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  1. The Top 20 (RPI, NET Rankings, AP, Coaches) lineup will be: 1. Dedan/JJIII 2. Keylan Boone/Webster/Hicks 3. Rodriguez/Nowell 4. Hill/Whaley Jr. 5. Kalib Boone/Cottrell UNLV is back and NCAA Tournament ready!
  2. If he gets us in the Big 12, we will build him a statue on campus!
  3. When he is on the court, it is 4 vs. 5 and not in our favor.
  4. https://www.prospectiveinsight.com/post/dj-thomas-commitment PI: What type of goals have you set for yourself at the college level? DT: Obviously during my college career I want to try and win a National Championship, of course. Win a conference championship and all that. Just win as much as possible — that’s all. No self-accolades, yet. I’m just focused on winning as many games as possible.
  5. Again, we can sit around and pretend that he will turn into something. I know he won't.
  6. Enough to know that Basketball isn't for him.
  7. We can sit around and pretend he is good if you want, I have seen him play and he is TERRIBLE.
  8. Small is better. All of you won’t be coming with us to the next conference. We will pick and choose who makes sense.
  9. He is only a freshman but he is horrible.
  10. I am sure Ballys will make a spectacular development around it. I expect to see MGM announce they are making major changes across the street at Excalibur/Luxor also. It will be a great stadium with the best location. UNLV needs to plan a big time development behind MGM Grand on the land the university owns. Should team up with Mark Davis to build a new basketball arena there. National Finals Rodeo likely moves to this new baseball stadium on the strip with 30,000 seats. Will be really fun for NFR.
  11. He had 19 points in 22 mins vs. #20 Providence. Underclassman with a lot of eligibility left. Nice backup!
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