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  1. I think Norvell is pretty locked in. I think he's in the same catergory is Bohl at Wyo
  2. Green is easier on spectators, that's all. Blue is miserable on TV.
  3. See, you could have just let the comment go but you responded and revealed yourself to be completely out of your depth. Bravo!
  4. "UNLV is a golf school." I think this will be my go-to comment moving forward.
  5. They have a "special" relationship.
  6. He's not on pace to graduate (according to Murray) and he used his redshirt. So I'm not sure how this will go for Jazz.
  7. No. People in Reno recognize Muss mailed in his recruiting efforts sometime last November. Parrish and Stevenson are good players - but not great. Edwards, who's already moving on, is a stiff.
  8. Yeah, Alford has been known to make excuses.
  9. Agreed. Now if the MW didn't botch the Gonzaga move to the conference we would all be feeling pretty good about the future of this league.
  10. Maybe don't infer her intentions? She knew coloring nevada's court and fans red would be something Nevada fans would take offense to. She know's how social media and promotion works. I give her no passes.
  11. Just to be clear, I don't hate Muss but I do find his self-promoting, in hindsight, completely off-putting. I'm sure he'll have success in Arkansas but I question his ability to recruit and develop high school talent.