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  1. Wouldn't hold your breath on that. It's more likely than less, one, or both, transfers before their senior year. That's the new norm. But if Alford is able to keep guys like Hymes and Meeks together, that's how you make deep runs in March at our level.
  2. My favorite image of a Reno hipster throwing up one-finger salutes to a Bronco.
  3. A two handed punch? He throws both hands at Oblad. His right hand strikes his face because the dummy took his helmet off and the left hand impacted his shoulder. This is why Oblad went down so hard.
  4. Charlie Weis took home nearly $19M when he was fired for incompetence by the Domers. WHAT A RACKET!!
  5. As a Nevada fan it pains me to admit The Sanchize will forever own a 3-2 record against the "school up north." What are UNLV fans hearing about his next move? Will he link up as a D1?
  6. This is a fan message board and you are a guest of Mugtang's. I think you should SHUT THE +++++ UP
  7. Or how about when opposing teams win a hard fought game they go celebrate with their teammates in the locker room instead of whatever the hell UNLV was doing in the endzone?
  8. Still can't believe the Zonie gave the helmet back. HUGE MISTAKE!!!
  9. Coach Pete is a righteous dude who is respected inside and outside the game. I hope he finds what's he seeking.
  10. Hey guys, if I could have your attention for a one second. I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance. Ask me how!
  11. The way I understood it Coach Few was the one pushing hardest for the move. I believe Gonzaga brass didn't want to leave the WCC and they won out.
  12. Nobody in America, aside from maybe the perennial 5 - 10 elite P5 teams, reloads like Boise. That a Fresno fan would be so deluded to suggest they are (or were) in the same category speaks to a level of delusion that is unhealthy.
  13. That's poor planning. Can't believe someone from ESPN or CBS didn't make them change it.
  14. Kenpom gives Nevada a 45% chance of victory.