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  1. Simple supply and demand, my hunch this is a popular time to visit. The former Furnace Creek Inn starts at $429 tomorrow night.
  2. Ladyboy upset at what is in the report. Boo hoo... He is crying that it doesn't have Jack Schitt. Romney 'sickened' by details in Mueller report https://news.yahoo.com/romney-sickened-by-trump-administration-dishonesty-exposed-by-mueller-report-204630561.html
  3. The list is a steaming pile of poo. It really is pathetic watching these last gasps.
  4. Since when do liberals care about the poor?
  5. Elmo for POTUS 2020, the only Democrat with a chance of beating Trump!
  6. Mainstream media is primarily a branch of government, merely parroting what they hear if it advances the left cause. Furthermore, it is mostly about manufacturing news, misrepresentation, and driving hits, similar to YouTube publisher.
  7. Truth is Paramount, it matters not who's ox is gored.
  8. As a deplorable, I was out of line. Thank God my gun hasn't gone off while sleeping in bed and clutching my gun after the church's midweek prayer meeting.
  9. What is your point? You come across as an elitist prick.
  10. So what? I was referring to a state of mind, not a physical location.
  11. You are dangerously close to Retro / Akkula / 2001 territory.
  12. Mug, what is wrong with you. A voice of reason? Such an approach will slow traffic to this site. You need to be stirring the cesspool in order to attract more flies.