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  1. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    On average, anyway..
  2. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    I have been perfectly below average for decades now..
  3. His son goes to HS in the Bay Area. He may stay but this is a one bid mid major conference and succesful coaches tend to leave conferences that fit that description. However, he has pumped a lot of energy into what was a dead program and made this a more attractive job. There will be good candidates and Nevada can and now will offer more competitive salaries.
  4. Admitting your bitterness is the 1st step.
  5. Who knows? He will either leave or he won't. He is already rich, makes a million bucks a year which goes farther in Reno than it does in California yet he has a son in highschool in Danville and one in College in San Diego. He has been able to get good players and has a very promising roster set for next year, but he he is not a fan of travel issues in the MW. He is 53 and maybe wants to settle down..He is 53 and may want to take one more shot somewhere else.. Only he knows..However, he is here now and I am happy to have him in the fold..
  6. Nevada #20 in week 16 AP poll.

    Does 'look pretty bad' equate to disastrous? If the MW representative wins a game or 2 in the NCAA's, this will still be considered a 1 bid conference.. It will be considered as such until the conference gets more than 1 school to the dance..
  7. UNLV recruiting

    Looks like a great get!!
  8. Nevada @ the Baggies

    I am down..I might actually get to watch the game on tv at the Logan Best Buy..The local cable company is vexing me highly..
  9. Nevada @ the Baggies

    What's the deal with charter?
  10. Bittersweet victory tonight, emphasis on bitter

    That completely sucks..I love his game..Damn!!!
  11. Nevada Still Ranked...

    Nevada staying ranked shows respect to the Pack..AND... UNLV
  12. USU @ Fresno

    Nevada has no one over 6'7...You just play with the team you have and make the best of it..
  13. Eric Musselman’s Likely Landing Spots

    Stunner is consistently goofy..PH is just weird..
  14. Nevada gets 4 Star RB

    Pollian sucked as a coach..No debate there. The jury is still out with Norvell and I wish him well, but the only truly successful coach Nevada as had over the last 70 years is Ault..