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  1. He’s very dumb on a certain level. And unfortunately he stays there and refuses to use the elevator or the stairs.
  2. Collin is a full blown massive dumb ass. Serves Nike right for sponsoring that loser, though. I completely hate Nike now and Adidas is the shit just like they were back in the mid-late 70’s.
  3. Boise would never go Indy unless the ESPN contract was big, and they had a reasonably good path created for them to get to the NY6 like BYU doesn’t.
  4. Bet you thought you were making a good point. When I write my posts, I never expect anything. I do try to be different and non-cliche. So I do care about that. But if you’re go to sit there and watch the paint dry and the grass grow on my post, just know that it takes a few days or so for a lot of people to even read. The post I made about SJSU going on welfare payments and getting health insurance by claiming to be illegals took a few days to get 6 or so laughs, and I only know because the board program notifies you when that happens. Looks like you’re still the asshole I remember you as. Don’t ever change, and I’ll see you during summer vacation. Just like what would a yearbook would have posted in it.
  5. Country Dick Montana was a legend in San Diego in the 80’s. Funny dude.
  6. I didn’t necessarily say that I was one, but I can guarantee you I know lots of them. That’s some excellent innovative humor there tlf, so you get a Polian brand hot dog. 🌭
  7. I, for one, enjoy seeing it pissing off the far left because it’s long deserved. FYI, smart intelligent voters don’t suddenly go to the dark side and betray their deeply held values over a bad paint job. Most Trump supporters including me wish he could do much better in some areas, but he also has a lot he’s brought to the table. Never Trumpers are the only GOP (8%) that are embarrassed by him, and you can cash that at the bank. There’s an unbelievable catalog of embarrassing gaffes just in the last couple months with the Dem candidates. But that doesn’t count because you’re on their side. 😂👍
  8. Patriotism sucks, I know. A salute to the USA and our troops sucks too. Funny when Trump requested a couple new Abrams tanks, the dishonest media made it sound like he wanted to do a Soviet, North Korea, Small Penis Overcompensation style parade.
  9. Name: Nevada Convert Hometown: Ridgecrest, CA University and Degree: SDSU B.S. Business/Marketing, UNLV B.S. Civil Engineering/Structural Lots more BS that I blew money on. Occupation: Senior Transmission & Substation Engineer Teams: Montreal Expos, Seattle SuperSonics, Nevada, SDSU, Los Angeles Rams, California Angels, Any Team Tim Tebow Is On (I just threw up in my mouth) Interests: Long walks on the beach with a herd of cats. Dislikes: Short walks on the beach with a herd of cats. Favorite Activities: Posting as RenoSkier when I can. On my playlist: Slayer Christian Death Air Supply’s Greatest Hits Satan’s Revenge Richard Simmons Dancing To the Oldies Married/Kids/Pets: 213 cats Miscellaneous: I like popcorn.
  10. Dude, that’s awesome. I had a friend do the same thing and he’s doing well, too. 🙂👍
  11. A big selling point in going to Nevada is it’s incredibly fun to troll a rival like Boise St. Like waiting until they think they’re getting into a National Title game or Rose Bowl, and just yank that blue carpet from under their feet and watch them go through a Chernobyl quality meltdown that’s for the ages. Or more simple things like waiting until there’s a big game in Reno with a lot at stake, and then only allow tickets to be bought in person at the Nevada ticket office. Suddenly Boise fans have to think about any friends they might have in Reno to go score them some. But then they soon realize they don’t have any friends in Reno. 😂👍
  12. She has an unacceptable liberal side: Single payer insurance, free college for virtually everyone, wants to ban a lot of guns, her foreign policy is very isolationist with the military...wants to cut and run from Afghanistan, Syria, etc. Went from conservative/moderate on social issues to liberal, etc etc etc. And she’s simply not qualified. Not even close. And there’s a lot of candidates that aren’t.
  13. That’s not what we’re talking about. If you’re going to make a point with an article, at least read the damn thing and understand what it says. Real basic stuff.
  14. Not a tat fan, but I’m sure thing feeling is mutual w/the tats
  15. Just try getting a job in Hawaii as a non-native Hawaiian, and you’ll probably be looking forever.
  16. No kidding. This is 2019 and the world has slowly become more civilized in western nations, and it’s time for these dopes to get with the times. Whoever said “You can tell a lot about a society or culture by how they treat their animals” is totally spot on. There is hope for China as there’s more and more animal rights folks out there protesting these shit festivals. I’m thinking maybe a Chinese version of the SAW movies should happen. 😹. The people doing the brutality get a chance to experience it themselves. Last year some Chinese protesters with PETA helping out stopped one of the trucks with cats stuffed in cages really high, and they offered more money for the cats than the festival and saved some cats. But a lot of the cats and dogs are stolen pets. People usually love their pets, and they had no idea if theirs was being tortured. There’s a French run island in the Mediterranean that had fisherman that would use live puppy’s as bait to catch sharks. They jam the big hooks through the puppy and it’s flailing around in pain with blood and it gets the sharks attention pretty quick. I believe animal right folks got that banned but not 100% sure. Baboons will grab smaller animals like a fawn and just start biting into it while it’s alive. No attempt to kill it beforehand. So many happy thoughts in this thread.
  17. Yeah, but I’m not talking about the normal spring slush, I’m talking about the stuff that’s not slippery at all and like grabs your ski’s as if you just hit mud.
  18. Lighten up? WTF is wrong with you? That doesn't really bother you?
  19. Yeah, you have to be careful in these conditions because if you hit some really wet slush, you suddenly come to a stop while your body wants to keep going. And even more dangerous is one ski on hard packed snow and the other hitting wet slush....knee and other injuries. And it's hard to see. You see a lot of that when the daytime temps get up to the 60's to 70's. Even just skiing until noon has risk of that.
  20. Boiling dogs to death to make fvcking stew? They do the same thing with cats, but even worse. At least put them down humanely before you boil them, but they don't because they claim it tastes better with them boiled alive. With cats, I've seen videos where they have cats crammed in cages stacked high on trucks and when they get to the slaughter house, they throw them off breaking the legs of some of the cats. Once inside, they skin the cats alive and then throw them in boiling water. I've seen some gruesome shit over the years, but seeing those videos is the worst thing I've ever seen done to a living creature. Just hearing the cats in mind blowing pain and the desperation.......too much. The Chinese people that do this can die and go straight to fvcking hell as far as I'm concerned. Too bad we can't bomb these people straight back to the stone age where they belong. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/inside-horrors-yulin-dog-festival-17264832
  21. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that.
  22. I can find you a ton of articles where he prefers sanctions over war. You’re just pushing left wing propaganda. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKCN1TO0CF
  23. It also cracks me up how so many claim she’s a moderate candidate. She has moderate views on some issues, but she’s also a flaming left winger on others. 1. Medicare for all - single payer, 2. free college for virtually everyone, 3. get out of Afghanistan and let it turn into the year 2000, 4. get out of Syria, all 200 of them, and no have someone there to monitor the situation with Russian meddling and war crimes, 5. left LGBT views, 6. ban on assault weapons which will accomplish absolutely nothing and get rid of gun show loophole. Etc. Bat Shit Crazy: 1. She has an extremely bizarre fascination and adoration with Assad. There’s tons of evidence that Assad has committed many war crimes over the years including gassing a lot of children. She’s been out there to visit him, and she refuses to opine that he’s a war criminal and doesn’t buy the current evidence against him. She says that if someone shows me real evidence, I will call him a war criminal. I don’t have a problem with getting rid of loopholes, but banning guns is clueless.