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  1. If you guys want more money. Just leave this conference and go Indy. Lets see how that turns out.
  2. Do you remember an OT thread about "concerts you've attended?" I remember it was pretty long and a lot of posters go into it. I've been trying to search the forum but I can't find it. It first appeared about 4-5 years ago. 

    Are you able to look into it? I would like to bring it back. Fun topic to talk about during the off season. 

    If not I guess I can start a new one. 

    1. mugtang


      Yeah I'll look into it 

  3. Hey, I feel the same way. I'd like to see CSU and UNM work together as well.
  4. I see you're horny again you disgusting pervert.
  5. That can be said for pretty much any team in MWC. Swap out UNM's home schedule of SJSU, BSU, Nevada, and Wyoming. For TCU's home slate of Iowa St, Oklahoma, Texas Tech (long standing OOC rival), Oklahoma St and Kansas St and you'd see an immediate boost in attendance.
  6. I understand why you would feel like that. I personally would rather be in the Big12 than the PAC12. Actually, the basketball fan in me would want to be in the PAC12. The football fan in me says Big12 is where to be.
  7. That's actually not too far off from my PAC16 scenarios. Except I have UNM in place of BSU. UNM CSU and UNLV in the South. It makes more sense for Hawaii to be in the North. The majority of your games would be on the west coast.
  8. Honestly, I think we'll see that this year. Nobody expected UNM to be within 1TD and 8 minutes away from contending for a CCG. If Davie stays the course. I definitely believe we'll see an increase in attendance. Heck, when Rocky was here he was only winning 7 games a year and we nearly cracked 40K.
  9. Something is not adding up in terms of which schools bring their market.
  10. LMAO What a poor excuse. Face it. SD is just not into SDSU football. It's an NFL/PAC12 market. The numbers show that. Thanks to your buddy @HighNTight_SD for providing the link. SDSU barely outdrew UNM by a mere 7k fans.
  11. Wow, I honestly thought you guys averaged over 37k. lol
  12. The point is UNM resides in a Top 50 market. One of only 2 untapped markets in the nation with no P5/NFL teams. The other being Las Vegas. UNM actually brings their market and the entire state. SDSU has to deal with 4 PAC12 schools and an abundance of Pro teams throughout the state. That is the difference. That's why The Mtn never aired on cable in San Diego. That's the reason why SDSU has low attendance numbers even after a string of successful seasons. You barely outdraw UNM by a mere 16k with over 2 million more residents. 2 MILLION! All while SDSU is at its height in football while UNM is crawling out of the Lockley debacle. That is my point.
  13. If SDSU brings their market. Please enlighten us all why The Mtn never saw the light of day in SD on any cable subscribers? Why is that? The Mtn was on air for 6 years! Yet, you're only argument is one football game last year? You're the moron. Actually you're a "CITY" State moron. Which is much worse. lol
  14. You're a "CITY" State. That doesn't say much about you either. Don't let facts get in your way.