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  1. What’s behind this whole thing is the start of the campaign by the left to marginalize and push Biden aside so that Harris can take over for a far left agenda if Biden himself won’t do it their way. She could never get elected with her agenda, so a hostile take over is the only way. Pelosi brought up the 25th amendment last year saying that it might need to be used in the future and she said she wasn’t referring to Trump. I predicted this if Biden got elected and it’s starting to play out exactly that way. This is pretty radical stuff. It won’t be long when Republicans are defending Bide
  2. That’s exactly it. There are so many people on the board that have their heads up their butts on this it’s really shocking. The entire purpose of the creation of the football was to immediately respond to a nuclear attack on us. It’s always been implied that we’d never have any reason to START a nuclear war with the Soviets or anyone else that had nukes to retaliate with. The only people that thought we might start a nuclear war were the old paranoid Soviet hardliners. “But, but, but we started a nuclear war with Japan”. No we didn’t. The Japs attacked and declared war on us. The nukes w
  3. There were a lot of Americans that came from Germany in past generations and still had family in Germany. Politically, nuking Germany would’ve been tougher to get a lot of support vs. a place like Japan where racially and culturally, they didn’t have the standing the Germans did in the US. Good thing we didn’t have to nuke Germany and too bad we had to in Japan. With the Germans fighting the Russians, the amount of lives lost would rival our Japanese nuke campaign. In the tank battle of Kursk, for about 10 days in a row, about 31,000 died on the front every day. You can go on farm land t
  4. Yup, they can do it on the fly, and have been for a long time. My TV is a 1080p that’s about 13 years old. They can take 24 FPS which is fairly standard for film and TV viewing and turn it into 60 FPS video. I forgot the name. I think Cinemotion is something else. I’ll check. OK, for my year they call it Motionflow. There’s a high setting for 60, and a low setting....can’t remember the FPS for that. Probably 40. And you can have it turned off. It’s really cool. The newer 4K TV’s are getting closer to the “soap opera affect” anyway. A lot of people hate 60 FPS for movies. But It’s awesome
  5. Holy crap. Of course you think it is because you’re an out of control PC guy. The determination of it being racist depends on the creators intent. To me, it’s obviously intended to be a funny cartoon using stereotypes that are so ridiculously over the top, they’re funny. It might even be a way of making fun of and being sarcastic with stupid stereotypes. This is MTV, this is an adult cartoon not intended for kids to actually learn from. Your mentality is exactly what’s ruined comedy.
  6. The worst thing you can do to a country like ours is to make QUICK & DRAMATIC election changes that half the country don’t have any confidence in. Even if it turns out to be legit, it still gives the appearance of the other side trying to pull a fast one. Especially when quick and dramatic changes are being proposed to flip the Supreme Court and add states just to get more electoral votes, not to mention collect guns door to door. The left wants peace and unity? No, that’s extremism, and it also breeds far right extremism to counter it. What the far left is proposing will get them a
  7. There are a lot of experts on both sides that have said that Trump probably wins with no Covid. A decent amount of anti-Trump people on this board believe that. Then if you took away most of his negatives, of course he would’ve won. If Trump had Reagan character and leadership, it would be virtually automatic.
  8. I agree, no politician should ever be protected by the media. But the media in modern times have always been a 90/10 or 95/5 split voting nearly 100% Dem. So as our society has become more and more politically polarized on both sides, it hasn’t been shocking to see personal opinion creep more and more into what’s supposed to be objective news. I think the Dem media bias remained about the same up until the 2000 election when the Bush vs. Gore hanging chad fiasco occurred. The internet was also booming at that time and the 2 combined and exploded. I think that’s when the polarization went
  9. LOL, so you’re saying the media hasn’t been on an unprecedented mega anti-GOP and Trump smear campaign the last 4 years? The media has been lying even more than Trump, and that’s a lot of lying and dishonest spin, especially with Google escorting you there. Most of the never-Trumpers protested by going indy or Dem while Trump was prez, but when he’s gone they’ll be back. Both of my parents went indy, and they said they’ll switch back when Trump is out of the picture.
  10. A friend I grew up with that lived a few houses down had parents that were kids in Germany during the war, and his dad was forced to be in the Hitler youth.
  11. Just because so many people were inspired to show up and vote against Trump doesn’t mean the GOP base is shrinking. It’s called anti-Trump voter turnout. There will always be more Dems than GOP. But the Dems can’t get the turn out they want because they like their nominee so much. This was a rare case of hating Trump so much, and the Dems also got the never-Trumper GOP votes which was about 10% of the GOP during his term. If Covid had never occurred, Trump would’ve won. If Trump never tweeted, was never Covid and had been more of a grown up, he would’ve beaten any Dem easily. But Trump o
  12. Cowering to him? No they’re not. In 2016 they tried to ruin and sabotage his candidacy during the primaries like the Dems did to Bernie. When was the last time a president wasn’t supported by his party as the automatic nominee for his second term? The GOP has already said they’re not going to do it for Trump.
  13. Cool, is he still alive? My grandfather was a top executive at Lockheed in Burbank and worked closely with Kelly Johnson in designing planes from the late 1930’s to the early 1970’s. He helped design and supervised production of the P-38 Lightning during WWII, was in charge of the production of about 2,500 B-17’s per a contract with Boeing, the U2 Spy Plane design, the SR-71 blackbird design, etc. He was a big part of starting up the Skunk Works program that the U2 and SR-71 were an early part of. It sucks, he died way to young in 1973 of a heart attack and would’ve been around for the s
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