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  1. That’s why he’s my stalker. Anyone that would have that big of a hard on stalking me is truly weird. Serious weird, not joking weird.
  2. That is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid. Gang shooting violence in and around schools has absolutely nothing to do with gun toting right wingers. If guns were banned the gangs would still easily have them. They buy their drugs from cartels, and cartels would supply them with guns if they couldn’t find any. A lot of gangs have illegal automatic weapons right now. If you pansies would just get a grip on reality, that would be a good first step. Please tell, How many kids have bulletproof backpacks? Less than
  3. I think they think the world is only 6,000 years old.
  4. Yeah, woops. It’s crazy. A Gorilla can dead lift 4,000 lbs and they’re vegetarians. Unlike humans, gorillas can metabolize cellulose and that’s how they do it. Trying out for the NFL he benched 225lbs 51 times. When I was living in Fort Collins about 8 years ago I totally got in shape and taking testosterone at the 25 year old amount per my doc, I did 18 reps of 225lbs at 5’-10” 195 lbs. That’s my drug doping record. Without the testosterone, I could do 14.
  5. Elton John- Saturday’s Alright For Fighting guitar tone. It’s that 70’s thin distorted stuff.
  6. My very first guitar was an EVH kind of Kramer with Seymour Duncan pu’s in it with a Floyd Rose. I should have just gotten a real Fender Strat. I’m pretty much a Fender and Gibson traditionalist, not a snob though. I will say, the most God awful guitar tone in history is a PRS guitar through a Mesa Dual Rectifer. Chords are horrid and single notes should just get you a misdemeanor for disturbing the peace.
  7. I think the problem affecting you is the stupid decision to make you wear masks at work. A lot of people on the left feel the need to try and save every idiot from themselves at the expense of everyone else that has their shit together. Those are the power hungry types that shouldn’t have their jobs.
  8. The anti-vaxers certainly don’t make it easy, but the problem lies with the mostly left politicians that just can’t let the masks and control go. They just need to have the balls to let them die, and put them as low priority at ER’s and hospitals so normal problems people have won’t be affected. Maybe that’ll get more people to get vax’d.
  9. Praise Jesus. I couldn’t watch Fox anymore because of his 24/7 commercials. I think Fox’s ratings will go up.
  10. I’m so tired of some of these outlets that use only gold medals to rank the countries. Total medals is better than that but still lacking. The obvious thing to do is give 3 points for a gold, two for silver, one bronze. This is the top 3 right now using that: 1. USA 83 2. China 75 3. Non-Russia Russia 63 Instead of: 1. China 17 2. Japan 15 3. USA 14
  11. Mostly in the garage. The tailgating areas have changed locations over the last 10 years. I haven’t checked for this year.
  12. This is all about perception for political purposes and nothing about actually solving the problem. The only thing bipartisan that’s going on in that caucus are the men’s bipartisan cocks. Give me a break. The only person to ever have the high risk political balls to take on China on trade has been Trump. Not Biden or anyone else has the balls to take on China with trade or anything else unless it’s an actual military attack on us. Biden won’t even stand up to Putin. He volunteered to put us back in the old moldy INF Treaty with Russia (in which they cheat) which will make us very da
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