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  1. @mugtang that's already been taken (see above)
  2. In today's environment, who would consider building a casino? I suspect most are barely covering their costs currently. I wonder if the golden age of Las Vegas is gone forever?
  3. fair points and I agree, but that is also coming from a male white person (me) who's never experienced any sort of racism or sexism. I can't expect to know what its like to be black, native American or female growing up in this country. When I hear my wife or daughter talk about a few incidents of sexism that they've experienced, it was pretty damaging to their psyche. I think racism, and sexism is improving in America, and I agree that some of these outcries seem way over the top, but maybe they need to be, just to get their frustration out?
  4. @#1Stunner I wish this were true. Sadly it looks like there are still a percentage of people in this country who are racist (mostly underground). Plus the fact that @Bob agrees with you, you already know you're on the wrong side of the argument. Just a couple of sad observations from the good ole Beehive State: I hope that racism is dying, but its dying an awfully damn slow death
  5. I love the Stanley Cup playoffs, but this just seems weird. This clearly pushes back and shortens next season.
  6. @SJSUMFA2013 you are up my friend, @TheSanDiegan pick when you can
  7. except we lost 3k great Americans to 911, we're at 128k to Corona virus and still climbing. sadly, this is an American Failure that we'll regret for generations
  8. I think a mortuary company funded it, which is fitting now, I guess
  9. Ogden doesn't have a lot going for it, but Raptor games were fun and cheap. We'd go a couple of times a year, just to hang out with friends. The good ole days
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/us-covid-19-death-toll-may-be-28-percent-higher-than-officially-thought/ar-BB16fwpk?li=BBnb7Kz and we just hit 50K new cases for a new daily record in the US, what a sad indictment of our country. During 911 we came together as a country and showed what we were. What has happened?
  11. sigh, I think the golden age of collegiate sports is behind us