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  1. Typical stupid analysis, but I think we have a historical moment here. You actually discussed the topic in a post. OK, it’s only 6 words, but it’s a start and a record. Oh boy, I’ll bet you and the board’s lefty’s have never made a hire that looked OK upfront but turned out to be a disaster. Don’t be stupid and think Trump has to be perfect, but it’s OK if you fvck up all day long. Such hypocrisy. And there’s all kinds of levels of class, from no class to high class and a ton in between. It’s not either you’re classy or you aren’t.
  2. That’s what they lie to you about and tell you sheep to think at CNN and MSLSD. The narrative has been that Trump is a Russian spy, and now that every single Obama official has had their classified testimony revealed, it has shown that there wasn’t even a shred of empirical evidence or even a slight tid bit of anything, let alone any probable cause to look into the matter. All of the Obama officials have been 100% lying for 3.5 years pushing 100% propaganda to you, and you lapped it up like a happy sheep. So maybe you shouldn’t be preaching to anyone about being devoted to something with no limit. You were lied to, it was proven wrong, and you still keep coming back for more because that’s what TDS does to you.
  3. You want so badly for that this tiny % of knuckleheads be a real representation of a large number of them. You want it sooo bad!! For you people on the left so much against negative stereotypes for certain people, and others you don’t like, it’s OK. Now that is funny stuff. 😂🤣🤪😝😝🤪👍
  4. Get your TDS test. When you test positive, they’ll give you some resources that can help get control of your Trump hate, and hate towards others in your life that have anything positive to say about Trump. And eventually you’ll realize how crazy hate will make you, beotch! 🙂
  5. It might help if you knew what you were talking about. Ann Coulter has been killing her career for the last 6 to 7 years before Trump has been around. She’s always been a crazy ass bitch, but she started going Alex Jones and her insanity has gotten worse and worse to the point where she attacks people in her own family and has totally isolated herself with her crazy. She obviously needs some medical treatment, and just try convincing her that she has any problems. No one books her on anything anymore because there’s already enough crazy in the world. But spinning this the way you are without knowing what you’re talking about is pretty normal for TDS folks like yourself.
  6. That has nothing to do with the fact that Libertarians have such a low ceiling of membership, and that’s because, due to genetics, society has a limit to how many dumb people it can produce every year.
  7. Let me clue you in on something, I said specifically Jeff Sessions as Attorney General should not be making decisions in a vacuum, and suddenly he turns into the entire Dept. of Justice to you. Exactly how you made that silly jump I can only imagine, but the DOJ is not a single person just to let you know. I get it, yay for the silly little old man that pisses off Trump. Him pissing off Trump has absolutely nothing to do with why he was an incompetent AG.
  8. You like this shit? She sounds like an Adele rip off, anyway. She has a good voice but the music and song is boring 1 dimensional garbage. It’s this style of music that’s made current pop music such a joke. You’ll never hear even a single counter melody in this kind of song, and that makes it so boring and cliche. You make powerful music with multiple counter melodies and you might not even hear them as such but they will give a song multiple dimensions, depth and sound unique. Simple classic example of a single counter melody during a songs chorus, go to 1:15. The guitar part is a counter melody to the vocal. Imagine the vocal by itself with no Slash CM guitar part. You’d get one dimensional boring garbage. There are gazillions of examples with all different sounds.
  9. There’s a lot of horrid analysis from the left and right on this board, but failing to see how this election is different from others is priceless in the WTF department, especially from you. Everyone looks at push-up stud Joe as someone that could die or become incapable of carrying on as prez at any moment. It’s a very real possibility. He even comes out and says he would be too old for a 2nd term and he’s just a bridge candidate. He’s exactly right, and anyone with half a brain will looking at this VP as not just someone that can help Biden win, but someone that’s able to be the next young Dem all star top dog politician to be the incumbent VP that can use the resources of being in power to beat out primary challengers and take the WH in 2024. It’s really too bad for them that there isn’t a no brainer candidate that is THAT good. That’s a big problem for sure. I think the GOP candidate that takes over for the GOP is Nikki Haley, and I think she’ll be the first female president even if Trump loses. She’ll get all of the Trump vote plus never-Trumpers, and she’ll restore adult behavior in the WH and be popular with Indy’s. She’s one of the very very few people that can jump on Twitter and rebuke a dumb Trump statement as being improper and very unfortunate without Trump getting upset with her. He respects her that much. It looks like Biden is going to pick Klobuchar. But despite being in the race late, she never got any traction more than a typical 3%. She’s not naturally talented at connecting with people, she’s not the future of the Dem Party. She’s also very unpopular with black voters, big time. I don’t even think she’ll help Joe much in MN. The lack of an upcoming Obama star is a massive problem. But whoever Joe picks, it’ll still be someone that he thinks could still catch fire. Then he’ll forget who that person is and Jill will have to remind him.
  10. I’m fixing my post. There’s 29 judges, not 19. His upset of the century, or whatever, was so crucial with the courts and the direction of the country. Hillary would have had the Supreme Court dominated with lefty’s and I’m sure RBG would’ve retired already with Hillary. And then the 188 or so lower court judges he’s appointed would’ve be lefty’s. It was a huge election.
  11. Trump sure has his warts and bad moments, but when you look at the aggressive appointment of judges across the country where he’s rallied to get sane judges that used to have left wing nut jobs is an amazing thing to see. This is a really great article how Trump has pretty much single handedly with the help of Mitchy reshaped the 9th Circuit Court for a looooooooong time. It started with an 11 seat lefty majority, and now just 3. Not sure if he can break the whole thing even or lead by 1 by the time his first term is up. A second term with a Senate majority would be almost too good to be true. 2016 20 Dem 9 GOP 2020 16 Dem 13 GOP https://www.politico.com/news/2019/12/22/trump-judges-9th-circuit-appeals-court-088833 “A bastion of liberalism in the federal judiciary is slowly turning rightward, threatening Democratic court challenges on everything from abortion to who gets a green card. The Senate confirmation of Lawrence VanDyke and Patrick Bumatay to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals this month brought to nine the number of appointments President Donald Trump has made to the 29-member bench that serves as the last stop for nearly all legal complaints lodged in nine Western states. Democratic-appointed judges now hold a 3 seat majority, compared with 11 at the start of Trump's presidency.”
  12. Dude, he traded smack with the parents of a Gold Star family because they chose to step into the frey of politics and acted more like activists, especially since they were being coached by the Dems. But Trump was still foolish to engage with them because the optics at face value still looked bad.
  13. Really classy, there bud. Like I said, you guys get such raging hard-ons and do selfies with your dick pics to impress your friends whenever you see an opportunity to bash Trump. Maybe there will come a day when you can ditch the TDS dick exercises and look at what’s going on semi-objectively.