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  1. It’s a shame that one of us had to lose yesterday. I hope you guys can get 6 wins and bowl.
  2. Just ask the Young Turks what’s going on with their home country’s military actions, and they’ll explain. They’re Young Turks, so we know that they’re right about everything, and I’m sure we’ll find out that Turkey thinks that anyone one that’s not a Turkey is a Chicken......and a Chicken Shit for that matter.
  3. Beto’s only chance to stay in the Dem race would be to announce that he’s gay and has a partner that he loves even more than Butgieg’s squeeze. And then claim that he used to be a woman. And maybe even falsify some DNA testing that shows that he’s a melting pot of Black, Hispanic, Indian, Illegal Alien, etc. and has absolutely no ‘white boy’ in him at all. “White boy cells are just cancer cells to me”, says Beto. “Not only that, but with all the death and destruction being at the hands of ‘white boys’ in world history, I consider these WB cells to be terrorist cells. I refuse to be involved with terrorist cells.”
  4. Of course you don’t, English isn’t your language. Sorry, not only do I not speak Pig Latin, but I don’t speak Pig Latin with a central CA dumbshit dialect and accent. I just checked Google and they said they don’t have any plans to waste their money on developing your language. I’m sure there are other online translation resources for you. If not, contact the Fresno Chamber of Commerce, and I’m sure they’ll point you in the right direction. Fresno has to communicate with the rest of the country somehow, and the FCC would know how. Good luck.
  5. Incredible job, Rebs!!!! I think that’s 9 MWC P5 wins this year.
  6. Since Beto is going to have to get a real job in the near future, someone tell him that all guns were just banned, and then offer him big bucks to go door to door demanding them in the towns throughout the southern states. He might make it through 0.1 of his first hour, but go ahead and donate the few bucks he made to pay for a 10 gun salute at his burial.
  7. To be a never-Trumper, you have to be someone that’s a registered Republican and virtually always votes GOP down the line. It doesn’t cover the crapshit crazy “Isolationist Libertarian Mountain Man Party”. And no, you don’t get special consideration just because you think you’re a coyote whisperer. 🤪🤪🤪🤣👍
  8. Dude, although most Trump supporters aren’t thrilled with all his warts, they understand that he’s overall the right guy to be prez in 2019. Issues like immigration, political correctness, pushes towards socialism, the lefts war on Christianity and the 2nd amendment among others, and he’s the charismatically aggressive person to fight the left and reverse the trends. That’s why GOP voters support him in the 90’s. So, 90 something percent vs. 3-4% never-trumpers? Of course never Trumper opinions have no value to most GOP voters. Do Trump supporter opinions matter to you? Of course they don’t. Grow up. It’s also funny how the left suddenly has respect for never Trumpers that they used call every name in the book. George Will is one of those. He’s the epitome of an establishment conservative elitist snob that thinks his intelligence has the answer to everything. He hates Trump so much because Trump sucks all oxygen out of the room, and he thinks it’s his. He wants the same old status quo swamp bullshit into the future. He also is having to come to terms with the fact that the GOP has been shifting away from him even before Trump, and he’s more irrelevant than he’s ever been.
  9. Yeah, I know. You have to be in the Southwest region, Rocky Mtn or Pittsburgh region to not have it blocked out. If you know someone in those markets and they’ll give you their provider password, you should be able to watch it on your phone.
  10. What a terrible network. It has the southwest and Rockies and that’s almost it. It’s blacked out on Dish here in the midwest. Is there a streaming alternative for blacked out markets?
  11. It’s better, but we should still spend more time attacking schools in the AAC rather than tearing each other apart.
  12. If you’re going to make something up, at least make it semi believable. I don’t care for PJ or EV.. Now, many years ago I did, yes.
  13. The game is blacked out on ATT Sports Net in the Midwest. Does anyone know of a stream?
  14. No, his daughter is a metal head and a big Ronnie James Dio fan. That was a little devil she made, not a wolf.
  15. They’re like “Oh shit, here comes another groupie dork to bother us. Try to act nice”.
  16. Who was the idiot that approved his extension? Did the AD contract that analysis out to Cary Groth ?
  17. They’re waiting for Locksley to become available and attendance to drop below SJSU. But hey, good thing they got rid of Rocky Long because he totally sucks!
  18. You are clueless. Most Trump supporters were absolutely against leaving Syria including me. He said that he’s tired of seeing bodies come home. One of the things you’ll never hear in the media is that anytime dead soldiers arrive at Dover, Either Trump, Pence, or a few people from Congress like Cotton are there when they arrive. They try to comfort the parents and family that are there as much as possible. On Thursday night, he went into how hard it is to be there and see mothers making noises and sounds you’ve never heard before, watching a mother not being able to wait for their turn to see her sons coffin and jumping down to the tarmac and jumping on top of the coffins flowers and flag and just lay there hugging it. I’ve also heard that sometimes they try to open the coffins to hug their kid. Trump actually started to tear up a bit and hold it back. He said that he writes every single letter to the family of a killed soldier. Each one is custom done with unique facts and nice things about their son/daughter. He’s worried that if the parents get together and compare letters and see that they were mostly or partially the same, it would be hurtful to them. So no templates are used that he could modify. No, every single letter is unique, original and very heart felt. He said he spends a lot of time on this. He’s tired of our kids dying. We were originally only supposed to be in Syria for 30 days. So I understand where he’s coming from, even though he’s still absolutely wrong on leaving Syria.
  19. It’s been 100% DNC at CNN since 2016, and also MSNBC for a long long time before that. And it’s mostly that way at the major networks. So you have DNC domination at ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS/NPR, CNN and MSLSD. So you’ve got 6 on your side, and you’re whining about Trump getting just 1? If networks are going to pick sides, then Trump or any other Republican certainly deserves to have their own network to get their message out. Don’t be so flip’n greedy! By the way, Wallace and Baier are politically conservative. They just know how to be objective journalists which is incredibly rare today.
  20. That really sums it up, but I would also add “hot head”. He’s been known to want to fight with people over parking spaces or someone taunting him in person. He’s a chronic malcontent that’s always pissed off about something, and he’s thinks his opinion is sooooooo much more valuable than others. I also have an issue the way he is said to be doing hard news with a opinion comment once in a while. No, he was becoming an activist host for the left, and that’s not what they paid him to do, and he didn’t care. I’ve never actually seen him with good ratings.
  21. Concentrate really hard now, we’re talking about Shep Smith leaving and conspiracies related to that. 🤪🤪👍
  22. And I am not shocked you would say that! 😂😂😂👍
  23. Yashar is full of it. He pedals in nothing but wild rumors and drama queen gossip. You’re almost never going to be right doing that. Oh wait, I just saw some tweets that Yashar is a prophet, so I stand corrected on Yashar’s abilities. 😂😂😂😂🤣