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  1. They invited three of them. Messed up and missed out by not taking the other three. Monstrous Mickey Mouse Mistake.
  2. We are looking to be better correct? Not just average like they are. Only one can be the best and I expect that to be UNLV. I think we have a case to be made right now that our Football and Basketball facilities are better than 90% of what they have in the PAC-12. That still isn’t good enough. UNLV should far and away have the best facilities and work towards that goal every day.
  3. I don’t care how Mark Davis (LV Aces) get the money ($150 million). If someone gives it to him or if it is naming rights or whatever combined methods he uses, just come up with his half of the money for the Arena (LV Aces). UNLV owns the land and will always own the land. Mark Davis spent quite a bit on practice facilities for the LV Aces and Raiders so he does NOT always expect a free ride. Michigan, USC, Notre Dame, Ohio State etc. all build Football Stadiums with the intention of using them for hundreds of years. UNLV should be no different. We need an On-Campus open air Football Stadium that is 40,000 seats. UNLV Now failed because it was a terrible idea that was doomed to fail from the minute they released it. Worst idea I ever read in my entire life. Morons came up with that idea. Cox, Mendenhall and T&M should all be leveled for the good of the long term outlook of the Athletics Department. Basketball belongs at Koval/Trop near the strip in modern day facilities that are properly sized for our program going towards 2030! UNLV Football belongs On-Campus like every major program in the country. I found the perfect spot!
  4. The T&M was built using tax revenue from slot machines and that same revenue has been used for refurbishing the T&M. UNLV already owns the land at Trop/Koval. If Mark Davis puts in $150 million and UNLV puts in $150 million we can build a very very nice first class luxury Basketball facility on that spot. UNLV can likely raise $100 million from the slot machine tax and another $50 million from the sale of Sam Boyd Stadium + 62 acres of land. The new On-Campus Football Stadium should be bullt the same way SDSU did it. $350 million in bonds to build a 40,000 seat stadium On-Campus with a long term view of keeping the stadium for 100-200 years and updating it as time goes. UNLV will get naming rights money, students can pitch in another $50 million in new fees. Boosters/Alumni can be on the hook for $50 million and the LVCVA and the state can throw in some cash also. It can and should be done. This is the proper way to run an athletics department.
  5. If we don’t focus on a plan to update our UNLV facilities we own, we will end up playing in Allegiant (nightmare municipal monstrosity) and in either T-Mobile or the new NBA Arena that is built. Not that these options are the end of the world, but what I am suggesting is a lot better. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.
  6. I liked the idea I read of a new MLB indoor ballpark where the Tropicana hotel sits that would be used for the A’s and the National Finals Rodeo. Make it about 28,000 seats and first class so the rodeo will never leave. UNLV gets them out of our T&M so we can knock it down and put an On-Campus 40,000 seat Football Stadium where T&M is located. UNLV and Mark Davis (Aces) build new 10,000-12,000 seat all luxury Basketball arena at Trop/Koval on land that UNLV owns. PAC-12
  7. My map says 1.8 miles from T&M to Grand Garden Arena.
  8. This is what I have been saying for awhile now. T&M is 40 years old. UNLV needs a new ARENA on-campus (Koval/Tropicana) and we should partner with the LV Aces on a first class facility right behind MGM Grand on UNLV Land. We can build a 10,000-12,000 seat Arena with first class seating and luxury boxes. Build a big time student section and have all of the modern amenities. Trop/Koval. UNLV owns it! Mark Davis is a Billionaire and wants to build the Aces a new Arena.
  9. I like him. Looks like my type of coach. Bet he wins! Excited to see who he hires.
  10. Horrible hire for UNLV - Orgeron
  11. We are at Weber State Jay Hill now???? From Chris Petersen to Jay Nobody Hill in 24 hours? How does this always happen?
  12. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-football/2-potential-coaches-ruled-out-2-others-emerge-for-unlv-2688624/ Let me come up with a great headline for this on Twitter so I can screw over the LVRJ again today!
  13. Cincy didn’t have to wait. You tell the coach now or never and move on if they aren’t interested. No waiting. Now or never! if you are negotiating contracts with Bob Stoops or Urban Meyer or Chris Petersen, we can wait.
  14. So who is interested? We are at 1 week now? Erick Harper has to be talking to someone? He said he is waiting on a coach who is in a bowl game. We don’t wait, you either want the job or you don’t. Maybe nobody is interested but that silly USC guy with zero qualifications.
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