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  1. Squatting in the Hamptons, Thank you Mario Cuomo https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8339375/Wealthy-tenants-SQUATTING-multi-million-dollar-homes-Hamptons.html
  2. What role do police unions play in protection of bad cops? What about special immunity for government workers? My thoughts are police are justified in using force to secure / arrest a suspect. It should begin measured, and escalate as needed until secure. If a suspect flashes a weapon and advances or aims, I am ok with shooting the suspect. I am of the opinion police officers deserve to go home uninjured. However, I think it is long overdue to hold officers accountable, including officers that ignore illegal acts. Laws need to change. Tin foil conspiracies of white supremacists infiltration of police forces like those espoused by Sactowndog are bunk. Are there some white supremacists on police roles? Sure. Prevalent, no. Finally, we need to avoid estrogen induced rush to judgement. Some of these cases, good police careers are ended unjustly. Good cops like Darren Wilson should be supported, not villafied.
  3. Democratic authoritarian hypocrisy. https://nypost.com/2020/05/25/michigan-gov-gretchen-whitmer-in-hot-water-over-husbands-boat-request/
  4. Regarding pardons, both parties have had some real stinkers after the election, and before inauguration. They should pass a law not allowing pardons to occur within 80 days of inauguration. The voters deserve transparency in pardons prior to election day.
  5. San Francisco State admits 60 to 80 students per year, Turkey Tech (Cal State Stanislaus) admits 60 students per year. What a cluster.....
  6. Awesome, overdue for a good time. That is still a low risk situation. Need more of this. Besides, most in that pool if they contract 19, symptoms will be non-existent or similar to a cold or flu.
  7. Man finds 83 ballots shipped to single address in his apt building http://www.dailymail.co.uk/~/article-3902690/index.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
  8. Contract nightmares in College Football. Force majure clauses.
  9. Dumbest comment of the pandemic: Mario Cuomo, "No measure no matter how drastic or draconian should be deemed unjustified if it saves a single life." If that were true, he would lower the speed limit to 20 mph and outlaw left turns. Over a decade, almost a half million people die in auto accidents.