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  1. Could happen, the weather may hold down the scoring though.
  2. Not everything has to be sexualized.
  3. Makes me think there's a Hawaii injury we're not aware of
  4. Air Force favored on the islands?
  5. Lavelle Scottie first team? Surprising. Is he the first first-team AF player since the MW formation?
  6. Solano is not hesitant to run but he doesn't have the arm threat of Henry. Defenses didn't have to respect the deep ball threat.
  7. Can't imagine why anyone would ever sign such a heaping pile of dog vomit.
  8. Would be shocked if it wasn't Utah Stizzle.
  9. The tailgate I attend has over 100 confirmed guests. Biggest of the year by far. I expect a decent crowd since it's a 1pm kickoff in ideal fall conditions. 17K is my guess
  10. This is unbelievable. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScM7R_Jj-I1pIy2ZK0mwFgUUN2ffkr56MM8btROoHiVfRo9lg/viewform?fbclid=IwAR3kx529fNXwvgPImhFnbX64HivQhfN8zCy5DD9LQwp61SdLPHge5DJxO9o
  11. The Nevada chancellor signed the contract before SJSU played.
  12. Boise is better at football than Nevada. Absolutely NOBODY disputes it, but you're still butthurt over a passing comment 30-years ago. Ault lives in your head. Sad!
  13. None of the rivalries are really that special. I would vote Wyo-CSU because of the proximity of the two schools.