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  1. They all are until they get to UNLV. Hope you are right
  2. Start the UNLV All Athlete Team: Royce Hamm Jr Victor Iwuakor Donovan Williams Bryce Hamilton Michael Nuga Backups David Muoka/James Hampshire Reece Brown Josh Baker Justin Webster Jordan McCabe/Keshon Gilbert We got the talent to Run! We might have to because I don't know if any of these guys can shoot. We might need to dunk to score.
  3. Worst season of Hard Knocks ever. Jerry Jones was crying in episode #1. A grown man crying in Football. The team is terrible they are a bunch of pussies. Weird sounding evil King worshipping foreigners coaching American Football. Incompetent Head Coach. How bout them COWBOYS!!! Worst season ever.
  4. Thursday (30th) - Las Vegas Bowl (PAC-12 vs. BIG Ten) New Years Eve (31st) - Golden Knights vs. Mighty Ducks (T-Mobile) New Years Day (1st) - UNLV vs. SDSU
  5. Harper serves on the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee while chairing the subcommittee for the Speakers’ Bureau. As the Senior Associate AD/Development, Harper has raised more than $40M for the RAF through personal solicitations for principal gifts, major gifts, campaign gifts, scholarship support, endowments, and capital projects. He was responsible for the fundraising efforts for the 75,000-square-foot Fertitta Football Complex raising over $30M for the project with $20M+ personally raised.
  6. It was a question for you to answer.
  7. UNLV Football should be practicing at Sunset Park until they have a winning season. All these other places (UNLV/Raiders) should be a privilege for players that win. Basketball team should be in North Gym until they have a 20 win season. Thats just me. Make them earn it.
  8. Google. Several major programs have done it. Tennessee is one that comes to mind for this year. Ohio State has eight scheduled for 2022. Several have done it in previous years. UNLV should have negotiated in the contract for the most home football games possible (8). That they didn't shows a complete incompetence on their part.
  9. Raiders probably happy about these moves. Allows them more time to prepare for their home games. Not good for UNLV attendance. Supposedly UNLV is playing Michigan Basketball at TMobile Arena in Vegas the same night as this Football game? Who at UNLV approved that?
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