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  1. Modern college basketball is based on the transfer model. You can't use this reasoning.
  2. That's a feature, not a bug of media-induced panics.
  3. Nevada transfer Jordan Brown shrugged off any concerns over Arizona facing sanctions when he decided to transfer. For Arizona to stand behind Miller is hilariously bad judgement.
  4. Another year where the Utah St Aggies go winless in the Big Dance. You hate to see it.
  5. Should the federal govt violate civil liberties for the seasonal flu? I mean, it's killed over 20,000 Americans and we are still in the middle of flu season.
  6. Please make this happen.
  7. I stopped reading Drudge around the time he began his partnership with Google, which I think was about 2 years ago. The tone of his site changed dramatically.
  8. step away from the keyboard.
  9. In the box score I'm reading he played 29, registered 19 points and ZERO blocks.
  10. It's a grifting operation, like most things in Chicagoland.
  11. Yeah. Without Harris Nevada would be lucky to win 15 games.
  12. Its a good question. I think Norvell was disheartened when he started realizing the highest paid assistant on staff wasn't recruiting. That's not sustainable for a program like Nevada. Has to be all hands on deck.
  13. The irony being, had he won the cannon back this news would have come weeks before the bowl game. Instead, Knuth drops the extension just before Spring football.