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  1. It’s funny that you let me hurt you. You’re weird.
  2. For God’s sake, why do you even bother? Everyone knows everyone here, and everyone has their opinions about hating who and liking who, and nothing powerhouse NVGiant says is going to change anything. You, Posterdick, DickNation and others try soooooo hard to convince the world that I’m the worst thing ever. I just find it super silly. 🤠👍
  3. The thread went sideways when Posterdick showed up and lit the place on fire, dumbass. And since PD and Dick are tied to each other eternally as best bro’s, Dick showed up and made it even worse. NevadaFan started being a total dick before PD showed up, but our back and forth on a few posts wasn’t going to derail anything. You should be embarrassed that you can’t analyze an f-ing thread. I’m not even going to ask you what “bigd” stands for being that you’re turning into a big dick yourself.
  4. A randomized study was just released from a very respected doctor in China, and the 1,000 patients that were admitted to the hospital in bad condition with many having pre-existing conditions and many very old, they were given HydroCL and Z Pack and 993 recovered, only 7 died. That’s a 0.7% death rate for the very worst of the sick. That’s fvcking amazing. Even cheese ball Dr. Oz is clamoring about it and saying that treatment should no longer be referred to as anecdotal. It’s proven. Dr. Wallace at Cedar Sinai in LA is the national expert on Lupus and other autoimmune conditions. He has nearly 2,000 patients on HydroCL 365 days a year. In his 40 years of practice, a mild stomach upset and a rash were the worst side effects. At the doses taken for C19, he stated the risk is nil, nothing. He said it’s a joke that the media and politicians are making it out to be the boogie man. Most of the resistance is Trump liking it and Dems rebelling, and the other is drug companies. There’s no money to be made with these, they’re just a few bucks. The drug companies want a new sexy drug to rule the market so they can make gazillions.
  5. This is great. Says the idiot that has to put an upside down question mark at the beginning of every sentence that’s a question. I know for sure I’ve never seen anyone try to pass that off as correct English grammar you hypocrite. LOL.
  6. Talk about soft, whenever I mention your wife, it’s not personal, and I don’t know a thing about her. And you know it’s meant in generic terms, and it’s never even been about me insulting the generic wife, anyway. But you still decided to cry about it out loud, get all emotional and cry to mug about it. “Convert Is hurting my feewings!!! Make him stop!” But it’s OK for you to talk about my family, especially when you make shit up about my actual sister, and not in generic reference. But I don’t care, I’m totally fine with it. I’m not a big softy pvssy crybaby like you are. By the way, you lliterally copy and paste your old posts, and then add/subtract a few words. Classic Dick. 🤪🤪😝😝🤣🤣😂👍
  7. Drudge had a link to this on InfoWars, and it’s all over so it’s a real story. I linked IW’s because they actually have video of it where most others don’t and the ones that do make you sit through ads.
  8. The the G5’s in the eastern half of the country always have better ratings than we do because it’s so crowded in the east. That means most kids get analyzed and ranked. Out west there’s a ton of kids that don’t get looked at or looked at very well because of how spread out the population is. And then there’s always the east coast bias in play. So it’s silly to take recruiting rankings seriously.
  9. It’s really cute to see you @Posturedoc and DickNation @PackNation, your texting buddy, support each other. You have Dick that thinks he’s a stud stalker with killer put downs that just decimate me, and then there’s you, with the elitist snob mentality where you think you’re more intelligent than everyone else. Not to mention you’re ridiculously judgmental about everything, including a lot of shit that no one cares about. And anyone that’s hardcore judgmental has to have some of that insecure high school mentality to overcompensate for, and you certainly do. I’ll read your post later after I take care of some other things that rank higher in importance, such as sweeping the ant shit off my driveway.
  10. Now what are you crying about? I haven’t paid that much attention to this story. It’s obvious the TDS clan looks at every story for ways to exploit it to trash Trump. So I’m not surprised you know it.
  11. Dude, Boise was #3 in the coaches and #4 AP. They were already ahead of TCU. Going into that Saturday 11/26, Boise had a shot at the title game. They needed to beat us and needed Alabama to beat Auburn in the Iron Bowl to be played during the day. Alabama had a huge lead in the first half but lost. So going into our game, Boise’s only hope was the Rose Bowl.
  12. Liberty will always have big time cash, and their long term goal is to be a P5 quality school that’s Indy like ND. So they don’t need a conference. Simple as that. They also don’t have to schedule money games that are a sure loss.
  13. Bush had 3 years left in his term to do something about it, and he didn’t.