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  1. Someone has to take this to the AAC board, or even the ACC board and give Florida St. fans some love. 🙂👍
  2. No, no, no. Idaho is known as the great trend setter in style, so we should put the P6 patch right on the players asses. Another good thing about it being on the ass is that it’s as close as it can get to the sewer without actually getting soiled.
  3. 💩💩 Nevermind the turd of the week’ when we’ve got you as ‘turd of the day’ every day. 💩💩 😹😹😹😹👍
  4. Who cares. ASU shouldn’t have been anywhere near MSU. So it goes to OT with ASU momentum. It’s way too early to be pegging teams like that.
  5. Toledo being favored by 6 is about right. Haven’t you figured out yet that Toledo has become a respectable FB program? They’re picked to win the West MAC conference, and CSU keeps under-performing.
  6. What a propaganda thread. Sure, teams like UCLA aren’t usually this bad, but they have 6 teams in the Top 25 including ASU with their great Michigan St. win.
  7. We have 7 P5 wins. 1. Purdue 2. Missouri 3. Oregon St. 4. Arizona 5. UCLA 6. Colorado 7. Florida St.
  8. Even the fairly clueless folks on the board could see that you weren’t trolling. It was just an attempt at being funny/witty that fell very flat.
  9. He seemed pretty frail at the HOF awards, and didn’t look so great. But he’s looked frail for all his life though. A truly nice guy, though, everyone says that’s been around him. When you look at what’s considered pop music today (not in the rap category), it’s boring and ridiculous garbage. Rap certainly has found it’s way into too many categories over the years. The fact that it’s included in the R&R HOF is the biggest joke in music history. It’s just depressing how much shit music there is. It’s gotten worse every decade. I miss the days in the 60’s, 70’s and the first part of the 80’s where there was a Top 40 count down and there was so many great flavors of music that were so good. The 70’s were the best for having the most diverse and truly great styles of music and that were great. There aren’t any young kids doing rock anymore. It’s all cock-rock, just like there’s so much cock-country being made. Depressing.
  10. This attempt at a turd of the week thread is the turd.
  11. There’s a much better and more detailed documentary of this out there that I saw a while ago. I’ll try to find it. This was a pretty short story of it that didn’t cover some pretty important points. I believe there was a movie made about another incident that occurred around 1986 where a Russian nuclear sub off the Atlantic coast of the US had a fire onboard that nearly launched a couple dozen or so nukes to their eastern US targets. Of course, we would’ve instantly retaliated sending nukes to the USSR. The massive 1983 NATO allied mock war games training for the Soviet invasion of Europe, was going on and the Soviets believed that the exercise was just there to cause the Soviets to let their guard down and that the military practice was going to be an actual invasion of the USSR. At that time, no one knew how terribly paranoid the Soviets were of the US. Reagan’s description of the USSR as being the ‘axis of evil’ made them sure that Reagan was going to invade. That one wasn’t as scary as some of the others. There’s one more.
  12. You were one of the most over-hyped teams in WAC history. You embarrassed the conference in the Sugar Bowl. All that sugar, Georgia made Hawaii look like a bunch of diabetics that hadn’t taken their insulin shots in a while. 🤪🤪🤪😂😂👍
  13. It wasn’t a magical team. They had a stupid easy schedule and then were massively exposed and embarrassed by Georgia.
  14. It wasn’t fear mongering, it was very real. Everyone talks about the Cuban Missile Crisis as being the most dangerous moment in history. Actually it wasn’t. There were several incidents where we were inches away from world destruction. Most notably was the 1983 incident where the Russian warning system malfunctioned and began showing us launching nukes at the Soviet Union one after another until dozens and dozens were on their way. Here’s what I remember about it. Red flashing warnings and sirens were going off demanding the Soviet military guy to launch 100’s of Soviet nukes at the US. But he didn’t do it. He called his superior and he was ordered to and screamed at for not already done so, but he didn’t. What kept him from doing it? He said that he was trained that if the US were to strike, they would launch all at once, not individually. It turned out that the rising sun hitting ice crystals in the atmosphere over the US caused a malfunctioning Soviet defense system to think they were US nuke launches. Eventually in secret discussions with the Soviets we found out about the insane close call and worked to avoid the possibility of happening again. The officer was removed from duty for not obeying orders and had a bad life until 1990 when the USSR died. He was then recognized for his heroism, given a better pension and was allowed to talk about it. He died about 7 years ago. In interviews he said he happened to be covering a shift for another guy. He said it was very fortunate he was there to actually think about the the situation rather than just blindly react to warnings. He said that the other guys working with him would’ve absolutely would’ve immediately launched the nukes. Apparently there wasn’t time to call the president and military leaders if a sudden attack by the US was launched, so they put together a system that had immediate approval to launch a strike as scary as that is. We should already have a major holiday to honor this guy as a hero in both countries. There were two other incidents that were close to being just as bad. Scary time it was. I lived in Ridgecrest/China Lake that the Soviets had as a high priority to hit in a nuclear strike because of the military base being one of the best in developing and testing new weapons.
  15. I’ll always pull for the G5 unless: 1. It’s a G5 that’s a threat to the MWC’s leading NY6 contender. I’ll want Houston, UCF, etc. to lose to any P5 in most years. In fact I’ll pull against most of the AAC no matter who they play. 2. The non-MWC G5 is playing the PAC-12. I pull for the PAC most of the time unless playing the MWC.