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  1. Named Nevada for now. We’ve beat you like 3 of the last 4 recently and the loss was only 29-22. Just ask CAL if they’ll ever schedule us again. We’ve beat them 3 straight including the opening of their new stadium a few years back.
  2. Where do you come up with this stuff? About 65% of the GOP have gotten a vaccine shot and more intend to get one but haven’t yet. So vax tolerance in the GOP is probably 75%. The vast majority of the GOP aren’t totally against vaccines. Sure, many waited longer out of caution for FDA approval and see how the others did on them. But it’s been more of a risk analysis individually than anything else, and that’s smart. I would never just shoot myself with something the gov told me to do without knowing a lot about it.,
  3. You can’t absolutely prove anything until it actually happens. But when primary voters see that he’s only got a 29% approval rating just to run, who wins a general with 29%. When some of these 29% see this poll and others as we get closer, they’ll realize he has no chance and will switch to not wanting him to run. Also, I supposed there are a few Dems that want him to run in that 29 because they think he’d be easy to beat and they’d be right.
  4. Bet? $1,000, winner gets to choose the charity.
  5. I was using it for the general because it was a poll with general voters. But there are polls on just the GOP, and they’re also bad for him. The GOP like the Dems want someone that can win a general. I was implying that voters seeing that Trump has no chance in the general will impact primary voting a lot. Sure die hard Trumpers will stick with him. But those numbers are shrinking. Remember, the Q people, the Jan 6 people and the Proud Kids, Oath Breakers, etc. all HATE Trump now. His crazy base has shrunk. The scary thing for Trump is that the economy is working in his favor, i.e.
  6. You have no idea what you’re talking about. She ripped on him all the way through his term and after, and if you knew any of that you’d know that she’s her own person with her own beliefs. Her meeting with Trump was shrewd politics. She has to thread the needle carefully with Trump and Trump supporters. She’s not perfect for sure, but she’s pretty damn good for a politician.
  7. I totally disagree with the neocon and Bush tendencies. She’s actually pretty moderate in many ways. She was the one that got rid of the confederate flag in South Carolina when she was governor, for example.
  8. I don’t know what it is about you guys that think Trump is still the lead guy in the GOP. I’ve been telling you for about 10 months or so that he’s completely and permanently damaged goods. Approval numbers just mean people like him, but not necessarily that they want him to run again. Polls where they ask both are telling. But the important question is if voters want him to run again. In a new poll, only 29% want Trump to run again. Trump loses by 11 to Biden in a head to head today. And we all know how low Biden is in the polls. That’s like asking if you prefer dog shit or cat shi
  9. There you go again. Holy crap, you need some help.
  10. You read into things that aren’t there and over thinks things waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. I was just making a general joke about how a far left teacher might analyze a couple of pages of anything. You really honestly think I’m OK with slavery? That’s the problem with you far left types. You’re so anally quick to make extreme judgments, and you always seem to assume some sort of worst case.
  11. “OK kids, see if you can find the 4 micro aggressions in these two pages and then point out all the blatant white supremacy you can find. If the winner is white, he/she gets to be the first to go in front of class and get white privilege shamed Dr. Seuss style! This is what makes learning so much fun, boys and girls!”
  12. Ever consider being roommates with Spaz? In the backyard, you guys could lie down, pitch your tents and see the stars right above you as you chat/bond all night over how to wipe out Trump and the GQP.
  13. Reread my post…..I changed it. I know how you think, bro.
  14. Ever notice that’s not how you win? If total votes were the way to win, it would require a totally different campaigning strategy. The way that the GOP is now 50/50 with Hispanic voters and trending to move ahead, it might not be long where dumpster Trump is gone and it’s the Dems that want the border sealed and love the Electoral College. Be careful what you wish for. But as for right now, until total votes are the new way to win, bragging about having more base hits and less errors than the team that beat you is just silly.
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