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  1. Not these kittie’s, they’re too smart. They know how to get and use firearms. Your water spray bottle won’t help you at all against these monsters.
  2. You right center? Thanks for the laugh. You may have moderate views on some things, but socially you’re nothing but an ultra PC snowflake. People that are center right don’t act that way.
  3. LOL, there’s one monster huge difference. Trump loves Israel and the bomb squad absolutely hates Israel.
  4. The actual smart Jewish people like Alan Dershowitz agree with me completely. Let’s see, Dershowitz or sports board members that are ‘experts’ on nothing? It’s a no brainer.
  5. The actual smart Jewish people like Alan Dershowitz agree with me completely. Let’s see, Dershowitz or sports board members that are ‘experts’ on nothing? It’s a no brainer.
  6. He trolling your ass big time. And putting a forehead smack rating on my post doesn’t do anything to change that, son. 🤠👍
  7. He’s obviously trolling your ass really hard. 😂😂😂👍
  8. Dude, you either didn’t read the whole thing or your PC fanaticism is getting out of control. Did you even watch the video? What are you afraid of? The truth? For those that didn’t see it, these were my points: 1. I don’t know a lot about the PB’s. 2. I watched the interview, the chairman of the PB’s was talking to a female CNN anchor that was trying to pick him apart. She did a horrible job and he was a smooth talker and made her look bad (unprepared, facts were wrong, then agreed she was wrong when he corrected her, etc.) 3. A good interviewer should have been prepared and been able to crush him. But objectively, he owned the interview. She called the group a white supremacy group, and the guy was obviously brown, and he told her he was hispanic and born in Cuba, and this is the head of the PB’s. 4. If this were the first time I’d ever heard of them, I would’ve thought that they weren’t too bad. 5. But I know enough about the PB’s to know that at least some in the group are real racists, have a tendency to want to get violent when confronted, very insensitive to certain people, etc. 6. The major point of the thread: This guy reminds me of other spokespeople for other bad groups that are smooth talking and make them look fairly reasonable. David Duke came to mind when he first came forward back in the 80’s. But don’t fall for the slick spokesperson talk of what could be a hate group. Look at what they actually do and judge that. 7. Then at the end the anchor in the studio made a dumb point that the SPLC calls them a hate group. The SPLC is simply a left wing political group that’s corrupt and nothing what they used to be. So don’t listen to the SPLC or a slick spokesperson from a group. Follow what the group does, AND MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND WHAT THEY ACTUALLY ARE. Oh the humanity!!
  9. Trump obviously has a big ego, but there’s no question at all that he posts this over the top stuff to get back at the people that were wrongly calling him anti-Semitic. By the way, Alan Dershowitz stated that what Trump said was not anti-Semitic for the same reasons I posted to Mug yesterday. Anyway, to sum it up, Trump is trolling all the TDS folks, and there’s plenty here.
  10. I don’t see it. Why in the world would something like that be deleted? I can’t wait to hear this.
  11. It’s quite the sneaky way of taking over this country. Yes, the cloned kittens sold to people in the US sure look innocent. However, at a set date and time, the kittens have been programmed to use their strength in numbers to take control of key positions in the government. It’s not a surprise that this strategy is very much a classic Chinese thing just like it was in the Korean War, and just how the Chinese taught the NVA and VC to overwhelm its enemy with large numbers of fighters. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/chinese-company-launch-mass-sale-18971657
  12. I can’t believe how big baseball cards got back in the 90’s. Then everyone figured out that tons of stuff was fake and so wide spread that no one wanted to spend money on it anymore.
  13. And you’re good at posting cartoons, too. Forgot to mention that, sorry.
  14. You’re taking the intent of his comments way out of context. His actions prove that he doesn’t fall under the definition of an anti-Semite. He doesn’t want to discriminate against Jews, be hostile to Jews or have a prejudice of Jews. That’s the definition. If you’re broke, I’ll PayPal you $5 so you can go buy a clue.
  15. I was speaking to the adults, not you. Why wouldn’t you like neato movies for kids?
  16. You are such a child. 🤪🤪🤪 I’ve proven that I’m a right leaning moderate many times by going down the list of 20 to 25 issues. I’m liberal and conservative on a few issues but overall it averages out to be a moderate leaning right.
  17. I’m so tired of all this super hero evenger bullshit. Can we get back to real movies for adults?
  18. That’s not being anti-Semitic. Trump is a crybaby and says that to everyone that he thinks doesn’t appreciate the work he’s put in to helping a group of people. It’s the same kind of thing as his criticism of people that happen to be of color. He’s an equal opportunity very assertive critic. You’re losing touch with the actual definition of an anti-Semite. Discrimination, Prejudice and Hostility are 3 words that define it. You have to have the intent of those 3 words, and that’s not what he was doing. Trump isn’t going to know or care about “an old anti-semitic thing.” He’s done more to help the Jews that any president in forever, including moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. You honestly think he hates Jewish people? That is absolutely laughable. 😳😳😳
  19. Dude, taking a pic of the DMV on Saturday afternoon isn’t going to solve anything on the border. 🙂
  20. LOL, please explain. Can’t wait to hear this nonsense. 😂😂😂
  21. Bill Maher isn’t right very often, but he hits the nail on the head. I’m so sick of this left wing extreme love fest for the Palestinian cause and that obviously includes the media. Both sides have made mistakes in their conflict, and that’s the perspective that should be made. How could they condone all those bus and cafe bombs that used to shred Israeli people a couple of times a month? Ironically, the carnage completely stopped when Israel built themselves an effective wall.
  22. You obviously need the topical steroid. Jerry Lewis took prednisone for years for his illness, and it made him swell up like a balloon. That stuff makes you fat.
  23. FIFY Trump does need to do better in calling out real hate groups and ideology more often. He could save himself a lot more grief if he did so.
  24. Well, the way you write your posts, it’s hard to tell WTF you’re trying to say.
  25. The only joke is you.....being such a PC pansy and you being wound tighter than your own wallet on giving to charity. I’ll bet you write to your liberal congressman about the horrors of every day jokes including comic material from some of our nations best comedians. 🤪😜😂👍