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  1. Nevada Convert

    Guilty until proven innocent

    You are right that it’s common for people that have been significantly harmed by someone to have their mind automatically bury the memory because it’s too painful to think about. But it’s never gone and will cause all kinds of problems until it’s brought out completely and dealt with with professional help. The problem with this situation is that this woman is acting a lot more like she has a political problem than a psychological problem. I mean, given me one fvcking break here. Kavanaugh has been rising in the courts for quite a while, and he’s been a pretty big deal even before this nomination. What this woman is doing is not how a typical traumatized person would act. Traumatized people don’t suddenly become political activists, and constantly change their minds as if they’re navigating a road of delay, among other things. Here’s my prediction what’s going to happen because the left can be so predictable. From now until Tuesday, the Dems are going to announce that there’s another anonymous woman that wants to be heard, and she will be even more fishy. And this one will not come forward. Dems will say she’s considering it and drag that on. Meanwhile, miss ballsy will show up and testify, and a woman will question her and expose her political ambitions. When she’s done, she will go down to the police station in Maryland that has jurisdiction, and will file a police report and ask for an investigation. There is no statute of limitations for where it’s claimed to have happened. The Dems will scream and cry that a justice can’t be confirmed while there’s a criminal investigation. However, the GOP will say that the FBI have already looked into and there’s nothing to investigate. They might call a couple of people claimed to have been present, but the PD should drop this quick. If the PD and city turns out to be a politically motivated group of lefty’s, it’ll get ugly. If the PD isn’t being reasonable, they’re going to vote. Susan Collins will vote yes as she can see the games being played. Flake may go no, maybe not. But Collins sets the tone for the other Red state Dems’ vote, so even if Corker and Flake, flake out, he should make it through even if Pence has to vote. The anonymous 2nd woman will cause a big stir when it’s announced, but once things settle, she will be exposed.
  2. Nevada Convert

    I blame you Boise, its a runaway train at this point

    I’m assuming that Washington and Wazzu go with ‘rotten apple turnovers’.
  3. Nevada Convert

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Mo-jack, just make an appointment with your primary care physician in the morning, and let them take a quick look at you. Please, we care.
  4. Nevada Convert

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    None of us with a brain that weren’t born yesterday know this has been a carefully planned out, strategic and orchestrated Dem attack on the Kav candidacy. They held on to it as a last ditch effort if nothing else worked. And it nearly worked with Thomas, so why not try it again. This woman will not testify under oath because she’s not going to take any chances of getting caught on perjury charges. She knows she’s lying and that’s what activists like her do.
  5. Nevada Convert

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    That’s because the big 3 networks aren’t giving them all the facts and reporting it biased. They’re hyping this up as a guy that’ll single handedly overturn RvW.
  6. Nevada Convert

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    You can be extremely nice to someone and expose someone with the simple facts at the same time. She’s never intended to testify. All she has to do is help get this thing delayed enough to hope that the election results would require a new candidate. And when Kav is out, she’s done.
  7. Nevada Convert

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    There probably are some nuts threatening her, but at the same time it’s hard to believe anything that’s coming from that camp. I’ll bet it’s at least exaggerated. You knew she wasn’t going to show up on Monday, though. I was expecting an excuse on Sunday. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if soon her lawyer announces that she’s been hospitalized due to the stress put on her by the GOP and needs time to heal before she can testify.
  8. Nevada Convert

    We should get rid of the AP poll

    WTF is wrong with you? The AP poll is a hell of a lot better than the coaches poll. You do know that most of the coaches don’t even fill theirs out and leave it up to unqualified “other” people? There’s no such thing as a good poll, but the AP is definitely the best.
  9. So I’m watching Chris Cuomo’s show on CNN, and he brings one of their anchors on to give Chris the skinny (or fatty) on the Stormy book coming out that she read. So she tells Chris that Stormy goes into full detail about Trump’s penis. Suddenly Chris perks up and says “OK! I’m listening, but be mindful”. So based on the book description, she uses her own words to describe what Stormy was Saying. She goes into describing the shape, length, consistency, texture and was kind of making fun of it. Holy crap, that’s mindful????? Then Chris said that he can’t wait for her to tell him all the things of the air that she couldn’t say on TV. Good God, TDS is just taking us to new extremes every day.
  10. Nevada Convert

    In Stormy's words

    Like how in the hell would she know about Mario Kart characters. Oh yeah, she has a 7 year old daughter that she shares with a porn producer. She must have discovered Mario when taking a weekend off her nonstop world tour of strip joints. Poor daughter.
  11. Nevada Convert

    Fox "News", everyone

    Do you realize that none of that is supposed to be hard news? The shows on Fox are editorial. There’s only a small amount of hard news.
  12. Nevada Convert

    Fox "News", everyone

    So dramatic senior snowflake!!! 😹😹😹
  13. Nevada Convert

    Fox "News", everyone

    Holy shit.
  14. Nevada Convert

    Fox "News", everyone

    Nah, CNN brings on a never Trumper Republican that agrees with the other two most of the time. Fox has really changed since the other 2 have gone total “resistant”. They don’t have as many Dems on because the Dem viewpoint is everywhere during this presidency. Before Trump, Fox has always beaten CNN and MSNBC about 97%of the time. How? Fox has gotten a 40-50% Democrat viewership. Why do they watch? They have the most interesting programming than the other two. They watch and pull for the Dem. The key to long term great ratings is having people from both parties watching. Rush Limbaugh has a 50/50 viewership and Dems love to hate him. But he keeps it interesting and people listen.
  15. Nevada Convert

    Fox "News", everyone

    You’re such an idiot. This is a fight these 2 have been having for months. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪