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  1. We have no prayer for an at large. East coast bias, MWC bias, Nevada has no tourney cred built up.
  2. What do you guys think, maybe a 3 or 4 seed in the NIT?
  3. They do. It does depend on the year, though. And it's not just a P5 that matters so much in BB, it's the program. Over the last few years, these are some Zag home games: #13 Illinois #19 Arizona #22 SMU UCLA Memphis Washington St. (twice) Washington
  4. No way, I'll bet he gets nearly all of it if not all of it. Last year he made around 750k.
  5. This scheduling problem should only be short term if we become recognized as a legit good program. No one wants to show up at a place and get embarrassed by a team that is perceived as weak and lowly. Established programs don't usually have problems getting good games and the better MWC schools have been getting them. Great teams show up at Gonzaga, and there's no recruiting upside to playing in Spokane at all.
  6. He has a high enough IQ to realize that spending time with you offline wouldn't be a very bright thing to do.
  7. No doubt. Home games in Reno with Oregon St. and Purdue coming soon are very winnable. Making money and avoiding the sure loss games at the same time is huge.
  8. You're forgetting that that's Dave Rice's IQ with yours added to it.
  9. Next law on deck: DWF offense...Driving With the Flu.
  10. The leaks are from before Trump, so at least that ain't his fault.
  11. One of the true good guys that doesn't complain, works very hard and gets it done. Amazing technique. And a 2 star recruit out of HS to boot.
  12. You people need to get a grip on yourselves with all your melodramatic wussy fits. Come on.
  13. What a coincidence. Dre got his good vagina shot and hasn't come into contact with any good vagina, yet.
  14. Coming from a Vegas fan that has nothing but nightmares in his future. ? ?
  15. He's already a 1 million coach right now (mid 900's) with his attendance bonus. Now add Carters salary savings onto that, and we'll have something very competitive. Last I checked CAL was paying 1.8 mil per season. If we were 1.5 to 1.6 mil, I think we have something. Remember the cost of living in the Bay Area is so much higher compared to Reno. So adjusted for that, pretty good.
  16. Most coaches don't go to extent that Muss has in selling the community into believing he'll be around for a while. You just don't know the situation if you think that.
  17. WTF? Sure there is. For example, in Radtke's interview he said that it's possible that this will be his last job and that he wanted to be in one stable place as a family at least until his daughter got through school. You'll find these kinds of things if you look. It's these things that got Pack fans excited about actually keeping a great coach. The initial fan impression seemed to be that he moved all the time and he'd be gone soon. But it changed when Knuth came out after the hire and said that he was telling prospective coaches that he was looking for someone to stick around for a while as part of his hiring criteria, and that Muss assured him that this is a special place and not just a stepping stone.
  18. There are some pretty good FCS teams these days. Playing Fresno would still be easier than the NDSU's of FCS. Speak of the devil, NDSU beat a very good Kansas St. team in 2013.
  19. And now they're begging you again.
  20. Well, we'll quickly find out if this Muss talk of being so cozy in Reno and if it's so important to be close to his sons is BS. Being that Muss was an assistant there, it's possible their fans assume he would be itching to come back to run the show, you know, because NV is a pimple and LSU is ground zero for perfection.
  21. Can't wait to see the new Nike Pro Combat uniforms for ISIS.
  22. No, I was just having a boneheaded brain irregularity.