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  1. 1) Colorado St 2) Marshall 3) Boise St I think all 3 are capable of making some noise in one of the big bowl games.
  2. Colorado St East Carolina Marshall Boise State
  3. Now that the BCS system is dead, I can go back to ignoring the coaches poll. I'll stick to the AP Poll, even when I don't agree with it.
  4. Wish the American & MWC would work out a bowl game or two against each other. I think the access bowl will create a natural rivalry between the conferences.
  5. I think KSU in the 60s holds the record for fewest points scored in a season with 36. SMU might seriously threaten that record despite having 12 game seasons now. They haven't even had the chance to attempt an extra point yet. It's downright criminal how June gutted that program and then walked out on everybody and left them to face the humiliation on their own. They'll land a good coach this offseason. I did really enjoy the 56-0 Saturday we just had. Screw the ponies.
  6. Yeah I would have liked to have seen how TCU & Utah would have done transitioning to the P12/B12 with QBs who lasted a season. BYU ran into the same problem going Indy, had a run of injured/bad QBs. 2014: Maybe. I am still undecided on Boykin's progress and TCU's new offense. TCU's defense may be as good or better than we had our past two years. Kind of hard to tell after only playing Samford and Minnesota. Get back to me in November after we have played a couple of good teams. Good Luck to BYU. Wouldn't mind seeing you crash the party at the expense of SEC redundancy.
  7. BYU has something we both were lacking when we made the switch; a quarterback. BYU might be able to finish 2nd in the ACC or B10; not the others though. BYU is legit top 20 IMHO. Can't say if they're better than that without their getting the opportunity to test themselves against someone good.
  8. Need to know ooc home games v ooc road games.
  9. I predict this means the SEC will now have 11 ranked teams.
  10. I still disagree with you on his track record. Patterson can't knock LSU for having criminals, but he can knock them for failing to punish them.
  11. Marijuana failed. Cocaine & X admission came during direct police questioning about Pachall's drug history during the police search warrant execution of Tanner Brock's controlled portion of the house & common areas.
  12. TCU policy is 1 fail = education counseling 2 fail = suspension 3 fail = removal Same as every other school (sans Georgia) that I'm aware of Pretty sure it's illegal for TCU to go around announcing drug test results.
  13. What do you think most "violations of team rules" are? It's pretty much code for drug failure.
  14. Patterson sent Miles the full transcript of the interview as evidence that his comments were not directed at LSU and were taken out of context by various media outlets.
  15. Didn't "Bacon" have several alcohol incidents? Wasn't Titus Young suspended before playing out his career at BSU?
  16. So he is a hypocrite for not giving information to the ncaa that they neither ask for nor require? Who exactly do you think mails test results to the ncaa?
  17. That is a distinction without a difference. TCU cannot do drug tests through the ncaa. The ncaa does not require tcu to drug test. But ncaa requires all schools to follow their internal policies regarding drug tests. I believe Syracuse got in trouble for testing its players, but then not punishing according to Syracuse's own rules.
  18. Patterson is the one who administered all the drug tests. Facts and what not.
  19. Body bag games are garbage. The Oklahoma game was part of a 1 for 1. Not a body bag game.
  20. Yeah, but with increase in Chinese bellicosity over the Spratley Isles the risk of a worldwide confrontation in east Asia grows exponentially. Plus, examine the bleaching of coral reefs due to global warming and cross-reference that with the fracturization of the reality tv market. You'll soon realize that Lubbock is a dust filled hell hole.
  21. I don't think either school had to. I thought Kansas pussed out, but I never followed that one very closely. Tech took a bunch of Craig James lies and used them as cover to fire a coach the admins hated, but the fans loved.
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