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  1. modestobulldog

    New York, New York .....

    What would be more interesting than that map, is it could show income components. For instance, does California growth come from low-income people? I've heard rumors to that effect, that wealthier people are getting out.
  2. Your positive thinking defies the facts of recent prior presidents.
  3. modestobulldog

    The only place more F’d up than us

    In my mom's latter years, after my dad died, my mom watched a lot of Fox news during the 2007-2012 timeframe before she passed. She was really distraught at the way things were going under the Obama administration. I lost a lot of respect for Fox and their manipulation of facts, "breaking news" hooks, and losing perspective of the big picture of how great our country is and how much we have to be thankful for. Sacto has contributed many good ideas over the years, but I am afraid his current sources of information are not fair and balanced and may be feeding TDS.
  4. modestobulldog

    Newsom gives up on California High Speed Rail

    When I started commuting 30 years ago from Modesto, it took me 55 minutes to get to work. Now the afternoon ride is about an hour and 40 minutes, with the backup being the Altamont pass, and more recently in the last couple years the 205, 580 south of Tracy, 120 and 99. I reach that pain point at the beginning of this year. Yes it takes longer to take the commuter train, but in the morning I get over an hour of work in, clean out my emails, get organized for the day, and perform some light tasks. Afternoon, I do personal stuff, surf the Internet, listen to music, take a nap.
  5. modestobulldog

    Newsom gives up on California High Speed Rail

    Not to mention the Hollister Ranch to Jalama Beach stretch + Vandenberg Air Force Base. Stretches with some of the prettiest coastline, that is inaccessible to the general public. Amtrak takes you right through it with spectacular scenery.
  6. modestobulldog

    Newsom gives up on California High Speed Rail

    Face it, very few people want to take public transportation of any form. The trains are almost full now, time to add trains. I think in a few years are going to start serving Merced to the Bay area which will include Modesto to three two years after I retire. Along the route, there's numerous shuttle buses to get you where you need to go. In Pleasanton, there is a bus to the Bart Station. The ACE tracks are owned by UP and been there 100 years. BART was going to extend to the ACE / Transit stations in Livermore, but the NIMBYS put the kabosh on it. I don't blame them, one needs to be innoculated after riding a BART train. They are really just mobile homeless shelter.
  7. modestobulldog

    Newsom gives up on California High Speed Rail

    Already exists, (4 trains) and nearing seating capacity (already exceeds parking lot capacity in many locations: Westbound Trains ACE 1 ACE 3 ACE 5 ACE 7 Stockton 4:20 AM 5:35 AM 6:40 AM 7:05 AM Lathrop / Manteca 4:39 AM 5:54 AM 6:59 AM 7:24 AM Tracy 4:51 AM 6:06 AM 7:11 AM 7:36 AM Vasco 5:20 AM 6:35 AM 7:40 AM 8:05 AM Livermore 5:25 AM 6:40 AM 7:45 AM 8:10 AM Pleasanton 5:33 AM 6:48 AM 7:53 AM 8:18 AM Fremont 5:55 AM 7:10 AM 8:15 AM 8:40 AM Great America 6:13 AM 7:28 AM 8:33 AM 8:58 AM Santa Clara 6:20 AM 7:35 AM 8:40 AM 9:05 AM San Jose 6:32 AM 7:47 AM 8:52 AM 9:17 AM
  8. modestobulldog

    Newsom gives up on California High Speed Rail

    Not only that, business travel is becoming less common with technology. It won't go away, but with skype, WebEx, similar technologies and cheap communications, travel is often an impediment to getting things done.
  9. modestobulldog

    Newsom gives up on California High Speed Rail

    SMH. HSR is asinine for the US. Case in point ... The private sector provides better, cheaper, faster options at $49 (including taxes & fees). https://www.southwest.com/air/low-fare-calendar/select-dates.html?adultPassengersCount=1&currencyCode=USD&departureDate=2019-04-01&destinationAirportCode=LAX&originationAirportCode=SFO&passengerType=ADULT&returnAirportCode=&returnDate=2019-05-01&selectedFlight1=&tripType=roundtrip HSR would require billions annually in taxpayer subsidy. Fully costed rides would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I know this is troubling for an authoritarian government worshiper / corporate hater such as yourself.
  10. modestobulldog

    The New Democratic Party

    In the Newman police shooting case, about a half hour from where I live, the police officer who was gunned down, was a legal immigrant. Not only was he gunned down by an illegal immigrant, 7 illegal immigrants are in custody having tried to help him flee justice and escape to Mexico.
  11. modestobulldog

    Kamala’s presidential run Up in Smoke?

    I think we should amend the Constitution and let AOC get in the race. She is the only one who can beat Trump. It will be a shit show for the ages.
  12. modestobulldog

    Newsom gives up on California High Speed Rail

    The CAHSR management were morons. Both the Chinese and French were here in the early stages hoping to get in on the action. Both left early because they could tell the management had their heads up their asses and wanted to do things their own way. I went to a public meeting nearly 15 years ago when one proposed route went through Modesto. I asked if they were going to use standard train equipment that was already successful elsewhere. The answer was no, of course they knew better. The Golden Gate bridge took 4 years to build, but the Bay Bridge took over 25 years from the Loma Prieto earthquake. It slightly exceeded budget :-) $6B, vs $1B. “The longer it takes to build something, the much more expensive it becomes,” explains Ibbs. It’s a phrase that could almost be a mantra for the megaproject: Time equals money. And in large-scale construction projects, a lot of time equals a lot of money. https://www.wnyc.org/story/316201-brief-history-64-billion-bay-bridge/
  13. modestobulldog

    Newsom gives up on California High Speed Rail

    Same here, my run is shuttle bus from Modesto to Manteca, ACE to Pleasanton, then another shuttle bus to my final destination. $16.76 per day to save almost 110 miles of driving, but lower stress, and my employer lets me take some credit for working on the train / bus. I activate a hotspot on my phone and connect to my employer network.