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  1. Mormons love them some Trump!

    as a practicing Mormon, if we go counter against the group think nobody hangs out with us at the linger-longers. It's social suicide. You might as well confess that you used margarine and not real butter in your funeral potatoes or that you can't make it to a fireside because you'll miss GOT. https://youtu.be/Z82DB25mWkY
  2. Trump top 10 accomplishments so far

    I like how he's turned every job in the White House to a three month internship. He's draining the swamp every quarter
  3. Do you know the way to San Jose

    https://www.mercurynews.com/2016/12/08/san-jose-teacher-accused-of-having-oral-sex-with-student-sending-explicit-photos/?obref=obinsite If he can properly structure a sentence, I say let her go.
  4. Boise State women's gymnastics #13 in the country

    Utah's gymnastics has been crazy successful over the past 30 years. Its become an event. It easily outdraws our men's basketball team in attendance and over the past few years is the highest attended collegiate women's sport (over UCONN or Tennessee women's hoops). They have a season ticket base of over 13k and typically avg over 15k per event. Meanwhile our women's hoops team will get 800 fans to a game. I don't get it.
  5. Trump face palm #putbignumberhere....

    Norwegians could come for America's healthcare and gun rights and live on the edge
  6. Oprah 2020

    Oprah is no Sane Genius
  7. Matt Wells to Tucson to replace Rich Rod?

    its all coming out
  8. Matt Wells to Tucson to replace Rich Rod?

    more on the triangle of secrecy http://tucson.com/news/local/breakdown-of-sexual-harassment-claims-against-ex-wildcats-coach-rich/article_94e9ed68-f0b0-11e7-a8ec-c3ea7f93a46e.html#tracking-source=home-featured sounds like Rich Rod deserved to be fired
  9. Matt Wells to Tucson to replace Rich Rod?

    only if you hire Ty Detmer as OC
  10. Matt Wells to Tucson to replace Rich Rod?

    Tucson is nice during the winter. Other than that it's strip malls, homeless people, and Arizonas version of Barstow, CA
  11. Matt Wells to Tucson to replace Rich Rod?

    Wells to Tucson, G.A. back to Logan
  12. Matt Wells to Tucson to replace Rich Rod?