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  1. Lead acid batteries can be recycled, Li-Ion? What about landfill needs in a few years when panels burn out? Biomass? Michael Moore's Planet of the Humans movie is pretty good. https://g.co/kgs/ygm9m9
  2. Yep, the first few stages of the grief cycle are a bitch.
  3. I went thru a divorce and did the same thing. I didn't want the divorce, expressed my desire to reconcile or at least remain friendly. He was disrespectful to my ex early on during mediation. I fired him, I could tell he was trying to stir things up to increase fees. By keeping things friendly, my ex and I talked and came to an agreement on the outstanding issues and instructed our attorneys according and attorney fees were reasonable on both sides.
  4. You will want a good attorney. Ask around to everybody you know locally who went through a divorce and find out if they would recommend an attorney. Maybe they will recommend their attorney, maybe their spouses, or someone else. Although not an attorney, my hunch is you owe her a minimum of her pro-rated equity and regardless, that would be the right thing to do. Avoid hostility, try to work things out. Escalation of hostility will increase attorney fees on both sides.
  5. Yes, BS in Business Administration, Option in Accounting.
  6. I heard a local hospital gives everyone with covid increased dosage over OTC recommended of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc. I am not able to confirm for myself, but I have started taking at OTC adult recommendations as a preventative in case I get it. Don't take my post as a recommendation, do your own research and / or talk to appropriate medical professional.
  7. Back into the Paris Agreement. Iran Nuclear Deal? Will anything get done on immigration? Criminal justice / court, consultants, attorneys / prison complex reform? Social Security?
  8. The last two presidents (Cheney, Obama) were much better.
  9. Thanks, I tend to think not for 7th graders, but maybe you are right. Maybe and older sibling helped. She just turned 13. The recording was made to sound like an adult male perv. This thread was helpful, hopefully it doesn't happen again.
  10. It doesn't. This has been building over time, at different rates for both sides, and both sides are at fault. Mainstream media is mostly an appendage of the government and parroting the talking points of the two parties, Faux (R), others mostly (D). Hopefully I am wrong, but I see things getting worse, not better. Cancel culture accelerates rage on both sides.
  11. Not sure when she will actually go to class, that hasn't happened in nearly a year.
  12. What he was and what some in the mainstream media portrayed are two different things.
  13. I seem to recall that he was falsely portrayed as somebody who would take us to nuclear war. Hell, now that I think about it the media was complicit in the Democratic lie about Goldwater, if elected woul take us to nuclear war.
  14. I get it, he isn't on your team, so you hate him. In all seriousness, this cancel culture and ever increasing escalation is not good and will not end in a happy place. Upon thinking about this incident, I don't think the guy should not have lost his job. He should have been admonished, required to redo all his sensitivity training, possibly even given a few days off. Good jokes told in the office at the beginning of my career 36 years ago would not be tolerated now. In fact, probably been a few years before I retired since I last heard a joke shared in the office of any kind.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions on voicemail, now that I think about it, probably best to take off personal greeting, at a minimum, don't use your name.
  16. Probably, and that is a good idea. If it happens again, definitely will do that.
  17. According to the officer, it is very common and much worse than my granddaughter experienced, she gets them herself. Maybe an IT techy can opine, but I don't think these calls are easily traced. It is all internet now (I assume). Police don't have resources to go after every stupid call.
  18. It doesn't matter, "Batshit Crazy" is an opinion based on someone's frame of reference.
  19. Ok, I just checked with her on class break, she is doing fine. I told her that although this was almost certainly a prank, don't let this affect her judgement in the future. If anything doesn't seem right, get to safety first, always tell a trusted person of anything that doesn't seem right. Last month, this sick bastard flew from Virginia to Fresno to abduct a 12 year old, made it all the way to Denver with the girl on a connecting flight before he was apprehended. https://abc30.com/kidnap-fresno-kidnapping-girl-kidnapped/8899582
  20. My wife and I have custody of a 13 year old granddaughter. She received a voicemail while in class from an unknown number and claiming to be a neighbor who is watching her in the nude, nice nipples, and other stupid sh**. She noticed it in between classes and was very distraught. She said she hasn't given out her number on social media or gaming, nobody has been mean to her. I have lived at this address nearly 30 years, it is quiet, we know our neighbors and I can't imagine any neighbor doing something like this. Didn't have specific info such as identifying granddaughter by name or address
  21. Piss off, meet me at the Mankato Best Buy. If I am lucky enough to kick your ass, I will treat you to a Bent Paddle.
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