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  1. You are probably the same guy who argued with me about Lance Armstrong being on steroids. Grow up.
  2. And Liberace wasn’t gay. Agassi wrote a tell all and forgot to tell all.
  3. The 1990’s was the greatest when everyone was on steroids. Jordan, Agassi, Huskers, Bo Jackson etc. Greatest era of sports ever. Notice I didn’t say LJ.
  4. Winners Win. No way would I have less than 10 wins in this lousy conference. SJSU graduate Arroyo is a loser from birth.
  5. After that last game against Texas and his hair falling out by the minute, the old man may be available in the next week or two with how the SEC turns on people in a heartbeat.
  6. Should woulda coulda, they don't let me make the hires. He would have done better than anybody we had since TARK. Probably still would.
  7. Lay off the drugs. We will get smoked by North Nobody this weekend and will be 1-9 or 2-8 heading into Hawaii in November. Arroyo is a loser. 3-17
  8. They are terrible. They will battle it out with pathetic Hawaii to see who is worse. Marcus Arroyo is the worst coach I have ever seen.
  9. Jim Mora - UCONN (maybe) Clay Helton - I like this one. Good job.
  10. Mumme is 70 - Too old Bob Davie - 35-64 at New Mexico (67 too old) Norvell sucks! Do better, put some effort in next time on your list.
  11. Really good one. Thanks Should have been hired instead of Mike Sanford long time ago. I will add to list. Keep them coming.
  12. Las Vegas is the center of the sports universe. Hawaii is not. Las Vegas in the PAC-12 will become unbeatable. Like USC from 2002-2009.
  13. It is still early but never too early on MWCBoard.com to have a discussion about potential UNLV Coaching Candidates. With UNLV moving to the PAC-12 it is time to make a real investment in Football so lets keep a thread of potential hires (realistic and unrealistic) for UNLV: Bob Stoops (UNLV AD Erick Harper has past ties to Stoops family & will be looking to make a splash entering PAC-12) Urban Meyer (Looking to redeem himself with PAC-12 job in Las Vegas) Jon Gruden (Looking to redeem himself and get statue at Allegiant Stadium when he wins 8 games at UNLV in the PAC-12) Gary Patterson (Old TCU coach ready to show Las Vegas what real Football is) Tom Herman (Head Coach at Houston and Texas ready to battle the PAC-12 in Las Vegas) Bryan Harsin (Current Auburn coach could be fired any day if he loses a game, SEC is nuts. Old Boise coach) Ed Orgeron (I don't like him but he did win the National Championship in 2019) Shane Steichen (Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Coordinator, UNLV Rebel under JRob) Scott Frost (Nebraska just fired him, he went undefeated at UCF in 2017) Chris Petersen (Old Washington and Boise Coach, he is 57 might be ready for last go at it in the PAC-12 at UNLV) Bronco Mendenhall (BYU and Virginia Head Coach, he is 56 years old and UNLV would be perfect job for him) Clay Helton (Old USC coach, now 2-0 at Georgia Southern as of this posting) Deion Sanders (Neon Deion in Las Vegas, 16-5 at Jackson State) We can continue to add more names to the list as the losses pile up and the season progresses. UNLV is 3-17 right now with the worst coaching staff I have ever seen and I have seen some bad ones.
  14. What other bowl wins we got dude? I guess you didn’t like having Randall Cunningham and Ickey Woods or beating Arkansas in the Las Vegas Bowl. UNLV has tried every loser combination possible and proven FBS winner is the only one that works for us. The only success UNLV has ever had is because of proven WINNERS. Pretend all you want and go out and hire some lowlife assistant from Utah or BYU and we can see what happens.
  15. Bob Stoops, Urban Meyer or Jon Gruden. Or anyone competent who is a proven FBS winner. The only time UNLV Football has ever had any success is when we hire proven FBS winners. No more projects. Hire proven winners.
  16. 3-17 dude. His own parents won’t answer his phone calls. Show some pride.
  17. That makes me feel better. Incarnate World is a beast.
  18. Robinson brought in intelligent players and built a program we could be proud of at UNLV. He was an old man but knew what he was doing. He would win 10+ games every year with these cream puff schedules UNLV plays now. JROB went agains Utah, TCU, BYU and good CSU, Air Force and New Mexico teams at the time. Plus we played legit out of conference games not the sisters of the poor like we play now. Arroyo is in over his head. His wife, his dog and his girlfriend all bounced but UNLV still wants to hang on and get drug through the mud with this loser. 3-17 and moron UNLV fans are claiming we are almost there. Beating the worst FCS program in the country makes these idiot UNLV fans think we are good. Coaching is the issue. With what this Arroyo joker is being paid and the cupcake teams we are playing he should win 8+ games no problem. This guy can’t win two vs FBS opponents. Shitty Reno has a new coach and is 3-0. Another flag on UNLV! Penalty on UNLV. Bad play call by UNLV. Poor timeout by UNLV. Team is devastated by loss but coaches won’t look in the mirror!
  19. You know nothing about UNLV. Anyone who has watched this team for decades and decades like I have knows they get up for PAC-12 games and almost always coulda woulda shoulda giving hope where none should exist. Only to come back a week or two later and lay a big fat egg vs a NOBODY! UNLV is no good. A good team would have won today. UNLV is actually terrible. The coaching is beyond pathetic. Seen this same scenario tons of times. The players will lay down and we will get humiliated. This staff plays a little more conservative trying not to get blown out so they try to keep hope alive. 3-17 tells the story. A blowout to North Nobody Next week and we will all be on the same page. Arroyo is a loser.
  20. Put everything you got and everything you can borrow on NORTH TEXAS. Easy money.
  21. 3-17. Every other school in FBS would be busy raising money for the buyout to find a new coach. Most self respecting programs would have never let it go THIS long. UNLV says just be patient. Coaching cost this game. Terrible waste of timeouts. Lack of discipline with all the penalties which is a coaching problem and terrible play calling all game long. Pathetic conservative defensive play calls and the worst offensive game plan I have ever seen. Recruiting players who have low level IQ. All coaching problems!
  22. Pretty sure he said he wanted 4th timezone. That means Pacific timezone. UNLV, SDSU, UNR or Fresno. Big-12 has no other options in PST Maybe talking about Hawaii? pretty easy to narrow down this list.
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