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  1. Sean Miller was the head coach at Xavier before he took the UA job. That would be an interesting rehire
  2. at least the entire Miller family can gather for Thanksgiving this year
  3. he was quoting Bill Zimmerman who did some research/analysis. I looked on the net and couldn't locate it? I think the issue with looking at it this way is seeding is inherently flawed and if you're a #1 seed and you make it to the elite 8, but not the final four that's under performing. I don't completely agree with that. I suspect if you looked at every program across the country, there are very few that have over performed based on their seed. For every Duke national championship there are 3 years where they under performed.
  4. I'm not a fan of UA hoops, but that program is better than Sean Miller. Based on the talent he brought to Tucson, he underachieved.
  5. listened to Mad Dog radio today with Chris Russo and as expected they were skewering Gonzaga today. They pointed out that the Zags have underperformed (based on their seeding) 14 of the last 17 years. And one of those years was when Gonzaga seeded 9th beat an 8th seed.
  6. voted for Trump is anti-gay marriage, what are her good person qualities?
  7. You would think it couldn’t be done but then I think about the 2021 Rose Bowl a few months back
  8. 13 million watched last night, down 7 million from 2019 Sports viewing is down everywhere.
  9. the WCC already reduced Gonzaga's number of conference games down to accommodate them and help their Net Rankings. The next thing would be to treat them as ACC football does with Notre Dame
  10. there are still GOPers that believe Obama is a foreigner and his birth certificate is faked.
  11. seems like a solid hire to me, hopefully he can keep building on what Craig Smith accomplished
  12. Remember how people were yammering about how social distancing, mask wearing businesses shutting down were going to result in mass suicides. According to the NHCS (National Center for Health Statistics) and the NVSS (National Vital Statistics System). Suicides were actually lower in 2020 than they’ve been in the previous four years. 2020: 44,834 2019: 47,511 2018: 48,344 2017: 47,173 2016: 44,965
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