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  1. For those that didn't see the game, there was a play where he was a little off balance with feet not set at all and he saw a WR open and just flicked his wrist in that direction and the ball went 27 yards in the air, and hit the WR. That shows how strong he is. It's at 5:40:
  2. It was interesting to read Murray’s take on the situation with Malik not going 100% on his studies and film review until last week when he was named the starter. But he has been helping the other QB’s in practice and doing well there. If he had arrived and done everything Norvell wanted him to to earn a start, he would’ve been the starter all along. And it’s obvious that he hadn’t done enough to be the starter last week, but the coaching staff knows they’re at a fork in the road where the season could slide into poop, or bounce back and become bowl eligible winning 6 to 8 games. And that means the HC career of Norvell was at a crossroad as well. But fortunately, when Malik was named the starter, he stepped up and took everything very seriously. It’ll be tough at USU, but at least we have some weapons now to score quick and more often.
  3. Is it just me or is Chris Hayes just hard to look at. That dude should be in radio.
  4. Translation: Agree with me, or you are stupid. Classic left wing mentality.
  5. I see that CNN and MSLSD have been 'educating' you. Wow, that is a whole bunch of bullshit. Why do you even bother? They're wrong about 98% of the time. Do you get a woody over getting your hopes up and then getting them dashed time and time again from the Rachel Maddow's of cable news? Do your homework and find out what a "thing of value" really means legally in this area of law. He didn't ask for "anything of value" you idiot. That was the legal determination in all of his contact with the Ukraine prez, and that's why he hasn't and won't get into any trouble for doing so. The Ukraine prez said he wasn't pressured into doing anything. An assertive suggestion to cooperate with an investigation is a lot different than what your party has been trying to fraudulently pull off. http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/questions-raised-about-attorney-general-and-doj-legal-opinion-as-whistleblower-complaint-is-released The DOJ had reviewed the call transcript and determined that it did not violate campaign finance laws that ban the solicitation of campaign contributions from foreign sources. The DOJ reviewers concluded that seeking help with a government investigation was not a “thing of value” under the law, a source previously told the Washington Post. The whistleblower also referred to Barr when referencing statements by then-Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko to the Hill publication. Lutsenko asserted that there was evidence Ukrainian officials had interfered with the 2016 election in collaboration with the Democratic National Committee. And then there's Biden....LOL!!! You and your liberal wankers are spinning your own little web of BS. But the DNC and Dem Senators DID ask for "value" 3 different times as stated in my previous post. Maybe you should be more concerned about your own party attempting to dig up dirt on Trump to interfere with the 2016 election (and going forward) before you start throwing rocks across the street. Have fun on Friday when the IG report starts the heads rolling for a very real and dangerous conspiracy to remove a president using fraud and other illegalities.
  6. Ironically, that's where the visitor fans sit, maybe ten yards to the left. I've been to 3 Pack games there in recent years, and they were all night games and cold as shit. One game was down around 18 degrees with 20 to 30 mph winds and tiny rock ice/snow pelting your head. Another game got to 18 with the same wind. The other game stayed in the low 20's and wind wasn't bad.
  7. It's already been determined to be perfectly legal, silly boy. Spinning it like your cute eyes there isn't going to convince anyone.
  8. Evidence #3A: Here we have a far left individual that wants to strike back at the exculpatory verifiable facts that President Trump has done nothing wrong in his Ukraine phone conversation. However, this troubled boy has no facts to make his case, so he chose to film himself masterbating to a synth keyboard. Equally disturbing is his groupie friends that love to watch it.
  9. If anything, it confirms that you're doing too many drugs for thinking it was serious, and for thinking that every Nevada fan lives in the greater Reno area.
  10. The opinion commentary shows which mostly lean right do regularly have Dem guests. The Host is in the middle screen pic, and the left and right are on each side of the host reffing the debate. You will never see anything close to being that balanced on CNN & MSLSD. They only have very upset GOP Never Trumpers on so they can say that they had GOP on.
  11. 1. Nevada 2. Nevada 3. Nevada 4. New Mexico 5. CSU 6. SDSU 7. Boise St. 8. SAN! 9. Wyoming 10. AFA 11. USU 12. Fresno St. - Hawaii - UNLV
  12. I always DVR. I can skip commercials and HT, and jump 20 seconds forward after every play, so you can see the game for a ton less time. I cover up the score ticker during games so I can watch a lot of games later without knowing who won.
  13. Curious to see what Nevada fans think. I’d have to say absolutely yes. The all around passing threat was there, and having such a legit and accurate long ball, all of it had to be respected. That pushed defenders further back from the line allowing the running game to work better. And we did run enough so that sometimes the play action would catch some guys cheating closer to the line again, and they’d get burned. Too bad Mannix had to leave. Having Doubs and him doing deep ball routes at the same time would’ve been sweet. What do you guys think?
  14. It isn’t his decision and he’s a well known whiner and mentally eclectic.
  15. Can’t believe I just watched a bit of that. This is a show for loser women that are totally into celebrity gossip and buy those stupid National Enquirer tabloids at the grocery store check out stands. Guys that watch this? Go talk to a professional or something. You are not well.
  16. You need to get a hobby that doesn’t involve the internet and TV. There’s a great big world out there! Go get it!
  17. They’d build an NFL Stadium in Portland in a second if the stadium owners agreed to provide land around the stadium in place of a parking lot, and allowed a homeless tent city located around the stadium with free needle dispensaries. And then also give the homeless free season tickets. When FB season is over, the stadium field should also be used as a tent city. And then the football team must agree to name the franchise after the drug addicted homeless. Since many of them are spaced out on shooting up heroin with their free needles, it should be named the Portland Space Needles which is also a great name to troll Seattle.
  18. CNN is a full blown anti-Trump & GOP activist network starting at the very top? We don’t need to hear the actual words of extreme bias out of that stupid Mother Zucker to know it’s true. It’s like they didn’t need to do studies in the 60’s and 70’s to prove that cigarettes cause cancer. Everyone already knew that.
  19. Only little kid FB fans cry about the refs as an excuse for losing. Boo Whoo!! 😂
  20. I remember in the early 80’s the SD Clippers played at the SD Sports Arena. I used to live a mile away back then.
  21. I agree the Chargers should be in Vegas. As long as they have to share a stadium with the Rams and their fan support is down, San Diego will no doubt have the opportunity to lure them back. Oakland is in shambles. They’re not going to build a stadium.....they have no money. Same thing for the A’s. Taxes in CA are also crazy. Oakland is done, at least for a couple decades.
  22. Playing 5 games and having a 3-2 winning record against the SEC and a 4-4 PAC-12 record is pretty damn good. Imagine if 3 years ago, someone on the board predicted that in the 13 games against the PAC-12 & SEC this year, we’d have a 7-6 winning record. Holy crap, we needed a season like this to get a little national attention and respect. Then we need to keep going. We’re not P6!!! We’re P5 and we’re going to replace the Big 12. That’s great news for CSU. 🤠👍
  23. That’s an absolutely ridiculous analysis. Being a ‘constitutionalist’ is completely subjective with lots of space for interpretation of the Constitution. Mark Levin, the hot head a-hole conservative radio, TV and book guy is a devout constitutionalist, and he supports Trump. Despite being an ass, he really is one of the very, very best with knowledge on the Constitution, US Gov positions/functions and how it’s supposed to all work together. George Will hates Trump for the reasons in my previous post.
  24. WTF? You meant Trump supporters and you’re wrong again, as usual. I’m the most vocal Trump supporter, and I rip on him when he pisses me off on policy. I was just ripping him for leaving Syria.
  25. You must go to South Bend, Indiana and prey on your knees before Touchdown Jesus.