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  1. Props to incredible historian Mark Felton on YouTube for this info. with great video. He’s got dozens of great segments on the war, and best of all the historic video of it actually happening. He has probably 50 to 70 segments on his channel now. Everyone talks about Germany getting as far as Stalingrad before taking a shit and getting surrounded. But the fact is that in early December 5, 1941, the Germans had three different advances surround Moscow. One of them got within 14 miles of Red Square, another 22 miles, another 18 miles. Moscow was going to easily fall, but just in the nic
  2. Mork from Ork farted really loud on earth, so out there they might be picking it up. What a fool, Instead of Pork’n Mindy, he went back and the show ended.
  3. The only cool thing about Kansas is the weather this time of year. You won’t see cool cloud formations like this out west. Anyone ever see the interwoven cotton ball hail clouds out here? I’d never seen anything like it until I lived here. The fire flys this time of year are also really cool. The raccoons are friendly, as well. The post office is stuck in 1972, and the people working there are just as old. Normally if you’re in line at closing they just lock the door and you still get helped. Nope, not here. They claim their registers shut down at 5:30, so even if you’re at the counter a
  4. It’s what the dog pile mob wants, so I’ll give it to them and have a good laugh at them with it.
  5. You’re never going to get it, so just forget it. In your mind, everyone wants to be popular and liked by as many people as possible. So if anyone wants to be treated nicely by other board members, you have to always show humility, be polite, show respect, etc. I am that way sometimes to the people that deserve it. I don’t know how long you’ve been here, but this goes way back to 2007-2008. It was the WAC posters vs. the MWC posters, and in those 4 years there was a lot of board combat. I happened to be good at it, and the result is that some of by biggest fans in my fanbase that hate me
  6. The lack of awareness goes to the dog pile mob that massively took the bait and are getting trolled (even when explained to them). That is the story, here. 1,400 views and 7 pages so far. Good trolling is when you convince the victims that what you’re posting is real, sincere. Too many try too hard and it becomes obvious. Do you really think I posted this with the hopes that anyone would actually give a crap and say “Gee convert, that’s great. So how big of a U-Haul truck are you having to use? It’s great that you’re getting out of Kansas, and if you need any help moving, let me know. I
  7. If you ever see a cop chasing me, it’s because the cop demanded my 20 dollar bill.
  8. I just love propaganda. Iraq had WMD’s and that is a fact that you can not prove otherwise. And Saddam knew the invasion was coming for months, so why in the fvck would we expect to find anything? It’s like the LAPD tipping off drug dealers a week in advance that there’s going to be drug raids on their houses, and the tax paying public getting outraged that tax money was being spent on drug raids that never produced shit. Then the media starts declaring that the idea of there being ANY drug houses in LA per the LAPD is a big fvcking lie and scam. I’m not saying there needed to be a war
  9. There’s a huge backbone sale going on and no one in Congress wants to buy any.
  10. Stagflation will be the new buzz word used soon by honest media (ok, I know there isn’t a lot of them out there).
  11. Pretty much. The thing that Biden has going for him is that it’s hard for some people to get mad at old swell friendly grandpa that means well. He’s kind of riding the wave of all the unemployment giveaways he’s sending out and him giving many extended vacations. Once that’s over, his approval will start to slide. Gas shortages now and $5 gas, Printing money and stagflation starting to occur, chaos with our relations with Iran, and much more.....hell it sounds like Jimmy Carter all over again. 🤮🤮🤮
  12. That’s what this whole friggin’ thread is about, it makes no sense. Of course they can read polls, but apparently must not believe them or think things will change later. But that’s just more ignorance because they should know that many voters think he did the unforgivable, and those votes won’t come back.
  13. It’s already been explained to you. The GOP in Congress doesn’t vote presidents in, voters do. GOP Voter polling shows Trump is radioactive as a future president. Around 50% don’t want him to run again. They’ve made it clear it’s time to move on, even with so few candidates to choose from right now. When the 20 or so announce their run, Trump will find out how unpopular he is, then. That’s why it’s so strange how the GOP Congress is kissing Trump’s ass so much right now as if he’s going to win again, and none of them want to be on his bad side. Maybe there’s more to it that’s not coming out, b
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