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  1. Who knows, it could Apple TV+ throwing the name of IonTV be an option to get some of bigger games to be streamed and over the air at the same time. Does Apple do the same thing with some of their MLS stuff.
  2. It's all about the wording, both could be true: McMurphy says: Ion TV has emerged as a POTENTIAL Pac-12 partner Mandel says: Ion is not involved in the Pac-12's TV negotiations The way I read both McMurphy is talking possible future negotiations, while Mandel is talking about current negotiations.
  3. These are not pretty looks that keep coming out each day.
  4. Looks like back in Tennessee Utah and Utah State are interchangeable.
  5. Ok when did Utah State join the Pac12? Link; https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/college/SEC/2023/02/24/pac-12-expansion-realignment-sec-football-oregon-washington-big-12/69920842007/ "Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah state bolt for the Big 12, ensuring the Big 12's place among the nation’s top four conferences. Colorado is a former Big 12 member, and all four schools fit the identity of a conference that tilts to the Southwest and Great Plains. The Big 12 will include BYU among its four additions in July. Restoring Utah-BYU as a conference clash would be a boon. They were previously conference brethren in the Rocky Mountain Athletic, Skyline, Western Athletic and Mountain West conferences."
  6. I didn't say it would be easy. But I think they would be willing to walk over hot coals, rather than having to sink to joining the Big12.
  7. Correct, but I don't think Oregon and Washington are quite as liberal as Cal. Just I don't think the BIG schools are quite as liberal as Oregon or Washington. But most BIG schools are a lot more liberal than Big12 schools for sure. I look at as kind of a 3 tier thing with the P5 conferences: Tier 1 the Pac; Tier 2 BIG and ACC; and Tier 3 SEC and Big12 with the most the Pac and the least the Big12 with Texas leaving.
  8. Trust me it's not about athletic performance on the field or court, it's about culture fit and education values from both sides (Stanford/Cal and the Big12 schools). That's as nice as I could put it.
  9. I could never see Cal or Stanford joining the Big12, I think they would rather drop to FCS (form a conference with UC schools). Also I doubt that the Big12 schools want anything to do with either Cal or Stanford.
  10. Correct, it not so much the Pacific time zone as the 4th TV window which is normally thought to be the Mountain and Pacific time zones.
  11. Maybe I missed it, but I'm sure the Big12 not quite looking to add G5 schools yet. But there is talk of SMU to the Pac though.
  12. I have never posted on either Arizona board, but enjoy reading the banter on both boards.
  13. Utenation is on this kick about all BYU fans hating Utah and just can't imagen than a lot of us don't really care. For me I really enjoy watching college football (I don't watch any Pro sports, I haven't watched the Super Bowl since 2005), but watched exactly 0 Utah football games this year. I could only tell you the outcome of 4 of their football games (Florida, Penn St, and the 2 USC games) and have only watch the Utah BYU basketball game. He likes to say that I preach Pac Doom and Gloom, who knows maybe I am but I would be be alone in that regards (a lot of Media outlets are not painting a very pretty picture for possible Pac media contract numbers). IMHO, the most likely outcome is that the Pac stay together at the 10 (40% chance). But that doesn't mean I don't find this whole media right deal interesting and I'm not following it really closely, because it could like matter to the Big12. The Big12's extension had 2 very interesting clauses and I can only believe that they were both focused toward the Pac. The pro rata and the escalator clauses, with the escalator clause the very interesting one, this case it actually sounds like if the Big12 added the right schools their per school payout could actually increase.
  14. The Big12 had a number of AAU schools in the beginning: Kansas, Iowa St (no longer), Nebraska (no longer after joining the BIG), Colorado, Missouri, Texas, and A&M, correct me if I'm wrong. That would be 7 of the 12 founding Big12 schools as AAU schools. When Missouri and A&M joined the SEC they had Vanderbilt and Florida.
  15. It actually an exit fee that lasts until 2099, the newest GOR ends in 2031 (which would be on top of the exit fee). But a deal for both Texas and Oklahoma was worked that ended up being $50 million each (exit fee and last year of current GOR).
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