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  1. Left goes nuts with their TDS conspiracy theories. And Why not? They’re wrong about everything else. 🤠👍
  2. The problem is that some of those BYU fans saw a movie years ago and still think all cowboys are gay.
  3. You are such an idiot. There isn’t anything wrong with that organization. One of the biggest reasons I LOVE to give people like you shit is because of your blatant dishonesty. It’s flat out disgusting. So you don’t like someone’s politics and they seem to be doing well. So because you can’t compete worth a shit on ideas, you feel the need to libel and slander them, assassinate their character. Identity politics mixed with hate and dishonesty. Even once great organizations like the SPLC are now nothing but left wing activist hacks. Anyone that’s not a left winger could give a crap what they think these days because they’ve been exposed. They’ve recently been sued by their own internal workers over racism, sexual harassment, etc. It’s a total joke and so are you for pimping it and being dishonest in general.
  4. Oh lovely. You make the most cliche move in history with flipping the definition of yourself onto the boogie man that’s making your existence miserable. Sorry, no one buys that. And you obviously don’t know what a snowflake is. A snowflake is someone that needs safe spaces at school or work when the GOP/Trump wins the presidency. Snowflakes demand that their college teachers let them be absent for weeks while they go away to act stupid in Trump protests. Snowflakes are people that crumble and turn into little crystals when they search out and find something to be offended by. They find that almost everything is offensive to them, and therefore people need to lose their jobs over it, historical people need to be erased from history, certain books and films should be edited or deleted from history, etc. They have no backbone at all. It’s missing. Snowflakes can’t handle criticism, and they can’t deal with any kind of competition. They’re also very insecure with the policy’s they subscribe to, and therefore opposing views can’t be heard. They attempt to justify it by saying that what they consider to be hate speech isn’t free speech, and therefore must be silenced/censored. Trump might whine and complain about things at times, but that’s not what a snowflake is. Trump is actually one of the most un-snowflake like people that there is. Regardless if you like Trump or not, the guy has the strongest backbone in political history. With all the people out there hating on him, all the media, social media, late night shows mocking him, university liberals, and even never-Trumpers, there isn’t anyone out there that could’ve taken the daily onslaught that he has for 3 years without having a nervous breakdown or lose their health over the stress. Not only does he not need a safe space, he thrives on the constant attacks that no one else could possibly deal with. He’s the ultimate anti-snowflake if there ever was one, and the fact that you can’t see that isn’t surprising.
  5. When it gets cold, they’ll crank up their ovens with the door open, and turn on all 4 gas cook tops. And then in a 8 hours they’re dead. And the families of the stupid people will actually sue.
  6. Trump fvcked up doing what? Despite that we have the transcript where he didn’t do anything wrong, the left and media do their best to spin it to fit their narrative. He didn’t break any laws you goof. And you can’t use psycho Rachel Maddow as a news source. 😂😂😂 1. But what we DO know as a fact is that the DNC had someone contact Ukraine to get them to dig up dirt on Trump to interfere with the election. At that time, the DNC wanted dirt in their files that were related to their Russian collusion scam. The Ukraine gov declined to and they didn’t have anything the the DNC wanted, anyway. 2. We also know for a fact that three Dem Senators wrote a letter to Ukraine in 2016 demanding that they hand over Trump dirt or they’d deny Ukraine their big time financial payment for the year. 3. We also know about what the media won’t spend any time on. That’s investigating the Biden and son Ukraine and China corruption. If this had been Trump and one of his sons doing the same thing, it would be the end of the world. You’d have the Group of 4 idiots actually calling the police to come arrest Trump at the WH. They have already said they plan to have him, Pence and others be arrested and taken away to prison. Tulib said that. We have some dangerously stupid people in Congress. So there you have it, 3 factual events carried out by the Dems with the media’s help where they’re doing exactly what they’re accusing Trump of doing. The hypocrisy is as bad as hypocrisy can get.
  7. There’s still a lot of problems that need to be resolved before we send man anywhere. The surface radiation on Mars can be quite high, and even in your spaceship in space, radiation will pass right through to you. Also, the lack of gravity causes permanent damage even for space station astronauts.
  8. At least Clinton is pretty hawk’ish for a Dem, and she does understand the threat over there, except for the Benghazi area, of course.
  9. It’s way too complicated for your little head to grasp. We’ve had recent seasons where we sellout 2 games and and nearly a third. In 2013 we averaged 25k. People will show up in the right circumstances and it’s the AD’s job to make that happen. We need more money from Johnson and ticket sales.
  10. We still have a lot of talent, but we haven’t seen them play together. We have a great staff and they’ll be able to get a lot out of these guys.
  11. I had an job offer from PG&E in the Bay Area (San Ramon) back in 2016 to study all the transmission clearance violations that could result in fires in their system per NERC’s new FAC-008 requirement. Out of the 7 people interviewing me, 6 of the 7 were very young, including a manager who was in her 30’s or younger. Half of my interview didn’t have anything to do with the job, and it was all about diversity and PC. They want to make sure they hire loyal left wingers because that’s the culture there. Most of the experienced folks there have retired, and you have these young kids trying to run the place and don’t know WTF they’re talking about. I ended my interview early and told them it wasn’t a good cultural fit for me. But they made me an offer anyway which was funny. There isn’t enough money to make me work in a place like that. PG&E has the CA disease of liberal PC and incompetence that Sacramento has all the way up to the governor. You want to know what’s really bad? Private companies that buy and own transmission lines. They’re allowed to operate purely from a cost perspective. If a tornado knocks down their line, they’re not legally required to get it up and running STAT. They won’t pay overtime or have work done on weekends. So the utilities that rely on the line are fvcked. Public utilites such as municipalities still have issues to deal with. As long as they connect with a regional power grid, they really can’t do what they want on the lines they connect with. They usually have to deal with private utility rules and laws dictated by the PUC. Utilities don’t worry about fines from their direct regulators. They worry about monster huge fines from NERC and FERC which run in the multi-millions and aren’t afraid to hand them out.
  12. Ah, you do play with yourself. I knew it!! 😂😂😂👍
  13. Do you play with yourself when you get these fantasy pics? Not a great photoshop effort either. You can see the line of the image on his neck.
  14. Sorry to hear you have the bunker blues, but mine was just a house.
  15. Not really in recent times, very much so in the past.
  16. The polls are sure showing that. But the ridiculously dishonest narrative being pimped by the media is obviously affecting opinion. By not taking a vote to kick off an inquiry, Trump can’t get formal fair rebuttal time and can’t issue any subpoena’s to either of the phony whistle blow jobs and expose them as what they really are. Choreographed Hack Dem operatives just like the phony’s in the Kavanaugh fiasco that were eventually all proven to be When the results of the investigation (that’s just been expanded) into the Dems that illegally went went after Trump before and after taking office, that will change a lot of minds in Trump’s favor. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/exclusive-poll-most-think-trump-will-be-impeached-and-win-2020-reelection
  17. The best thing about Fresno St. is having Victor Davis Hanson on board as a professor. Well he splits time with Stanford.
  18. If Johnson would just fund the AD to the average MWC budget, we wouldn’t have to play pay day games in which we usually lose. Having one less automatic loss would actually help a lot.
  19. This is going to bring all kinds of lawsuits on situations they didn’t even realize could be a problem. I’d also check to see how much stock the CEO and VP’s have in companies that make home generators like Generac, Kohler, Cummins, etc. Cummins has a 13kW home natural gas or propane generator for only $3k. With the newer more energy efficient ac units, you only need about 5.5 kW to run a 5 ton which will cool 3,300 sf. So you’d have 7.5kW extra to use on lights, computers, blow dryer, fan, TV’s, etc. I have a 3.3kW portable generator that’s not hooked up on the grid, and in the winter I run a chord to the furnace which doesn’t use much with natural gas, and then I bring in a couple of power chords connected to a power strip, and plug in the TV and lights, and the other goes to a computer and lights. I have a way of sound proofing it better outside.
  20. You’re the ultimate hopeless and dishonest partisan with your mindless sheep MSNBC talking points. It is a FACT that Trump gets nearly 100% negative press (that’s not Fox News) in news stories for anything he does. They might show his numbers that are good, but down play them and find reasons to discredit them. There are studies proving this. There are also studies that show the media is nearly 100% Dem, and for the few GOP people out there, they have to do what their Dem boss says. Your other statements above are so ridiculous they don’t deserve any of my time. You Turbo TDS feller, you.
  21. What happens when a Dem comes to town for a big rally? When Obama came to Min. did he have to pay the bill? These are the questions that need to be answered. Divisive? Trump is no question a fighter, but it’s mind blowingly hypocritical to say that he’s divisive when everyone around him is trying to cut his head off. That’s like calling a cop a violent person for shooting at a criminal that’s trying to kill him. The Dems and the “resistance” are responsible for most of the divisive bullshit in this country. Instead of being a grown up and accepting their loss in 2016, they want to kick and scream and don’t even care if it hurts the country in doing so. Selfish little children.
  22. Your premise is illogical because you not voting isn’t going to result in anything but letting other people pick the president. No one is going even take notice or care in your protest, because that’s what is. The danger in that is if you had a commie running against someone else that sucks but not nearly as bad as the commie, if everyone follows your lead, suddenly the commie could win. The dedicated commie supporters will all vote. Then the commie wins and they ban skiing, take your house away & get an apt., buzz your hair, make you join the army and make you re-marry a fat lady named Olga that can and will kick your ass.
  23. Honestly, she might look alright in the polls right now, but she’s got so many big negatives that many don’t know about, and once they do, she’s going to get shredded. If Hillary hadn’t screwed it up last time and had the same support in 2016, she would be his toughest challenge. If Biden wasn’t on his way to break a hip on Air Force 1 in his first month and didn’t have corruption baggage with his son, Biden would be the best Dem candidate and would probably win. I think Dems should draft Rachel Maddow and Butgeig and go with the LGBT Party ticket. That would be my fave. 2nd would be Warren, 3rd Hillary, yeah she said today she needs a rematch with him and she wasn’t joking.