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  1. If the end goal is to have a college football tier 1 with the best schools in the country why add USC and UCLA but keep Purdue and the Nortwestern type schools? I don't get it?
  2. Really? What bad abortion law exists in Utah? It's legal here just like everywhere else and no one has proposed any changes to the law (like OK has)
  3. disagree, I'd argue that 99% of us (Americans) yesterday were saddened at the event (especially considering 7-10 year-olds were the primary victims)
  4. is this another White Supremacist thing?
  5. reality is that BYU doesnt have nearly the same cache it once had. There are easily 40 programs that would draw more excitement for Utah fans than another game against BYU. If Utah were to play BYU this year I'd put it as the 5th or 6th most interesting game on Utah schedule. It's clearly not on par with games against Florida, USC, Oregon or UCLA
  6. https://www.ksl.com/article/50403975/broken-wheel-byu-utah-state-put-in-state-rivalry-on-hold-for-now BYU and Utah State jointly announced the cancellation of four games scheduled through the 2026 season Thursday, using contractual language voiding the existing agreement if a change in conference affiliation occurred. That means the contest scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 29 in Provo will be the last in the Wagon Wheel rivalry for the foreseeable future. Will the Utah legislature call for an audit of BYU's athletic dept? When Utah ditched USU, all heck broke lose for BYU and USU fans, but suddenly ... (crickets)
  7. Tucker was wrong about supporting Russia, but naturally its Biden and Harris fault he was wrong https://sports.yahoo.com/tucker-carlson-admits-that-his-support-of-russia-was-wrong-blames-biden-and-harris-055814069.html
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