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  1. Yeah, we’ve seen this before and thought it might be enough for a real revolution. But just like in China with the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protest and Massacre (300,000 troops mobilized to Beijing) and other civilian uprisings in Iran, these governments always seem to survive, sadly.
  2. Dude, the GOP has already screwed it up with so many horrid candidates. The Trump fallout continues......he’s screwed up a midterm that was supposed to be a bloodbath. And the MAGAT’s won’t even see it as the reason. They’ll claim it was the RINO’s that ruined it. Is Trump dead yet?
  3. You’re insane. If Russia nukes a NATO member in a population city, they just started WWIII. Simple as that. Sending in our troops to get nuked is the last thing we should do. You don’t seem to understand how Putin plays ball now. For “military operations” against small opponents, he’s fine with conventional because he thinks his nearly non-existent conventional power can still get the job done. But he doesn’t have the money to keep a ‘super power’ sized conventional force going, so he puts most of his money into extreme weapons and is leveraging his power with the West with those along with his energy. They’re real, and they’ll work enough to devastate this planet. Out of the approximately 6,000 nukes he’s reported to have, only around 1,000 or so are viably useable in short order. I wouldn’t even count on many of his old Satan systems to even work, but his brand new Satan 2’s definitely do, and they’re terrifying. If we invaded Russia tomorrow with a Iraq/Sadaam type operation, he couldn’t stop us conveniently. So he would use tactical nukes as the equalizer to stop us, and he would. We would have to start using them ourselves, and Russia would turn into a radioactive country. Why would we want our troops there in that hell? Our troops would die, their troops would die, civilians would die. A Russian invasion is the absolute dumbest idea anyone could possibly come up with. If we get into a nuclear war, you don’t need troops for that. It’s my understanding that with the old Satan systems the Russians have most of, they’re not ready to fire within minutes as ours are. They have to make special preparations that can easily be seen with spy satellites. I’m quite sure we have every one of those locations locked in with coordinations to take them out if we wanted to. If Putin hits a NATO city with a nuke, my guess is we’d launch immediately and obliterate all of those nuke sites and have the finger on the button to take out the Kremlin as a call is made to Putin to stand down, and any sign of him not doing so would be the end of that place. They would try to launch all they could at us, and some would work and hit us. It would be WWIII. It wouldn’t be large enough to end life on earth, but the disruption of that magnitude on our global economy would kill more people than the nukes themselves, at least in the short run.
  4. Why are you even here? You don’t know anything about anything, and consistently have the most cringe worthy ‘comebackers’ that I can ever remember here. So you’re trying to fight the good fight as a 4th grade social justice warrior? If I were a kid, I wouldn’t even take your Lego tips and advice.
  5. For those that don’t know, the KGB Chicken thing was the big San Diego rock station 101.5 KGB FM that still exists today. Eddie Vedder’s first music ever on the radio was on the Sunday local music show in 1988.
  6. I moved to San Diego in August of 1983 to go to school, and was an usher for Padre games for a couple years and became very fond the the San Diego chicken. I loved it so much because of the very dynamic personality and very aggressive at times. You just didn’t see mascots with that kind of balls.
  7. Until “Go! See doggie run” grows up down the road, same thing.
  8. I won’t have an adult conversation with you or some others here. It’s a waste of time.
  9. LOL, I was really curious about all the fuss and about 6 months ago or so, so I decided to really study it all starting with Critical Theory going back to its origin’s being invented in Germany at Frankfurt University by a group of Marxists back in the early 20’s. Then shortly after it was put up as sort of a peer review process for influential Marxists in various countries including the Soviet Union and some Marxist collegiate professors in the US. CRT is just Applied Critical Theory. You have to know what Critical Theory is first, and then see how it’s been applied in other countries since its creation. Pretty interesting, actually. Anyone that’s a history buff on China certainly knows it’s been used there, big time.
  10. If your OL is in shambles, anything short of a dual threat in there is going to be disastrous. It won’t matter what pro style QB you use.
  11. I know, sometimes I post some sophomoric drivel. But it passes the time!
  12. These are LGBTQ birds, and the LGBTQ feral cats totally support them 100%. They’re great friends. The only violence that occurs is when halfman wants to kill the LGBTQ cats and be a gay serial killer.
  13. The next big thing is going to be an all female version of Twitter called Titter, and the girls will send out Tit’s to each other. The more popular big name, highly followed Titter users will be referred to as Big Titters, and they will send out Big Tits. They considered using the company name of Twatter and they send out Twat’s, but that’s not family friendly enough.
  14. Trucking is shipping? I’ve driven all over the country’s interstates and have never seen a ship delivering anything.
  15. He always does that. He still thinks that Reggie Theus is his daddy.
  16. Hawk Newsome is an extremist racist thug that engages in and promotes violence in an attempt to make change that he personally want. He has an old school Black Panther mentality, and believes strongly in the Marxist BLM manta of “Burn it all down and start over”. “Black Lives Matter activists Hawk and Chivona Newsome threatened riots and bloodshed in the streets of New York if Mayor-elect Eric Adams brings back the NYPD plainclothes anti-crime units (“BLM, Eric clash,” Nov. 11). They compare the NYPD to the Gestapo, threaten to shut the city down and warn New Yorkers to “prepare for the worst. In a shouting match, Chivona Newsome told Adams that public safety will improve if he creates better jobs and education as mayor.” Are you aware of the commonly crazy statements he makes? You obviously think he and his hateful, racist, Marxist quotes he’s made over the years are cool because you agree with his broad sweeping cra-cra. I’ll go find some classics. https://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-letter-nov-12-20211112-4i77eo5cwrflvecnf2tspr4sxe-story.html
  17. Look, I get it. Business is slow for your Porta Potty cleaning business. That creates stress. We all care about you, and you are loved.
  18. Look at you! You’re acting like a little girl that just had her Barbie taken away from her by her parents for a week.
  19. Shouldn’t you be doing your homework or be in bed?
  20. Israel certainly has made some big mistakes and done some dumb things, but if we’re going to judge the US - Israel relationship, I think we’ve been more inconsistent than they have with us. Our policy with them is quite different when a GOP or Dem prez is in office. Israel is a survivor, and it’s extremely impressive the way they set their minds to solve a big problem and then just fvcking do it. We’ve had water shortages in the West for decades, but decades ago they had a much bigger problem and they designed a desalination and distribution system that’s the best in the world. They design and develop all kinds of impressive weapons. The ONLY reason Iran doesn’t have operational nukes right now is because of Israel. We have done nothing. Absolutely nothing. In fact, we’ve made it worse by giving Iran big money while they cheat. From Israel’s perspective, what kind of reliable ally does that?
  21. Old joke, no chance. I grew up with a lot of summer time at my aunt and uncles ranch in Golden Valley, and I have a lot of family in greater Reno. Add to that I lived there for a while, and it’s a pretty natural fit. I nearly went to school there, as well. Athletics were bad when I was at UNLV, so there was never a connection there. I also graduated from SDSU, that was back in 1987. I was a huge Aztec fan from 1983 to the mid-90’s when I moved to Vegas. Then it cooled off a bit because there was so much suckage and I was busy with school and working.
  22. Just kidding. But as nuts as UNLV management has been forever, I’m sure some of you thought that could be possible. I think Arroyo is on the brink of taking the Rebs to another level where very few past coaches have spent much time at. He’s at a point that if you don’t take that next step, you lose momentum of the kids believing in what you’re building, and that also gets reflected in recruiting. It’s still early, but I think he’s finally about to hit 2nd gear. The conference needs a chronic problem FB program to start rising in a year like this. We lose easily this year.
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