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  1. Since your avatar pic has made it very clear that you’ve declared war on good afro’s, your new name is Warfrow, bro.
  2. I actually really do like Wyoming. I just give some Wyoming fans a hard time because of their politics and being wound so tight. Having said that, I would’ve expected both teams to score more with Fresno still winning by about 17 to 21. But holding Fresno to only 17 should’ve been a winnable or near winnable game.
  3. Such a comedy wiz you are. I don’t live in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. I was just addressing your hand, Dorothy. I was assuming it was her because the topic was c*ck.......Since she knows so much about it, it was pretty obvious.
  4. You social lefty warriors are in such denial when it comes to economics. Anytime you add cost to a company with no increased revenue from the increased cost, it has an inflationary influence on overall inflation. Since there are other factors in what causes overall inflation, deflationary elements can cancel out some of the other inflationary elements such as increased fuel costs for business owners. So if you want to talk about overall inflation numbers from past years, you have to look at the portfolio of elements that determined why it settled at a certain number. You’re comparing gas
  5. Say hello to your hand for me when she’s not busy.
  6. Savior?, it was going to do what it was expected to do which would’ve been as predictable as the sun coming up. Duh.
  7. I thought this was going to be a thread about you kicking off your season of picking up ‘fun’ chicks at nightclubs.
  8. “Overall though, higher gas prices raise the risk of stagflation - high inflation, low growth.“ Energy stud, You you so clueless, it’s mind boggling. You’ve got to be kidding. A business major you weren’t. Let’s use a really simple example that even you might be able to understand. Anytime costs increase for a company to operate, with everything else remaining the same, they have to pass those costs on to the consumer with higher prices. If Bill has a pizza delivery business, he has to pay more for his drivers to deliver the pizza, so he has to raise his price for pizza. Then when th
  9. Do you understand the oil market at all? That’s exactly what it would’ve done and when you put more supply on the world market with roughly the same demand, the price goes down, junior.
  10. I was referring to the last 14 years of trolling HIM. That means direct and indirect trolling. I’ve directly trolled him in the past so bad that anything I say to others even when I’m not trolling others drives him mad (indirect). Every once in a while he comes out of the woodwork and whines about me with a copy and pasted cliche statement. He’s an unhappy guy, and I’ll pray for him some day, maybe.
  11. Declaring war is old school. We didn’t even declare war in Vietnam. That’s why it was called the Vietnam Conflict. Korea? Nope. WWII was the last time we formally declared war on anyone.
  12. Gas prices are also a factor in inflation which Biden is directly responsible for. There’s less oil on the world market thanks to Biden, and that makes the price rise sharply and make enemies of ours like Putin roll in current and short term projected cash. Biden let Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipe line move forward to completion and he shut down ours. Who does he work for again? I thought Trump was the Russian agent/shill as our resident lefty’s so cluelessly spout. Trump was for our pipe line and had shut down Putin’s indefinitely. Common sense if you work for sane Americans.
  13. Here’s what makes the difference to me: “Renaud also delayed publication of his findings until after website administrators were able to ensure the numbers were no longer publicly visible, regarded as standard good practice in cybersecurity reporting.” So the reporter found the problem and made sure no one was damaged by it. Give the reporter a reward for goodness sake.
  14. How about a bowl game with the teams with the worst team colors that aren’t bowl eligible. And it’ll be played at Boise and called the Rotten Potato Bowl. How about Wyoming and Tulane as the ultimate matchup. Wyoming with their pee and poop colors look like a sewage spill on a pristine blue waterway. But when Tulane steps on the blue, the announcement hits the PA that complimentary barf bags are located under every seat, and that’s just to save on clean up costs. There is nothing truly complimentary with this bowl game. Tulane’s horrific green and blue combo up against a nice blue field t
  15. Well, if he thinks it’s OK, then my bad. I just had no idea that he approved it. Sorry.
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