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  1. e-zone99

    How creditable is WyoSports.net?

    Wow, count me as surprised...
  2. http://www.wyosports.net/university_of_wyoming/football/wyoming-in-talks-with-byu-for-home-and-home-football/article_f14add56-4745-11e8-94d1-d39374c722a0.html
  3. I haven't been watching the local news very well the last couple of years...
  4. Wow, I hadn't heard that they dropped wrestling, that program was very good...
  5. Is Boise St adding a women's sport or is this just a late offset of adding softball?
  6. Even if they don't softball, they do have men's and women's rowing teams...
  7. e-zone99

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    I'm sure BYU and Utah were factors, but also UNLV and New Mexico have not been the powers they could be in the conference, Those 2 schools also made a large part of the fans at the tournament...
  8. e-zone99

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Not even close: 6 Sessions = 86,910- average of 14,485 per
  9. e-zone99

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Wow, what happened to the MWC Tournament attendance? 5 Sessions = 27,715- average of 5,543 per The WCC was not great, but their numbers look much better: 5 Sessions = 39,151- average of 7,830 per
  10. e-zone99

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    And yet Nevada lost to the 5th place team from the WCC....
  11. e-zone99

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Could disagree more, McKay Cannon is a walk-on, who was on scholarship at Weber St and had 40 starts for them. He cost BYU nothing... How much have you watch Kolby Lee? Zach made 68 out of a 136 3's as a freshman (7.6 PPG as true freshman), give him time to recover from his shoulder surgery (full off season would be nice). This year he was not great from 3, but it was not all bad at 23-78. His career 3 point percent at BYU is now 42.5%. Dalton battled the post mission bug most of the season and still gave great effort when in the game (6.0 PPG, 3.0 RPG, in 17.3 MPG: 30 A, 5 blks, and 14 S). Now Shaw is a energy player, hard worker with a good motor, but Dalton does the same things and has 3 point range, strong defender on the block, and appears to be a better scorer. Thus I don't see Braiden getting much playing time in front of Dalton. But even Dalton's numbers could be more limited this next season with the added players. I would have no problem with Agasiy Tonoyan taking Shaw's scholarship, he would add something new to BYU's bigs (could likely even play the 3).
  12. e-zone99

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Larsen, started 1 game this year and played in 34 games of which he played 284 minutes (8.4 MPG)... Just the facts... I personally think Gonzaga would have beat Florida St if Tillie would have been played (injury free/ aka... not hobbling around the court). Tillie was a huge loss for Gonzaga because he is a tougher player to match up against, because of his ability to shoot the 3 standing 6' 10".
  13. e-zone99

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Not true, Jacob Larsen 6' 11" 227 is the tallest on the team. But the big from Denmark is a sizable step down from the big from France (Tillie)...
  14. e-zone99

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    On paper BYU returns everyone, but it will be interesting on how things shake out during the off season. Will Nick Emery be back next year? Both Ryan Andrus 6' 11" 240 and Braiden Shaw 6' 9" 210 red-shirted the whole season do to injury. Kajon Brown 6' 5" 200 decided to transfer at the end of December. Dalton Nixon 6' 7" 215 missed 12 games this season because of injury. Then Kolby Lee 6' 9" 260, came home from his mission during mid-year (over a year early) and red-shirted the second half of the season. All in all, this kind of put's BYU in a scholarship crunch. BYU has pre-mission commits coming back this year in Connor Harding 6' 6" 185 and Gavin Baxter 6' 9" 195 (both ESPN 4 star recruits and both were in ESPN's top 100 recruits in 2016, although Harding dropped out of the top 100 in their final rankings). https://byucougars.com/story/m-basketball/113603/2015-16-BYU-basketball-signing-class Since Kolby Lee was a mission first recruit in 2017, he has put Coach Rose in a tough spot. It could be fine and already worked out with Lee paying his way this year. Like Harding, Lee is also a ESPN 4 star recruit and ESPN list them as Idaho's top recruit for the given year. https://byucougars.com/story/m-basketball/118133/Kolby-Lee-signs-National-Letter-of-Intent-with-BYU Another interesting spin could be the Russian kid (6' 8" or 6' 9") that could not score high enough on the English speaking test to be cleared by the NCAA last year (thus, Kajon Brown got the scholarship). It sounds like BYU is still working to get him cleared by the clearing house. For a big he sure can handle the ball (dibbling and passing) and has a pretty nice shot (inside and out). All the videos I have watched of him, I have yet to see him dunk the ball. It looks like he has played on the Jr National team for a few years. One player I do wonder about is Braiden Shaw, he has been a good energy player off the bench, but injuries could make him less effective. Plus BYU will has a lot of options for those possible minutes; Yoeli Childs 6' 8" 225, Luke Worthington 6' 10" 235, Payton Dastrup 6' 10" 250, Ryan Andrus 6' 11" 240, Kolby Lee 6' 9" 260, Gavin Baxter 6' 9" 195, Dalton Nixon 6' 7" 215, and Zac Seljaas 6' 7" 215. I would like to see Kolby Lee drop 10 to 20 pounds which would allow him to run the court a little better. But the recruit I've been waiting for is Baxter, he is very long and bouncy (returns home in May). BYU should be much, much better this coming season with everyone returning and the additions (red-shirt & recruits).
  15. e-zone99


    WCC Endowments (In Millions): BYU- $1,470 Pepperdine- $812 Santa Clara- $688 Pacific- $373 Loyola Marymount- $361 San Diego- $346 San Francisco- $342 Gonzaga- $181 Saint Mary's- $165 Portland- $100