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  1. Spring Football Reports

    next year I'm going to the last scrimmage prior to the Spring game and skipping the Spring game. The Spring game is a fluff performance for fans
  2. Latest Renderings Of SJSU Stadium Project

    those links don't work
  3. Latest Renderings Of SJSU Stadium Project

    you guys are mean to your conference brother San Jose
  4. the Portland A's?

    as a Giant s fan I get tired of playing the Rockies and Padres that much. I'd much rather mix in the Astros, Mariners, Angels
  5. the Portland A's?

    I honestly like the occasional interleague series where a SF plays Boston or LA plays the Yankees. I say drop SF playing Colorado 19 times down to 10 and have more games against teams that don't see each other that much
  6. the Portland A's?

    agreed, I also think playing 19 times against the other teams in your division is overkill
  7. the Portland A's?

    the A's have wanted a new park for 20 years, its never going to happen
  8. good lord Paul George ...

    I don't watch much NBA but I'm watching him today, he's been unreal 8-11 from 3, .... 36 points, 7 rebounds
  9. B10 network no longer on Comcast for non-market.

    https://www.cornnation.com/2018/4/12/17231298/report-comcast-to-dump-big-ten-network live sports programming seems as volatile as ever
  10. Nevada 2018-19 OOC Basketball Schedule

    we should meet midway on I-80 in Elko or Winnemucca for a bruhahaha
  11. Slightly OT: Former USU AD Scott Barnes

    they currently have 23 players in the NFL
  12. Slightly OT: Former USU AD Scott Barnes

    I've heard a few people speculate that Oregon St. new head coach is in over his head, and their hire was a reach. That's a tough job anyway especially with UW's improvement lately and Oregon's money. However, Mike Riley made it work and with him back on the staff as assistant head coach, who knows what happens?
  13. OT Kansas and NC State named in new indictments

    at some point it will start to get easier to list programs not involved in corruption what's confusing to me is why an Adidas executive would want to funnel a player to Kansas (a Nike school)?