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  1. With the new CCG, the past benefit of a 13th game turns into a big negative for winning teams, especially a Boise. For schools that won't get bowl eligible or be in the CCG, it's still a positive benefit. Boise St. 13 reg season games 1 CCG 1 Bowl Game Total = 15 games where they have to stay undefeated. If they made the playoffs, that would be 16 games in a season to win it all. A week of rest is far more valuable than an extra game. UNLV 13 reg games An extra game is crucial generate more money and get more playing time for new HS players and HS Coaches. Yes, it makes the record look another game worse, but building for next year and beyond is the goal. So it really helps the bottom half of the conference, but starts to go negative going up from the middle level teams from there.
  2. ​You guys need some new SJSU material. I mean, good God Almighty. Maybe he can help.
  3. ​Where's the "Don't be so butt hurt, Warbow" choice? Bad attendance in winning years as the criteria? Actually, our attendance and season tix have been going up with .500 years, and will certainly go up in future winning years. You know very well that our attendance was bad under Groth because she wouldn't count right or even count everyone there. You even agreed with that a few years back when you were at a H game in Reno and you said there were way more people there than was reported. One other thing to remember. Let's say that next year Hawaii has their first 3 of 4 games at home. 1st game is FCS, attendance is light. As expected, H Wins. 2nd game, H travels to North Texas and barely wins. Third game, H comes home and plays a #3 Oregon. With 2 wins against an FCS school and North Texas, many stay away from the anticipated blow out. H gets blown out. 4th game (3rd at home) H plays #17 Boise at home. Many stay away again expecting a blow out. But Hawaii pulls the upset!!!!!! Hawaii hits the road for 3 straight weeks on the road and beats AF, Utah St. and SDSU. So it's week 8, Hawaii is 6-1 with a #17 win, solid wins over 3 tough MWC schools on the road, and H is getting a decent amount of Top 25 votes. Returning home, the 8th game of the season against SJSU will draw solid numbers. My point is.....if you have a surprise winning year and you're normally not that great, you can play half your low attended home games until the fans can see that it's going to be a big winning season. So the 1st 3 home games are going kill the season average even if the last 3 home games draw big crowds. The same kind of thing happened to us in 2010 when we finished #11. After the 2009 season let down, lots and lots of people wanted Groth to fire Ault and start with new younger blood. So the surprise 2010 season coupled with Groth not counting to begin with led to disappointing numbers for such a big season.
  4. Why did you guys give him a dumb nickname like Noodle?
  5. A bad Nevada team even beat them this year.
  6. I haven't seen a bottom team get so much hype for the next year since Wyoming in the past. It looks like Hawaii will be going into the season as a 5 star. But will they be a super over hyped 5 star that only plays up to a 2? No question they'll be better. I think they'll have some close games with the better teams, but how many they pull out will be their season. There's no way they beat us in Reno, though.
  7. We're not abandoning the Pistol. It's a little different sometimes than Ault would've done it, but the dual threat tradition will live on. Polian is still recruiting with it in mind, as well. In the past he said it's Nevada's identity and why change something that can put up big numbers. Fralick will likely win the job, and he's a dual threat that'll pick up where Fajardo left off.
  8. Wow, that's amazing. You could be 5-0 through that. Tulsa is on hard times right now. For Nevada, I agree with UC Davis. Even though Texas A&M had some struggles last year, it's still pretty much a sure loss unless our new QB pulls a Kap miracle and plays the same way in his second game that was at Boise in 2007. Maybe a 5% chance, or a bit more if they totally overlook us. If we have a good QB against Arizona in Reno, I think we have a 20% chance with our improved defense. So I'm not going with AZ as a sure loss.
  9. I don't know how anyone could proclaim any sure wins in-conf. Anyone can beat anyone else on any given day. We'll have some losses to P5's as a conf., but we have to win the G5 OOC games. And some P5 upsets should hopefully happen.
  10. CSU will be OK in the long run. You got some good guys so it's not a totally lost year for recruiting. A 3* walk on???? That's amazing. He must really want to play at CSU.
  11. We've had a .750 average in our 4 OOC games this year. W. Southern Utah W. Washington St. W. BYU L. Arizona Damn, if only we could've finished that final drive against Arizona to send it to OT. I guess we'll have one more OOC game if we bowl, which is looking likely now. 1 more win needed in the last 4 games: SDSU, Fresno, @AF, @UNLV. If we have to play UAB anywhere, it'll be depressing. It's impossible for a team to bring 30,000 fans to Hawaii because there just aren't enough flights and open seats to do it.
  12. Sag has us at 59 and Massey at 50
  13. It was kind of an ugly game, but good game bows. I liked the uni's.....they had the mid-80's WAC era look. Yeah, Chow was given that last TD. We were willing to trade a score for some clock time to ensure the win. Chow makes decent efforts at home but a lot result in close losses per the Washington game as an example. Gotta love the ultra homer broadcast, and the HT dudes were funny. My fave quote: "Hawaii making that interception on the last play of the half swings the momentum over to Hawaii. They can build on that momentum in the locker room and come out confident that they will dominate the second half". Besides just being homer funny, the last play was a Hail Mary where one of the H guys was lucky to be in the right place. Changing the momentum of the game with that? That was funny.
  14. Anyone having problem getting the feed to work on the MW site?
  15. If we do happen to win, I won't laugh at you because it's just bush. When you win a fair amount of the time in conf. and OOC, you learn to act like you've been there before and try to stay as classy as possible like we generally do in most cases. We could easily have our major annual WTF game tonight and get stomped. Or we could put 70 on you. Or most likely somewhere in between. Our guys went out there Thursday, so they should be physically adjusted and ready to play mentally.
  16. Not exactly. You did better @ #1 USC (49-10) than you did against us on the islands. You were 3-9, and looking at the losses besides ours, they were by 14, 35, 35, 15, 12, 38, 47, 39. That's an average of 29 points. But it ain't 45+.
  17. I guess you haven't realized that comparative scoring/performance doesn't amount to much. Teams show up and can play awesome to crappy. Looking at the Boise game at AF recently before our game with Boise sure would've boosted our confidence if we focused on that one game. But they showed up and played much better and Hedrick was fine. Just sayin'.....
  18. Just remember the last time we were out there with Fajardo, we beat you guys by 45 points, 69-24. That was two years ago. I think the bowl games out there are much tougher to keep your guys focused staying there so long compared to an in and out game. I'm sure Polian has gotten some info from Ault about what worked for them. I remember the hype was huge before the game in 2012 about how we were going to lose because of the perception that we always played bad there. And lots were amazed that we broke the curse with a lopsided win of 45 points. Fajardo and any other guys on the 2012 team certainly won't be intimidated. They just remember forging complete and utter destruction on Hawaii. 69-24 sounds like a game we'd have played in Reno. Sure, anything can happen to anybody in this conference in every game. So sure, we could lose. But I guess my point is that we have won huge out there recently and the Brady Bunch Curse or whatever the curse is is overblown for us.
  19. If our improved D and the O play average, that should definitely be enough to win. Coaching mental preparedness successfully is where it's at for this game.
  20. That's for sure. But I'm sure Polian will have their heads on straight. He seems to be much better at that than Ault.
  21. Actually, it was SMU that shoplifted our 1st and 2nd string defense at the hotel. And they weren't returned until it was time to fly back home.
  22. There are a lot of things in life that you like, but can't have. This is an example of one. :)
  23. I'd go with 1. ECU 2. Memphis 3. Boise 4. BYU 5. Nevada