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  1. Sorry, no Village People. You'll have to love them on your own.
  2. Obviously it's personal taste. Being a 60's hippie, you've always been into 60's to early 70's hippie tunes. I loved Journey up to around 1978, and their earlier stuff wasn't corrupt with the later pop cheese. It happened to a lot of bands in the 70's. Styx had great early albums, and then the shit hit the fan with crap poppy albums like Paradise Theater. The great albums were The Grand Illusion, Pieces of Eight and Crystal Ball. Equinox was decent. Even bands like The Cars were guilty of selling out for pop crap. The first 2 Boston albums are just amazing. And all of it was recorded in Tom's basement studio. I never liked REO's attempt at harder rock stuff, but they had some great pop rock songs. High Infidelity was just amazing with hits from beginning to end. I think that was 1981, and after that they sucked. Pop rock can be great if done right. The problem is that too often in the early 80's it was done horridly more often than done well. The term 'corporate rock' is accurate when describing the sellout of bands that compromised their songs to sell more records in the early 80's. But bands like Styx and Journey weren't corporate rock in the 70's. It's great to see bands of this genre finally getting admitted to the R&R HOF.
  3. A Man I'll Never Be Live 1979 Boston What a shame Delp is gone. One of the all-time best rock voices. Suicide fvcking sucks.
  4. Um, you don’t suppose the thread title could be wrong? LOL. Just because mug wants it to be a dude in Oregon doesn’t mean it is. Oh that’s right. You guys have given up on pimping facts, it’s all about what you want something to be. Sorry, my bad. You’ve been one of my all time favorite haters, and it’s funny to see you attempt to land a blow, but you never do. And that pisses you off even more. 😂😂👍 Let me be frank for a moment here. As far as the last 6 years or so, I’ve trolled the political board and pretty much played it straight on the Sports Board. I am hated simply because I bash liberals and sometimes libertarians, and I do it with facts that they (and you) can’t deny. I’m good at doing that, and that’s extremely frustrating for you and that’s why I’m hated so much. No shit they’re mocking me, they hate me because I support Trump, especially with so much effort, and I bash their politics. Your dumb worn out line that you pimp year after year that people are only ripping me because they think I’m an idiot, that line is bogus and proven wrong, it’s amazing. No one gets motivated like you guys just for an attempted slap down. No, it’s deep, it’s been there a long time, and no matter how much you bash me, you can never really get the feeling that you’ve landed a solid blow, hurt me, knocked me down. Why aren’t moderate and conservative Republicans hating on me? Because they usually agree with me. That’s why. DUH!! So enough of your lame theory that the hate isn’t coming from politics. I’m not saying that I’m great to be a person that’s able to frustrate you trading smack, because it’s really not hard to do. But it is fun to bring up political issues and then watch you respond in true TDS form. I’m not taking all the credit because Trump has already made you TDS all by himself. That’s something you should be very embarrassed about, but instead you desperately want to show everyone how badly Trump has trolled you and continues to do so.
  5. Movies seem to be getting softer and softer in the blood and gore. Pretty soon there will be the Donnie and Marie Horror Hour on TV. Actually, that was a show they did for years. Oh the horror. A classic example of recent wimpy movies is The House That Jack Built. I watched that and I swear I thought I was watching a rated G flick. Boring.
  6. I agree that so much better could be done with all that money from both sides. Let’s take $1.5 billion and turn UNR-Nevada into the envy of the PAC-12. $400 mil. New FB Stadium $200 mil. New FB facilities $200 mil New BB facilities $100 mil Lawlor Renovation/Expansion $100 mil Coaching Salary Overflow and Buy Out Fund for FB & BB $500 mil medical research facilities. OK, maybe not the envy of the entire PAC-12, but certainly good enough to get added.
  7. Fundraising quarters are different than quarters of a year. Over $300 million raised so far just this year. He should be able to crack $1 Billion by the election. The total money raised so far is about $450 mil. And as the election nears, the dollars should come in even faster. In 2016, he only had $400 million, and Hillary had $700 million.
  8. No shit. That’s my latest motto. That’s why I cut back on blowing too much time here. Tell that to people like retro and cappyhamper that live here.
  9. I suppose it never occurred to you that he might not be in Oregon. Washington is right across the river from Portland. 🤪🤪🤪
  10. I love threads like this. There’s nothing like getting positive feedback from the liberal and libertarian folks that my political punches are connecting. And obviously your ridiculous stereotype of me is wrong, but you’re almost always wrong on politics. So nothing new, there. For the record, I hate the confederate flag and what it stands for (at least what it means to me), I’m not very religious, I’m not into hunting at all, I’m not into American made trucks (I’m Team Toyota), I never ever ever do bumper stickers and even if I did, I definitely wouldn’t put any of his on my truck, and I don’t care for Oregon, I’m not a fat lazy couch potato, etc. But other than that, you guys nailed it. 😂😂😂😂
  11. There are quite a few ‘reverse discrimination’ cases out there that the EEOC has to deal with.
  12. That would be another set of nails in Warren’s coffin. Abrams is an extreme left winger, not a team player (my way or the highway), she’s a racist, and she’s very unlikable being a total bitch. So please, sign her up!!! She also doesn’t know how to manage her own finances. She owes the IRS $50,000 and has $170,000 in credit cart and student loan debt.
  13. Jim Morrison has come back as a Lizard King doing James Bond stuff and scamming on the lady lizards.
  14. You know what’s really difficult? Pain pill withdrawal. There’s the psychological component of craving it, and then there’s the physical symptoms from being dependent on them. For some people it’s as bad as heroin withdrawal. But you never go cold turkey. It’s horrendously painful and your blood pressure can get to dangerous levels because of lack of sleep and the pain. That happened to me about 20 years ago with my blood pressure registering 370/200 in the ER. They were amazed that I didn’t have a stroke.
  15. That’s what it takes when you have to break something down for stupid people such as you. But anyone that does read it will get a great laugh at your expense. I doubt you could even read that and understand it with it broken down. Anyone that thinks I was saying that Muslims aren’t Americans is as stupid as you. 🤪🤪😜😝😝🤡🤡
  16. This stupid quote, below, is what you claim that I said?????? You got this out of that????? “I remember when he started a thread indicating Muslims were not Americans” You’ve got to be trolling because that is just crazy. OK, this will be long, but I’ll break it down and spell it all out for you. Everyone knows that the left has a PC Rulebook, and in that rulebook, there’s major hypocrisy. As an example, it’s not PC to want guns to be legal in the US, and not PC to be a conservative Christian. However, it absolutely is PC to bash American pro gun folks and paint most of them as unstable, wacky conservative Christian people that cling to their guns and religion as Obama so eloquently once stated. When the left sees an opportunity to score a big block of voters, they try to protect them and kiss their asses in hopes of getting their votes. They know they’ll never get votes from the religious right, so they’ve declared them as dangerous to our country. They used to bad mouth illegals crossing the border taking jobs away from union members. But not long ago they flipped and decided they could capitalize on this group, so now illegals can do know wrong, borders should be wide open, big entitlement give sways to them. They’re fully committed to the high level of patronizing ass kissing. They’ve always patronized legal Hispanics because many are poor in the big cities and they get their votes with the entitlement giveaways. Now looking at a subset of Americans, Muslims are another group they feel they can capitalize on. So naturally, they’re treated very similar to another subset of Americans, the Hispanics. It is absolutely PC to patronize all Hispanics and Muslims in this country. So the obvious hypocrisy is the demonization of white American gun owners as extreme and unstable with their religious views. When a nut goes on a shooting spree, the first thing the left does is try to blame it on the gun and the white religious right NRA loving trash. However, if a crazy Muslim nut goes shooting people and that person can be identified as that protected subset of Americans, they will down play the incident, and focus on the narrative that this was an outlier, Muslims are a peaceful people, etc. There will be a little talk about banning guns, but the lefts narrative will mostly be about separating the shooter from the Muslim community and protecting them. Where with shooters that they can put into the subset of white conservative Christian’s, they will blames the guns and tie the individual as being a part of a larger dangerous subset of Americans, the stereotypical NRA loving, trigger happy folks that cling to their extreme religious views and their stockpile of weapons. That is the hypocrisy. Now if you still don’t understand, you probably should go see a doctor.
  17. There’s nothing wrong with the transcript of the call. Read the news today on a site that doesn’t censor any news that benefits Trump. Hint: It has a lot to do with Barr and investigating corruption with other governments.
  18. I had a football coach in HS that when a play was very successful, he would run it again and keep doing so until the defense stopped it.
  19. You’re the one that’s whining. Perhaps we’ll have to work something out so that PH can babysit you! 🙂
  20. I’m waiting for someone to say Ishtar!!! 😂😂 Waterworld The Postman The Purge (the one with Ethan Hawk)
  21. I do see one positive in all this that I haven’t seen anyone anywhere else mention. With the modest decline in youth through HS FB, if a kid can actually make some moderately big bucks in college, it’s going to incentivize kids to play through HS and see what deal they can make in college. The way it is now, kids play in hopes they can make an NFL roster some day and make big bucks.....but it’s simply a pipe dream for almost all of them. Making some significant money in college and getting their degree at the same time would be a no brainer for many. But it sure would make their college grades an even bigger deal for the athlete. Getting kicked off the team is bad enough. Add to it losing some big money, and it takes it to a new level of importance. It would also benefit players that thrive in college ball, but don’t translate well with the NFL. Tebow would be an example, and Johnny Manziel another. RB is almost an impossible position to attain in the NFL, but many are stars in college. And if a player gets a career ending injury, at least they will have made some money. It would also keep the big stars like Tebow in college to make money they wouldn’t in the NFL. It would actually keep a decent amount of good players from leaving early.
  22. So you’re the idiot that’s chosen to defend that Schiff-head and go with the most delusional rationalizations we haven’t seen on this board since.......yesterday actually. Your analysis is bogus. Watch the news tomorrow and get back to me. . 😂😂😂😂
  23. Man, you’re either really dumb or a bad troller....or both.