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  1. You absolutely should. All you need is a small litter box, a little bowl of dry foot & water, and you’re set. You can leave anytime you want, just have enough food and water. It’s also good to have a scratch pad. It’s pretty easy to trim their claws, too. If you get too young kitties, they are amazing entertainment. Then with a nice dog in the mix, it’s a lot of fun. If you want something more mellow, get an older cat that’s sweet and likes to just hang out and nap. Great company. They get so relaxed looking, it kind of mellows me out.
  2. Me and my cats on our morning walk.
  3. What a stupid piece of shit. Not surprising at all, though. Trump National Committee JFC: What does the JFC stand for? Jesus F-ing Christ? https://www.politico.com/news/2024/04/17/trump-campaign-fundraising-five-percent-00152830
  4. The GOP deserves it, that’s for sure.
  5. If he sits like an Indian he can, but he’ll never do it because he says that he doesn’t want to get deported to India by accident. That would look like a blob of lard on the ground with a head sticking out, anyway.
  6. Who said anyone is wiping Iran off the map? The terrorists that have control of Iran’s government? Of course. Do you deny they’re terrorists? We don’t have the same rules for terrorist states. Ian, Happy Trump and some others on this board are pretty weird when it comes to foreign policy. If you want to treat a terrorist state as a normal western civil one, then you support it in my book. You support terrorism. There’s no sitting on the fence when it comes to that. And I have no patience for living in the past stupidity. You can learn from history good and bad. The ridiculous idea that we can’t do something well now because we fvcked it up in the past is mind blowing. And no situation is the same. The variables are different now than they were in the past, so that philosophy doesn’t even pass the sanity test.
  7. Next up: Biden goes with the Gene Simmons KISS footwear. Biden: “They call me Dr. Love.”
  8. Is there a bigger hopeless partisan in America than little doggie?
  9. Dude, Trump doesn’t know history or religion or a lot of things worth a shit. That is very true. Although Trump has been slipping lately, he’s no where near dementia-land as much as Biden is. Biden would never go off on a tangent on Robert E. Lee???? Are you shitting me? Biden going off on a tangent is his handlers worst nightmare, because he’ll go off on a tangent on anything at any given moment. That’s his favorite thing to do. And unfortunately for him, he starts with embellishments, and they end up being lies over time. Biden has long been documented by even democrats to make shit up in speeches to impress people. Somehow, he makes the lies real in his head but doesn’t somehow remember that people will check. Biden isn’t anywhere near being the liar Trump is. But he shovels in a lot of bullshit speaking on the campaign trail and out at public events, and he can be Trump Jr. at times. But his old age and decline make him a walking disaster on the campaign trail without a tight leash. So no, he is not better than Trump out in public when he does what he wants to. As much as I hate Trump, you can’t objectively say that. I call balls and strikes the same for both teams.
  10. The Dems need to do the right thing and cover Johnson with votes long enough to get aid for Ukraine done. Then don’t cover for him after that.
  11. I agree, Biden has proven way too many times that when he goes freestyle, it’s often a disaster. Especially when he’s tired and trying to answer reporter questions on the road.
  12. Trump doesn’t want a speech writer because he demands that he be allowed to exercise his right to free speech. And since his speech is free not hiring a speech writer, he can take that savings and hire Dog Chapman to hunt down who stole the last election and bring them to justice.
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