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  1. But what works best is to think ahead and install a horn speaker on the front bumper of your car, and have it connected to your car stereo so you can blast Nickelback tunes at ear splitting levels. That shit works way better than pepper spray, and in just seconds you’ll have them running away like little biitches. The problem with this approach is you actually have to buy Nickelback tunes to do it, and that is like selling your soul to the God of Shit.
  2. Blow the horn non-stop, turn on the emergency flashers and then move at 5 mph then gradually pick up to 10 mph. Ideally you’d have a padded V shaped snow plow blade on the front of your truck that would push everyone off to one side or the other.
  3. The synthesizer that Vangelis used for Blade Runner was his favorite, the Yamaha CS-80. This is a monster that weighs about 250 lbs. It known for its huge and organic sound. It’s rare to find, especially one that’s in great condition as they take a lot of work to keep going. I have a 1979 CS-80 that I’m selling right now for $26,000. I bought it in 1999 for only $2,000, and then had a CS-80 guru restore it. Example, every 10 years, you have to have it re-capped meaning every capacitor needs to be replaced, and we’re talking 100’s of them. I have about $4,500 into mine including the original price which isn’t bad. Some big Hollywood movie soundtrack guy wants to buy mine, but I’m not going cheaper than 26. He can afford it. In the last 20 years it’s amazing how much vintage synth prices have skyrocketed. Glad I got mine before the upward trend. I have 2 Oberheim SEM 4 voices that are now worth $30,000, and I bought it for only $4,000 20 years ago. My Oberheim Matrix 12 (with the rare factory 12 individual outputs, 1 for each voice) is worth close to $15,000. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamaha_CS-80#/media/File:Yamaha_CS-80_(1977)_8-voices_dual-layered_analog_polyphonic_synthesizer,_with_22_preset_sounds_&[email protected]_YAMAHA_BOOTH_-_2015_NAMM_Show.jpg
  4. You’re just making yourself look dumb to stereotype Reno as being the old bad parts of downtown, but it’s actually mostly nice. My Reno standard? I lived off Mt. Rose Hwy (lower Galena but still a Reno zip code) and I had an amazing view of Mt. Rose & other mountains, and ski lifts were only 10 to 12 minutes, and N. Tahoe 30 minutes. My record for getting from my house to my actual flight gate was 22 minutes (post 911). San Diego, on the other hand, became jaded back in the late 70’s to early 80’s and became a complete disaster in the 80’s and still is. I don’t even need to prove this point because everyone knows it. I lived there from 1983 to 1995 (that’s 12 years, just in case you had to pawn your calculator, recently). You have to understand that @PackNation DickNation gets his confidence from being well liked in his Sun Valley community. He represents the typical male living there which consists of an old crappy single wide trailer renovated with an awful outside orange color, has a pit bull chained up in the front yard where he also parks his worn out 1984 Chevy Tahoe (typical with primer on the places he had to do body work on, due to drunken fender benders). Yeah, he still has his old fridge sitting outside next to his front door. So Team Spring Valley loves the guy. I haven’t been in the Luxor for a while, but it’s always looked nice to me.
  5. We need a new thread because we never talk about it here. 🤠👍
  6. Now you’re getting childish. BLM is not all bad.
  7. This: “BLM is about ending human rights violations sanctioned by and with the full force of the State behind them". I’m sure you pulled this statement out of your butt, especially since a lot of the chapters DO NOT subscribe to your statement. They make it very clear they don’t. 1. Some of them don’t allow whites to attend their chapter meetings and events. So they certainly aren’t worried about ending human rights violations for whites, and they would require you to clarify that. 2. A lot of the chapters want nothing or very little to do with the government & law enforcement calling any shots to help them reach their BLM chapter goals. They’re tired of doing it that way, it hasn’t worked, and they want to take it into their own hands now. What do you think CHOP was all about? It was largely a BLM/ANTIFA effort to show the world they didn’t need the government or police to function. As far as your love for certain types of anarchy and violence, you’re the one that described and slimed yourself on this. I helped bring attention to it, but you are what you are.
  8. FYI, I added to my post. And you’re wrong.
  9. The NRA is a long standing structured organization with a clear mission and platform for what it believes on issues. BLM is actually nothing but a slogan and, at best, just a chaotic movement that has no organizational structure, and no clear mission statement or platform. I haven’t seen any Chapters that have formal declarations of what they believe, what they want and how they plan to get it. So if the individual Chapters can’t be clear about themselves, then forget about them ever joining together as one to make change. So basically, you have 16 different small movements that all like to use the BLM slogan.
  10. So who gives a shit, then? Even assuming it once did, it doesn’t mean anything to anyone now.
  11. No, you don’t get it. Did you even read my post? The problem is THERE whether Kap is THERE or not. He’s just a face for it, a spokesperson. So you really think that the far left radical race war movement would just go away if we ignored them all? Now that is truly delusional. And FYI, I don’t watch Hannity. He annoys me, but you sound like you watch him more than I ever have. I’ll remember that if someone on the board has a question about him and needs an expert on him.
  12. It’s not just mysfit, there’s about 25 dedicated burn-it-down radicals on this board including half breed, sean666, happycrapper, warblow, BSUTop125, etc. That includes Justifiable violence against others, including taking up arms against cops they feel are worthy of it. It’s all anarchy type of chaos.