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  1. there's a costume store in my town and there window display that shows several full size Easter Bunny costumes hanging for rent. It's chilling to drive by. poor kids
  2. at one point in the last episode there was an odd comment, Jon Snow said go inform the Night's Watch that they no longer need to defend Castle Black (and have them join us at Winterfell) because the wall has been breached. You'd think the Night's Watch would be the first to know that the wall had been broken
  3. it also houses many great paintings, statues, etc. just awful
  4. that was a great episode, but I'll agree Jon riding the dragon was cringy and unnecessary. pretty strong hint that Cersei is pregnant either by Jamie or the Iron Island guy. I have to believe that plays into the story at some point. Maybe Jamie ends up killing Cersei?
  5. This Islander Penguin game has been great. Lord Stanley would be pleased.
  6. can anyone see if there is white smoke billowing out of the top of the House that Porn Built?
  7. yep, and he's the mediator between the players and Larry K
  8. rumor is that UNLV is trying to get Utah assistant Demaro Slocum to jump to UNLV as an assistant, which would be terrible news for Utah basketball. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-basketball/kevin-kruger-to-join-unlvs-staff-amauri-hardy-will-return-1636905/
  9. space creeps me out. That black hole is 55 million light years away from us, so essentially that's a snap shot of an image 55 million years ago (give or take depending on where the telescope is that they took the photo from) I can here the Christmas Story Dad looking at this photo and saying, "its smiling at me"
  10. expanding slightly from 45,807 to 51,444 complete by end of Summer 2021, tearing down that South Endzone eye sore https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900042048/watch-live-university-of-utah-unveils-plans-for-rice-eccles-stadium-expansion.html
  11. it is crazy how non traditional basketball schools rise up every once in awhile in that conference. South Carolina a couple of years ago and Auburn this year.
  12. Fort Worth has historically been a center of the longhorn cattle trade. Reno has 2 Sizzler's Your serve Reno