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  1. Did they opine on a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush?
  2. modestobulldog

    Critiquing The Worst College Football Stadiums

    If no one attends,. does it exist?
  3. Voter participation would go down. Holiday, yippee!
  4. modestobulldog

    The Paleo Movement isn’t Stupid

    If there was no beer, there would be no bratwurst.
  5. modestobulldog

    The Paleo Movement isn’t Stupid

    Aren't they both married?
  6. modestobulldog

    Christmas songs

    Worse than fundamentalist christian crusades of the 20th century.
  7. modestobulldog

    Up in smoke ... turn out the lights

    We have used up our CO2 quota for the next 12 months, turn out the lights so we can get back on track! California Wildfire Emissions Equal Year of Power Pollution U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke says wildfires in California in 2018 released roughly the same amount of carbon emissions as are produced each year to provide electricity to the state. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/california/articles/2018-11-30/california-wildfire-emissions-equal-year-of-power-pollution
  8. modestobulldog


    Agreed, we needed to gang up to stop him.
  9. modestobulldog

    Congrats Fresno!

    I think the win at Wisconsin in 2001 was top 3.
  10. modestobulldog

    Snow Rainbows

    Wtf, we called those snow angels when I grew up.
  11. modestobulldog

    Congrats Fresno!

    Oh crap, we still have the monkey on our back.
  12. modestobulldog

    Christmas songs

  13. modestobulldog

    SJSU Football Receives a $2 Million Donation

    Who? Never heard of them. Are they Big Sky?
  14. modestobulldog

    SJSU Football Receives a $2 Million Donation

    I thought Jeff Tedford was donating last year's bonus, my bad.
  15. modestobulldog

    Jeep Gladiator

    No way, never owned or plan to own a Sube. Oops, my bad, my friends vehicle was a Wagoneer, not a Cherokee. Similar to this, but white, and better looking wheels and roof custom roof rack.