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  1. I was just reading Ukraine is saying nearly 45,000 Russians have been killed. Probably more like 35,000 or so but that’s insane. At this rate, if this war were as long as Vietnam, they’d lose nearly 1 million soldiers. We lost about 58,000 in Vietnam.
  2. Oh God, I got bit a few times as a kid. You know they’re around when you see the tiny cotton ball egg things the babies hatch out of. I used to get bit by some big pisses off horse flies out at the pool. They would terrorize us.
  3. WTF does that mean……above the constitution? Everyone on the political spectrum says the exact same thing, and it means nothing unless you explain your interpretation. There’s no such thing as an absolute correct interpretation of the constitution. Everyone thinks theirs is right, but it’s just right for them and no one else. We elect people that choice people that will hopefully interpret it how we prefer it to be.
  4. If I were an ideologue and dogmatic, I would’ve been a never Trumper in 2016 because Trump’s values and integrity didn’t meet my requirements. I could never ever vote for someone like that, and the consequences for not doing so be damned. However, I’m more practical and think more pragmatically. I realize that sometimes it’s necessary to navigate politics by going with someone that doesn’t necessarily meet my values in the short term, but is necessary to support in the best interest of my long term values being represented in government. Not like Hillary is a saint. If I had been a never-Trumper in 2016, All the 100’s of judges Trump appointed would’ve been left to far left, and the Supreme Court would’ve been far left for at least another 16 to 20 years. With the left passing their voting rights act scam and had their way with re-districting, the GOP may have never won another Presidential election for decades or longer. Now how is that result in tune with my values???? It was the easiest no brainer in history and I’d do it again a million times over.
  5. My prediction from a while back is that it’ll be a Haley Scott ticket. I’m actually going to put some serious money down on this now that I live in Vegas. It’s possible she might pick DeSantis and use him as the attack dog while she stays above the frey.
  6. It’s all speculation, but good and accurate speculation is based on facts, trends, historical trends, etc. Being educated on a certain subject will make you a better speculator. You suck on this topic.
  7. I have no idea if that’s true or not because I’m not a Twitter guy, but she went on Fox and it was on Drudge all the time and in the news in general.
  8. Trump has NEVER ripped on Nikki Haley. Not once, and that’s despite her countlessly ripping on him for saying and doing stupid shit during his last 3 years. She somehow has a spell on him. If someone can find something let me know, but I’ve never seen it. Her style was to rip him hard for the bad thing, and end it with an example of something he had done positive and wished he’d focus on that. A little psychology there.
  9. Dude, Cruz and Trump wanted to fight each other in the primary, and became friends in the general to beat Hillary. It’s just like Hispanic gangs on the street hate each other so much they’ll try to kill each other. When they go to prison, they put that aside and become one big cohesive Hispanic gang. The same thing usually happens in politics.
  10. See, I told you you lean left. The left has been just as bad in different ways. But you can rationalize the left doing that, so it’s not a deal killer. The ironic thing is feral cats vote Dem because they love hand outs and just to piss you off that you have to be on the same team. And of course, the LGBT cats vote Dem as well, and they really can’t believe a gay serial killer of their community is going to vote with them. Just another great reason to love feral cats and not you.
  11. Dude, this is nothing new here, and it never has been unique to Europe.
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