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  1. I'll take UCF in place of Michigan (pic coming) Thank you @4UNLV
  2. laradise did me no favors with that. Did he forget Jim Harbaugh is still there?
  3. with Sean Miller still employed at Arizona and the LSU coach (name escapes me) getting recently reinstated it shows that schools are okay with a certain level of cheating. A level that I thought college sports was better than. Call me naive, but that's very disheartening. Its taken a good chunk of the excitement I've had for college hoops.
  4. court mandated? Did authorities take your hard drives?
  5. https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/06/07/hotline-newsletter-pac-12-receives-750-million-bids-from-potential-partners-reportedly-but-details-are-the-key/ I think organizations still realize that sports is still a money making venture, despite all the cries that things have peaked and are trending downward.
  6. this list is wacky - Utah won skiing championships in 2019 and 2017 and have 11 women's gymnastics titles https://www.ncaa.com/news/skiing/2019-03-05/utah-wins-2019-nc-skiing-national-championship
  7. I think some of us didn't make a team (sobs quietly while trying to catch breath) It's because I'm Mormon, right?
  8. Andrew Bogut was tecnically not P5 when he played in college. He was MWC.
  9. we're scheduled to play USU on a neutral court every third year. I assume we'll schedule UCSB in a few decades once all of the Pimm stealing/Gaucho hate dies down Its still at a fever pitch