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  1. I dont understand how Pence, McConnell, Graham, Cruz and a hundred other individuals never stood up to Trump. I do think that most people are genuinely scared of him.
  2. “It’s obviously a very different situation. It's complete transparency,” Fauci said in an interview Thursday. “Nobody is telling you what to say, at all. They are just saying go out there and let the data guide you on what you are saying." "There were things that were said, be it regarding things like hydroxychloroquine and other things like that, that really was an uncomfortable thing because they were not based on scientific fact," Fauci said of the Trump administration. "I can tell you, I take no pleasure at all being in a situation with contradicting the president." https://www.p
  3. if we're being honest the PAC12's failures run much deeper than just Larry Scott. Certainly Larry made many critical mistakes, but he was also caught in a cycle where the PAC12 in hoops/football didn’t deliver. You can’t blame that on him. I also think that the gap between the SEC/B1G and the rest of the leagues has widened making it more difficult for anyone leading the conference to appear successful.
  4. maybe try another news channel? One that isn't focused on how the election was stolen, Hugo Chavez references and security concerns about Joe Biden's Peleton bike.
  5. Odd thing to say on the night we’ve hit 400k deaths in the U.S. and it’s everywhere in the news.
  6. I'll have McCrib meal, supersized
  7. I'm going to give the GOP the benefit of the doubt. I know many of the polls show otherwise, but I don't believe that the majority of Republicans actually believe the election was stolen. I suspect the polling indicating otherwise is simply a show of hurt feelings that their candidate didn't win and an irrational lashing out of obscure ideals to make themselves feel better. I know that a large majority of them are decent good people that aren't that much different than the Democratic base are non-violent and were shocked to see what occurred on January 6th. I refuse to believe that this party
  8. I think we should feel emboldened that the movement that struck the capital on January 6th has dramatically fizzled. I was nervous that we would see more destruction over the weekend in DC and at various state capitals. It gives me hope that those willing to commit violence for Trump were a small disillusioned group. I suspect removing Trump from Twitter and the temporary shutdown of Parler helped lower the temperature. Crossing my fingers that nothing of significance happens tomorrow and we can put this dark chapter of American History to bed (at least for a while)
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