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  1. I'm not really sure what you are implying here.
  2. The best team of the last 15 years was swept at home as tournament host. https://nevadawolfpack.com/news/2015/5/22/Wolf_Pack_bounced_from_MW_Championship_with_heartbreaking_loss.aspx
  3. The most damning thing about the photo was the guy to girl ratio.
  4. Bike snobs are almost as annoying as beer snobs.
  5. LOL best and the brightest... the best and the brightest captured by Big Pharma interests
  6. "Open up the economy. Don't open it up. Whatever. We're screwed regardless. There are no good answers." This is not the mindset of a healthy person.
  7. I specifically stated it's speculation to state there will be a second wave.
  8. Any second wave will be orders of magnitude worse if we don't open the states in the summer. So if you fear a second wave, you should be advocating for opening the country back up, not the opposite
  9. Absolutely nobody knows if a "second wave" is coming. It's a novel virus, which means it's new. How it behaves is pure speculation. But enjoy your fear porn
  10. Almost 42% of the CSU enrollment is hispanic. So if I was to play the roll of a woke leftist I would say cis/het Dr. Timothy White is racist for closing campuses that support a minority majority protected class of students. https://www2.calstate.edu/csu-system/about-the-csu/budget/2020-21-operating-budget/Documents/2020-21-operating-budget-supergraphic.pdf
  11. Is it possible fall sports continue but they host no home games/matches?
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