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  1. I grew up in Milwaukee, was in grade school during most of the 60's. I went from loving the Braves to hating the Braves when they left Milwaukee. Awesome that hank was able to finish his career in Milwaukee with the Brewers. Good memories. I don't get into debating who was the best. Hank was an iconic player with plenty of accomplishments. I didn't know about him being in Negro League, Indianapolis Clowns.
  2. At the end of the day, Trump was a p**** and bent his knee to the deep state establishment. He should have pardoned Snowden, Assange, Winner, and a lot of people in jail on marijuana charges. Even Tucker Carlson was in favor of pardoning Assange.
  3. This is b*******, his fans and the people who contributed don't give a s*** that he was paid. Bannon deserved a pardon.
  4. Lead acid batteries can be recycled, Li-Ion? What about landfill needs in a few years when panels burn out? Biomass? Michael Moore's Planet of the Humans movie is pretty good. https://g.co/kgs/ygm9m9
  5. Yep, the first few stages of the grief cycle are a bitch.
  6. I went thru a divorce and did the same thing. I didn't want the divorce, expressed my desire to reconcile or at least remain friendly. He was disrespectful to my ex early on during mediation. I fired him, I could tell he was trying to stir things up to increase fees. By keeping things friendly, my ex and I talked and came to an agreement on the outstanding issues and instructed our attorneys according and attorney fees were reasonable on both sides.
  7. You will want a good attorney. Ask around to everybody you know locally who went through a divorce and find out if they would recommend an attorney. Maybe they will recommend their attorney, maybe their spouses, or someone else. Although not an attorney, my hunch is you owe her a minimum of her pro-rated equity and regardless, that would be the right thing to do. Avoid hostility, try to work things out. Escalation of hostility will increase attorney fees on both sides.
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