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  1. You’re obviously one of the one’s that I’ve scarred for life with my trolling. LOL. Who goes around stalking posters because they’re butthurt and crushed over incidents that occurred about 10 years ago. You do. Maybe you should borrow a crowbar from someone and pry those “Convert hurted me sooooo bad that I received a life sentence of butthurt, with no parole” goggles off so you can see how dumb you look with your butthurt infestation. No one goes around taking on people in 5 or 6 threads at the same time and answering every one of the 40 people every time they responded with a posted reply. It’s a huge dedication of time and effort to troll and mix the pot like that.
  2. I didn’t notice that he was one of those guys. He’s still reckless. This incident happened when he was on foot and wasn’t in his vehicle. It depends how well those things are designed. They could make it through an EF3, and maybe a low EF4. But above that, there can be cars, semi’s and huge heavy objects landing on you. Their main weak point is having huge objects hitting them at 250 mph and partially crushing the car each time it’s hit.
  3. Since I had to be out in the field during storms and tornadoes for my job in central Kansas, I had to learn a lot about tornadoes, what to look for before they form, know what weather readings are for dew point temp, reg temp. humidity how to tell you’re in a dangerous spot of situation the whole nine yards. If just one of the many required variables is off out of many, no tornado. It’s amazing they happen as much as they do. Anyway, there are some really reckless chasers out there like this guy. And it’s amazing more don’t get killed. In fact, the deaths lately have been chasers running into each other trying to be first at a twister. This idiot was lucky it was a weak EF-0 or EF-1 tornado or he’d be dead. Powerhouse tornado? My ass!! Unless you have the protection, do not get under any wall cloud if there are tornado watches or warnings. The Straight line ground wind just to feed the tornadoes are easily 100 mph when not even close to the twister. You don’t get under the wall cloud because multiple satellite T’s can suddenly drop on top of you as they rotate around the main center T. And sometimes the entire cloud wall drops to the ground in a few minutes and creates huge wide T’s. That happened with the El Reno tornado about 8 years ago and it killed some chasers because it was an EF5 200+ mph. It had a diameter of 2.5 miles. It’s the same T that nearly killed all of those Weather Channel celebs. The wind in that video in this story looks to be only about 80-90 mph like one that hit my house outside Denver about 8 years ago. The Moore, OK tornado in 2007 had 320 mph winds which is the record. https://m.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/reed-timmer-survives-wild-close-up-encounter-with-powerhouse-tornado-in-nebraska/70008307
  4. Dude, no one considers this socialism, and even if it were, they wouldn’t care. I do think this is a really dumb time for Trump to be doing this. This is something he should be doing in his second term. He ain’t going to have a 2nd term if he keeps going like this.
  5. I don’t think they’ll focus on seeing anything but the great nearby view of her boobs.
  6. I wouldn’t call it a “makeover” because it’s too close to “make-it-be-over”. 🙂
  7. There are a lot of people in the Bay Area, but the problem is that there’s so much competition for people’s time. Stanford can’t even sell out a conference championship game.
  8. Have you ever tried going for the chicks at a blind academy? A blind girl might work out really well for you. Whenever you want to show her something, she won’t have to see it. 🤠👍
  9. It’s good that he killed himself. Maybe someone can talk Sandusky into doing the same thing.
  10. Where have you been? It’s boring without you around.
  11. I get now!!! BlewMules009 was born Amish, he was ex-communicated for obvious reasons such as his involvement in the infamous beard cutting scandal that rocked Amish world (plus their insurance company was going to cancel them unless blew-boy was removed). Now he wants back in, and he’s trying to get Amish-conservative on issues and trying to show them that he can actually get along with people. His campaign to get back in looks promising, especially that he’s at the top of the heep on posts liked on this board. What a fine effort. Now all he has to do is join Code Pink and he’s there. I wouldn’t recommend wearing the pvssy hat, though. The Amish decision makers won’t like that, and they’d much prefer that he keep his real vagina covered up down south with his leotards. 😹😹😹😹😹
  12. Speaking of little fellers that have been scarred for life over my trolling. LOL.
  13. It's so funny that some people like you have been so butthurt and permanently scarred for so many years over my trolling that they have to resort to revisionist history to deal with their feelings. Every year, we go through the same thing, and I get to laugh at how seriously people want to change the past and be delusional about it. It reminds me of that exercise where you have 20 people sitting in a circle, and person #1 thinks of a statement and whispers it to the next person. By the time it gets around to person #20, you compare it with what #1 started with, and it's always different. Always. Now just imagine the statement being something that the 20 people don't want to be true. LOL. What a joke.
  14. I just loved reading the brain dead comments below the article. It’s like there’s a disease in the far left that causes them to assume the absolute worst case scenario in every single person that doesn’t do what they want them to do. You could also go to the other extreme and claim that all 56% of the respondents were free of hate and prejudice. But that’s just as dumb as saying that they are all bigots. The truth is there’s plenty of each in that 56%. Of course, how you define “prejudice” or “bigotry” makes all the difference in the world.