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  1. More crazy-ass MWCBOARDING. How the hell a mundane thread on vaccination status descends to this depravity?
  2. Yes, and unfortunately, getting an injection is the closest contact I can hope for. I've never had a hot lady give me my annual flu shot.
  3. Like Cuomo, the best thing is to refrain from condemnation until facts come out / verified. I felt the same way with Kavanaugh, Biden, Cuomo, and others. Regarding Cuomo and Gaetz, it doesn't look good.
  4. I strongly recommend the Pfizer vaccine. I'm in my early 60s, the first shot was extremely minor soreness the rest of the day and no other symptoms at all. I'm about 7 hours after this morning's second injection, and other than the prick going in haven't felt a thing.
  5. How can the new process be as rigorous as the old process if the new process is a fast track process? Look, from all the information this is a non-issue, but it appears to me that I am technically correct as to being guinea pigs. If the new process is as good as the old process or better, why the disclaimer?
  6. Yeah, maybe volunteer work to make sure everybody stays there 15 minutes.
  7. A bonus, my car wasn't broken into and my catalytic converter is still intact.
  8. I just got my 2nd Pfizer stab. They have some hot young ladies administering the injections at the community center in the hood. I'm too old and married to hit on them.
  9. Are you saying the Pfizer paperwork I received is incorrect? Read the pictures of my Pfizer paperwork I received.
  10. You have been absent from this form for a long time, we've hashed this out ad nauseam over the last year.
  11. When I speak of anti-vaxxers, I'm speaking of the full gamut of vaccines, including the flu. Maybe my information is a little bit out of date, but Marin county was one of the lowest rates of child vaccination as of a few years ago. This article in 2019, indicates there's been a lot of improvement. I'm glad for the improvement. As for Bob's stance, if I were making the case for not getting vaccinated at this time, I would merely point to the paperwork received when I got my Pfizer covid vaccine. We are all 2nd phase guinea pigs, the vaccine has not gone through the same type of review as a
  12. No, I just know a lot of them. In fact, I was just visiting with two of them over the Easter weekend. Both live in SoCal with their families in a US top 20 zip code with median home prices of $3MM, one was a BSN.
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