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  1. Have to say I can remember watching that show and used that line a lot.
  2. I have not been to their board in quite a while (likely since the Bowl season), but do they have a couple posters that are spamming them or is it just some of their fans living in their own little world? In just a few minutes over there I found a number different poster that came up with some real winners just on their first page: JHS55 had a couple but this one is a real winner- "With CFPs at 12, is it better staying in AAC than big12" SMUleopold- "Play Expansioon - AAC Could overtake the Pac 12" Alanda- "Should the AAC pursue a contract with the Peach Bowl?" (did miss the p
  3. What negotiations are under way? I'll tell you this is you can count on, BYU will wait until 2025 and the Big12's new media rights negotiations.
  4. So what are all the good reasons why BYU should join the AAC? I trust my connections to BYU a lot more more than you and there is a reason why BYU only has outs in future schedule contracts if they are invited to a P5 conference and not for joining a G5 conference.
  5. If BYU joined the AAC BYU would lose a lot: $10's of millions in Buy out fees (BYU has close 40 P5 future games scheduled, plus a lot of G5 games) AAC TV contract pays a lot less than what BYU's contract pays BYU would lose it's 3rd tier TV rights under the AAC TV contract (in 2007 BYU spent $100 million on their broadcast center) Lose a lot of their control of their schedule, would have 8 conferences games, only leaving 4 OOC games. They have rival games scheduled into the future Utah St (2026), Utah (2028), and Boise St (2034) Game attendance- Pac12 (and other P5) t
  6. Don't hold your breath, this gives BYU more access to the Playoffs than ever before as an Independent. They would have 10's of millions in buy outs (my guess would be around $40 plus million) if they moved to MWC or AAC.
  7. FWIW, that guy does not have a clue BYU has been using those same percentages since the WAC days (it's the same generic percentages they give each year to Cougar Club Members, same numbers use while in the WAC, MWC, and now Independent). Jay Drew was the one who came up with the game by game numbers and was the first to proclaim BYU would make around $4.5 million a year, only to say a few years later (2014) that BYU was making around $10 million back then (so even he now does not buy his $800k, $1 million, and $1.2 million depending on who BYU was playing, because there is no way to get to $1
  8. If you times that number by 3 then you will be getting close. Jay Drew of the Deseret News (beat write for BYU) was the first to guess $4.5 million right after BYU signed the first deal with ESPN, but in around 2014 he walked that number back and said it was around $10 million per year (at the same time 2 other BYU beat writers also used the same type of numbers). From the get go BYU's AD said that the TV contract was back loaded and would increase each year. So maybe even you can do the math, if BYU made around $10 million from their contract in 2013 and BYU's AD said the contract would
  9. The AAC has no leverage over BYU any anyway,
  10. The thing is currently BYU does not much of any chance (maybe 0.01%,), but now there is a much larger chance and the 6 at-large spot don't require any kind of conference tie in. If BYU goes 12-0, I could see them being one of the 12 playoff team (an 11-1 record would have a fairly good chance if BYU's only loss was to a P5 team and they had 4 or 5 P5 wins). Granted 12-0 and 11-1 are very tall orders, but at least BYU would have a much better chance than they currently have now with only 4 teams.
  11. Actually, BYU might tone down their scheduling if this happens. One thing for sure is this would be great news for BYU, because if this give them a clear path to the College Football Playoff with 6 at large spots to the highest ranked team after the 6 highest conference champions are taken (no conference membership is required to receive an at large).
  12. Correct.... It's not even up for debate, BYU will take the forfeit. They do not play games or even hold practices on Sundays.
  13. Thanks, I was pretty sure that TCU had no problems playing on Sundays. I really don't think the no Sunday play would be that big of a deal anyway. Most conferences seems to regular assigned scheduled game days with a Sunday game here and there which are normally TV games (other conference members would likely not mind taking an extra TV game now and then to fill in for BYU).
  14. In the youtube he said they did not want expand unless it was at least back to 12 (needed 2 schools not only 1 and Boise St was 1 vote short of being the second team).
  15. It's from at least 20 plus years ago, they used on kids merchandise. It's been a long time since I have seen it.
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