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  1. If they’re going to use a black female, at least use someone like Halle Berry as she already has a history in the franchise, great actress, incredible looking, And apparently Joe Biden is a Halle fan, as well, per his recent take on it. ”I mean, you've got Halle Berry, the first sort of elite level African American actress super-woman available for the role, and it would be a shame not to use her. There aren’t too many actresses that give ol’ Uncle Joe here a woody. I mean, she’s intelligent, bright and clean. How often do you come across that? It’s story-book all the way, man," .
  2. It’s definitely sexist if she doesn’t get paid the same as James. But wait, she probably doesn’t have the amount of experience that James has had. Or maybe James had sex change surgery and it is James Bond as a woman. That would make the social liberals so happy they couldn’t see straight.
  3. There are some trigger happy ultra PC’ers on this board that are ridiculously extreme with the ridiculous bogus labels....my God, to even think about questioning someone as hating women just because you object to a long standing icon being thrown out. People are so paranoid about being called a bad name here. There’s a lot on the socially left here that reminds me of being in high school where the most important thing in life is to be popular with whatever your peers are pimping. Pretty sad. What if they announced Nevada was changing from blue to red. There’s nothing wrong with red on the uni’s other other teams, but blue is a deeply held tradition. It doesn’t make you a red misogynist to not want the red. Ian Fleming is going to be pissed off and probably come back to life. Bond is British intelligence, so it should be a male with a British accent. I don’t think a couple of the Bond’s had much of an accent which was also disappointing. The studio is probably counting on the traditional white male to come see Bond movies out of habit, and by making it a black person, it would draw a new kind of demographic. And then making it a black woman would draw in female viewers. There’s no integrity, it’s all about selling out to make a few more bucks. This will bomb badly.
  4. I’ll post more about this later, but head injuries can damage your pituitary and hypothalamus glands which tell all the glands in your body what to do, how much hormones to make and a lot more. If this is not addressed, you will die young!!! And the years left of life you have, the severe dysfunction will make you become a depressed, un-social person that’s always feeling terrible with headaches, fibermyalgia and can’t do much physical work because your body doesn’t recover well from it, heart problems, easily have strokes, diabetes, seizures, etc. You’ll be broke with all the constant medical treatment you’ll need to deal with symptoms, but not addressing the real problem. You almost certainly have AGHD (Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency) with a head injury like that. You’ll need to take easy and pain free shots of rGH, and while it ain’t cheap, a dose equivalent to your early 20’s with keep you looking and functioning around 15 or so years below your current age. It’s not a fountain of youth, but it definitely has anti-aging effects down to the cellular level. When I first took it, I had grey strands of hair, but virtually all the grey hair went back to brown. If I stop taking it for a while, it comes back. Some people didn’t believe me until I showed them some hair I pulled out that were half grey and half brown. When it went goes back to brown, there’s a rough little bump on the piece of hair.
  5. Or we could just wait for the pendulum to start to swing in the other way, and the Dems would want the EC back. It kills me why either party doesn’t just come clean state their real agendas. And it would score good points with voters.
  6. Dude, don’t insult Trump like that. There are many things he really does honestly care about. He was mentally and sometimes physically abused by his father growing up. Nothing Trump ever did was good enough to get his dad’s blessing. So he’s really into issues where kids are suffering because of abusive parents, as an example.
  7. Don’t you have a few people you can trust to delegate to this stuff to?
  8. I didn’t think there were any odds she could be the nominee. Since she’s so in love with Assad, and he seems to really like her, maybe she’d have better chances taking a high office in Syria. I still don’t know why some of you guys think she has all this integrity and character. I’m not saying she doesn’t have any, but for God’s sake, she’s telling you what you want to hear.
  9. I was feeling a bit down this morning, and then I read your post and it got me thinking more positive and uplifted my spirits! Thanks.
  10. Are you like 8 years old and haven’t gotten to your civics course yet? Holy shit. Why does it have to be me to break the news to you that your assumptions of how civics work is wrong. First of all, it’s your civic duty to become knowledgeable about all the issues on a ballot, and it’s also your civic duty to vote once you’ve learned the issues. Compulsory voting is stupid because if you’re forcing people to vote that don’t want to spend the time and hassle of doing so, they’re obviously not going to spend any time on their own learning about the issues they’ll be voting on. And that’s even more Just like in Vietnam, the draft forced kids over there to fight when they didn’t want to be there. But that didn’t mean that they could get the kids to fight hard or work hard to become good soldiers once they got there.
  11. Come to think of it, I can’t think of any accurate or sane statement on anything you’ve said lately. I normally don’t pay attention to you, but when I do, you’re pretty much wrong all the time. Your takes on things can be so bizarre.
  12. We’re talking about the presidency, and I specifically said ‘voting for president’. I don’t know why you’re playing games with this. It’s a very simple concept.
  13. Not voting is a failure of your civic duty as outlined by our FF’s to keep the democracy of America healthy and strong. According to the FF’s, by not voting, you’re not meeting your civic duty to support this country. Of course, that also means informed voting.
  14. The border patrol recently announced that mid year 2019, 1 million illegals have come into the country in just the last 6 months. A study was also done showing that 19 million people in countries relatively close to the US have stated that if the US border was open, they would come to the US. Another study stated that there are actually 30 million illegals in this country and who knows how many kids were born while they were here. Just unbelievable numbers that the left don’t want the public to know.
  15. If you didn’t vote, you weren’t involved, and that’s from the FF’s. It’s real simple. Playing games with semantics isn’t going to make you compliant with what our FF’s required of us to keep our democracy going and going strong.
  16. You are so lost. Where I did list just 3 issues? Telling about what? That evangelicals are into issues that evangelicals are into? 🤪🤪🤪😂😂
  17. Making a choice not to be involved in an election isn’t a valid choice if you support our democracy per our founding fathers. The FF’s gave us the manual to follow to keep our system of democracy going. The FF’s made the rules, not me.
  18. I made a decision based on a candidate that most closely represents how I feel the country should be run and therefore what’s best for the country. The process should be about YOU and choosing what you think is best for the COUNTRY through voting. You left out the ‘country’ part by choosing not to be involved. Making a choice not to be involved isn’t a valid choice if you support a democracy per the founding fathers. If I had a choice between a true socialist/communist and Bernie Sanders, I’d have to plug my nose and vote for Sanders even though he’s pretty far out there with the other candidate, but still not as bad. If I protested the two choices by not voting, there might be a chance the commie actually might win.
  19. Here’s a news flash: Evangelicals don’t just vote on 1 or 2 of right wing social issues. They vote on many, and what makes Trump different is they know he’ll attack each one of these issues aggressively which makes him more desirable than a typical good GOP candidate that often flakes when the going gets tough.
  20. I already did. There’s more than 6, but a list of the top 5 or 6 gives you a good idea.
  21. All that you just stated was 100% about you, you, you, you and how it made you feel better. As responsible citizens in a democracy, it’s our duty to vote, and the vast majority of the time, voting consists of choosing the better of the two for prez. You can do all you want to make yourself feel better in your little bubble of reality. But that doesn’t change the fact that, in reality, by not voting you’re neglecting your duty as an up-standing citizen in support of our system of democracy that’s the foundation of our United States of America.
  22. Your opinion is meaningless. We’re talking about the opinion of evangelicals.