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  1. LOL, that is delusional, at best. Last I checked, the most angry and grumpy old folks are the people on the left with TDS, and general frustration that they're actually losing ground and not even holding steady with what they had. And it looks like they'll screw up 2020, as well.
  2. What a coincidence! The public is calling for CNN to be masked with a sock in it's mouth.
  3. Damn, we were doing this back in the 70's. I thought it was a dumb game my friend made up himself. Also, I think if you can get your finger through the circle before he pulls it away, the circle jerk instigator loses and gets punched really hard.
  4. Looks like I missed it. I can probably guess who was involved, though.
  5. Here's some impressive photo's of the fault. Looks like there was a 6' shift along the fault. https://theaviationist.com/2019/07/08/naval-air-weapons-station-china-lake-evacuated-following-last-weeks-earthquakes/ Here's some quite amazing pics: Watch the ripple affect of the M7.1 around the world:
  6. It's so much fun to wind both of you up like a little toy and watch you go, go, go. LOL
  7. You think this is new info? And you think the media passed on it? Not a chance.
  8. Trump wasn’t close to Epstein like Clinton was. This Epstein stuff has been known for a long, long time, and if there were any avenues to go after Trump on, it obviously would’ve been done long ago. Clinton is the one in big, big trouble because he flew with Epstein 27 times with girls as young as 14. On Epstein’s island there, were some extremely young prostitutes that serviced Clinton, And they later came forward and identified Clinton without any doubt.
  9. Man, such a tragically awful & permanent solution to a temporary problem. Prayers to family.
  10. Trump isn’t always a narcissist you silly people. But he does have his moments. But I’ll support a guy that you think is a narcissist if he keeps his campaign promises, gets results from them and at the same time trolls the living daylights out of you lefty’s.
  11. I'm still trying to figure out how cocky you could possibly be about anything since you're still the all-time beat down world champion. You still can't troll, so I won't read any more of your garbage. Too cliche and boring.
  12. No, there could be an 8 to 9 per the geologists permanently stationed at the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake.
  13. FYI, back in the 1800's, there was an 8.5 quake 50 miles north of Ridgecrest along hwy 395. It may have actually been closer to a 9. It was so strong that it threw people into the air and were killed hitting the earth.
  14. Just talked to my dad, and the Naval Weapon Center geological scientists that are stationed in China Lake next door to Ridgecrest, are saying there's a possibility of an 8.5 to 9.0 or so quake in the very near future. Don't know if that's in the media yet, but my dad worked there for 52 years and has a lot of friends he's called to get the skinny.
  15. With science it's always funny how humans have a tendency to cling to what they were taught as holy. Yet, the more we learn, we more we learn how much we don't. If USGS were to find a knew phenomena ocurring that they've never seen, they certainly wouldn't share it to the public to avoid panic.
  16. No, It means he asked me to share it with you because he loves trolling your stupid ass.
  17. I don't think so because when my dad heard him say that, he sensed some bullshit, so they went back and forth on it and apparently there's something going on they can't explain entirely and their pretty nervous about it. But he wouldn't say anymore. We do have some volcanoes in the area that have shown signs that they're active. Maybe a horizontal plate issue combined with a potential vertical eruption. Volcanic quakes are vertical and structures obviously handle those loads well such as most of the Mammoth quakes over the years. Ridgecrest is in a valley of fine soil which have a tendency to exaggerate the p waves.
  18. Your dumbshit goes to 11. It doesn't seem possible to me, but that came from a USGS scientist at the scene.
  19. It came from a USGS scientist in the field in Ridgecrest. He's the one that said it.