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  1. On that we agree. But the Nevada financial situation is not good. The budget is in the red and football season tickets are not pulling their weight. So I'm almost certain Knuth is contemplating raising ticket prices for bball but it would be an even harder sell at this point.
  2. Definitely been Norvell's best coaching hire. Jury is still out on the OC
  3. As I said, JB would have been used as on all the media publications and marketed heavily as a key piece to the team. This isn't my speculation this is literally how Alford was selling JB on re-committing to Nevada. You can disagree with the approach but it was absolutely going to happen and I'm almost certain would have used as a factor in raising ticket prices.
  4. IT's too bad UNLV isn't able to swing a grass field. Such a superior surface for gridiron.
  5. He was part of the administrative team who worked with the Block N society, working to keep alumni engaged with the program. Awesome human and loved by his players.
  6. Universally admired by the men he coached at every stop he made along the way. Real sad day for Boise, Nevada and UNLV fans. RIP Coach Brad
  7. I've heard that DC Jeff Casteel is more than pleased with his depth chart. I'm sure he'd prefer not to lose his two most effective defensive linemen or his starting safeties in the same off-season but there is plenty to work with particularly at linebacker. The Defense has steadily improved under Norvell/Casteel and I think they will be effective once again.
  8. It's funny a Boise fan would be so spergy with his opinion about Nevada's AD. Dude, get a grip. And if you don't think getting back a 5-star McDonald's All American isn't something Knuth would use to partially justify ticket increases you don't understand marketing.
  9. I think Knuth waited for JB to make his decision. He returns, tickets go up. He leaves, same prices. IMO
  10. Tom is pushing 60 and the a-list Twink thinks he can get the best of the old man. Ain't happening. Tom in second round KO.
  11. Dutch won't have Muss to pick on anymore. So there's that....
  12. Best fried chicken on earth is in Memphis though. https://gusfriedchicken.com/downtown-memphis-tennessee-location/