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  1. Del Scorcho

    Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl

    ^^^ pffft ... pretends he doesn't have this monster machine ... vvv ... parked in his driveway
  2. Del Scorcho

    Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl

    it still says P12 vs SEC expected, but not finalized. I'd like it to stay P12 vs. MWC
  3. Sources: Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl is new name for Las Vegas Bowl. Mitsubishi Motors signs 2-year naming rights deal. In 2020, bowl will move to Raiders’ new stadium & expected to feature Pac-12 vs. SEC — Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) July 11, 2018
  4. Del Scorcho

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    clearly, the girl on the far right sees her boyfriend talking to some home wrecking skank in the stands. She's minutes away from Ragin.
  5. Del Scorcho

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    Damn, someone needs to stay woke, and that someone is me okay how about Southern Miss @UNLVFan90
  6. Del Scorcho

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    I'll take Southern Meth she's clearly disappointed that they've run out of hairspray @UNLVFan90 bring it
  7. Del Scorcho

    OT: Dress Shorts

  8. Del Scorcho

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    Dooook @mondego the pulpit is now yours
  9. has there ever been a better flying machine? (just askin) there must be a hundred cautionary tales about putting the cart in front of the horse, you should research a couple of them
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/ivanka-trump-apos-chinese-made-041020687.html
  11. Del Scorcho

    Big Ten Revenue Distribution Hits $51M per Team

    well for Michigan St/Penn St they need this extra money to fund victim retributions. Baylor to the B1G, you heard it hear first
  12. Del Scorcho

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    has it been the 4th of July yet in Hawaii? I know with the time difference and international date line it can be confusing Stay Woke!
  13. Del Scorcho

    Gear Report: Sears Point

    Sears Point? I'm not familiar with that. Is that is the Lady Kenmore section where you can buy a toaster or some Thom McCann shoes?
  14. Del Scorcho

    Trump’s latest scare tactic

    this ranking has us at #17 https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/quality-of-life-full-list but US News is probably biased towards those 16 other countries ahead of us