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  1. Actually, it’s not that Trump dislikes brown people, he just gets upset at the brown people that don’t get their brown tan at the beaches and swimming pools of his resorts/hotels.
  2. Getting out of Afghanistan completely is about as dumb of a move you can make. It doesn’t mean we have to do the fighting. We need people there to gather intelligence and keep an eye on radical groups that could be a threat to us. The big reason Bin Laden and the Taliban got so powerful before 911 is because we didn’t have anyone there keeping an eye on them and to help what was then the Northern Alliance. We need some special forces to remain to gather intelligence, support and teach the Afghan troops how to fight and create strategy’s to fight lawless groups. If things got way out of hand quickly, we’d already have a secured base ready to bring troops in to carry out necessary operations. Trump is making a dumb mistake just to say he fulfilled a campaign promises that never made total sense to begin with.
  3. You obviously can’t decipher between an old cliche joke vs. a fresh new one. You have no idea what you’re doing. At least go buy yourself a map if you’re going to be that lost. 😹😹
  4. There it is!! Thank you, always good for a laugh. Complete garbage methodology and not enough data used by legit pollsters during some spans of time. Of course you love it. RCP average is night and day a better indicator about what’s going on than that 538 junk you’re having a love affair with.
  5. The sooner you realize that Trump is the God of God, the sooner your ulcer will heal. 😜😹
  6. And you use old cliche cringe worthy dad jokes. LOL, what a hypocrite. 😹😹😹😹
  7. If I’m a politician, I’m going balls out to end any seizure without a conviction. In fact even with a conviction I’d only be OK with seizure in certain cases such as an asshole drug lord with planes, cars homes, gold whatever. Nobody wants their shit seized for not doing anything The thing that’s so evil and Soviet-like is having your cash being arrested just for carrying it in your car, airport, plane, etc. When a farmer or whoever makes a big cash purchase, they sometimes will come and seize the asset. This is as un-American as it gets. I’ve heard of people getting pulled over on I-15 on their way to Vegas from LA, asked if they had any large amounts of cash on them, and the cops would take it if they said yes. I don’t have a problem with having armored vehicles for SWAT, or even regular cops using them as protection in a shootout. But big headed power hungry poser cops that abuse them shouldn’t have them.
  8. If we’re talking football, New Mexico doesn’t get the kind of recruiting classes CSU does on paper. So CSU is expected to do really well and it just doesn’t happen. As long as Davie is at UNM, I wouldn’t expect much out of them.
  9. I can’t find Israel on a map? WTF is that? Dude, I learned where Israel was when I was 5 years old in Sunday School class when my teacher showed us where Israel and the US were on a round globe. LOL. Nice try. I guess you’re right that you don’t see Israel’s perspective as a typical American. It’s not that you don’t know what Israel’s perspective is, you just don’t care nor do you want to be fair about Israel’s interests. It’s that evil Zionist Israel. It appears very obvious that you’re a hopeless partisan and can’t be objective on the subject. If you were fair and objective, you’d admit that there’s been fault on both sides in dealing with the conflict over the years. Can you even admit that blowing up Israeli people in busses and cafes made the Palestinians become viewed as pro-terrorism to achieve their goals? And it didn’t stop until they built that wall. Can you condemn that terrorist strategy? Certainly Israel has done unacceptable things to the Palestinians, as well. I’m not picking on the P’s. Hence, the reality that both sides share plenty of blame. Or do you think it’s been pretty much one sided. That’s my take away of you, so correct me if I’m wrong. Oh, sorry, I don’t follow Lukid or their talking points. That’s just you getting really defensive and pulling things out of your butt.
  10. I’m quite sure the attraction of buying Greenland is that Trump thinks it’ll be that much harder for the Dems to abolish ICE.
  11. Fvck parties and labels. This is pure common sense. You have to understand your own situation as a country and then also understand how your enemy thinks. That’s the absolute bottom line. Too much sunlight can also be fatal with skin cancer, and too much sunlight can damage your skin and make you look like shit. You know what happens when you have a person with a major bacterial infection (ex. Lyme) and too high of a dose of antibiotics (sunlight) is given? The die off of all the dead bacteria (herx reaction) in the body is too much for the body to process getting rid of and you can die.
  12. The reality is that there’s plenty of blame to go around on both sides over the years. It’s a lot like divorce court where it’s never all one persons fault. I’m assuming you weren’t OK with bus and cafe explosions that occurred about once or twice a month for a long time before Israel built their wall. I hope not.
  13. Wrong. The people that think he’s a dictator are Palestinians, their sympathizers and general Israel haters. Letting mini-quad in isn’t going to lessen their hate at all. Israel can never do right with these people. So who cares if they call him a dictator. All Israel has to do is explain it to the reasonable non-haters of the world, and they’ll understand where they’re coming from. You’re also viewing it from an American point of view. What it actually does is make Israel look weak to the Palestinians and other anti-Israel countries in the Middle East. They see it as Israel saying “Sure, come on in to my house, spit on my face, and I chose not to prevent it from happening because I’m a big passive/wimpy puss.” That will have a tendency to embolden your enemy. The Middle East has more of an old school, primitive way of thinking about what strength and weakness is. In modern western culture, allowing people to have freedom of speech and the right to criticize their own gov is a sign of strength as a country.
  14. Everyone knows you hate Israel as much as UNLV fans hate soap and water. 😂👍