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  1. You are probably the same guy who argued with me about Lance Armstrong being on steroids. Grow up.
  2. And Liberace wasn’t gay. Agassi wrote a tell all and forgot to tell all.
  3. The 1990’s was the greatest when everyone was on steroids. Jordan, Agassi, Huskers, Bo Jackson etc. Greatest era of sports ever. Notice I didn’t say LJ.
  4. Winners Win. No way would I have less than 10 wins in this lousy conference. SJSU graduate Arroyo is a loser from birth.
  5. After that last game against Texas and his hair falling out by the minute, the old man may be available in the next week or two with how the SEC turns on people in a heartbeat.
  6. Should woulda coulda, they don't let me make the hires. He would have done better than anybody we had since TARK. Probably still would.
  7. Lay off the drugs. We will get smoked by North Nobody this weekend and will be 1-9 or 2-8 heading into Hawaii in November. Arroyo is a loser. 3-17
  8. They are terrible. They will battle it out with pathetic Hawaii to see who is worse. Marcus Arroyo is the worst coach I have ever seen.
  9. Jim Mora - UCONN (maybe) Clay Helton - I like this one. Good job.
  10. Mumme is 70 - Too old Bob Davie - 35-64 at New Mexico (67 too old) Norvell sucks! Do better, put some effort in next time on your list.
  11. Really good one. Thanks Should have been hired instead of Mike Sanford long time ago. I will add to list. Keep them coming.
  12. Las Vegas is the center of the sports universe. Hawaii is not. Las Vegas in the PAC-12 will become unbeatable. Like USC from 2002-2009.
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