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  1. Oh, you’re so full of shit. We’ve traded bad people that include spies gazillions of times. Trading the Merchant of Death for a pot chick isn’t the way you set precedents for future deals. Biden is such a POS to leave Whelan hanging. How about “Hey Putin, I won’t park 4 nuke subs off the coast of Russia, just 1, for now. There’s all kinds of leverage Biden could create. He’s just a big pussy.
  2. It would’ve been a bad enough trade for Whelan and Griner, but no Whelan? That is beyond pathetic. Fvck Joe Biden.
  3. Reporter Ramesh, thank you for the Indian perspective, brother!
  4. Congrats @SAMO Google gave you your own section on the MWC Board:
  5. It’s too bad you UNLV guys never scored Pitino. You would’ve immediately gotten some of those 360 degree scanners like the ones at the airport. After the game, replays of the hottest chicks going through would’ve been piped into the post game UNLV locker room to get the guys in the mood for a titty bar run.
  6. Sum bitch. Those peppy dines were hitting everything for way too long. That team can shoot.
  7. Nevada wins! Nevada wins! Now the biggest game of the season @ Oregon.
  8. Arroyo had a solid 1st team on offense and defense to start the year. He had success. He hadn’t built depth yet, so when the injury bug hit bad, there was enough drop off in play to lose games, many close ones. Building some depth is all he needed to do….he was on his way. He’s a good recruiter. Arroyo only lost by 6 to CAL, 4 to SDSU, and 7 to Fresno with Haener back. With just a little improvement, they were 8-4.
  9. What are you talking about? What Deion did is the norm in FBS. I don’t like it either.
  10. We’ve been through the delusional coaching names like Pitino, God, Deion, Patterson, Petersen, Herman, etc., and now the reality sinks in with a boring no name coordinator from an average P5. Then the rationalization kicks in that the total let down pick makes total sense. LOL. OK, out of my trolling mode, you shouldn’t have expected anything better than this. Harper is lucky that this guy will give him a chance after that majorly botched decision to fire Arroyo. He’s better than Stoops and Sumlin, that’s for sure.
  11. Paying teachers better and covering teaching supplies is woke communism? No, I don’t think so.
  12. I got some bad info. Actually a total of 6 have. Dave Winfield is the only person to have been drafted by 4 professional leagues. MLB, NFL, NBA & ABA.
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