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  1. are you never going to fly on a major airline again because they all now require masks? no mask, you can't board the plane
  2. I agree. I'd also argue that an extended period of success raises fans expectations beyond what is reasonable. Utah basketball fans got used to a sweet sixteen run every couple of years under Majerus, but if you look at the history of Utah basketball that far exceeds the norm, on average it made it to the sweet sixteen about once/twice a decade (at about the same rate as Larry has taken them). There is a generation of Utah fans that grew up in the 90's who's expectations are skewed. I see the exact same thing with UNLV fans with Tark and BYU Football fans with Lavell.
  3. Utah basketball is dying. I wish it weren’t true but here we are. Years ago, I would have defended the criticism of Larry on here, but I no longer have the heart or strength. Some of it is simple bad luck. Larry was battling cancer the year after he took Utah to the sweet sixteen. That zapped the program of recruiting, energy and passion for a period of time. Recruiting has recovered nicely, but he still has trouble retaining quality players. A former basketball donor loved Larry and influenced the AD to sign him to a long-term contract. That along with having a new AD has prevented the program from making any changes. The best and worst thing that happened to Utah basketball was Rick Majerus. The ‘best’ reference is a obvious (4 sweet sixteens). The ‘worst’ is the expectations he gave to a generation of Utah fans. Utah had a good program pre-Majerus, but Rick took it to a once in a lifetime level. It may have to get a lot worse before it regains any life again.
  4. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/05/19/florida-covid-19-coronavirus-data-researcher-out-state-reopens/5218897002/
  5. welp, we haven't seen many reinfected so maybe this is just a strange anomaly https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-05-13/coronavirus-test-second-infection-hospital
  6. the amount of hand wringing in this thread because Oregon banned large groups of people? wow - the horror? "all gave some, some gave all"
  7. this is exactly why we have more cases than all of Europe combined, because we have a select few Americans who are dumb as f*#k that will ruin it for everyone else.
  8. Fauci simply gives his educated opinion and recommendation based on 50+ years as a doctor and health professional. Is there anyone more qualified from a health perspective than him? NO Is he the end all for things economic? NO Has he ever claimed to be? Not that I've ever heard. The problem is this administration is scared as f**k when someone tells it like it is. How many dozens of people have been fired by Trump simply because they had a differing opinion. We've witnessed it nearly every month during in his administration. Good leaders surround themselves with people who aren't afraid to disagree with them. Instead we have a child in office who is in constant need of his ego being stroked. At some point Fauci will either get fired or god forbid some nut job will take him out (they've already had to beef up his security). Fortunately, Trump hasn't canned him yet. Fauci has to tip toe around this administration because he doesn't have the tools he needs. If we had massive testing we could actually see where we stand and what the risks are. We don't have the testing to do that, and probably never will. How awesome would it be if college football players had the ability to be tested daily. We could open up Summer camps tomorrow if that were the case.
  9. I'll admit, I'm looking at this from my own selfish interest. It's human nature. without going into too much unnecessary detail, I work in health care. My experience is slanted heavily by what I encounter at work. My daughter also works in health care (directly with patients) which is an added level of stress and concern for me personally. additionally, some of you know my spouses health situation. she received two new lungs back in 2012. If you know anything about organ transplants you know if she caught this virus she'd be in enormous trouble. We've already come too close a couple of times with pneumonia. we all have our own unique perspective. If I were still in my 20's and had yet to have had the life experiences I've had, I'd undoubtedly feel differently. If I owned a small business that would clearly give me a different vantage point. I can respect that people are viewing this pandemic based on their own self interest and what should be done. I am selfishly doing the same. There are no right answers only best guesses at this point.
  10. I do prefer California and Oregon's approach. Clearly they have made mistakes as has anyone leading citizens and dealing with the unknown. Many have praised CA Gov. Newsom reaction to the pandemic. I think he's done a remarkable job and has saved/prolonged lives. Locking down and shutting down the economy in advance can easily be shortened if things improve. Its preferable to opening up too fast, and then needing to shut it down again IMO. I also think Utah's Govt. Herbert has done an excellent job. I believe Utah leads the country in per-capita testing. Credit to Utah's Govt. He's also made mistakes. The state opting to buy $800k worth of a snake oil drug at a steep markup was a severe blunder. Fortunately they were able to back out of that transaction. No doubt small businesses are getting screwed everywhere. CA needs to loosen those restrictions, provided they follow CDC's guidelines. I don't believe the same policy can be applied to LA and SF as it does to rural areas of California, but that's true everywhere. Its a complicated problem. If barbershops suddenly are allowed to open in Victorville, you'd have a flood of people from LA County driving to Victorville for haircuts and you've immediately exacerbated the problem. Whenever you see news footage of families that have lost everything in a flood, hurricane or tornado they nearly always are grateful that their lives were spared and they have each other. You never hear a father exclaim, "damnit if I'd only let go of little Jimmy maybe I could have saved my jet ski."
  11. considering that many people currently laid off or on furlough are making more money now than when they were employed (based on the additional unemployment money coming in from the federal govt. on top of the state unemployment $$$) you might say almost every job at a university is temporarily expendable right now, especially any having to do with athletics. Obviously there are exceptions. Just my thoughts. just playing devils advocate.
  12. stop thinking with your football penis , college athletics is still entertainment. Its a luxury. It can wait until things improve. Hopefully, that happens over the Summer months, but more realistically by next Spring. the economy is going to take years to fully recover, its nobody's fault. Its going to be a slow painful grind. Some things will never come fully back I'm afraid. maybe the Democrats states are playing it too safe, but you can always admit you were wrong and reverse that action, that's not as easily done in a state like Georgia where the virus can get away from you quickly. I prefer the risk adverse course.
  13. PAC12 has 1500 staff and players in close contact during football season if 5% catch the virus and 1% of those require hospitalization and have long term complications is it worth the risk? We've already witnessed the changes made in the sport for concussions. Not sure this is all that different.
  14. conference lawyers will be billing lots of hours drafting air tight COVID-19 waivers
  15. we assume today that all college football players want to play come fall. that's a bad assumption IMO. I could easily see a good percentage of players not want to risk their health.
  16. interesting stuff from this Chinese study, the person that came to the restaurant with the virus is A1 in the diagram below
  17. its true, one of the side benefits to wearing a mask is a simple, "I'm acknowledging that this virus is dangerous and deadly. Even if I'm not as protected as I would be in a Hazmat suit, I am aware of my surroundings and am watching out for you." Is that too much to ask? For me the discomfort of wearing a mask is also a subtle reminder of the need to social distance, wash my hands and to avoid touching my face. At worst a mask is uncomfortable, at best it could save someones life!
  18. so if I have cancer, and am dying at home in hospice, when a semi-truck loses control and crashes through my home killing me instantly, what does my death certificate read?
  19. this virus is so random - my wife has a high school friend that's had multiple instances of brain cancer that tested positive, made it through with only being down in bed for 3 days, and feeling very weird for another 4-5 days, didn't require any hospitalization - contrast that to two of my dad's friends one died within 3 days of hospital admittance and the other had to go to the ICU but made it through and is back home
  20. I cant see Bob's posts anymore, but there's no way his list isnt: Hee Haw Fox News Hee Haw Fox News
  21. I make this about once a month ... so good. Its very rich in flavor. https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/slow-cooker-beef-stroganoff/1b3f2c90-0924-4744-a7c2-1b82a4d4e133 Ingredients 1/4 cup butter, 2 lb boneless beef sirloin steak, cut into 3x1/2x1/4-inch strips, (I slice up a couple of rib eyes steaks vs. sirloin steak) 1 cup chopped onion, 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped, 1 can (10.5 oz) condensed golden mushroom or cream of mushroom soup, 1 carton (8 oz) sliced fresh mushrooms, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, 4oz cream cheese, cubed (from 8-oz package), 1 container (8 oz) sour cream 6 cups hot cooked noodles or rice SAVE $ Steps 1 In 12-inch skillet, melt butter over medium-high heat. Add beef strips, onion and garlic; cook 7 to 9 minutes or until beef is browned. 2 In 3 1/2- to 4 1/2-quart slow cooker, mix beef mixture, soup, mushrooms, salt and pepper. 3 Cover; cook on low heat setting 5 to 6 hours or until beef is tender. 4 Stir cream cheese into beef mixture until melted. Stir in sour cream until well blended. Serve over noodles.
  22. in no particular order: Better Call Saul True Detective (Season 1) Bloodline Cherynobl