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  1. Do you remember an OT thread about "concerts you've attended?" I remember it was pretty long and a lot of posters go into it. I've been trying to search the forum but I can't find it. It first appeared about 4-5 years ago. 

    Are you able to look into it? I would like to bring it back. Fun topic to talk about during the off season. 

    If not I guess I can start a new one. 

    1. mugtang


      Yeah I'll look into it 

  2. I can't wait for Tuesday! Got my tickets!
  3. *bump* UNLV fans are loving this attention.
  4. "Rice-A-Rony" - RebelRobert
  5. USU is a land grant school. So they've grown on me I guess.
  6. LOL You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Davie took over a program fresh off the death penalty that was the Locksley hire and on probation left by Rocky Long. His first two years he had to deal with a totally depleted roster with virtually no upperclassmen. Most of the quality Locks recruits got kicked out or transferred back East. Last year was the first year he actually had a full allotment of scholarship players on the team. All he did was win exactly 1 less game (11 total) in his first 3 years compared to what Rocky Long had (12) in his first 3. That's with RL inheriting a 9 win team the year before his arrival. Sure, lots of seniors were lost to graduation on that team. But still, the difference between what RL inherited compared to Davie is worlds apart. Davie is most definitely on the right path to take this program bowling. This year he has the schedule and team to be an upper half Mtn Div. team.
  7. Then if you follow UNM football as much as I do then you'd clearly see the main difference was simply coaching. Locksley was over his head taking a coaching job at the FBS level.
  8. Not when he has the best team on paper since 2006
  9. That looks like 1-3 Zoid. USU really made like 2-3 key plays in the 2nd half and got the "w" last year. I gotta admit, that lost last year really stung along with the loss vs UTEP.
  10. You do? Shit, UNM's been too busy trying to compete with MWC teams to worry about playing WAC rejects. Seriously though, that Nov 7th game in Abq is huge! You guys really playing S. Utah twice???
  11. They are hated because USU fooled the MWC in thinking we need the Utah market to make this wretched conference stable? Or legit? Or needed?
  12. He helms a Large State Flagship that's why.
  13. UNM will gladly welcome him back with open arms just like UofL did with Petrino.
  14. You're trying way too hard to butter up the bad situation that's going on at UNM. We are talking about UNM hoops and we're talking about a depleted MWC. UNM should NEVER be heading into the MWC Tourney playing the last place team. Not with UNM's resources. Even with a relatively weak overall schedule, Noodle couldn't muster better than .500 record. That's unacceptable at UNM regardless of the turnover on the roster.