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  1. It figures you don’t know shit. You never do Mr. “I fvcking got fooled on RussiaGate, even when month after month Convert gave you reality, but you were too stupid to see it”. Everything I said about RussiaGate has turned out to be true. All of it. A total dork that can’t even predict that the sun will come up in the morning telling someone else what’s really going on in the world is pee-recious. By the way, I’d love to go point by point and prove everything I stated is legit. So if you want to go there, let’s do it.
  2. It’s pretty amazing that a safe nuclear reactor in an aircraft carrier or submarine will run for 20 to 25 years before it needs re-fueling. That’s just so amazing. A sub makes its own pure water and oxygen for the crew indefinitely, so all they need is food. Surface the thing and go fishing.
  3. That’s what you call Stupid Spin right there. You shouldn’t live by stupid stereotypes, anyway.
  4. Trump won’t win any court rulings with Rudy as his lead attorney. They should let him find stuff but let someone not senile go through it all and make sense of it. It’s a simple fact that even state Dems acknowledge quietly that there was fraud going on in every battleground state. It looks like the two counties in Philadelphia are where the most series fraud took place. Nevada would probably be second. I do think Trump would’ve won Nevada, PA and maybe Georgia with no fraud. Have any of you read through any of the 1,000+ affidavits from the election workers in these 3 states? Didn’t thi
  5. Section 230 needs to be re-done, for sure. The way it stands now is a total joke. Having said that, Trump has had plenty of time to attach this to a bill the Dems really wanted, and a delay wouldn’t cause any major suffering. But you don’t cut off troop funding as leverage to get it done. This is a play in the Dem playbook that they’re known for. So it’s bad when they do it to us, and bad if we do it to them. All the Dems would have to do is hold out until Inauguration Day 1-22-21, and the first thing Biden could do is sign the bill and act as the new hero to save the troops.
  6. That HD truck you guys bought back in 2009 is still kicking some ass. 🤠👍
  7. And some people can’t figure out why I never got into UNLV athletics when I was there. Both FB and BB were pretty much just as bad as they are right now.
  8. Why does NV play 5 of its 7 OOC games on the road? Only 2 home games??????
  9. How’s the CSU women’s track team doing? That’s the sport I really care about.
  10. I know Boise is supposed to be good this year, but they really haven’t accomplished a lot in recent times other than making the tourney, right?
  11. Hands down, UNLV has the best BB facilities in the nation among the schools that never win. I’m going to keep repeating this. They also have the hotest AD in all of the NCAA, so they have that. If the cheerleaders ever get thin from Covid, she could actually help out and prove to the world that smart successful powerful women can also cheer for their team.
  12. Those 4 schools need to focus on DI-AA conference openings.
  13. I think it’s utter nonsense for anyone to suggest the PAC-12 isn’t a solid P5 year in and year out. They’re expected to send 5 to 6 schools to the NCAA BB tourney in March. Their record is 7 schools. It was just a few years ago or so the PAC was the #2 football P5 close to #1 SEC. You can’t judge this year, but they’ve been down for a short time, but they’ll be kicking ass again very soon.
  14. Point Loma Nazarene College (now Point Loma Nazarene University) were known as the “Crusaders” for decades and when I was there in the early 80’s. In the late 90’s they eventually changed to the “Seals”, and not the Navy variety ........despite the Navy being known to lose torpedoes that wash up on the schools shore. When I was there, some idiot surfer students brought one up to our dorm not knowing that it was live. Of course, the Navy evacuated the school when we called them. LOL. I can just see it: “Lost US Navy Torpedo Explodes On College Campus killing 400 College Students.” Not a go
  15. Yeah! Funny, I just barely got out of Denver with a snow storm coming in, and the wind chill was -35 deg. Then I get to the Bay Area and it’s not even below freezing. I just wore a t-shirt under a jersey and never got cold. Meanwhile my dad and a few friends were freezing with nice jackets on.
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