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  1. You are an awesome fan. My younger son didn't go to Fresno State, but drives up from Montecito for games.
  2. Just curious how you became a fan, did your wife go to Fresno State?
  3. If Musk had not got a sweetheart deal on the old GM/TOYOTA NUMMI plant, no way in hell he would have built ground up in California. A desalination plant with the abundance of water flowing to the oceans is the most asinine idea I have heard for the valley. Next to the not-so fast, semi-high-speed rail that will take a generation to build and hundreds of billions of dollars, desalination for the valley is cost prohibitive.
  4. I live in Modesto, retiring May 31, may move out of state eventually, my wife is slowly warming up to it. I have a cabin in Northern Wisconsin, been in the family 100 years, but to damn cold to live through the 6 months of winter. I doubt your area would be much better if it weren't for government spending. Although you didn't go to Fresno State, I suspect you have a family member that did and there is a decent chance they were tied to agriculture. The water policy of the last couple of decades has intentionally been punitive to Farmers (and valley economy) because of conservative voting. Huge acerage has been taken out of production by flushing the water to the ocean in the name of the environment. Instead of Sacramento area and Stockton improving wastewater treatment, practice is to dilute pollution entering the Delta with lots of water that was be used for agriculture. Salmon and native fish runs have not been restored, they are as bad as ever. What is the rate of return on California's $30B water bond? How many drops of new storage? 30 years ago after buying my first house, I was reading the McClatchy Modesto Bee on the back patio on a fall Saturday morning. An article talked about how San Jose was encouraging welfare recipients to move out to our area. It wasn't that far away, and their money would go further. I thought to myself, huh. Crime is higher in our area of the state because of the state coddling of criminals, and a huge percentage of illegal immigrants. Heck, the governor is talking about closing a prison. The savings of the reduced prison population is being born by drastically increasing costs associated with crime across the state. What is your suggested solution to improve income Devin Nunes district?
  5. NYT is a steaming pile of poo, I couldn't get past the second paragraph.
  6. As a Christian, I understand support for Trump, but I am surprised by the fervent support for Trump. It seems like TDS on the other side. There are things about Trump I can't stand, and in my opinion, his faux Christianity is as phony as Two Corinthians. It is lunacy. If interested, my reasons for supporting Trump are in this thread:
  7. That this anarchist is on Bernie's payroll is phucking unbelievable. As I have said before, thank God for James O'Keefe, he is the greatest investigative journalist of our time. Part 2:
  8. Astute observation, that is a sneaky way to inflate perceived joser fan support.
  9. Separation of powers in the constitution Not sure specifically what you are referring to, it has been getting murkier for a very long time. Calls people who have dedicated their life serving this country traitors The "T" word is tossed out way too much, just like racist, nazi, deplorable, etc. It is the not-so-new normal. Trump is better at this disgusting game. Separates children from parents to make a political point An immaterial difference, Obama kids in cages ... good or silence, Trump kids in cages, bad. Regardless, illegal immigration is, well ..... illegal. Trump is the only president in recent memory to do anything about it. Doesn’t deserve to be in office. Electorate thinks otherwise. Maybe they prefer "winning" over "feel your pain". It is similar to the reasons Reagan and Clinton beat Carter and Bush 1. To bad Hillary tossed out her husbands political play book. Is there anything Trump could do which would cause you to vote democratic? And if so what is it? This is an ambiguous question, possibly a gotcha. Feel free to toss out specific "things" Many people feel the elites, establishment, and experts have sold out America and that Trump is trying to reverse that. Personally, I would have preferred any of the 15 other 2016 Republican candidates over Trump, but looking back, none of them could have held a candle compared to Trump. The whole Kavanaugh episode tells me all I need to know about the morality of Democrats, if nominated by one of the other 15 candidates (if elected) would have gone down in flames. As the onslaught mounted, the 15 would have cowered in the corner and thrown him under the bus.