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  1. When Keon first got to UNLV he would bring him off the bench because he had some sort of seniority rule and he had walkons starting instead of a lottery pick! The guy was out of his mind. All he had to do was get out of the way and roll the ball out there. Nobody was beating Keon and Odom and Nesby. Nobody! Just ignore the weed and hookers and we got at least two more banners in the rafters!
  2. Yeah but silly billy Bayno knew talent and he got it here quickly, he just didn’t know how to use it. Remember when Bayno thought it was a good idea to have a lottery pick come off the bench because he started guys with seniority??? Bayno almost had the best UNLV team: Greedy Nesby Odom Kambala Keon Clark Any of us on this board could have coached that team to an undefeated season and National Championship. Two lottery picks! Odom could make the final four by himself he was that good! I will never forgive Bayno for screwing that up. Odom success woul
  3. He was an analytics nerd who thought athletic ability didn’t matter and all you had to do was shoot the most threes and he would win through some magical computer programming. He didn’t want the team shooting easy shots and preferred chucking up bombs from Timbuktu all night long. Truth is you need studs and dunking is not a bad percentage shot. At UNLV you have to have athletes or nobody is going to pay to watch a bunch of fat out of shape losers launching ridiculous three pointers all night while they play no defense and let the other team have layups. At UNLV we knock you on your a
  4. Your team and conference is so boring you have to come find some people with passion who actually care about their program. We haven’t missed you and didn’t even know you were gone. You are clearly obsessed and jealous and it is understandable because you arent the only one. The world is full of people who secretly love UNLV. It is cute and amusing as are you. Stick around, the passion you show for our program is enjoyable for us to encounter. We can see how much our discussions of UNLV digs deep into your soul. I love it!
  5. It is called fan which is short for fanatic. You are supposed to believe that your team is the best and you are supposed to have a delusional belief of your teams worth. If you don't, you are a lousy fan. You are a fanatic about UNLV. Obsessed and in love. It is cute to a point. A line does exist for you, know that. You aren't the only one so don't feel bad. Many teams are jealous of UNLV. I understand
  6. Big-12 should add UNLV, SDSU, Cincinnati and Houston. BYU is a pain in the a$$ to deal with and their Sunday bull$hit won’t fly. PAC-12 would crap their pants if Big-12 raided the two most fun cities in the West.
  7. K.J. Simpson Has Asked for His Release from His Arizona NLI Four-star combo guard KJ Simpson has asked for his release from his Arizona National Letter of Intent (NLI).
  8. I would love to have Hardy back with some talent around him! Doubt it would happen but he is a Rebel and I would want him back if he still wanted to play College. He might be ready to move on with his life now though. Never hurts to ask, can't say yes if you don't ask. Kevin should make the new assistant call.
  9. Anybody else we want off Cincy besides for Saunders? Jeremiah Davenport or Tari Eason maybe? They are not Big-12 so they may be too low of a level for Kruger to even waste time on? https://gobearcats.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster
  10. I like his style and if Huggs had him you know he will be tough. If he is our starter we will be much better than we have been with walkons and Forwards playing the point. People are saying good things about Gilbert so maybe he can play right away? Watch McCabe's youtube videos with his girlfriend and he has a podcast.
  11. Jalen Pickett Timmy Allen Matt Bradley Jaelen House Mike Saunders Jr
  12. Still have like four spots to fill, maybe more. Kruger knows what we need. He will get scorers.
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