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  1. I don’t know, maybe being first woman VP in history, maybe having all the perks of a VP to run a campaign....like Air Force 2 ready to take her campaigning anywhere at any time. Lots of perks her competition won’t have. Why is it so important to Dem’s and Rep’s to have governors elected from their party? Because all the perks of a governor are a HUGE help in traveling the state with the presidential candidate, all the press it gets because the media follows and reports on the gov no matter what he/she is doing. Haley’s job at the UN has been high profile and has gotten a lot of attention at crucial times. You could make the argument that she was just as important as Pence....she was definitely doing more important work than Pence. So she’s already been connected, but the bad things about Trump don’t stick to her. I actually think the reverse could happen. As far as being more classy and well spoken and versed, having Trump next to her makes her look that much better. Pence hasn’t been able to do that because he’s a boob. He’s so concerned about accidentally saying the wrong things that he appears to be a yes man. Trump just doesn’t trust him enough. The reverse is true with Haley. He’d give her some major responsibility.
  2. Why would you be stupid enough to read my posts that mess with your head so much? Stop being such a little drama queen and ignore my posts. I admit my posts are rated NC-17 and therefore you should not be reading them. We want you to grow up and not experience any mental trauma as a kid. That stuff will haunt you as an adult.
  3. The federal government gives CA nearly 400 billion per year. Their taxes paid to the gov are a bit less. But that money has to go to certain things the government wanted. If it were taking in taxes for itself, they could spend it on whatever they want such $100 mil per year on healthcare for illegals. That cuts other things that are needed in CA. CA would mismanage themselves into oblivion. Oh yeah, STFU you half-trick pony.
  4. I found the following in just 5 min or so. I’ll post more later. Here she is sucking up to the Trump family: Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, lavished praise on President Donald Trump's family during a Tuesday appearance announcing her departure from the administration, calling particular attention to Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, whom she called a "hidden genius." Haley pointed to Kushner's work on the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, a reconfiguration of the 25-year old North American Free trade Agreement (NAFTA) and on the development of a new Middle East peace plan, which Haley called "so unbelievably well done." "Jared is such a hidden genius that no one understands," Haley said of the White House adviser. Haley also called the president's eldest daughter and top adviser Ivanka Trump a "great friend" and thanked first lady Melania Trump for being "nothing but very, very kind to me." "It's not just the president I want to thank - it's the family in general," she said. "I can't say enough good things about Jared and Ivanka ... they do a lot of good things behind the scenes that I wish more people knew about, because we're a better country because they're in this administration." Go to 0.55 on this video:
  5. I saw the same thing and didn’t notice that.
  6. LOL, why don’t you do your homework? If you did, you’d know that she already has. She’s not afraid to tell him that she disagrees, but does say great things about him.
  7. You have no fvcking idea what she wants to do or what’s best for her situation. Like few other people, she genuinely loves working with Trump. The fact that she hasn’t squashed the rumors already means that she’s at least seriously thinking about it. It’s obvious that Trump haters that like her don’t want her to do it, but don’t be surprised if it happens. 🤠👍
  8. Fox lost his players at the end. There’s only so many times you can stomp your foot on the court, yell, etc. and get them to play better. Eventually players get sick of it and tune it out. Fox could learn a lot from Muss regarding the players liking and respecting a coach and not wanting to let them down. Then when Muss chews out a player, the player really feels bad about letting Muss and the team down. That creates a lot of motivation to improve.
  9. Idol? Right. What do you want me to say? “Been to every state probably 100’s of times and I’ve never seen a state being run this badly!!! Gavin Newsom is a terrible person and an even worse governor. Melania could do much better job than GN. When will they listen? No one knows CA better than I do. No one!!! Reagan once told me that I remind him of himself. Great honor!! That’s something they’ll never report on Fake News CNN!!!!!”
  10. What a great story. The fact that no brain cells died is quite unbelievable. https://www.freep.com/story/news/nation/2019/06/25/michael-pruitt-taylor-michigan-man-dies-before-doctors-back-life/1558437001/
  11. If big fat fvcking ego counted towards antitrust knowledge, you’d be the top guy at the FTC making the big bucks. 😹😹😹😹 But unfortunately, it doesn’t and all it gets you is a sports board label as an arrogant asshole that’s wrong way too often. Congratulations.
  12. This is classic. I provide a link to the FTC where they specifically define antitrust/monopolization, and you’re just too smart to listen to those damn FTC idiots that make the rules/laws. 🤪🤪😝😂😂🤪 With those questions, it’s clear that you don’t even fully understand it. I’m not going to debate someone that won’t even concede that the FTC’s definition is the one that matters, not what you always thought it was.
  13. Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how they deal with it, and if they do make changes, what those changes will be to improve the situation.
  14. @thelawlorfaithful @renoskier @mugtang @Akkula @Mano @#1Stunner @pokebball @Joe from WY @Rocket @SJSUMFA2013 BlewMules, I knew you were a military expert prodigy, but I had no idea your wealth of knowledge included antitrust law. Good to know! Thanks. 🙂 I see a bunch of strong opinions thrown around, but apparently no one’s bothered to check with the FTC. Google doesn’t charge to use their search engine or a lot of other items that go along with it. What is Google’s actual product ? It’s you, me, everyone that purchases goods and services. Google makes their money on advertising, and the strength of their advertising is a whole shit load of eyeballs. As far as Google qualifying as a monopoly, they don’t need to be. The following is right off the FTC website: “Courts do not require a literal monopoly before applying rules for single firm conduct; that term is used as shorthand for a firm with significant and durable market power — that is, the long term ability to raise price or exclude competitors. That is how that term is used here: a "monopolist" is a firm with significant and durable market power. Courts look at the firm's market share, but typically do not find monopoly power if the firm (or a group of firms acting in concert) has less than 50 percent of the sales of a particular product or service within a certain geographic area. Some courts have required much higher percentages. In addition, that leading position must be sustainable over time: if competitive forces or the entry of new firms could discipline the conduct of the leading firm, courts are unlikely to find that the firm has lasting market power.” https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/competition-guidance/guide-antitrust-laws/single-firm-conduct/monopolization-defined In other words, visiting eyeballs are their product, and therefore we know that Google gets in the 90% range of the industry ‘sales’, i.e. 90% of the industry eyeballs. That’s a hell of a lot more than 50%. Let’s take a look at what the actual definition of “Monopolization” is from the FTC: “The antitrust laws prohibit conduct by a single firm that unreasonably restrains competition by creating or maintaining monopoly power. Most Section 2 claims involve the conduct of a firm with a leading market position, although Section 2 of the Sherman Act also bans attempts to monopolize and conspiracies to monopolize. As a first step, courts ask if the firm has "monopoly power" in any market. This requires in-depth study of the products sold by the leading firm, and any alternative products consumers may turn to if the firm attempted to raise prices. Then courts ask if that leading position was gained or maintained through improper conduct—that is, something other than merely having a better product, superior management or historic accident. Here courts evaluate the anticompetitive effects of the conduct and its procompetitive justifications.” Google definitely needs to be analyzed closely to determine what their “conduct” has been. If Google passes the tests and scrutiny of the FTC requirements, then leave them alone. But I’ve read some accusations that Google hasn’t always been on the up and up, so we’ll see.
  15. I get accused of being ‘far right’ and not ‘moderate just to the right’ as I am. Here’s a good example of many. FYI, the GOP base isn’t like they were in the 70’s and 80’s when they were blindly loyal to big business. There’s been too many scandals and big corruption for anyone to believe they should be left alone to do their own thing with little or no regulation. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but that’s reality.
  16. LOL, anyone that thinks integrity exists in politics on either side is clueless.
  17. Nah, he may have needed Pence for the religious right in 2016, but they’re solid in the Trump camp, now. Word is he’s going to ask Nikki Haley to be his new VP and that would be the best move he could make. If he can get his women votes up to normal, that ticket will be unbeatable with another subpar group of Dem candidates.
  18. Apparently, after reading several stories on this, Trump is seriously thinking about replacing Pence with Nikki Haley. That would be a brilliant move. She could potentially get the women’s vote up to where it should be. And if she did that, they’ll be unbeatable. Supposedly, Haley hasn’t come forward and stomped out the possibility that she would accept. Pence has been loyal, but he’s been annoying Trump lately (when has that ever happened to a staff member!) Trump should just give Pence a gig in his administration. He’s really not helping Trump at all, and keeping him would just be pure loyalty. As loyal as Trump is, I don’t think it’ll stop him from making the move. Will she do it? Most likely, I think. She’s gotten along great with him, and being a popular VP going into a big GOP primary for 2024 would stand out and make her almost impossible to beat. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/trump-haley-in-2020-11561316951
  19. Oh, I get it. You don’t want Google broken up because you’re afraid their ‘dress shorts’ search results will suffer. 😹👍
  20. No, they don’t if they get too big creating a monopoly. 🤪🤪🤪😜😝 Sooooo you don’t think antitrust should even exist?
  21. Search Engine Market Share: 92.04% Google 2.67% Yahoo 2.39% Bing 0.89% Baidu 0.51% YANDEX RU 0.38% DuckDuckGoose
  22. LOL, I expect both sides of the aisle to take a close look at antitrust and come to a conclusion in the year 2019.
  23. No, they can’t. Well, maybe they can in the opinion of a libertarian ideologue. That’s like saying you have freedom and you can do whatever you want. No, you can’t. You can do a lot, but not everything. Google’s size, monopoly and influence put it in dangerous territory that both sides of the aisle are concerned about. The internet brings new situations to deal with, but antitrust is a basic principle of successful capitalism, and it’s surprising that people like you don’t seem to get it.