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  1. https://sports.yahoo.com/could-pac-12-survive-after-all-oregon-state-washington-state-hope-so-with-legal-move-235231232.html Can’t be any clearer that the plan is to invite best of MWC and AAC. Wake up MWC fans and start planning for your bleak futures.
  2. It is fun for all of you to play pretend that the PAC-2 will want you and invite you all. That is not what is going to happen. You would be wise to come to that realization and start planning for your true futures.
  3. PAC-2 doesn't want all of you and you can't just invite yourself to live with someone else. They have to be agreeable to it. PAC-2 will decide who gets invited to the PAC-12. Not lowlife MWC schools that are scared.
  4. That is a journalist speculating. He is obviously ignorant to what is really going to happen. Won't be the first time they were wrong.
  5. PAC-2 will want to have a commitment in hand (when going to court) showing that they have invited others schools to the PAC-12 that are ready to join within the mandated NCAA time frame. PAC-12 Oregon St Washington St UNLV SDSU Fresno St Gonzaga (All Sports but Football) Hawaii (Football Only) Boise St Colorado St New Mexico Tulane Memphis Wichita St (All Sports but Football) Air Force (Football Only)
  6. They left at different times so those would not be the correct numbers.
  7. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/38353933/oregon-state-washington-state-file-complaint-pac-12 With the intent of "exploring opportunities to sustain the Pac-12," the schools are asking for a board meeting of all 12 members Wednesday to be canceled and for legal clarity to be given on who has voting rights to control the future of the league.
  8. They are not just walking away like some of you genius predicted.
  9. We won’t. It is negotiable as I have said all along.
  10. Correct. Expansion is about the long term, you don’t make bad decisions that you will be stuck with for the next 50-100 years just to save 10 months or 22 months.
  11. And it is spread out so it doesn’t really hurt like a $17 million check at one time would. MWC would withhold (so the schools would never see it) $5 million dollar yearly conference payout on July 1, 2024. MWC would also withhold another $5 million dollar yearly conference payout on July 1, 2025. All that the schools would actually pay is $7 million dollars and that would be negotiated and paid out over many years.
  12. PAC-12 NOW Games are usually available on Youtube. That is where I watched the UNR vs. USC game for free.
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