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  1. Retribution bad? What is the alternative?
  2. Exactly, that was the primary reason (extermination) for the facepalm Sacto was complaining about.
  3. I have followed various news since the 70's.
  4. What does it matter if I have been there?
  5. Politically, it is a nothing burger for both sides. Even conservatives are becoming aware of the benefits. I can't speak to treatment of disease, but we are convinced the oils made a significant difference in my father-in-law as he dealt with late stages of lymphoma. It seemed to help with his appetite and aid in sleeping / rest. A lady sitting near me on the commuter train lit up early this morning, I could smell and she had that high look. BFD if she has an office job or some other non-hazardous job.
  6. Nope, just reacting to the text in red which is rubbish. All parties have their issues. The middle east is an impossible situation, but Israel is probably the least responsible for current state.
  7. Not! Voters approved half-cent sales tax increase, prolly all go to pensions. https://www.ocregister.com/2019/08/19/californias-slow-motion-pension-disaster/amp/
  8. I look into the fire more than upward. Anyone have a premonition out in the wilderness? When I was in college back in early 80's, I did a fair amount of backpacking. One time, my friend bailed on a spring break trip to Las Padres NF so I went on a 50 mile trip with my dog. Started at Figueroa Mountain Nira CG, Hurricane Deck, Sisquock river, Big Pine / Madulce Peak, Alamar Canyon, Caliente rriver. Anyway, camping along Sisquock river, after dinner and gazing at the fire, the sky lit up from a rocket launch at Vandenberg AFB. I thought to myseif, I wonder what is happening while I am isolated in the wilderness. I contemplated the president could be killed and I wouldn't find out for a few days. Fast forward a few days, President Reagan was shot during that trip.
  9. Hurry up, I am retiring in 8.5 months! Can't wait to be taken care of by Socialist Security.
  10. At a minimum, there should have been an allotment of means tested tickets available.
  11. Chill out, you are taking this message board way too serious. I haven't reminded you in a long time, unlike you, I see internet boards as primarily entertainment. Please refer to my moniker one more time, any cannonballs that hit something are purely coincidental. Your list is hilarious, only #1 & #3 have any potential merit. Conservatives have no problem with people spending their own money on the others as long as it is not forced.
  12. You took the bait faster than a Wisconsin walleye, congrats. The homeless have internet too via their ObamaPhone. Plus, conservative generally don't give a rats ass how much other people have nor how they spend their money, I though I should change that.