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  1. You just don’t know what you’re talking about. Abortion is a huge issue, but there’s about 6 other issues they very much care about. As I’ve said, Trump does what he promises, and there aren’t any politicians that have done that and cared so much to try that hard. A strong backbone is something they’ve never experienced in a politician, and they’re loyal for it. If someone is trying to impeach and tear down the guy that’s hell bent on getting what they want, obviously they’re going to do what they can to keep him going and defend him. Duh!
  2. Yeah, but these people know someone is going to win whether they duck out or not, and facing that reality they have to go with the lesser of the 2 evils.
  3. LOL, you’re not reading carefully enough to see it. I’ll copy and paste to help you out. It blows my mind that people aren’t understanding this. OK, we went through the lesser of two evils voting scenario. Now that the 2016 election is over and they got Trump, why would they remain so passionately loyal to him? They should be just fine with swapping Trump out with any normal GOP candidate right? Here’s your answer:
  4. Hating Hillary certainly was great motivation for a lot of conservatives, but with independent voters and women, their perception was that Hill was a better all around person. The woman vote nearly killed Trump and it’s still a problem. If it were mostly about being motivated to vote for Trump because of hate for Hillary, Trump wouldn’t have a 90% to 93% approval rating with Republican’s. It had to be more than just hate for Hill.
  5. Dude, in 2016 they were faced with the reality that they were going to have to compromise their values voting for either candidate. They couldn’t avoid it. So the question becomes: Which one would be worse than the other? There really wasn’t a classy candidate with a lot of character between Trump and Hill. But obviously, if they voted for Hillary, the Supreme Court would’ve become solid left for decades destroying their chances to over turn R vs W, the 2nd amendment would be in jeopardy, there would essentially be an open border bringing in 2-3 million immigrants per year that would eventually vote Dem, and that would be enough to make some once red GOP states into blue, thus making it extremely hard for a Republican to ever win the presidency ever again. Now THAT would easily be the biggest betrayal of their Christian values impacting a span of approximately 40 years and longer......even the future of the country forever. Comparing that to compromising their values on Trump’s character of past deeds, his immature whining tweets, etc. That is such small potatoes compared to the future of the country being on the line, and it’s really silly to even debate about it.
  6. LOL, you just don’t know your history. A lot of the animosity towards Romney with his flip flopping has occurred since he lost that election and now. And his refusal to go after Obama and be tough on him really hurt his support post election. The fact that he thought he could win by being a perfect gentleman was delusional and killed his high standing in the GOP. He knew he could never run for president again because the entire GOP was done with him, and they still are.
  7. I don’t know what world you live in, but in the real world there are two choices for president. Everything else is equivalent to not voting. You can say ‘well if everyone voted third party there would be a better choice’. That’s dreamland and won’t happen. And in the evangelicals point of view, a third party policy likely isn’t going be better than the GOP platform. Choosing the lesser of two evils has always been standard procedure in politics and even the norm for areas like foreign policy. If you don’t pick the lesser, the greater evil wins.
  8. They had an issue with Romney because he changes his positions all the time and has no balls whatsoever to fight for a policy that’s being challenged by the left. They are tired of politician talk and no action. You just can’t trust Romney. In contrast, Trump gives his campaign promises, doesn’t deviate from them and fights like hell to get them done. If Trump were a truck, he’d have a terrible paint job, noisy and obnoxious sounding motor, but it would still be a big solid truck with a gas tank so big he goes goes and never runs out of gas. He travels straight from point A to Point B on campaign promises.
  9. Not that I want to defend them, but WTF would you expect them to do? Vote for Hillary?
  10. Really? It’s so ridiculously obvious, maybe too obvious that you guys can’t see it. It’s very simple. The evangelicals have two simple choices, and they’ve clearly made it. #1: The first option is to go for the candidate, regardless of party, that’s most reflective of having great character, ethics, all the areas that an honest Christian would have. I don’t think you could call Hill a better person than Trump, but she does carry herself better and at least appears to be a little better. But in terms of Policy, they very much oppose her on almost everything. #2: The second option would be a 180 flip of #1. That would be choosing Trump that has a lot of immoral baggage, and doesn’t have the best bedside manner (there’s a great joke to be made there, but I’ll stay on point). But he does have policies that they support, particularly abortion, Supreme Court picks, pro 2nd amendment, anti-socialism, border control, fights out of control entitlements, pro law and order, funding the military properly, etc. So what do they do? Pick the perceived better Dem human being, but sell out on their Christian values regarding policy? or Sell out on their highly important values of being a moral human being with Trump, but also getting policies that they absolutely love. Clearly, a sellout on character values on Trump is a small price to pay to get great policies and court picks that will have huge long lasting impacts years after Trump is gone and dead. So they make the obvious and only choice they could make with a brain. And they rationalize that he’s older and more of a family man now and has changed some. And they think he has at least has some belief in God. They pray for him and ask God to guide him because he’s all they have as a powerful advocate for their way of life into the future. And the old “God sometimes works in mysterious ways” saying is no doubt stated a lot. But also very importantly, they wouldn’t just swap Trump with a generic moral a Republican if they could. They very much see his charisma and ability to excite people in a crowd (evangelicals love that shit), fight the good fight backbone, his energy, and honesty on fulfilling campaign promises to be HUGE. What good is a ‘moral’ Mitt Romney in there if he flip flops on issues and/or doesn’t get anything done? No, they’re very much impressed with this man to further their agenda as much of a flawed man that he is. And it’s the only logical and prudent move that they have, as strange as it might be.
  11. Growing up there, we always had earthquakes. The ones you could barely feel like the mid-3's and smaller low 4's happened all the time. It seemed like every year there would be a period of an increase. Sometimes we'd get a 4 or 5, but most were in the 3 to 4 range. 6's and 7's are unheard of being sourced there. But I've never heard about any fracking on the east side of the Sierra's, especially in the Indian Wells Valley. It didn't happen. On the east side of Ridgecrest/China Lake, there's a 1,000' mountain called "B" Mountain (has the HS "B" for Burroughs on the side), and it produces heat. Whenever it snows, the snow immediately melts on B Mtn. In 1973, we had 18" of snow, and it was amazing how fast it melted off it. It's a good hike if you have permission to be on the base. I was at the top once when I was a kid and almost got bit by a sidewinder.
  12. There's no question there's been political malpractice with the DR's.
  13. LOL, that is delusional, at best. Last I checked, the most angry and grumpy old folks are the people on the left with TDS, and general frustration that they're actually losing ground and not even holding steady with what they had. And it looks like they'll screw up 2020, as well.
  14. What a coincidence! The public is calling for CNN to be masked with a sock in it's mouth.
  15. Damn, we were doing this back in the 70's. I thought it was a dumb game my friend made up himself. Also, I think if you can get your finger through the circle before he pulls it away, the circle jerk instigator loses and gets punched really hard.
  16. Looks like I missed it. I can probably guess who was involved, though.
  17. Here's some impressive photo's of the fault. Looks like there was a 6' shift along the fault. https://theaviationist.com/2019/07/08/naval-air-weapons-station-china-lake-evacuated-following-last-weeks-earthquakes/ Here's some quite amazing pics: Watch the ripple affect of the M7.1 around the world:
  18. It's so much fun to wind both of you up like a little toy and watch you go, go, go. LOL
  19. You think this is new info? And you think the media passed on it? Not a chance.
  20. Trump wasn’t close to Epstein like Clinton was. This Epstein stuff has been known for a long, long time, and if there were any avenues to go after Trump on, it obviously would’ve been done long ago. Clinton is the one in big, big trouble because he flew with Epstein 27 times with girls as young as 14. On Epstein’s island there, were some extremely young prostitutes that serviced Clinton, And they later came forward and identified Clinton without any doubt.
  21. Man, such a tragically awful & permanent solution to a temporary problem. Prayers to family.