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  1. Thanks, in large part, to the hippy propaganda effort that the media was so happy to distribute to Americans. And that included blaming the soldiers, in general, as being evil people that don't have any problem being baby killers.
  2. Are you kidding? Do you know anything about what's goes on in court cases? Yes, sometimes either side will put up an expert of a certain area and use it to their advantage. But there are actually a lot more who testify that aren't experts on anything technical. They are Character Witnesses and it's defined as "a person who gives evidence in a legal action concerning the reputation, conduct, and moral nature of a party." These people are typically family members or long time friends that have been around the defendant for many years and have seen their true colors of character, morality, attitude, conduct/behavior, reputation, etc. A character witness can also be used as a fact witness. So that's totally inline with what I was talking about regarding the people being around Colin growing up all the way through entering the NFL. Character witnesses know A LOT about the defendant, and others can hear what the CW's are saying about the defendant and either accept it or not. Obviously, if there are a handful of CW's that are consistently saying the same things, it makes them that much more legit.
  3. What a ridiculous comment, & you have no idea what you’re talking about. People are called into court all the time that know a defendant and they’re asked to give testimony as to the mental state of the defendant. This is used all the time to convict and exonerate defendants. I just love this lefty “no, you can’t judge any minority’s general mentalI state. I can assure you that everyone does. No one knows all the small minute thoughts everyone has, but the big ones are out there for everyone to see on a daily basis. Everyone that has half a brain that’s followed Kap out of school knows generally what’s happened. He got into an NFL locker room trying to get acceptance with roster guys, and some of them started putting unhealthy ideas into his head. You could see it on his Instagram posting. Then he met his bat shit crazy girlfriend, and she got control of him quick. She and her friends encouraged him to become a full blown activist. So he went in with both feet. Ault is a guy that loved Kap like a son, and Colin felt the same way. Ault seems to not want to talk about it, but he has said that he disapproves with how he sometimes protests, but supports his right to do it. Ault makes it pretty clear that he’s not thrilled with his change.
  4. I think you’re colossally uninformed on the issue like many. It’s amazing that people after all this time still don’t understand the idea of the wall system. It’s referred to as a wall by many, but It’s not just a wall. The wall system includes sensors to help border patrol know where breaches are occurring in real time. The wall is not there to stop people completely. It’s there as an obstacle to slow people down so that when a sensor goes off that there’s people trying to climb the wall, cut into it, dig under it, the border patrol can be there before the people escape into the US desert. Sensors and other technology is worthless by itself just like the wall is by itself. This is what the BP has been asking for since Trump took office. In internal BP polling, 90% of the BP agents want this particular wall system because this is what they’ve always asked Santa for. The only experts on this are the BP, and no one should be ignoring them.
  5. Not to just point out that you’re incredibly wrong all the time, but you’re wrong again. 🤪👍
  6. I did see that. You really think he was being serious? 😂😂😂😂 Apparently you haven’t seen his rally speeches before. He makes all kinds of vocal changes when he’s joking around or even half serious. You have to do these silly things with long speeches to keep viewers from tuning out. Part of the appeal for many to go to Trump rally’s is that you never know what he’s going to do next and/or it just might make news news out of it.
  7. That’s a really surprising poll. If violence does continue to escalate, suddenly the wall makes a lot more sense to those that opposed it. I’m surprised that so many are paying attention. With all the Hollywood movies that have been made on the subject of Mexican Cartels fighting each other and killing innocent people certainly has given them a visual of it happenings. Movies like Savages, The Counselor, both Sicario films, etc. showcase just how brutal the cartels are. If they catch a rival alive, they do the exact same thing that the Muslim terrorists do across the pond.....an identical beheading video. http://m.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/current_events/mexico/most_say_drug_bosses_control_mexico_want_troops_on_border_if_violence_grows
  8. You mean Fartwell had a desk with a scraping hardball mug on it coming out of his ass? Wow. These MSNBC folks are so used to lying to their audience that they think they’ll believe that a scraping mug sound will sound just like a nice round fart. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪👍
  9. For live TV it’s huge. Usually they’re little chirps. To get a true a normal monster fart, it pretty much has to be done on purpose or when you’re lifting weights.
  10. Not that you would think it was cool or interesting because you’re an old hippie fart that has pinups of Joan Baez and Janis Joplin on your bedroom walls. 😂😂😂 Sexy!! And let’s not forget your Arlo Guthrie and Mama’s and the Papa’s posters. No, you don’t want others that aren’t fossils to think anything I post is interesting or cool. Duh. What do you call it when an old hippy is pumping gas? Fossil Fuels. 🤣🤣
  11. By the way, the teams that showed up were: BIlls Chiefs Jets Lions 49ers Titans Redskins Eagles
  12. Why are you wrong all the time? Is it a serious hobby, or are you thinking about making it into a business? Do a search and see how many times I’ve brought him up over the last 5 years. On band threads I’ve brought up the sleeper show of the 90’s, but not a lot else. Why are you so concerned about it? Obviously it’s because it pisses you off when I have something cool and interesting to say like that, and you can’t do anything about it because you know I can back it up.
  13. For a quick second. By the way, Trump’s humor tends to go over a lot of socially lefty people’s heads, such as yours, retro’s etc.