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  1. Ryan Leaf chimes in on Mel Kiper's projected #1 pick

    If we can pull off this game, we should move right into the top 25 because 9 of the 10 schools ranked #16 to #25 have lost at least once since the last poll. Rhode Island now has an RPI of #10 and will enter the AP Top 25 for sure and very likely the Coaches Poll. Live RPI still has us losing 3 remaining games in conf. This would give us a final RPI of 15. But they have to be losses to good teams such as Boise & SDSU.
  2. There was a news story a few years ago where in Portland, OR there was an old guy (registered sex offender) standing in his front yard totally naked waving at the kids as the busses drove by. There was a lot of calls to the police, but they said there was nothing they could do because it's legal there. If he had started to masterbate as the busses drove by, then they could've done something. Pretty pathetic.
  3. Boise State @ Nevada

    There were 2,000 left early Thursday morning and as already mentioned, under 1,000 yesterday. With the game being hyped up locally and it's Boise St., I'm sure it's sold out by now. There should be 11,500 showing up.
  4. Ryan Leaf chimes in on Mel Kiper's projected #1 pick

    It's looks like he also blew his millions when he was young and immature. I'd say that 99.9% of us on the board have more money than Leaf. Celebrity Net Worth has him at $1,000. At least he's not in debt. LOL. Yeah, Leaf was very talented and could've been great if he had figured out how to grow up.
  5. Grab your lube!

    It would be cool to see him up by 10 against Auburn again with 3 min left in the game. Then it would be equally horrific to see USU's ST's & defense give the game away. IIRC of course.
  6. Grab your lube!

    Last I knew he was like a recruiting coordinator at Oregon St.
  7. Slugging Rats in the Sewer

    Dude, it's the sewer rat logo. Get it right. The swamp rat logo is a little different.
  8. Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    With Dog Chapman spending most of his time in CO these days, it's allowed gang violence to escalate in the area of Hawaii's FB practice facilities. So it might not be a coincidence that, with the many practice interruptions due to this, Rolo has announced this week that they're going with a new Shoot-N-Run offense.
  9. Boise should get a blue basketball court

    He saw how cool CSU's indoor field was, so why not do something cool outside for BB?
  10. Boise should get a blue basketball court

    He should've put a gate in that fence so he doesn't have to risk the family jewels everytime the ball goes over it.
  11. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Translation: Dammit that Convert, he's right, and that really frustrates me. I must discredit and paint him as chronically wrong on everything he says to save face.
  12. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Translation: Because I'm a flaming liberal and Convert trolls and taunts me for it in OT, that makes me very angry. So calling him names and saying that he's dumb makes me feel better.
  13. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    It's obviously in the best interest for both 'State of Nevada' schools to be really good in both FB and BB. If we're both ranked in BB, it puts the rivalry on a national stage which helps both of us recruit, schedule, etc. I'm not one of those NV fans that want UNLV totally destroyed and impotent. UNLV should be in the top 4 every year, no question. Vegas has great BB facilities in an exciting town with a lot of fan support when reasonably winning. We're not talking about a Logan, UT or Moscow, ID for goodness sake. UNLV seems to have suffered a lot in the same way SDSU used to suffer year after year. And the problem has been having ignorant and incompetent decision makers that have started at the top w/school prez's down to AD's. Your new AD looks a bit promising, and it'll be interesting to see how she does. The Vegas FB program needs a big shot in the arm, and the Raiders stadium is just what the doc ordered. Just something that you can point to for recruits and current players to get excited about. Sanchez started out of the gate hot by taking the so-so players he inherited and coached them up to play very competitively against some very good OOC schools like that first road game at Northern Illinois, the home game against UCLA, etc.
  14. Sorry Wyoming Fans

    He just needs to stay on the side of the line that Bitonio is on.
  15. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Admitting that Muss is a better coach is a good first step for you.