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  1. I never claimed it was a hoax. Overstated risk to most people.
  2. I slowed down posting on message boards, I am on workation. Been behind the cheese curtain for 70 out of the last 100 days. If you dig back, I admitted I was shooting from the hip. What I did get right, was noticing the breakage of the two trend lines. I've been calling that since mid-May. This things nowhere near as bad as what the "medical experts"predicted at the beginning. I predicted it would not be proportional rise with the rise of new cases. I was right on that. as I mentioned then, we're doing a better job of protecting the vulnerable, the vulnerable know who they are, better treatment regimens, social distancing, and more recently acceptance of masks despite early medical opinions that they were not necessary or even harmful.
  3. Looks like whack-a-mole strategy is working. Although I was wrong about continued decline, my later prediction of a speed-bump was off, rather is was a double speed-bump. Thankfully, my recognition of trend breakage back in mid-May continues and it is not proportional. Cases tripled, deaths doubled. Here's hoping we are at the top of the speed-bump. Deaths still down 50% from peak. Also, here's hoping masks and continued social distancing works.
  4. Clinton cashed Ronald Reagan's peace dividend checks by closing numerous US bases. I don't think we need 35k in Germany.
  5. But dude - how can you be so blind? At times, you seem to be just as "salty" as the "salty cracker". Isn't your moniker and schtick "Arrogant Bastard" just as "salty", just from a different point of view?
  6. Nope, your income should be taxed high, mine low.
  7. The idea of making inheritance illegal is absolutely stupid. However, something most of us could agree on would be cleaning up the tax code. Just spitballing, but what about eliminating capital gains treatment and deferred compensation preferences for executives and paper investors. Maybe we make capital gains preferential treatment only for original investors in assets. Why should somebody investing in stocks get preferential tax treatment? Why should CEOs and other executives have astoundingly low net tax rates just because they're compensation is mostly valued in options and deferred compensation scams. It makes a mockery of the progressive tax system. I would think redbullfan would be more successful drumming up support for those types of tax changes, and the hall to the federal treasury would be substantial without going communist.
  8. I don't think polls are as reliable as they were in the past. Poll: 62% of Americans Say They Have Political Views They’re Afraid to Share https://www.cato.org/publications/survey-reports/poll-62-americans-say-they-have-political-views-theyre-afraid-share#introduction
  9. Reopen economy and there will be plenty of jobs.
  10. TDS and Progressive bullshit. Some were making more on unemployment than when they were working. This is a good move, don't like it, get back to work.
  11. Then allow homeowners the depreciation deduction as well, "Home ownership is a great thing, it doesn't need to be incentivized. ".
  12. Depreciation is a phantom expense. Besides, "Home ownership is a great thing, it doesn't need to be incentivized. ".