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  1. It’s small at 4,200 seats, but it’s really nice with a practice facility, nice facility for higher end season ticket holders, and can change shape for concerts and other events. It looks like the perfect new facility for a school like Idaho. It’ll definitely help their recruiting. Apparently they were looking at a 6,000 seat arena, but it would’ve made it tough to pay off comfortably. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/university-of-idaho/article227829584.html
  2. They have water colors of a small sized new arena for BB, but I don’t know how much.
  3. I have a friend visiting there in a few days. For those that have been there, what sites or whatever do you recommend?
  4. No because he ski’s on the bunny slopes, and I stopped using those in 3rd grade. 😀
  5. Pretty much. But they’re really close, so Israel better do something. They have a good military for how small they are. Of course we help them. Years ago I had a roommate from Israel. He said everyone growing up has to serve in the military at some point. A bunch of his friends came out and visited once, and one girl was pretty high up in their Air Force. It was weird because she wasn’t the military type.
  6. Of course it was Iran. One of them didn’t explode, and the munitions had Iran written all over it, so the revolutionary guard or whatever they call those little girls had to go back and retrieve the bomb and was caught on video doing that. So of course Iran was responsible. Here’s the video:
  7. When you look at the Eagles past lineups, they were pretty much a supergroup. Henley, Frey, Walsh all were very successful solo artists, and every member of the Eagles could be a lead singer in a good band. So their harmonies were amazing way before pitch correction software. “The Eagles Greatest Hits Vol 1: 1971-1975” is the biggest selling album of all time with 42 million units sold and still climbing. Of course, that’s 42 times platinum. Think of all the RIAA awards that have been made for that album. An RIAA award was originally a platinum plated record on white matte with a small pick of the album cover and a plate says who it was for and in a platinum colored picture frame. After a while they went to black matte, then added cassettes and CD’s
  8. Jimmy Page: guitar Rich Robinson: guitar Chris Robinson: vocals Geddy Lee: bass John Bonham: drums For you guys that don’t know the Robinson brothers, think Black Crowes. Jimmy Page actually toured with the Black Crowes back around 2000/2001. I had 3rd row seats at the Hard Rock in Vegas, then Page hurt his back and they postponed the dates and then canceled. I really wanted to see that.
  9. That’s really cool!!!! And being younger, those things are even more amazing. I remember hanging around Rush backstage with a friend at an early 80’s show, and I was totally star struck. Funny, we snuck these two kids back there that were about 9 to 10 years old both wearing Rush shirts, and they both had their shirts signed by the band. So they went to school and I’ll bet no one believed them. 😂 That was late 95 looks like. I was in Vegas at that point and we kept missing each other when he came to town. The last time I had seen him was a late 93 show at the Civic Theater in San Diego. When I was in Vegas I worked 6 pm to 3:30 am delivering fuel and went to school during the day. He would occasionally call my home number after midnight when I was working and leave me long drunken depressing messages about how unhappy we was, and parts wouldn’t make any sense at all. After Cobain killed himself, one night in mid-1994 on tour, he left me a long suicide message, and I freaked out because I didn’t even know what town he was in or the hotel. This was when most people didn’t have the internet and it was primitive anyway. So I just waited until morning expecting the big news on TV and it never came thank God. But I did get in touch with his manager to let him know to keep an eye on him. Funny, I saved all of my answering machine tapes, and I’m sure I still have a bunch of them! At about the time of that show in AZ, I’d still get occasional calls from him late at night, but wasn’t able to talk to him. Too bad I missed that tour. But I was also slowly losing interest in PJ, as well. The next year in 96, the big Rolling Stone cover story came out and they questioned Eddie’s past as he had been portraying it to connect with down and out kids. There was some tough truth to it, but a lot of it was ridiculous, and that’s what inspired me to write the book and almost finish in 97.
  10. I'm 54. And a very sophomoric 54, at times on this board. LOL. There's a lot of guys here around my age or older. Now if you saw me at a game, you wouldn't think I was that old. When I start a new job, people ask my age, and most guess late 30's, early 40's. I still don't have any gray hair with exception to an uncommon strand or two. One time when I first started at Xcel, two young guys a few years out of school asked me if I wanted to come along to a frat party kegger that night. I was like, come on guys. Thanks for asking but I don't look that young and there's no way they need 'parents' attending. I think SGF is in his mid or late 60's IIRC. Blewmules is in his 70's or older from what I hear. But I am a fairly old fart. My parents are still alive and doing good. My mom is 82 and my dad is 88, and my dad still snow ski's at Mammoth. Just climbing stairs at 9,000' is tough enough on an old person. I'm trying to get my dad on rGH, and that would make him a lot stronger for later years. But if I can survive heart disease that runs in my family, I might make 100 or so.
  11. It's understandable being that I used to troll hard and still do lightly, at times. But I'd say 80% of it now has a lot to do with arguments on politics in OT. But it's OK. I dish it and and I can take it. So that's fair. But if someone takes it too far, I'll hire you as my lawyer.
  12. I have pictures. Lots of pictures. So they apparently think that giving me shit will discourage me from eventually posting them here and on Adult Friend Finder and Adult Farm Animal Finder. But they are wrong. I only do CASH. We have been scheduling you guys in FB. We do need another series though. Basketball is fine with me, too.
  13. It's easy to swear. I spend 3/4's of my time getting you all worked up, so I can relate.
  14. At least you admit it and think it's cool. "I'm a big time hater, and hate is cool. Well, wait. Hate is only cool against what I don't believe". LOL
  15. You are such a stupid fvck. I'm not sure why people spend so much time on you. I would assume they don't think you're trolling. Assuming for a second that you are a real fvcking asshole and not trolling, a lot of times, people that hate Christianity so much like you were traumatized by it as a kid. Mommy made you go to Sunday school and you wanted to be home playing with your Barbie and Barbie Camper, or regular church lasted so long and it was so boring, blah blah blah. Or maybe you were forced to go to Catholic School. Whatever, you need to come to grips with it and realize that it's YOUR problem that you choose to take out on Christianity like a Piñata. Grow up.
  16. Fvck you, asshole. You're in the very top tier of people on the board with the most hate.
  17. Just mention that Trump is a Nazarene, and then he’ll be happy to call them Nazi’s. 😂👍
  18. You can’t be serious. It’s one of the 7 or 8 biggest denominations that fall under being a Protestant Church, a break off from the Catholic Church. Other denominations are Lutheran, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Episcopalian, Pentecostal, Methodist, etc.