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  1. Thompson didn't spill the beans about Gonzaga..The news was already out and he confirmed it when asked by a reporter. I don't think there was ever a moment when Gonzaga was even considering moving to the MW..They were blackmailing the WCC into a better deal. They have a fine basketball program but I am unconvinced they are the type of school you want as a business partner..
  2. nvspuds

    Spare NO expense !!!

    Why is Wyoming holding this event in the parking lot of Sam Boyd Stadium ?
  3. nvspuds

    Back to Back Dreams

    ph..he makes every bit of his board persona..
  4. nvspuds

    Back to Back Dreams

    I thought you had a made up girlfriend these days..
  5. nvspuds

    Grand Canyon University expansion

    I would not look to Stunner for accurate reporting on this matter.
  6. nvspuds

    Grand Canyon University expansion

    No need to expand.. Just make the MW a football only conference with 12 members.. Then all the schools could take their olympic sports to conferences better suited to their needs.. How about the new Pacific West Conference. Gonzaga/Boise Nevada/St Mary's Fresno/SDSU UNLV/New Mexico BYU Solid basketball, easy travel,
  7. nvspuds

    Did you know?

    I remember those games..Boring as hell for the most part..
  8. nvspuds

    Hawaii New Unis

    Big crowd though
  9. nvspuds

    Hawaii New Unis

    Little too busy for my taste..
  10. nvspuds

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    I don't how the standings will end up but I think UNLV is going to be pretty good..
  11. nvspuds

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    Message board posters are only representative of message board posters. I am certain the SDSU fan who wants fans of another school to feel about about themselves and their team doesn't really fit in with how most SDSU fans think.
  12. nvspuds

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    Well I am glad you are have something you enjoy to look forward too..
  13. nvspuds

    Is BYU ok with the status quo?

    If BYU was a conference mate I would care how they do.
  14. nvspuds

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    I don't hate SDSU at all. I want them to be good in all sports..That helps everybody..
  15. nvspuds

    What day is it??

    Football just fills time until basketball season