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  1. isn't Honolulu compromised of transplants from the U.S. and Asia that don't have ties to the university? Granted a lot of those are wealthy transplants with some discretionary income to burn, and some of those would fund/attend/watch Hawaii athletics, but when you filter out the population that doesn't care about college football, I think that hinders PAC12 expansion to paradise
  2. mlb streaming, there used to be Root sports cable in SLC market for Rockies games, but I don't know if that still exists?
  3. in SLC Rockies and Diamondbacks are blacked out, but we get the rest. It makes no sense
  4. my friend passed away early this morning from COVID. He was put on a ventilator a few weeks back, but never could bounce back. He leaves a spouse and four kids.
  5. doesn't a lot of whether the Big XII expands further depend on Fox Sports (or other entities) seeing an opportunity to make money in the college football/basketball market? I still think that's very much in flux right now and on hold till the next round of media rights start to unfold. I believe college football greatly outdraws TV viewers over every other sport except the NFL and so there is potentially great value. It also depends on ESPN potentially having a monopoly on the product and whether other entities want to play and to what level. I hope they do it would be great for the spo
  6. stupidity not uniquely American I guess, thanks for stepping up Australia and Germany https://www.npr.org/2021/09/21/1039301977/anti-vaccine-protesters-clash-with-police-in-melbourne-for-the-second-straight-d https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-germany-mask-murder-gas-station-attendant/
  7. @x97 represents the worst of the internet, only shows up after a win 12 years in the making at least its a reminder for me to use the ignore feature again
  8. pretty sure those aren't PAC12 refs
  9. I hate that the refs decided this one
  10. have I ever mentioned how much I hate sports
  11. so sad UCF lost tonight, I think i heard a whoosh as their NY6 chances were flushed
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