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  1. Key words for you, to get Texas and Oklahoma (2 of the top 10 valued programs in the nation) the Pac would have held their noses and took both Oklahoma St and Texas Tech.
  2. Texas Tech to the Pac, now that's funny. You do understand the Pac cares about academics and what kind of media market would Texas Tech bring to the Pac (aka, what value would they add).
  3. To where, nobody has offered to take them and they were talking to everyone who would listen.
  4. Really, who do you see leaving? My guess would be Texas and Oklahoma....
  5. Then what you are saying is it is more or less worthless.
  6. The one that caught my eye first was WSU over Washington, really.... I had a chance to go to a WSU game for free (free tickets) and passed on it (would have to of drove a half hour and then waited for a hour for game time).
  7. That thing often happens when you have no depth in the lines. BYU rotates 7 to 9 OL in a game and have 7 different OLmen that have started games and that is still with the loss of 3 starter from last years team. Their DL rotates around the same numbers.
  8. I don't think you can say they have the roster just quite yet, They have the skilled players, but I don't think the trench are there. IMO, Harsh's lines got weaker the longer he was Boise St's coach. Not sure what it was (recruiting, coaching, or S and C), but as time went on it seemed more noticeable to me they were and as strong as when Pete left. It takes time to build strength and depth on the lines, just like it over time for the lines to regress.
  9. It take more than 1 year to build a culture, I feel that it will take a couple of years for him to get his type of players in to the system (year 3). I think he is building a solid foundation right now and Boise St has not had a "What the Heck was That" game yet like former coach seemed to have at least once a year. Granted it's still early in the season, but UCF and Oklahoma St are both good programs and Boise St was in the game at the end. UTEP, Boise St did what they should have done in that game. Need to give him 3 recruiting classes to get his type of OL and DL recruits in the pro
  10. I heard they had 8 false starts.
  11. This thing is a joke right, UConn paid $17 million to get out of the AAC just a few years ago. East has a California school, a Nevada school, and a Colorado school. The West has a Florida school, a Pennsylvania school, and a Tennessee school.
  12. Aresco maybe a little better than Thompson, but is not that much better. He comes like a clown show (aka... we are going to raid the Big12) to me, there is much better replacement options out there than him.
  13. You are joking right.... ISU to the Big10, I'm sure Iowa would welcome that addition with open arms. Kansas St many had going to the MWC, because no P5 conference would want them. West Virginia to the Big10, the ACC thinks they are a "Hillbilly School", so do you really think the Big10 would want their academics in their conference. Heck, since Nebraska lost their AAU status that has been received their Big10 peers. Now the Pac, which of those schools would even come close to culture of Pac schools? Aka... Mid-West schools do not see things the same way as a West Coast school. Then
  14. The Big12 has made it very clear BYU was their top target. Bowlsby also said he didn't see how BYU would have not got an invite in 2015 if the Big12 would have expanded (aka, top choice then also).
  15. Boise St had a logistic study if you will about moving to the ACC with in the last year before the AAC was raided (in other words before their media rights take a big hit) and I believe it was clear it would cost them money by moving to the AAC because of travel costs (Boise St can correct me if I'm wrong). Now with their 3 of their top schools moving to the Big12 they think the MWC schools are interested in moving to the AAC now when they would not before...
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