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  1. If Nevada enacted a 5% personal income tax I am sure we would have more than enough money for schools. Or taxed casinos at 20%. Or made mining pay their fair share for raping our state. Only a matter of time until enough Cali people get to Vegas to take total control of the legislature and fix the tax structure to make Nevada a real player.
  2. I disagree a little bit. Golden Knights cost us nothing and MGM built the arena. Getting them opened the door to major events like the super bowl and college national championship in Vegas. Golden knights were huge for Las Vegas and re-proved we could support big time athletics (which unlv already proved in the 90’s). Every penny spent on the Raiders was worth it! Another 2 Billion and it still would be worth it. Raiders is the best thing that ever happened to Las Vegas and will help lead to that diversity that you are talking about. Raiders make Las Vegas legit nationally. The
  3. You are making too much sense. Henderson could have built Nevada State University a new Basketball arena and practice facility (to join the Big West). They could buy Sam Boyd Stadium from UNLV for $50 million and give it to Nevada State for a new FCS Football team. But why do something that would help out actual local community schools who are struggling to grow? The taxpayers money alone should be enough to get the UNLV end zone seats in the stadium but it is a lot of hard work and we wouldnt want to put in all that effort for unlv. Just let the students sit in BFE. Who cares, at
  4. Yeah, if it was up to me I would go back to Sam Boyd until an on-campus option could be figured out and built. Not up to me though. So we will play in an empty Raider stadium where we are disrespected and forced to beg permission just to lose. Municipal Monstrosity - saw it coming
  5. Pride in doing what is right. That is the incentive. or we could choose laziness, incompetence and disrespect. which do you think should be chosen? easy way out or doing what is right?
  6. UCF is garbage as is the rest of the AAC. Anyone pimping those lowlifes has no business commenting on UNLV nor would I respond to the nonsense.
  7. They are a high school team in high school stadium that nobody ever heard of and you are drooling like a silly school girl.
  8. Yeah I am sure the ACC can’t wait to add those lovely aluminum bleachers
  9. Are you saying that they built the stadium and are unable to get the seats inside when the turf is out? Please tell me you are joking if this is what you mean. They can’t put the end zone seats in with the grass outside??? How did they take the picture if what you are saying is true?
  10. Never heard of them Some Johnny come lately that AAC is wetting their diapers over?
  11. Expansion should not be based on this years results or last years results or the last ten years results. Expansion decisions should be based on what is best for the next 50 to 100 YEARS! Not what looks good for the next two or three weeks? UNLV and New Mexico are down, so what? This is about the next 50 years! Put the powerhouse schools together and watch them kick ass. Some will win and some will lose. Programs go through ups and downs unless you are one of the blue bloods which none of you lousy mother f'ers are! You build the best conference you can. It isn't about pot
  12. They already sold season tickets in the other end zone! Students belong in the South End Zone where the Raiders have the BLACK HOLE. That is the UNLV Student section and where it belongs! The answer is NOT complicated. PUT IN THE DAMN SEATS for the student section. UNLV gets paid to play in the Raiders Stadium. THEY PAY US not to play at Sam Boyd Stadium. PUT ALL THE SEATS IN and don't accept 2nd class citizenship. The 100 level will get full once UNLV wins. Students deserve the entire section in the south end zone. Not putting in the seats sends a message that UNLV i
  13. The conference that I listed is the conference that should be built today by UNLV, SDSU and BYU. Without a doubt it would be better than the PAC-12 and Big-12. It has better cities, better matchups and would be a great conference. In this world you can either be a leader or a follower. You can invite people or can sit around and wait to be invited. UNLV is not going to AAC or whatever it is called and we turned them down before. We can build a better conference ourselves, why would we join with all that dead weight? This is the conference that should be built today: UNLV
  14. I would rather play at Sam Boyd if they are going to nickel dime amateur hour the way they do things at Raiders Stadium. The idea in moving to Raiders Stadium was not to replicate or intensify the mediocre environment we were leaving. Why duplicate the open end zone from Sam Boyd? That was always one of the worst things about that stadium and now we do the same damn thing with the new Raiders Stadium when we don't have to???? While logistical issues may exist all it takes is a will to want to do what is right, to make it happen. Apparently UNLV does not have the appetite to make U
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