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  1. Hymes already used his redshirt year so he would likely only leave as a grad transfer. He should be around for quite awhile. I would guess Meeks will stick around too..Just a hunch though.
  2. Great tourney win for the Aztecs..They are really good..
  3. Well done Ags..!! The press was great..
  4. Why are we comparing Kruger and Muss? They were good coaches and had opportunities to go elsewhere and make more dough. This is not a shocking story. Whether you liked either guy or not they left a better job than the one they inherited. Neither guy left a mess. UNLV went with Rice and that didn't go so well. Nevada went with Alford and his level of success remains to be seen. About 9 billion people in the world don't care a lick about two mid major basketball programs in a little fly over state. Let's just play the games and see what happens..
  5. Those were exhibitions.. The only thing about your schedule that is troubling is that it will fuel the really bad idea of 20 game conference seasons.
  6. Its not like they were going to get good D-1 schools to come to Logan unless they Bags wanted to pay a very large fee..Their ooc schedule is good enough.
  7. Muss left just a 'couple' of players..? He left 8..But they said there would be no math here so we will roll with your numbers..
  8. USU has indeed given themselves some really high calibre match ups ooc..They should be congratulated for that. Unfortunately, they are likely to loss all the really tough ones..
  9. Muss did not leave a mess.. Alford did not get rid of Parrish..Parrish chose to leave.. Alford has 2 transfers sitting out this year. A lot of schools have transfers sitting out. It is quite common. Alford has 3 freshmen. 2 he brought in and Hymes who redshirted last season. BTW..He was just voted as preseason Freshman of the year. He also grabbed a sophomore out of JC. He has a grad transfer and 3 5th year senior guards all brought in by Muss One Junior..Who sat out last year in Jalen Harris.. I don't know how the season will go but Alford is a solid coach. He didn't view the job as a mess.
  10. Your argument falls down because Muss left 8 players on scholarship and eligible to return when he left. 5 of those had multiple years left..
  11. Actually, the cupboard wasn't bare when Muss left. He had 8 players on scholarship able to return. Brown and Stephenson left after Alford got hired. Parrish was a Muss recruit. The likely starting 5 this year consists of 4 Muss guys. He also had recruits ready to sign on board for this year. I actually chatted briefly with him before he got the Arkansas gig and he thought the Pack would likely win the MW again this season. In addition it was Muss who suggest Alford to replace him and facilitated the first meeting. He left for a lot of dough in Arkansas but it isn't like he didn't care what happened after he left.
  12. I think things can be made easier without forming a new football conference. If the MW were to become a football only conference, schools could house their olympic sports in conferences that made more sense regionally and financially. They could make their budget dollars go further with the non revenue sports. If they had a regional home for their olympic sports Boise, AFA and SDSU could leave the MW football conference and hook up with the AAC if they wished to. You are talking long trips for 4 or 5 football games but a nice tight fit for the other sports. For instance. NM/UNLV FSU/SDSU NV/Boise Maybe Davis and BYU or perhaps some other combo with essentially CA schools. Tight easy travel to bigger towns with nice airports.
  13. It does make more sense to drop the sport entirely rather than dropping down to FCS. I don't think either is in the cards. They just spent a lot of dough on Mackay. I am not sure they would want to just eat that.
  14. On the plus side, if the bulldoze Mackay out of existence there would be more parking close to Lawlor..That could produce more revenue..
  15. I agree..Vegas should go back to being part of Arizona.