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  1. Nevada Convert

    Democrat Thunderdome - 2020 Democratic Candidate Thread

    Holy shite. You just can’t make this up. The South Bend, IN mayor that no one knows about has decided to run for president to be the first openly gay president. What’s his name? Here’s the kicker.....It can be pronounced Peter Booty-Gig. It’s spelled Peter Buttigieg. So Mr. Mayor, doing a little moonlighting for extra dough, aren’t we. It looks like he mostly goes by Pete, but Peter is the same name and makes it funnier. Or you say Peter Butt-igieg. Reminds me of the guy than ran for office in Vegas years ago as Dick Rider. He could’ve gone by Richard Rider, but no, he didn’t mind riding out the storm of funny publicity. https://www.wsj.com/articles/indiana-mayor-pete-buttigieg-in-long-shot-bid-to-be-first-openly-gay-president-11548241202 😂🤣😂🤣
  2. Nevada Convert

    Reagan on the border.

    How old are you? Were you an a adult when Reagan was president and aware of the politics back then? What I find so funny is that people on social media compare what people have done in the past, and then apply it to today as if the world was exactly the same as it is now. From the time Reagan was prez, to today, there’s been millions and millions more illegals that have come to this country. If he were alive today, he would be shocked that nothing has been done to get illegal immigration under control. He obviously wouldn’t offer amnesty to anyone but the DACA folks. He would be for that. Back in the 80’s, you’d compromise. I’ll give you amnesty for this many if you agree to take action that really seals the border. When he’d offer someone like that, it’s in the spirit of “OK, we’ll do this for these people and then we’ll have the border under control and it will be all about choosing legal immigrants to come in”.
  3. Nevada Convert

    Trump World

    That would be my vote for the name of this forum. Kind of like Camping World, but a lot less fun. 🙂
  4. Nevada Convert

    LA Rams Roll Call

    Forgot to mention we had an amazing FG kicker, and it was a mule called Gus. And there was a killer movie made about him when he played for the Atoms. Then we signed him later on.
  5. Nevada Convert

    LA Rams Roll Call

    I grew up a Rams fan back when they were playing in the Coliseum in the early-mid 70’s. We had QB’s like Pat Haden back in the day. It was a different NFL back then with lots of running. Then later the Big A expanding seating all the way around and I went to lots of games there. I went to Angels games before the Rams moved in, as well. I saw the Yankees play the Angels in 1979 with Thurman Munson catching, and not long after that he died in a plane crash while learning to fly doing touch downs and take offs. I think he stalled the plane on take off. Then Lyman Bostock who I loved on the Angels was shot and killed in Gary, IN. The shooter thought he was another guy that was dating a girl he was crazy over. Anyway, I knew we were fvcked when Georgia took over. What a whore she was to move the team to St. Louis because she just wanted to be out there. The fans and players meant nothing to her in that decision. So I dumped the Rams because I was a Los Angeles Rams fan, period. And St. Louis got rid of the yellow which pissed me off. I dreamed about them coming back some day and had a feeling it might happen with no FB in LA. Soooooooooooooo happy the LA Rams exist again.
  6. Nevada Convert

    LA Rams Roll Call

    Exactly. Now if it was a play that would’ve won the game, they maybe. But if there were bad calls earlier in the game, those would matter just as much.
  7. Nevada Convert

    LA Rams Roll Call

    How many Los Angeles Rams fans do we have here?
  8. Nevada Convert

    Nevada Back To #7

    You don’t want your players getting caught up in the ranking hype thinking they’re better than they really are. But rankings do matter, they matter a lot in recruiting, creating a buzz that helps attendance. Rankings also have an impact on overall media perception of the program and even the perception of the ncaa committee. The committee obviously tries to remain objective looking at certain wins and losses. But in grey areas, their overall perception of the program could make a difference in seeding. Muss totally understands all of this and that’s why he goes for the big media interviews and markets the team any way he can. Another example is the video of the team getting a big police escort to the airport as they were leaving to the tourney. Muss knows how to market a program, and he very much does care about the ranking.
  9. Nevada Convert

    The New Democratic Party

    He also built nuclear arms to the sky with an arms race with the Soviets. Of course he’s going to eventually call for a reduction when the USSR realizes that we’re not going to stop unless they do, and the Soviets realized that Reagan wasn’t a big pvssy like Carter and other Democrats that would let them build up a huge stockpile and advantage. A liberal will be for reducing nukes, but they never would have been involved in making any. So it’s apples and oranges.
  10. Nevada Convert

    The New Democratic Party

    Since you don’t deal in facts, what think about someone doesn’t matter to me. I was also responding to you because you approved his ridiculous post.
  11. Nevada Convert

    The New Democratic Party

    LOL, one idiot is your way of proving Reagan was more liberal ????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ronald Reagan is Jesus to the Republican Party. End of story. He would be cutting through the snowflake liberal social scene just as much as Trump, but he’d be doing it in a more civilized manner that would get women on his side, independents and more conservative Dems.
  12. Nevada Convert

    The New Democratic Party

    His philosophy that tax cuts would stimulate the economy is a conservative philosophy. He raised some taxes a bit because he couldn’t ignore the growing debt, especially in a Cold War with mega military spending. And he hoped the taxes wouldn’t hurt the economy too much.
  13. Nevada Convert

    The New Democratic Party

    Is that what you do when you get your ass handed to you? 😂😂😂😂😂😝😝👍
  14. Nevada Convert

    The New Democratic Party

    W. T. F. !!!!!!!!!! You obviously have some reading to do on Reagan. If anything, the GOP has gotten more centrist. Let’s take a look at the issues, shall we? Supported School Prayer Opposed the creation of the Dept. of Education that Carter started. Against Gay Marriage Hawk on fighting drugs Pro Death Penalty Pro Life on abortion Questioned the science on acid rain In favor of making Social Security voluntary Very much against socialized healthcare, single payer, whatever you want to call it. Supported Free Trade Hawk on national defense Believed in using tax cuts to stimulate economy Believed in supply side economics Believed in trickle down economics, not overly tax rich, assumed that the rich will use extra money in their businesses and that will trickle down to worker bee’s with more jobs, opportunities, etc. Pro immigrant, but wanted it done legally. Wanted the border sealed, especially for drugs. The early to mid 80’s was much different than today in what was going on at the border. I’m sure I could think of more. Trump has actually tried to copy some of Reagan’s philosophy on certain issues. If Reagan were alive today, I think he would be very upset with Trump’s lack of class, the childish arguments he gets into, inconsistencies on where he stands on things, loose on facts, etc. And then he would be impressed with Trump’s charisma, ability to connect with audiences, intelligent on many economic matters, etc. He would say that he has so much potential to be a great leader but chooses to regularly kill himself. He would meet with him knowing how much Trump looks up to him, and he’d try to be a mentor on character and other issues, but still knowing you can’t change someone that old. You can only hope to influence.
  15. Nevada Convert

    Nevada Back To #7

    I agree, but they did an awesome job last year stepping up in the tourney. I do think rankings have a ton of value. Perception is reality for recruits and the tourney committee picking the seeds. I think it also inspires more fans to show up at home games even for blah blah opponents. I think the most we could hope for is a 2 or 3 seed. 1 seed would pretty much mean a first win being no 16 has ever beat a 1. So win 1 solid opponent game, and we’d be back to the Sweet 16. We really did have a great path to the Final 4 last year. If we had just scored 2 more pts against Loyola, we would’ve played Kansas St. in the Elite 8 and they were very beatable, as Loyola found out. But we would’ve probably gotten pounded in the Final 4.