out to get into the Spectrum to watch their mid major team play another mid major team is probably the most surreal thing in this most surreal Pack season. I have no idea who will win. Probably just comes down to who is hitting 3's.
  6. I expect a very close game..San Diego has size and athleticism. Very tough match up..
  7. It is adorable that you think BYU basketball would have saved WAC football..That Project version of the WAC would have folded after one ridiculous season..
  8. I think Ntambwe is a really good player. He is just a freshman and playing out of his natural position but he is putting up solid numbers..I think he will be a beast next year if he sticks around in Vegas.
  9. I think Quetta will be the freshman of the year but Ntambwe has been really good..Because of injuries and ineffectiveness from other guys he has played out of his natural position a lot. I think he is 3 instead of a 4 or 5..
  10. Doesn't Rothstein realize it is UNR that is the flagship school of the MW?
  11. Las Vegas can win this game. Anybody can beat anybody in the MW. Hopefully, Nevada will play well and put on a good show..Road games in the MW are tough as a rule.
  12. Nevada will fall off next year but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the ride this year. None of us have any idea how the future will go. Las Vegas has had good runs and bad runs over the years..I like to see the conference do as well as it can but these things seem to be cyclical.