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  1. No, no, no, no........ We’re in 2020. NG costs more than coal a lot of the time because only the newer combined cycle plants are efficient enough to beat coal. So there’s a lot of old plants using NG where it only has a 50% efficiency, so coal still kicks its ass. It’s going to take many many years for some utilities to upgrade all of their generation. And with the old power grid back east in desperate need of improving substations and power lines, the money won’t be there to do it very quickly. So the answer is that it just depends on the utility. Coal still has a solid role to play. And I’m sure with technology they’ll develop other efficient ways to use coal into the future that’s acceptably clean. The media spins this stuff so rediculously just because they have a woody for killing coal the anti-christ. Yes, if politicians are choosing NG in inefficient plants out of political correctness to say they don’t use as much coal, they they’re ripping off the ratepayers which happen to be a lot of lower income people. Example: I read that going to all NG in Minnesota would absolutely cause rates to go up.
  2. A retread has the stigma of once being good, but wearing out and getting old which means performance is lacking. Hoke is a home run. Duh. He’s not young but he looks good for his age and still has the fire. He knows what he needs and knows how to win at SDSU. He’s the perfect re-hire. He’s had success at 2 G5’s, goes to a big time program that has a short shelf life unless everything is perfect, you bring him back. And he’s even smarter for coaching at that level. I think Hoke will dominate the MWC with Boise and probably even be a better team half the time. And I don’t think Hoke will bolt so fast for the P5’s when they come calling again. I think he’s going to appreciate being a HC at a winning program that he can hold onto for a long time, win and enjoy life more. He’s already had his big paydays. His recruiting is going to be ridiculously good.
  3. They mostly will. Graham is a hot head, but he knows how to turn on the charm. Back when he first started in AZ, a sport mag (SI???) did a survey of players on who they disliked the most and wouldn’t play for out of all the FBS coaches.......Toddy got the win on that one. One thing is for sure, he was pure grade A 100% dickhead when he was at Tulsa. Damn he was pathetic. I heard an interview in recent times about him working on his anger management and trying to be a better person. As much as I don’t like him, I applaud the AD for picking the best person and not pussying out on local pressure. The locals and their racial homerism and demands is largely why Hawaii has sucked too much in the past. They’ve had some great years, but a lot more suck, for sure. You can quote me on this one. Rolo is going crash and burn so badly in Pullman, it’s going to be fugly.
  4. Out of absolutely nowhere, It looks like Pitt is offering double what Hawaii has offered him!!
  5. Sorry for your loss, dude. It’s easily the toughest thing a human being ever has to face being it themselves or loved ones. When I was about 16 in HS I lost 3 good friends all within a year, and it really just messed my whole outlook on everything, for the worse. I was going to a Lutheran Church youth group that my mom pressured me to go to even though it wasn’t a “cool” thing to be involved with per my other peers, but it did help me sort things out. People also beat themselves up on destiny. “If I had only done this instead of that, that person would still be alive.” When I was going to SDSU, I came home for the weekend to the high desert, and I saw a friends car down the street at his gf’s. He was a frosh at college in LA and she was still a senior in HS. The next day I heard he took off to go back to school and died in a head-on collision just 15 minutes out of town. A surgeon happened to be right there, but his abdomen was just ripped so wide open it was hopeless. When I checked the accident times, he was only about 8-10 minutes behind me. If I had just stopped by for a quick hello, it never would’ve happened. I’m getting up there in age and as the prophet Lou Gramm once said, “It feels like the first time” whether it’s intensely good or bad, it never gets easier when it happens. Time is always your friend though, getting over things. If there wasn’t space where there’s no up or down, and no ending, I couldn’t believe in God. But space and God are two things I’ve learned to believe in and accept as being too massive to get my head around to really understand from our daily world perspective, so I deal with death more religiously these days, and it’s a lot better than the alternative.
  6. So let’s get this straight. We made a bet that was based on Durham/Barr taking any Dems down from their investigation. You said none would, and I said there will be at least 1. Then you saw a news story that got you all scared and you decided that I was right and was probably going to win the bet. Now suddenly you’re getting all cocky with your mouth about Trump lawyers. You don’t even know who Trump’s lawyers are, the real ones, not the attention whore Rudi. Jay Sekulow is his best lawyer, hands down, and he doesn’t usually do interviews. So far, his “banana republic legal team” has him winning.......still. And all you have are jokes, put downs, fantasies, and tears of sadness etc. Then to overcompensate, you act all happy and giddy. 🤠🤠🤠🤠👍
  7. That's awesome. This is an overall better team than ours the last couple years. The only thing I could say we did better was quick scoring.......suddenly light up the scoreboard and being way out of a game midway through the 2nd half and then going nuts and winning. The Aztecs are just a very stable consistent balanced non-streaky team, and that's what you want, obviously.
  8. Are you serious? Damn, I didn't know you thought THAT lowly of me. LOL. No, it was either a Russian bot, or a Russian person stirring up shite and I was saying for them to get a job (implying what they were doing wasn't a job).
  9. I have no problem with lo fi elements within a mix, have no problem with a lo fi attitude but if I like the music I’m listening to, I crank it up, and if the overall mix is lo fi, you could damage your speakers and sound like shit. The industry went from cliche overproduced Sunset Strip pvssy metal cookie cutter shit to a 180 flop to Grunge. What should’ve been a 90 deg correction back to normal, it went 90 deg too far. Grunge was cool and fresh at first just like the first couple bites out of a sugar cake. Then it gets old quick when you’re getting assaulted with pure sugar. That was my experience with grunge. I always liked AIC, a lot of Soundgarden stuff a lot of Nirvana, some PJ, a decent amount of Smashing Pumkins. SP had a lot of lo fi tunes and they were OK. They also had very hi fi carefully produced tunes as well. Then you also had the Grunge copy cats like Creed and Silver Chair, and then the biggest explosion in music were the millions of Green Day copy cats and off-shoots from pop-punk copycats. From 1995 to about 2005 was by far the worst decade in music. It was even more out of control than the late 80’s early 90’s LA pvssy metal like Poison, Warrant, Winger, White Lion, Firehouse, Slaughter, etc. because the pvssy pop punk era were EVERYWHERE. And don’t forget to include your favorite Black dude turn table rapper in your band, as well. Man, what made the 70’s so great was that no one was copying each other for the most part. There were so many unique and original types of music, and if it was good it sold. The Top 25 countdowns back then were so incredibly diverse, it was awesome even if you hated some of it. Even when the first big fad came along, disco, bands were very creative into how they made it work in their songs. No one was copying each other. Then the 80’s came, and copycat cashin would begin.
  10. Kids shouldn’t have deal with this kind of stuff. Just let them be kids for a while !!!!!!
  11. I know you’ve alway though it was strange how people at hospitals and Vegas that work all night could possibly live with no sleep. So weird, right?! But then one day a research team member of your newly merged ITT Technical DickNation Institute came up with an idea that would change how we view working all night, forever. THE SOLUTION!! Of course, all you have to do is sleep 8 hours during the day. That’s it!! Such a simple fix for such a complicated problem that’s plagued everyone for many years. Fortunately your company has on staff some of the biggest Dick’s known to our society, and are working on more solutions that we all face every day. ITT Technical Dick is taking applications from everyone, but they’re especially encouraging assholes to apply at this time. Now back to my life. I do consulting work that allows me to have very flexible hours. I usually work until 3am or so and then get up around 10 or 11am. As much as a total loser stalker you are, I must thank you for your company’s “Flexible Sleeping Technology”. It’s had a huge & profound effect on my life being able to work and sleep at flexible times. So here’s a big hug for that, sir. I have to jump in the shower throw the clothes in the wash, anyway,