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  1. I actually don't have a negative or positive opinion on Knuth. What I've heard is that is negative is mostly from the rank and file who don't think he manages personnel effectively. He's also lost some goodwill among big donors for various reasons. Nobody in his position will have unanimous support but his has eroded in recent years. That's the bigger point.
  2. SJSU is the favorite and the analysts are correct to expect them to win. Nevada's defensive line returned to form when Dom Peterson got snaps in the second half of the Fresno game. If he's able to start and finish on Friday, Nevada's defense should be able to keep it close enough. I do worry about Nevada's one dimensional offense facing a pretty good secondary. The sports books have SJSU as less than a FG favorite so at least they think the teams are evenly matched.
  3. They can dine at the French Laundry, they just cannot practice. It's a little known loophole.
  4. Nevada hasn't cancelled a game or lost any starters from infection. It's our superior lifestyle in Reno, of course.
  5. I'm ok with that. You played 2 less games than Nevada and you should be healthier because of it. That's also an unfair advantage.
  6. But it should hurt much less than Sjsu or Boise's potential one loss.... Statistics are simple like that
  7. It's astounding to me under no scenario is Nevada a one seed.
  8. To be clear, Nevada winning a football championship is almost as rare. They shared a title in 2010 but that's it.
  9. He must have been nicked in the first because they reverted to ground and pound of halftime. And then proceeded to do nothing!
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