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  1. Looks good other than the tiny markets in Corvallis and Pullman. The other 8 should look for two different schools to add..
  2. Looks like an even keeled, happy go lucky guy..
  3. I don't think they let up at all in this game. TCU has a bunch of good players too. The Pack won each half of a 40 minute game. I am not sure there is much to criticize here.
  4. You don't believe they stayed focused the whole game?
  5. Rules are for the little people. This whole thing is flexible at the moment. If it was as cut and dried as this they wouldn't do it. OSU and Wazzu most likely want to drag as much money out as they can so they can buy a spot in the Big 12. I do not anticipate a full merger or them joining the MW. The plan is to get the cash. They can use it to get into P4 or build the Pac back. The 2 year grace period is the key.
  6. Is this part of the 2 year grace period to get to enough members to maintain a conference? The MW also doesn't take members who don't play football and they blew off Wichita State but courted Gonzaga.. It is a mixed up jumbled up world.
  7. They can join as an affiliate member. I would guess the Big West will get their baseball teams under the same arrangement.
  8. Probably a stupid question. If they actually "join" the MWC for basketball would they be on the hook for the exit fee when they leave to go back to poaching schools for the new Pac something or the other?
  9. Taylor Swift is now worth a billion dollars if that helps the debate any.
  10. Literally? BYU is not taking the Big 12 off the market during escrow. The Big 12 is not worried about having to evict BYU should they become squatters. There is no possible cloud on the title.
  11. I have no knowledge..Neither does anyone else here. If I had a guess no non football school has been invited.. They were reportedly talking to Gonzaga, though.
  12. People. people..We need to narrow our focus onto North Dakota State..They are the linchpin of the whole thing..Just ask them..
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