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  1. Nevada RPI Moves Up to #9

    Yeah, I believe it.
  2. Nevada RPI Moves Up to #9

    Yeah, I'm talking about at least around 1/3 of the way in conf. play.
  3. Nevada RPI Moves Up to #9

    The RPI gods sure are being nice to us this year as it seems kind of hard to believe. But that's how the formula crunches the numbers, I guess. Rhodent Island is now at #7 from #5 because of their loss to St. Bona. who is actually pretty good. Does anyone know the best ever RPI for a MWC school? http://www.rpiforecast.com/live-rpi.html Also, make your predictions on where Nevada is ranked tomorrow. I'm going to guess: AP #20, Coaches #21
  4. Rank them Sunday

    Our RPI just moved up to #9, so I wouldn't worry about that too much.
  5. Fresno State Lands 4-Star Offensive Lineman

    I would tend to agree, but in the case of a rare 4 star signing, I think it's a big enough story to put on the main board.
  6. Fresno State Lands 4-Star Offensive Lineman

    Wait until you see our new OL that averages 7'-8" 470 lbs and the slowest guy can run a 4.5 40. 👍
  7. Fresno State Lands 4-Star Offensive Lineman

    It's looking like we might as well forfeit our Fresno games in the foreseeable future! Just kidding. Looks good. The western div needs to be better and the MWC needs to do better in OOC. And we certainly need some ranked teams all at the same time to pass up the AAC.
  8. Fresno State Lands 4-Star Offensive Lineman

    Well that's good. Congrats.
  9. Fresno State Lands 4-Star Offensive Lineman

    You guys nearly drowned in the gutter with SAN! just standing there laughing at you. There aren't very many current MWC schools that have been that low in the last 20years. Nevada certainly wasn't quite at gutter level yet, but this coming season we'll be much better.
  10. Fresno State Lands 4-Star Offensive Lineman

    Wait a minute. You're celebrating like this over a verbal commit and not a signing? I was assuming he was signed. He was eligible to sign a couple weeks ago, so why isn't he signed if he's so serious about playing at Fresno?
  11. Fresno State Lands 4-Star Offensive Lineman

    It really is pretty cool that this excites you. I mean, of all the things that a human being could get excited about, at least you don't have to spend a fortune on male hookers and blo anymore.
  12. Fresno State Lands 4-Star Offensive Lineman

    What in the world are you talking about? 24/7 has him as a 4 star right now. The 24/7 composite which averages what other sites have graded him at has him as a 3. But the regular 24/7 rankings graded him as a 4. Look under his pic when you go to the link below. https://247sports.com/Player/Toa-Taua-83096
  13. uckFay!! Rhode Island Lost!

    Loses to St. Bonaventure (#29 RPI) & Ends their 16 game winning streak. They dropped from #5 to #9, and the loss made us drop from #12 to #13. They have 4 more games....3 of them are easy games and 1 that's semi-easy. They'll finish with an RPI of #7 if they win the next 4.
  14. Shame, shame Notre Dame

    Well, at least ND isn't vacating a conference to the detriment of itself like BYU did. 😝
  15. Peterbilt Arena ... It Could Happen!

    Clearly they can build trucks better than they can spell.