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  1. UW is not very good at basketball this year, but their hair game is outstanding
  2. your more likely to get sick from a @Bob post than you are from any side effects of a vaccine. Fortunately, Pfizer and Mug co-developed a serum for bob posts called la ignore feature
  3. someone needs to get Roger a map. That's definitely the long way around.
  4. could happen, Utah's played COVID twice and lost both, but UW is struggling
  5. this isn't meant for you personally, but we're all burned out on it. I'm sure 75 years ago people were burned out with WWII too. The vaccine will start to distribute in 10 short days, the end is in sight. We just need to hang on and do what we can to prevent more sickening, suffering and loss of human life. If you care about the economy lets not cripple it by families having financial health burdens they can't endure.
  6. not those who are concerned about the greater good, believe science and care about there fellow man. Its like some people believe that Newsom is just trying to f_ck with people
  7. thanks for what you are doing! hopefully after health care workers they get the vaccinations to teachers next
  8. that would kill all California sports me thinks, except the 49ers who are temporarily setting up shop in Phoenix
  9. you're not helping my quest to get Aggie fans stirred up into a frenzy https://kslsports.com/447261/report-utah-state-running-back-jaylen-warren-enters-ncaa-transfer-portal/
  10. wow, sure seemed easy for San Diego St to pull this off last minute
  11. I don't disagree. I haven't watched much college football this year but its reasonable to assume that byu should be in the same neighborhood as Cincinnati.
  12. its unfortunate for byu's players and coaches, because I guarantee they wanted to play UW.
  13. its just making light of some people who feel the need to announce how they are cooking to show their superiority.
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