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  1. Del Scorcho

    CU's Mike MacIntyre fired?

    in 4 of the last 5 years CU has finished last in the PAC-12 South, the one year they didn't finish last, they won it
  2. Del Scorcho

    CU's Mike MacIntyre fired?

    Les Miles would be interesting, I think that would be a quality hire.
  3. Del Scorcho

    CU's Mike MacIntyre fired?

    or not? https://www.thedenverchannel.com/sports/sources-cu-mike-macintyre-to-part-ways-at-end-of-season
  4. Del Scorcho

    Uh oh, BYU BB

    There's no doubt it's unfair. UNC should have had a couple season post season ban. It really has soured college basketball.
  5. Del Scorcho

    Uh oh, BYU BB

    I see a difference in an agent giving a player money versus a booster with access to a locker room dropping off cash. They are both cheating, but one is clearly more damaging to a program IMO and us why I believe the punishment was so harsh. And BYU will always be over scrutinized because of its religious affiliation. You might not think it hurts BYU's reputation but 9 out of 10 people will simply read the headlines that BYU was caught cheating and that's all they will know.
  6. Del Scorcho

    Uh oh, BYU BB

    Kyle Kuzma is alleged to have received $9500 from an agent (not from a booster or from a coach or the school). Initially they approached Larry K and requested 50k to initially sign him, but Larry said no. But they were able to get him to sign anyway. Kuzma has claimed he never took the $9500, but I have my doubts. So far his name has only been linked after it appeared on a list, and he claims it's not true. Until more comes out. I'm not sure what Utah is supposed to do?
  7. Del Scorcho

    Uh oh, BYU BB

    I find it hilarious that one of the benefits Emery got was a trip to Harry Potter World. Here he is with the booster. 10 points for Griffendor!
  8. Del Scorcho

    Biggest day in Aztec sports history

    congrats SDSU! does that mean that Qual Comm will be demolished soon, and is there any indication of what will happen to the Holiday Bowl, will it move North to LA or stay in SD?
  9. Del Scorcho

    Mountain West Basketball Week 1: 11/6 - 11/11

    for the first time ever I have a sour taste in my mouth about college basketball starting, the sport is broken. It's like sitting down to a turkey dinner and you know the turkey had rabies.
  10. Del Scorcho

    BYU still sucks

  11. Del Scorcho

    BYU still sucks

    it appears Holmoe is hard at work fixing things?
  12. Del Scorcho

    Why Is Utah State So Hated On Here

    I hated on Utah State before it was cool.
  13. Announced he was transferring yesterday from Utah. Highest QB recruit we've ever had rumor is from ESPN 700 radio
  14. Del Scorcho

    hawaii @ byu

    its more of an LDS board than it is a sports board. I think I only have 91 years left on my 99 year ban from that place