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  1. modestobulldog

    DOJ arrests 2,300 child sex traffickers and pornographers.

    My wife served on a federal jury prosecuting one of these despicable individuals. He was abusing kids still in diapers. It is amazing the detective work that caught that guy. My wife wasn't herself for a period of time, it probably took her a month or two to get back to normal.
  2. modestobulldog

    Restaurants in SLC

    Check the obituaries, Crash a Party, and get some funeral potatoes.
  3. modestobulldog

    51 Things Murica Does Wrong

    I SMH at lard asses who have disabled plackards and park in handicap spaces.
  4. modestobulldog

    Antarctica Has Lost More Than 3 Trillion Tons Of Ice In 25 Years

    Oh my gawd, the sky is falling... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Past_sea_level
  5. modestobulldog

    Welp, we missed it.

    Some of us prefer to hide in the bushes with binoculars.
  6. modestobulldog


    I would have been concerned if you used "and". I guess the masterbating goes along with watching lesbos on Cinemax?
  7. modestobulldog

    Thoughts on the Barkboard

    I think the recent quality of reporting is the best it has ever been. I also realize Jackson and his team need to walk a fine line related to insider information and criticism of coaches, the school and programs. Although I am not a basketball fan, I thought he had good coverage this spring leading up to the hiring of the new coach. I did drop my premium membership for 6-9 months when Mario went missing longer than he promised. I don't think we will see a return to the insider info and criticism of the coaches and program that we saw with Mario. As for dollars and cents, I have wondered the same thing as you at times, but I have continued the premium membership to support the publisher efforts and because I want the forum and content to continue.
  8. modestobulldog

    Thoughts on the Barkboard

    To that end you are doing a good job. On rare occasions, sports and politics overlap, most recently the flap over the professor/ threats of boycott.
  9. modestobulldog

    Thoughts on the Barkboard

    some random thoughts: I have been a premium member most of the time, going back to the richcali days. Overall, it's been worth it, but there are periods of time when it's slow, as well as when there's a lot of breaking news such as coaching changes. I'm not big on following recruits until they sign, but I know that's important to a lot of users. Any chance they can Resurrect The chats? Those were pretty good in the past. I have stopped into a few barkboard tailgates through the years to meet the folks. It seems like a lot of people left the board in the turnover between Coach Pat Hill and Coach Tim DeRuyter. That was a very toxic time, a lot of people very loyal to Pat Hill. It does seems like in the past it was over moderated, it became a pretty sterile place.
  10. modestobulldog

    Trump may support lifting the federal ban on pot

    Then the money can throw through flow through the banking system, next up federal taxation. It'll help balance the budget.
  11. modestobulldog

    Transgenders Beat Other Girls

    I think retro is trying to figure out how to opine on this issue. It is a little more complicated than bathrooms.
  12. modestobulldog

    Transgenders Beat Other Girls

    I guess the Nazis and 1936 Olympics we're almost 100 years ahead of their time.
  13. modestobulldog

    Transgenders Beat Other Girls

    Schools need more teams; genetic boys, genetic girls, and other. More coaches, refs, participants, gate revenue, etc. Win-win-win.