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  1. You're just now figuring this out? If it were Fox vs. CNN, that would be different. The reality is that it's Fox vs. CNN, MSNBC, PBS and then the huge networks NBC, CBS and ABC. And then even international networks such as the CBC, Al Jazera, etc.
  2. From an idiot that only seems to understand 1 thing in life: SJSU sucks If we want to know how bad climate change is on the SJSU campus, we'll get back with you. Until then, suck on with SJSU.
  3. Did I just hear the ESPN guys say that USU could be a surprise Final 4 team with some high seed teams stumbling along the way? Hey, why not. USU is red hot, and we're not.
  4. Well, if history repeats itself in terms of quality of play, we'll be OK. We dropped off last year just like this year, and there wasn't much of an expectation. The guys looked worn down from the season, and we were just hoping to win a game to improve from losing the first game the year before. Losing in the semi last year gave the team another day to recover and now this year the same thing. I know a lot of NV fans are quietly disappointed because of the expectations that we'd be a 1 to 3 seed, and just the play of the team. I haven't seen the stats, but my gut feel from watching the games is that Caleb didn't develop to be a better player this year, in fact, maybe a step back slightly. Not having a consistent lights out 3 point shooter has killed us. In the last few games it sure seems like Jazz has been on fire. Hopefully that continues. It's pretty amazing that some people had Jordan Brown as a 1 and done player, and the reality looks more like, at best, a 3 and done player, maybe even 4. That would certainly be fine with Nevada fans, for sure. If we don't make the Sweet 16 this year, which looks pretty unlikely at the moment, I wouldn't worry too much about Muss leaving. He loves it in Reno, and he's not going to get any of the more elite jobs that he might leave for. But I think most would agree that winning at your ceiling is always better and then let the chips fall where they fall.
  5. When are you, for the first time, going to actually visit another city and see the world? As much as CA has politically and socially been a dysfunctional sewer for a few decades, it does have some amazingly beautiful places that the left wingers haven’t ruined yet, from the ocean to the big mountains.
  6. Oh shud-up and go add more lame comments to one of your 13 “I hate SJSU cause my ma & pa were mean to me when I was little” thread. Sometimes there’s some really big recruiting news and it deserves to be on the main board.
  7. I’m talking about the most valuable player to the team. For me, Caleb’s been the best, but last night with no Caroline or his triple doubles, it’s pretty much changed my mind. When Caleb did play, missing Caroline’s physical presence under the basket with rebounding, etc. was extremely noticeable. Votr for bess playr!
  8. Of course USU deserves it. If the committee is there to determine what’s acceptable and what isn’t with an east coast P5 bias, and they determine a G5 should be in, they deserve it 100%.
  9. The fact that St. Mary’s beat Gonzaga really helps USU. Now their win means a lot more. If they lose in the final, they’re still safe to get in. So I sure hope SDSU wins the tourney and we’ll definitely have 3 bids. Amazing. For most of this season, we were thinking we’d be a 1 bid league, and having 2 wouldn’t be very likely. Can we all say “tourney credits” !!!!!!!
  10. I was thinking the great location of Windsor, and after all, they never have tornadoes there! 🤠
  11. I thought this was going to be a thread about relocating Colorado St. in a manner that’s Big12 compliant and how they’ll get the money to build a new on-campus stadium and 85 yard indoor facility once the move is complete.
  12. It was Rebel Robert going ape shit because after camping out in front of the Rebel AD for two days with a “Hire Reggie Theus” sign, the AD informed him that he wasn’t even being considered and told him to just go home. That’s all it took...KA-BOOM!!!!
  13. Oh come on. You know they didn’t arrest people for admission fraud back in the 1600’s.
  14. I still think you should contact the corporate office of Jack-In-The-Box and see if they’ll do a Morman Jack sandwich in the Utah restaurants. 🤠👍
  15. He needs to start his own YouTube channel, and just jabber away with conspiracy theories & far left talking points. His importance in the world makes it very obvious to him that providence is the reason he’s alive and able to change the world with his show. That’ll get him a couple hundred views. 😂🤠
  16. This court says yes: https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/flipping-off-cop-is-free-speech-court-says/
  17. UTEP used to have a decent BB program. Must be tough to recruit kids to El Paso, though. I read somewhere that Juarez across the border averages 8 to 9 murders per day. You could probably hear the gun fire on the UTEP campus if the wind is right. That’s really too bad. México is out of control.
  18. Looks like you have big baby syndrome too. Cool. There’s actually a lot of data that contradicts the Team Sheep folks, but it just doesn’t get reported much. Some scientists have even gone on news shows and have said they’re afraid to report data that contradicts the sheep because they don’t want to have their careers ruined. You can find some of it on Google. I grabbed this real quick and didn’t read it to make sure it’s legit, but there’s definitely great research out there if you look. https://www.iceagenow.info/headed-for-space-age-record-cold-warns-nasa-scientist/
  19. Oh, I know it’s tough to be a big baby when not everyone blindly believes what you’re saying. But the fact is there’s a lot of research that questions the sheep mentality. But the media is just like you and have declared the discussion is over. Any data that challenges their beliefs is wrong, so why report wrong info?
  20. That’s like saying “Using a Substance X has been proven to cause cancer in 120 different studies, so it’s a fact and why is there any debate on this?” And then another person makes the point that there are also a bunch of studies that indicate that Substance X doesn’t cause cancer.
  21. It would be you that would.........😂🤪 It would be you that would make such a ridiculous comparison. I’m sure some of you remember when Juan Williams was fired at NPR for saying the following: “Bill, I'm not a bigot. You know the kind of books I've written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslim’s, I get worried. I get nervous.” That’s about as real and honest of an example that you’ll ever get from someone in that situation. It’s sad because chances are very good that all of the Muslims that have ever gotten on his planes are good people. But there is still a seed of doubt there for lots of fair minded people. When was the last time you’ve heard about a real Nun strapping on 20 lbs of explosive and then letting it rip? You never have and never will. If an NPR liberal has the balls to say that, there’s plenty of other liberals that think the same thing but don’t have the balls to say it. What Juan did was what you could call ‘reasonable self preservation’. One big reason the Nun and Muslim garb are such a ridiculous apples & oranges comparison is that there aren’t many Nuns compared to Muslims wearing traditional clothes. There are around 46,000 Nuns compared to 1.4 million Muslims in the US (Muslims that wear Team Muslim clothes). So that’s 30 times more M’s wearing traditional garb than there are Nuns. Nice try, Pepe. 😂😂😂😂
  22. 48-41 SMC 7 minutes left Gonzaga will probably pull this out, but could be close.