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  1. I don’t know enough about it. Do Dem rallies have to pay? I doubt it. To sporting events and concerts have to pay? Probably. A political rally on both sides is something the people want, so that’s their tax money put to use. I’m sure a lot people come from small towns and stay at hotels and put some money into the city. So they’re benefiting in that way.
  2. A lot of the cost of a portable generator is the db noise it makes. Cheap ones are loud, and Honda has the quietest and expensive. If you want AC, you’ll probably need one 10kw or above.
  3. PG&E should have their charter revoked by their PUC which would allow another utility to come in and take over. That’s unacceptable. That is 3rd world country shit. Generator sales must be skyrocketing.
  4. I’ve mentioned this before, but Pearl Jam and AIC played a short west coast club tour before anyone knew who they were. AIC & PJ co-headlined, and there was only about 70 or so people there for the show. Most of them were EV’s friends including me. I sat at about 10’ from Layne mic stand, and he was great. They played their hearts out despite it almost being a practice rehearsal with no people.
  5. Because you’re not used to hearing the truth. 🤠
  6. Wait, didn't you guys on the left complain that Trump wouldn't accept defeat in 2016 and would keep going on and on. And then you guys have said that if Trump is impeached and convicted, they would have to have law enforcement force him out of the White House. Now suddenly, the left is getting dreamy and hopes he might just give up. The liberals have become experts at hyping their own hopes up only to be horridly disappointed for disrespecting reality. Rachel Maddow is the world champion at this. Trump's MO is pretty simple to understand, especially if you read his book. But everything that he fights for has different value, and some of his lawsuits weren't high profile and didn't matter to him too much to compromise. But the Presidency, the ultimate high value item????????? Trump has made it very clear that he's fighting a war against everyone out there that's trying to ruin him. The amount of effort against him has challenged his decency, intellect, state of mind, even his looks, to say his disgust with his enemies is extreme...that is under stating how he feels. He knows that his haters will no doubt win if he gives up on any level, and he will be more determined (than you could ever imagine) to defeat these people in the end. Bottom line.
  7. Bailing from Syria is a huge mistake, and it looks like they're already walking it back, tonight. Just a stupid, stupid thing to do on so many levels. But saying that Trump doesn't care about American lives and only about his hotel is pretty pathetic. That's the sort of immature thing that kids say. Non-Americans? maybe to some degree. What we do know is that Trump warned the Gobble-Gobble government that if they dare to hurt the Kurds or anyone else that doesn't deserve it when they move into Syria, he will ruin and devastate Turkey's economy and bring the country to their knees. That just sort of ruins your theory that Trump's doing everything based on his Istanbul hotel. Trump does care about people, and he loves getting credit for it. To him, getting out of endless wars saves American military lives.
  8. With 85% to 90% of the media being dedicated to ruin Trump, it's amazing that he isn't behind further than he is. Imagine what would happen if they reported fairly on the good, as well. That will never happen, so Trump's war chest that will likely exceed $1 Billion will have to spread the word through commercials. Maybe Trump should quit and take the money, and then he could truthfully claim he's a billionaire. LOL, just kidding, he's obviously worth at least a billion or 2 or 3. You know Biden is done when he can't even lead Trump over 1 year out at 47% - 43%. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/elections/election_2020/trump_vs_clinton_is_still_neck_and_neck Just as bad is Hillary at 45% - 45%. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/elections/election_2020/trump_vs_clinton_is_still_neck_and_neck
  9. It's amazing how great the first two albums were, and then later in life he couldn't and still can't write a good song to save his life. It's was a brief time of magic, 1975 to around 1980. Third stage was alright, but nothing like the other 2. The first album was recorded from 1975-76, released in 1976, and DLB was released in 1978. The best songs on 3rd Stage were ready in 1980 for the next release, but Tom's lawsuit with Epic Records took 6 years to resolve, so it wasn't released until 1986 back on MCA. It was a darker, a bit sluggish, less organic (triggered drum samples had a lot to do with that) and had a few songs for the first time that Scholz and Delp didn't write together. Journey's Infinity Album recorded in 1977, was their best album IMHO. 'Patiently' & 'Winds of March'? 'Lights' & 'Wheel In the Sky'? Incredible. The problem is bands usually want to move on to a different sound, and when changing every album for awhile doesn't go as well as the original sound, they try to get back to it, and they can't get the magic back. A lot of times it comes down to the early album producer, too. Listen to the demo's of great songs before they were produced and re-recorded, and you'll see how much a producer and even engineer influence the songs on the record. Some of those demo's where pretty bad.
  10. I saw this, and what a pathetic story. Another activist writer wants to direct the Trump impeachment narrative to having him resigning. That lady is obviously a dishonest lefty hack, because anyone that knows Trump knows he would stay and fight until the bitter end than puss out in defeat. Unreal. I'm sure Trump is happy that she's an ex-executive now because either she's a dishonest woman, and or a completely brain dead woman.
  11. CNN is your channel. Far lefty's have 24/7 liberal speak on two cable channels, now. WooWhoo!!!!
  12. Hillary is out doing the rounds and giving more excuses for her loss. Now it's that she was too serious and not laid back enough. I think that's excuse #28 on her ongoing list. But you can tell she's looking for the right series of events where she could jump in. It's not too late. If Biden is confirmed dead as a candidate, she could jump in and replace him as the more moderate candidate that supports Obama's policies. It's still a long shot, not for her to try it, but a long shot for it to work. With Biden gone, is there a big % of the party very much missing a moderate candidate that can win? Is Warren just too extreme and un-electable? If a big YES for both, then she might have a shot at the nomination. Dem voters might eventually say "Dammit! Alright I'll give her another shot. It's the best we can do." http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/elections/election_2020/trump_vs_clinton_is_still_neck_and_neck
  13. They’re going to dedicate the shower area to “Dirty Sanchez”.
  14. You need to expand your horizons and be more diverse in musical styles. I thought you were a big fan of diversity.
  15. The Sound of Music is one of the all time great films. I HATE musicals!!!!! but I could actually tolerate the singing parts on this one. Obviously you missed it when it originally came out because you were so stoned
  16. Safari works fast on my Iphone X
  17. Yeah, all Dems want to do is hurt Trump with their super scary resistance. That is the epitome of not working together to get things done for Americans. and not doing so is hurting us all. Dems would rather not do something good for the people if it means that Trump will get any kind of credit for it. That really is fvcking pathetic and childish, not to mention how many seats in Congress are going to flip to flip to GOP.
  18. Can’t you read? I said that in the last week he’s trended down a couple points on the RCP average. The other day it was 45% and had been a little while. But I also said in recent weeks, there have been more pollsters going higher than ever. But with a bunch of more sketchy pollsters that never get higher than 41, the average stays down. I know you TDS folks don’t like Rasmussen, but the bottom line is that they finished in 2nd place out of about 18 to 20 pollsters on the final national % poll for the 2016 election. They had Hillary up by 2%. So Rasmussen can back up their talk.
  19. LOL, OK. 😂 The dorks that grades sites from conservative to liberal are left biased. RCP average was 45% the other day, and Trump is now down a little from that because of the relentless propaganda is having some affect temporarily. For the first time recently, you’re starting to see other poll results moving up close to Rasmussen. 46% Harris 45% Fox News 48% Emerson 45% NBC/WSJ 49% The Hill 47% Economist 45% NPR
  20. You’re comparing Nixon to Trump? Now that is classic. Total TDS. If 538 had a crap approval rating graph of Hitler, it wouldn’t surprise me if you or anyone else compared 538 is total garbage. Run by people with a heavy left bias, and the sample size for time spans is very thin. Not to mention some pollsters they use are crappy. and rated well. Normalizing crap gives you crap, and gives you cover to manipulate results,
  21. That’s it? Really? No crazy MSDNC Rachel Madcow disease mental craziness/propaganda? She mad !! 🤠