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  1. Not a killer but my Australian Shepherd / Red Queensland Heeler mix hates mailman and delivery drivers.
  2. You may want to head for billings, it's going to be nuts.
  3. Holy fuggin potatoes. The Hilton branded hotel I'm staying at outside of a national park for three nights next week is now charging $350 per night. I booked the premium room which is no longer available at $183 per night, I booked it back in March anticipating a price increase. I had no idea the price increase would be that much.
  4. Do you like Whataburger? I remember when they had them in Ventura & Oxnard. The Oxnard building still there, sign near identical, renamed A-Burger, LOL. A-Burger https://yelp.to/NOwE5W49ghb
  5. Never had a 4 Runner, but have been loyal Toyota customer nearly 30 years. From what I have heard, that would be a solid choice. Dad worked his career with GM, but I couldn't stand the crap they sold in 1980's forward. Owned Corolla (1999), Prizm with GM discount (1997, 2001), Camry (1987, 2005, 2007), Sienna (2008, 2017), T100 inherited (1996). Some of vehicles were new or cream puff used, some were older used for our 5 kids. Kids are all grown up now, currently have 2017 Sienna LE, 07 Camry SE V6, 1996 T100 Extended Cab SR5 4X4 with Factory Enkei rims, Camper Shell & Carpet Kit,
  6. Last year I took three trips to my cabin in Wisconsin, due to work from home, I figured I could work for my Wisconsin cabin as easily as Modesto. I spent the total of 15 weeks back there in 2020. From my windows, I saw black bear, dear, raccoons, gray fox, wild turkeys, bald eagles, beaver, pileated woodpecker, Northern flicker, blue jay, rose-breasted grosbeak, American Robin, Chipmunks, Gray squirrels, red squirrels. Probably more, I just can't remember. However, I grew up in and vacationed in Wisconsin a lot, never seen a badger so I am quite jealous of hmhb. I even listened to the Wi
  7. Curiosity got the best of me, I went back and perused, Stanislaus County is 50% Hispanic / Latino / Black. Care to retract your clearly racist ass-umption / bigotry?
  8. Haha, I've got three cases (125 rolls) of mountain money in attic.
  9. Most likely little or nothing. I'm wondering about a 2022 Tundra Crew Cab with a six and a half foot bed. Apparently they're no longer going to offer a V8, but the new turbo V6 will have more horsepower and torque than the previous V8. Rumor they're also going to offer it in hybrid.
  10. Just bought some parts at my local Toyota dealer, lot is damn near empty of new cars, on the showroom floor they have a 2020 Corvette Stingray 3LT, $107,000. Weird to see a Chevy on the showroom floor of a Toyota dealership.
  11. My ex-wife's husband is in the hospital right now from what seemed to be a flu, he passed out when vomiting. Anyway, they tested them at the hospital for covid, any tested positive even though he's already been vaccinated a couple months. I know the vaccine is not 100%, I guess this guy is just the outlier. Anybody find it interesting with less testing, we now have less cases?
  12. Modesto beverage, pairs good with billionaire grisle. Does that pairing include the Gallo's?
  13. Alan Dershowitz kicking ass in lawsuit against CNN, Project Veritas kicking ass against NYT. Heading to discovery.
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