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  1. Worst idea ever. She’s nowhere near qualified for such an important position. Just because someone is lifted up in the media as a prez candidate doesn’t mean there’s enough experience. FYI, yesterday Bolton was applauding the sanctions on Iran and confident it will bring them back to the table and avoid conflict. You guys have shit on this guys character and pimp him as some sort of war monger. Totally pathetic.
  2. Get with the program and wear a fvcking tie. It’s not just a tie, but it shows respect for the seriousness of the occasion in our formal political process to elect a president. Show some respect and maybe someone will show you respect back.
  3. You’re a commie, so of course your post content reflects that.
  4. They have a 6’ base at the top and about 2’ to 3’ at the main lodge. Wish I was there!!! Open through July 4th.
  5. America is too fat and unhealthy for the government to be able to take care of everyone at the level of a good healthcare plan. Why do you think employers have little incentive bonuses for people that verify they’re improving their health? They do it in order for their healthcare plan to be as good as possible for the amount of money the company has to spend on it, or to just make it cheaper for the company. Everyone deserves some basic emergency care and real low level basic care. But working hard to get better healthcare and pay is the natural incentive that’s made this country so great. Work hard, carrot hanging from a stick or whatever you want to call it, the far left is determined to eliminate that and ditch that so very crucial incentive. They appeal to the worst characteristics of mankind: being lazy ass snowflakes and expecting to be served by politicians/gov while blaming others and not taking responsibility for their problems. And the left is cool with that as long as they vote for them.
  6. Pure propaganda bullshit. He’s like: ”I want my-way to be like Norway, but voters are saying no-way. But listen, listen, I’ve got even more to give-away!!!!”
  7. No doubt. That seems to be happening around here lately. It’s always been going on with public figures that the most prevalent posters here dislike. The ends justify the means....it doesn’t matter if we’re fair because the person deserves everything thrown at him/her. That’s a scary habit to get into. Disgusting. Hey, some right wingers that don’t reflect the majority of the GOP are trying to get rid of abortion, so let’s just thrash on AL and characterize the entire state as a bunch of brain dead people that do bizarre things. Boy, this thread got quiet suddenly. Crickets.
  8. I forgot to mention that @TheTedfordTrain needs health insurance so bad that he’s going to dress up as a SJSU fan and attend their games. Who knows, maybe he’ll actually become a fan. 🤠👍. 😂😂😂😂
  9. You still haven't found a clue, have you. Project Veritas secretly films left wingers and exposes actions that range from unethical to committing a felony, and the video speaks for itself. That woman Google CEO admitted "that they got me", so WTF are you babbling about ? You might not like them going after far left BS, but they have the evidence to back up their work every time. You can't discredit that kind of evidence, well except for you. LOL
  10. Did you even read about what happened? You're relying on a single tweet from ???? to form your opinion? When I read your post, I knew there was no way it happened that way. This is America, not Columbia or Cuba. What REALLY happened is the pregnant girl "A" started a fight with another girl "B" over her husband. I believe B had been seeing or sleeping with her hubby. But B had no interest in fighting and was trying to get out of the situation. But girl A kept her from getting away while assaulting her, and girl B fired the shot in self defense. The cops questioned that B was in enough danger to justify using lethal force, so they charged her with manslaughter. But when a grand jury heard all the evidence, they decided that it was legitimate self defense and dropped the charges. You know, just some minor details. LOL
  11. Those people are so helplessly partisan, they rival even a few of our hopeless libs on the board. You know who you are. That Cenk dork got busted with his blog posts. He knows for sure that his poop smells pleasant. “When is the point when you forget how fun a drunk orgy can be?” Uygur wrote in a 2003 blog post titled “Old People,” complaining about an article which recounted the opinions of an older woman who was critical of Mardi Gras. “I had one of the best nights of my life at Mardi Gras. I kissed over 23 different women, saw and felt countless breasts, and was in a wonderful drunken stupor thanks to my friend John Daniels. It was the best buzz of my existence.” Sex is a frequent topic in Uygur’s posts. “It sucks that sex is so complicated,” he wrote in another post from 2000. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could just act on these urges and then just let it go without being uncomfortable? Actually, I have done this a decent amount of times in the past, but women seem to have more problems with this.” Uygur’s blog profile went futher, promising that the site would “soon showcase such lovely features as pictures of the young virginal interns who work with us on the show.” Uygur cited his views on women as a reason for entering the media. “So I started telling people how I pick up chicks (or how I don’t), and how I rate women when I first see them (it’s a five tier system based purely on how hot they are), and what I think of current events and all the other crazy things going on in the world,” Uygur noted in a 2000 blog post. “Then, I became a phenomenon. I became the Turk.” The Young Turks’ have aired dozens of stories around sex and porn to drive viewership in the last few years. “Obviously, the genes of women are flawed,” Uygur wrote in a 1999 blog post complaining about women in Miami, in which he characterizes them as “semi-pro” prostitutes for not being interested in him because he no longer practiced law. “They are poorly designed creatures who do not want to have sex nearly as often as needed for the human race to get along peaceably and fruitfully.” In a 2001 post titled “Girls Who You Hate, But Really Want To Do,” Uygur discusses how he hates, but would love to have sex with, the fictional lawyer Ally McBeal. “Yeah, he used his position of power – don’t we all, in some way. I tell girls all the time about my cool job at a TV station in hopes that will trick them into sleeping with me.” Uygur wrote in a 2000 blog post defending an Air Force officer who was reprimanded for fraternization with an enlisted woman. “I’d have as much sex as possible with prostitutes. Mind you, I’d have as much sex with non-prostitutes as I could, too,” another post from 2001 reads. “But I’m assuming I’m going to be in no shape to be seducing any fine ladies when I’m on the precipice of suicide. If you can, though, by all means, go ahead and do that first. But barring the possibility that you’re a manic depressive Don Juan, I’d buy the best sex money could buy – which I’m sure would be damn good. Two girls at once, Asians, blacks, a Venezuelan on top of a Texan prom queen, a secretary on top of a baby-sitter, twins … and their mama. I’d dress ‘em up; I’d dress ‘em down. I’d do things to women I hadn’t even imagined before (though I can’t imagine what that would be).”
  12. I think they’re going to try food stamps and welfare payments for the SJSU athletic dept. this year. For healthcare coverage, the entire AD is going claim to be illegal. To increase attendance, the SJSU president is lobbying Sacramento to also cover everyone that attends their games.
  13. I don’t know how you guys find the time to post on the board and then play games. You must be doing a lot of this at work. I wish I had a job where I could get away with that.
  14. Someone made the comment that VP’s don’t usually win the presidency. That’s because they’re not usually picked using the criteria of a prez in-waiting. Picking a VP isn’t anything but what the person ‘has’ that the prez candidate needs to win. If the election looks like it’s going to hinge on Ohio, a popular Ohio governor probably gets the VP gig. He might be a dufus, but he’s there to help to win. But then there are also examples of VP’s that are good enough to be the next president such as HW Bush (VP for Reagan). I just found out that Haley is about $2 mil in personal debt. She’ll have to do the speaking circuit for sure unless there’s a legal way for Trump or donor to pay off her debt (plus more) out of personal private funds, only.
  15. I don’t know, maybe being first woman VP in history, maybe having all the perks of a VP to run a campaign....like Air Force 2 ready to take her campaigning anywhere at any time. Lots of perks her competition won’t have. Why is it so important to Dem’s and Rep’s to have governors elected from their party? Because all the perks of a governor are a HUGE help in traveling the state with the presidential candidate, all the press it gets because the media follows and reports on the gov no matter what he/she is doing. Haley’s job at the UN has been high profile and has gotten a lot of attention at crucial times. You could make the argument that she was just as important as Pence....she was definitely doing more important work than Pence. So she’s already been connected, but the bad things about Trump don’t stick to her. I actually think the reverse could happen. As far as being more classy and well spoken and versed, having Trump next to her makes her look that much better. Pence hasn’t been able to do that because he’s a boob. He’s so concerned about accidentally saying the wrong things that he appears to be a yes man. Trump just doesn’t trust him enough. The reverse is true with Haley. He’d give her some major responsibility.
  16. Why would you be stupid enough to read my posts that mess with your head so much? Stop being such a little drama queen and ignore my posts. I admit my posts are rated NC-17 and therefore you should not be reading them. We want you to grow up and not experience any mental trauma as a kid. That stuff will haunt you as an adult.
  17. The federal government gives CA nearly 400 billion per year. Their taxes paid to the gov are a bit less. But that money has to go to certain things the government wanted. If it were taking in taxes for itself, they could spend it on whatever they want such $100 mil per year on healthcare for illegals. That cuts other things that are needed in CA. CA would mismanage themselves into oblivion. Oh yeah, STFU you half-trick pony.
  18. I found the following in just 5 min or so. I’ll post more later. Here she is sucking up to the Trump family: Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, lavished praise on President Donald Trump's family during a Tuesday appearance announcing her departure from the administration, calling particular attention to Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, whom she called a "hidden genius." Haley pointed to Kushner's work on the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, a reconfiguration of the 25-year old North American Free trade Agreement (NAFTA) and on the development of a new Middle East peace plan, which Haley called "so unbelievably well done." "Jared is such a hidden genius that no one understands," Haley said of the White House adviser. Haley also called the president's eldest daughter and top adviser Ivanka Trump a "great friend" and thanked first lady Melania Trump for being "nothing but very, very kind to me." "It's not just the president I want to thank - it's the family in general," she said. "I can't say enough good things about Jared and Ivanka ... they do a lot of good things behind the scenes that I wish more people knew about, because we're a better country because they're in this administration." Go to 0.55 on this video:
  19. I saw the same thing and didn’t notice that.
  20. LOL, why don’t you do your homework? If you did, you’d know that she already has. She’s not afraid to tell him that she disagrees, but does say great things about him.
  21. You have no fvcking idea what she wants to do or what’s best for her situation. Like few other people, she genuinely loves working with Trump. The fact that she hasn’t squashed the rumors already means that she’s at least seriously thinking about it. It’s obvious that Trump haters that like her don’t want her to do it, but don’t be surprised if it happens. 🤠👍
  22. Fox lost his players at the end. There’s only so many times you can stomp your foot on the court, yell, etc. and get them to play better. Eventually players get sick of it and tune it out. Fox could learn a lot from Muss regarding the players liking and respecting a coach and not wanting to let them down. Then when Muss chews out a player, the player really feels bad about letting Muss and the team down. That creates a lot of motivation to improve.