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  1. It all still seems up in the air..
  2. I believe the meeting tomorrow is at the president level..Thompson has no vote. So the initial post suggests that Hawaii and NM may not participate..If that is the case 10 games would be an odd schedule..9 would make more sense.
  3. I am not opposed to players getting paid..You want to say they are slaves, that is on you. Nevada takes in about 8 million bucks in revenue for football..They are small fries in the college athletic world. Basketball probably generates about half of that. Most of that goes to funding other programs. There is very little profit. Should Pack players be paid less than athletes from schools who actually make a profit? You may see that when the P-5 breaks off into their own professional league. So..NV won't be in that league and it is likely no other MW school will be either. You place little to no value in a scholarship so you probably don't care but what if several schools drop football? At NV that would mean 75 kids would not get a scholarship..How does that help anyone. Remember, many athletes at NV graduate but very few ever make a living in their sport once they leave. Remember scholarships are awarded based upon what an athlete does in high school. Should athletes in high school be paid? Personally, I think there can be some sort of attainable middle ground that could be achieved. Maybe schools could give the option of either a full ride or be paid the equivalent in cash. Maybe the P5 operates as an entirely professional association and the rest stay with the scholarship model. That does put some choice in the hands of the players.
  4. It doesn't matter..I was just citing an example. It is all relative..You can go to Nevada for far less than any of those schools. However, that doesn't change the fact that scholarships have some level of monetary value.
  5. I just used them as an example..I think other Pac 12 schools cost more.
  6. What does a Stanford education cost? I saw with tuition, books room and board it is over70 grand a year. If you are a player who red shirts you get 5 years worth of that very expensive education in exchange for playing your sport. The vast majority of players do not go on to be pros n any sport but a college degree is worth a lot of dough over the course of a carreer in some other endeavor. All those kids who don't get those scholarships and take out loans are saddle with massive debt before they even get started in the real world.. I agree that there are ways that players can and should receive compensation..i.e. use of their likeness, being in ads..etc. Most schools already pay out stipends which help defer the costs of meeting basic needs. Is it a perfect system? No. But it sure as hell isn't slavery...Like anything else their are choices..If you are willing to hit the books and graduate you have hit the jackpot without having to pay for it.
  7. These things tend to be cyclical so there could be considerable turnover.. I think Wyoming is coming on but the team already making the jump is CSU..imho...
  8. I am still guessing every team will finish 0 and 0 this season..everybody tied for last..
  9. I think it is all still in the wait and see mode. Personally, I don't think there will be a season.
  10. That would be bad for BYU but I don't see how the MW is responsible for BYU in any way.
  11. How exactly would the MW going to a conference schedule due to the virus be a case of "screwing" Byu..?
  12. Boise voted in favor of the 20 game schedule.. The 4 dissenting votes were SDSU, UNLV, Nevada and AFA.
  13. Utah still wouldn't be near the left coast even if California tumbles into the sea.