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  1. nvspuds

    Alford out

    I do think Muss will leave but UCLA just fired a younger guy, with a far longer track record at the college level, with multiple sweet 16's under his belt.. Alford came from a mid major where he had teams really competing every year. And the Bruins fired him at midseason.. I am not sure it is good to just assume Muss is the big name for the job. I am unconvinced UCLA wants to go with the Alford model again. However, my young Rebel fan, I do think he could well leave for some other job after the season so your hoping and wishing might just come true.. If UCLA hires Jamie Dixon the TCU job open up..Muss could end up there
  2. nvspuds

    Alford out

    I don't think UCLA will hire Muss..It would take a lot of guys turning down the job before they got to him..However, there will be any number of good jobs out there if he wants to leave..
  3. nvspuds

    UCLA Sucks

    I just don't think UCLA is Muss's dream job.
  4. nvspuds

    UCLA Sucks

    Muss will likely have options after the season. I suspect better jobs than UCLA may open up too..
  5. nvspuds

    #6 Nevada vs Akron Game Thread

    Offense is struggling but this is the best defensive team I have ever seen the Pack have..Rankings don't mean much at this juncture but the Pack has defeated all comers so far. Nevada had a very solid team last year and they lost 3 conference games and another in the tourney..I think they have a good chance at 15 and 3 this year..
  6. nvspuds

    #6 Nevada vs Akron Game Thread

    Jazz and Jordan Brown are the only bench he has, really..Nis and Henson would not be playing much on any MW team.. This team is going through the doldrums offensively but they are becoming very gritty and determined on defense.. Ugly wins count just as much as pretty ones..
  7. nvspuds

    #6 Nevada vs Akron Game Thread

    He was a great basketball man..He really made a mark as a player, coach and author. ..Very very cool..
  8. nvspuds

    #6 Nevada vs Akron Game Thread

    That is cool..Not a lot of players get their number retired..Is your grandfather still with us?
  9. South Dakota State didn't actually play a zone..The played man to man but collapsed into the key. That's why Nevada was jacking so many 3's.. Most of them were wide open and the lads just plain missed them. Not having Jazz hurt a lot. Still, it is good to see the Pack find ways to win when they aren't shooting well.. The Pack defense in the 2nd half was fabulous..
  10. It is sad we will forever have to lump Bob in with PH now..I expect nothing from PH but Bob used to be better than this.
  11. It should be noted that the Martin's mom, Jenny has 3 sons. Cody and Caleb's older brother is a college graduate who is now a coach. Cody and Caleb are college graduates..It is not always where you start but where you end up. Jenny has raised fine sons despite tough circumstances..She is a full on hero in my book.
  12. He has said he has Aspergers..Other times he says he is Autistic. He has neither..He just wants to stir the shit..He could be a good guy but apparently he prefers to be a dick..Weird..
  13. None of it is true but that doesn't mean you don't fit in. From time to time you make quite interesting observations but then you fall back hard in to troll-hood..Just try to be a normal dude..
  14. Remember when PH lied about how he was painfully shy and had trouble making friends..He said he couldn't talk to girls..He lied about his trips to cathouses. Good times..
  15. nvspuds

    #6 Nevada vs GCU (Talking Stick Resort Arena)

    The Utah State game is at Lawlor