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  1. UNLV is #80 in the NCAA NET right now. On January 23rd UNLV had a humiliating home defeat against some no name team called the Air Farce Falcons. UNLV was 9-9 overall in coach Kevin Kruger's 3rd year and it was clear that the team was in crisis mode and would likely quit on the leader. Some Athletic Directors would have fired the coach that pathetic night. This is the spot in most new coaches careers where they lose control of the team, the assistants line up against him, the players quit on him and the rest of the season is .500 ball at best as they just selfishly play it out waiting to see who the next new coach will be. That didn't happen this time. When UNLV lost to Air Force, it should have been the end of the Kevin Kruger era at UNLV. I thought it was for sure, and I like him. A strange thing happened. The Rebels decided they were tired of losing. The coaches were forced to make a change in the lineup with Justin Webster going down and they inserted the STUDS instead of the DUDS onto the court. From that moment on, UNLV has been the best team in the MWC and should be 8-0 undefeated right now but the Freshman stud guard Dedan Thomas Jr. got nervous in the rivalry game vs. UNR and choked (learning experience). So UNLV is 7-1 since that Air Force loss and the players/Kruger have turned the corner, Kruger has now proven that this is his team and that UNLV will be the best team in the league for the foreseeable future (next 40 years) because Kruger isn't going anywhere. UNLV is now the best team in the MWC, we have studs coming back next year and will load up in the transfer portal with a couple more to make UNLV unbeatable in 2024-25. Kevin Kruger will now start his march towards being the greatest college basketball coach of all time. Most of you are ignorant to what is happening at UNLV. That the team has turned the corner. You will learn soon enough. UNLV isn't losing anymore.
  2. Semis is guaranteed. UNLV is the best team in the MWC. History of this tournament shows us that the best teams always fair well. That upsets some who like to claim home court makes a difference, but it doesn’t. Best teams always do well in the MWC Tournament. If you aren’t good, you lose. UNLV has the best teams in men’s and women’s MWC basketball this season So nobody should act shocked when we are in the championship for both.
  3. 7-1 in our last eight games. Should be 8-0. UNLV is the best team in the MWC by far. 13-5 record wins the MWC Regular Season Championship this year. UNLV holds our destiny in our own hands. The upcoming final 12 or so games this year will be eye opening for many Runnin Rebel fans. UNLV will be unbeatable next year. Kevin has this thing built now. UNLV is the best team and that isn’t changing for the foreseeable future.
  4. I think some UNLV fans don’t understand basketball but pretend they do.
  5. Think about next year UNLV is going to be loaded! Dedan Hicks Hill Whaley Add a stud transfer to those four and we will win 30+ games next year. The good times are here Runnin’ Rebel fans, some of you just don’t know it yet. 6-1 in the last seven games and the one loss was a fluke. Kruger has built us a team and now we go into the offseason where we can load up on stud transfers to add to our Top 25 quality base. Nobody will beat us, if it occasionally happens it is a fluke and we know we were the better team. Program is fixed you clowns just don’t know it.
  6. UNLV is the best team in the MWC despite what the records say. As a UNLV fan it is nice knowing that every MWC game we played this year, we had the better team. The players have choked away several wins they shouldn't have, the coaching has been lacking at times (wrong players in wrong situations). Fact remains, UNLV is the best team in the MWC. We have five games left (regular season) and should win them all. Will we, who knows? Goal is still to win the conference. After that, we have to earn a first round bye in the MWC Tournament. A Top 3 seed would be ideal with the 1 seed being preferable, of course. We have things to play for, this is the exciting time! Best team in the league BY FAR and we are fighting for a regular season championship. We will soon be fighting for a MWC Tournament Championship (three wins in three days)! NCAA is within our reach. That is where this UNLV talent belongs and we will be scary if we can get there. Nobody will want us first or second round. Kruger built it for March! March is right around the corner. Lets win this thing. We have the best team.
  7. Your type of thinking is what gives us Sears and JC Penney’s. Know Nothing who should keep your mouth shut. UNLV isn’t looking to be KMart or ToysRUs pal as much as you would like that.
  8. Not when the product is improving
  9. UNLV should double prices on all seats right now. UNLV Basketball will be a beast in the coming years, raise the prices while nobody is looking. I would triple them if I was the AD. People have to pay to play.
  10. We are the best team. I can make an argument that we shouldn’t have lost at all in this conference this year that is how good this team is. 23 days and we will celebrate our championship on our court. Mark it down! We are the best team.
  11. ESPN Matchup Predictor has UNLV winning the next seven, we just won four in a row since horrible Justin Webster was removed from the starting lineup! UNLV is clearly the best team in the MWC. 23 Days from now UNLV will celebrate the Outright MWC Regular Season Championship on the T&M Court.
  12. If UNLV doesn’t build a new arena with the LV Aces, the Runnin Rebels will likely end up playing in the new NBA Arena that will be built and knock down the T&M anyways. It’s days are numbered. UNLV Football should have built an on campus stadium so they didn’t get relegated to Allegiant (which is too big). They didn’t build their own so now they play in Raider stadium which is nice and big but still fun. Runnin Rebels will either build a new 12,000 seat arena with LV aces on UNLV campus land at Koval/Trop or will move to new NBA Arena which will be nice and big but still fun. MWC should pay for MGM Grand Arena or Mandalay Bay for neutral court but it is hard to beat free.
  13. UNLV will win the next seven (7) games and lockup first place in the MWC and have a Top 50 NET Ranking.
  14. UNLV isn’t going to the NIT. UNLV will win the MWC.
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