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  1. except we've frequently heard over and over that this is similar to influenza. I've never heard of a Phoenix flu outbreak in June
  2. this must make Mitch McConnell's embalming fluid boil
  3. mine says, "for hell's sake, put on some pants"
  4. I'm concerned about Arizona, 3600 new cases today and statewide their ICU's are 84% full https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/23/arizona-reports-record-single-day-increase-in-coronavirus-cases-ahead-of-trumps-visit.html I wonder if everyone being inside breathing recirculated air is a contributor?
  5. wait a minute I thought Florida already triumphed over Covid-19?
  6. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/22/united-states-italy-traded-places-coronavirus-333122
  7. https://www.sentinelandenterprise.com/2020/06/22/surging-us-virus-cases-raise-fear-that-progress-is-slipping/
  8. ah, good old Sweden Norway, Denmark and Finland have all shut their borders to Sweden to stop the spread of the virus. Those borders are now open to visitors from other countries. Not only has this caused friction in the Nordics, but long term it will cripple all of Europe's relations with Sweden. Additionally the COVID-19 stigma that this has caused the country will hurt tourism. Its going to be a huge economic hit to Sweden as much of their economy is based on visitors. So not only did their economy get blasted like everyone else, but they won't be able to recover as quick because of the course they chose. Only a 6.1% of Swedes have Coronavirus antibodies (they predicted 40% would have it by the end of May). Herd immunity has failed, which was the only reason they opted to keep everything open in the first place. Exactly what did they accomplish besides murdering many of their own citizens? As you can imagine, many Swedes are irate at their government. But other than that everything is good. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/21/coronavirus-may-change-nordic-friendships-forever-333324 https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-hopes-fade-for-swedens-herd-immunity-experiment-2020-6 https://www.newstalk.com/news/got-badly-wrong-luke-oneill-swedens-coronavirus-approach-1034451 https://www.wsj.com/articles/coronavirus-is-taking-a-high-toll-on-swedens-elderly-families-blame-the-government-11592479430
  9. that certainly seems like that's what happened in the Northeast and places like Michigan and Louisiana, or those places did a better job of reducing the spread once they spiked, or maybe a little bit of both.
  10. a couple of things to consider while some of you on the "we've only lost 122k Americans and they were all old useless people" crowd, pat yourself on the back: 1. most agree we're still in wave 1. 2. we've learned a crash course on how to better treat this virus, resulting it reducing hospitalizations and deaths (example: dexamethasone). Credit is due to scientists, health care workers, etc. It isn't because its magically not as bad as every one thought it would be. 3. there are still many areas of the US where hospitalizations are rising and are concerning. 4. yesterday, we saw the largest worldwide one day total of new cases. Incidentally it was the Trump Coronavirus task force that said, if we don't do anything the death toll would be as high as 2.2 million
  11. f*ck we won't know more till later this year. That's like a team losing by 4 TD's saying we'll get you next year. You criticize Fauci, what if he took the lame approach "well we'll know more later get back to me in November" Your criticizing decisions made 3 months ago using current information. He doesn't have the luxury of hindsight. I'll tell you the true affect - Sweden's f&*ked! They'll have more deaths, more hospitalizations and more human suffering than if they took the approach the rest of Europe took.
  12. you know when someone is trying to bullshit you when they use data from last month and are too damn lazy to spend the 20 seconds it takes to look at Sweden’s death toll currently (Sweden - 5k deaths, Norway and Finland combined have a larger pop than Sweden and have a combined 550 deaths) For f*ck sake, (shakes head). Have you even looked at the news from Sweden? They’ve essentially admitted they’ve made a huge mistake. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/03/architect-of-sweden-coronavirus-strategy-admits-too-many-died-anders-tegnell https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/24/sweden-wrong-not-to-shut-down-says-former-state-epidemiologist https://www.ft.com/content/4f6ad356-9f61-4728-a9aa-3fa1f232035a They have 56K confirmed cases and 5k deaths. I'm no math major, but essentially 1 in 10 confirmed cases have died. That's horrific! That's twice as high as it is here.
  13. Arizona had 3,246 new cases today, their highest ever. Az hospitals are getting full. Utah also had it highest number of cases today at 586. Fortunately our hospital situation is in good shape.
  14. I like the desert themed mascots - vipers, scorpions, etc.
  15. the Waffle House found it tough to survive in the pricey Orlando's Beach front property boom.