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  1. El Donald cheated w/Playmate-of-the-Year 

    That wasn't the point, look up his picture. He was out of his league as related to his looks.
  2. El Donald cheated w/Playmate-of-the-Year 

    Somewhat similar to Kissinger
  3. http://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/cause-of-death/alcohol/by-country/ We are one of the worst on alcohol too.
  4. Jimyma Crow Laws

    Back in the 60's and 70's the Buick dealer in Santa Barbara was Butts Buick.
  5. Stay current on the

    The vast majority of rapes are caused by penises. Of the opinions tendered, can we apply the same methodology to rape prevention?
  6. Stay current on the

    A couple of random thoughts: 1) too bad evil does not respect our laws 2) I would hate to be an armed teacher with a weapon drawn when the police arrive, likely would be mistaken for the active shooter and be shot by the police.
  7. Trump gas Tax

    You need to realize the State of California is one of the most corrupt. Tax funds created via increases via the ballot get raided to feed essential services (social services). Even Fresno Sheriff Margaret Mims said so, her department is technically discretionary spending. I quick scan of today's gas prices: Denver ~ $2.25 Salt Lake $2.30 Phoenix $2.15 Houston $2.00 Fresno & Modesto $3.10 Where I work in Bay area $3.25 Our CA legislature is flipping us the bird to the tune of $1.00 / gallon. I take multiple trips across the country each year so I see the gas price terrace going down as I travel across Nevada. Just wait until they start taxing us by the mile. Another example, when I go on vacation a month, my electric bill is $80 / month with stuff shut off. My Midwest cabin is $20 / month when empty, $25 / month when the furnace is on. Add to that, sky high sales & income taxes, Utility Users Taxes and other charges tacked on to your utility bills.
  8. The infrastructure is already there and mostly provided by the private sector. The savings will be huuge!. Heck, leverage purchasing power and deliver Doritos & pop in the Trump boxes. How the heck did automobiles overtake horse & buggies? Trump boxes is a no brainer - saves money, improves nutrition.
  9. So why isn't it tweaked? Taxpayer is getting ripped off if purchases made at the stop & rob, that is likely the highest cost outlet
  10. Funny times, better than 57 states gaffes. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/02/13/gop-rep-unveils-crumbs-act-to-make-bonuses-tax-free-in-swipe-at-pelosi.html
  11. But to OLD SD'S point, if the whole program was run by government workers, it would be a disaster.
  12. I'm amazed you can log on to the internet with your AST computer. In case you can't figure it out, Amazon suppliers would bundle into multiple boxes, some would need to be refrigerated. I would also suggest adding in fresh fruit and veggies.
  13. Boy, you are OLD! Well, a few years older than me. Contact with Amazon, have a standard suite of meal selections, let the beneficiary decide on a 7 day menu. Done.
  14. Exactly, ever heard of Amazon? It ain't rocket science. Heck, contact with Amazon??
  15. Better nutrition for the poor, but at a lower cost. Good deal for the poor, good deal for the taxpayer.