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  1. what they call the bottom 10, I call Tom Holmoe's dream schedule
  2. https://247sports.com/college/utah/Article/BREAKING-Former-Michigan-State-DL-Mufi-Hunt-to-walk-on-at-Utah-134474448/
  3. it seems like travel is becoming increasingly more volatile. How miserable would it be to need to fly out of Hong Kong and have your flight cancelled because of these protests. Or a few weeks ago London's Heathrow had a computer outage with British Airways and the potential of an airport strike that would essentially shut down the busiest airport in Europe.
  4. I’ll add one. “Sweet Lips” Cornell Green was an All American at Utah State in 1961 and 1962, later he became a 5 time Pro Bowl corner for the Dallas Cowboys. In 13 seasons he never missed a game. Probably the most astonishing thing about Green was that he never played a minute of college football. He played college hoops in Logan and was an All American in basketball. He was drafted in the NBA in 1962.
  5. I will miss these two schools from the Grand Canyon state. Its crystal clear to me why they would trade their association with Cal/Stanford, USC/UCLA, UW/Oregon with the prestigious likes of liberal KSU/Iowa St, Texas Tech/Baylor.
  6. maybe they also regret adding ASU and UA back in the 70's? Are either of those AZ schools "prestigious"?
  7. your talking political demographics, which I'll admit leans to the far right in AZ. I think that's a small factor when discussing these schools jumping to the Big XII. When I mention umbilical cord, I'm talking about more practical influences to the PAC-12 schools UA and ASU. For example, students that attend school in Arizona (see below), boosters, booster groups and especially athletes that make up football and hoops. ASU and UA rosters are dominated by players from California. Just checked UA's football roster they have 41 players from the state of California and 25 from Arizona. I know Texas is rich in football players too, but your talking a 15 hour drive between Phoenix and Austin versus 4 hours between Phoenix and LA. These schools like many of us in the West cannot afford to be disassociated with California. In the same way Oklahoma can't afford to be disassociated with Texas. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-education/2018/07/12/california-college-students-flock-arizona-schools-overcrowded-uc-csu-reject-them/753425002/ Just my $.02
  8. those that think that Arizona and ASU would move to the Big XII don't understand the umbilical cord type relationship AZ has with California
  9. thank you for managing this and getting us across the finish line
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/diamondbacks-say-desire-is-to-remain-in-arizona-after-discussing-relocation-to-nevada-last-year/
  11. I'll take the SJSU Spartans @cgzpack
  12. my team is sooo strong, it won't matter. :)
  13. I'll take the Lobos of UNM @bigd
  14. Buffalo the town. Not the mascot. @cgzpack next