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  1. Not sure if you are aware, this is what humans do with each other. If someone gets sick, they say, "I hope you feel better, get well soon, i hope you recover quickly" It's not some hidden political code. Good Lord smh!
  2. all I said was I hope he recovers quickly, why do you feel the need to be a dick about it? Nobody hinted that he was severely ill.
  3. If you have mild symptoms, I think 100 out of 100 doctors would claim you are still sick. For f_cks sake
  4. new record of cases today in the US, worse day so far in the pandemic 85,837 cases or are we still rounding that corner?
  5. make fun of me any way you want, just don't be a knuckle dragging hillbilly and use words that are offensive to people with mental disabilities. Its not that hard. And if you can't that's all I need to know about you.
  6. making fun of people with mental disabilities, when there are a thousand different other words you can choose from? come one, you're better than that. this topic is timely today
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