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  1. 7 minutes ago, #1Stunner said:

    It would be BYU's fault if the season is cancelled?  I'm sure that BYU is doing what it can to have a P5 level COVID testing program (BYU is cheap, but I doubt they are cheap on safety like that).

    Honestly, I won't be surprised if all of college football plays the first 1 or 2 games, and a COVID outbreak occurs, and the remaining schedule is canceled.   

    if BYU is one of the only games that weekend and an outbreak occurs.  You will be the Miami Marlins of college football. :P

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  2. 2 minutes ago, #1Stunner said:

    It's odd how things change.

    All of a sudden BYU vs Navy feels like a big game.  And I'm not sure why...

    its a good game, considering the circumstances

    I'd be a little concerned about the travel for BYU, hopefully everyone stays safe, or fingers could be pointed at BYU for killing the season

  3. robe over the past few weeks:

    - we're playing Alabama

    - we're going to be the Big XII 10th team for 2020

    - conversations are being had between Notre Dame and Holmoe

    - we'll get a couple of games at least with the Big XII to fill out our schedule

    - maybe the AAC will schedule us

    - Hot damn, we got Navy and possibly San Jose



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  4. 2 hours ago, SalinasSpartan said:

    I am just pointing out the wonderful timing that you have more time to post now that daily cases are declining. I suppose it was just a big coincidence that you didn’t have time when new cases and deaths were both in the rise. 

    nicolas cage wink GIF

    hey, he was busy okay?

    lay off!

    those COVID-19 is a hoax videos don't find themselves, and he had laundry


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  5. 4 minutes ago, #1Stunner said:

    Thanks for clarifying. 

    That's messed up if this disgruntled player (and a former player) are trying to get Patterson fired, by playing a FALSE racism card.

    Patterson is old school, but has generally been a class act. 

    we should all pony up a few bucks and send these to GP and show our support


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  6. 16 minutes ago, RSF said:

    Bunch of players (including LT's nephew, and all of them AA) have already tweeted saying it didnt go down that way.  That GP was calling out player in front of the team for using said word in meetings.


    BTW...Niko Small is a former player who frequently got cross ways with patterson.  He wasnt there at all.

    stuff like that will cripple the Black Lives Matter movement. If that's what happened I hope Small gets some punishment someway, somehow.

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  7. 25 minutes ago, SparkysDad said:

    A fan that supports a team based in Florida is saying, "We seem to be past the coronavirus peak..."?  While based on statistical trending it's accurate, 73 deaths and 4,700+ new infections (today) is not necessarily the "all clear" signal!

    apparently one of the angles is f#ck players health and science 

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