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  1. There’s no position of strength there. The 3 most lucrative time slots (in the CTZ) are 11am, 2:30pm and 6-7 pm and there’s too much competition for those slots. That “early evening” which I’m considering as 6-7 pm is convenient enough out east to have competition from every conference. The late night 9-10pm time slot may be exclusive to the western conferences (PAC-12 and MWC) but it’s just not that important of a slot. 75% of the country is going to bed by the end of the first quarter. The MWC is screwed by time as well as population.
  2. UTAlrightGuy

    DeMarcus Cousins signs 1yr deal with Warriors

    I can understand the point you are making and still not agree with it.
  3. UTAlrightGuy

    DeMarcus Cousins signs 1yr deal with Warriors

    I think our definitions of ”super team” is different. Winning doesn’t exactly make them super teams. The Spurs were not a super team and the 2nd Kobe Lakers were not a super team.
  4. UTAlrightGuy

    DeMarcus Cousins signs 1yr deal with Warriors

    Also I'm just saying if there were 30 teams from the start of the NBA to the present day, the championships would be more distributed amongst teams (as long as players were distributed). There would still be groupings of championships by a singular team, but in the current day the team changes. Bulls, Lakers, Spurs, Miami, Golden State
  5. UTAlrightGuy

    DeMarcus Cousins signs 1yr deal with Warriors

    I get the point but people are sheeple and tend to extrapolate current conditions into the past or future and don't take into account differences that may have existed or will exist at those times.
  6. UTAlrightGuy

    DeMarcus Cousins signs 1yr deal with Warriors

    That’s a little disingenuous. 15 of those Lakers and Celtics titles came when there were 14 or fewer teams in the NBA. And the 16th title was in 49 when they had 17 teams which 6 folded after the season. i didn’t count the other teams titles in that era.
  7. UTAlrightGuy

    CUSA Basketball Scheduling News

    I'm not sure that it's for most years. Even if it works 1 out of 3 years it's probably a success. It's not about the 4th seed really, but about building resumes for 1 and 2 so maybe they have a shot to get in if they lose the conference tourney. At least it's trying something. I don't think it can really make things worse for a single bid league. Maybe it works and props up the RPI a little.
  8. UTAlrightGuy

    Is the PAC12 on the verge of blowing up? Power 4?

    It IS that simple.... now the likelihood of that happening is another matter. And I disagree that the SEC isn't interested UT. Subscriber model winding down and being replaced and it evolving is more or less semantics. We both agree it's changing and we don't know where it's headed. A bird isn't a dinosaur even though it evolved from one. As with every new iteration, there will be some concepts or ideas that stay around. The subscriber model is winding down.... how fast? I don't know. What will remain of it in the new model? I don't know. Will there be some of the subscriber model infrastructure left? Probably, cable TV will still be around some even when we move over to the new model.
  9. UTAlrightGuy

    Is the PAC12 on the verge of blowing up? Power 4?

    Potentially shutting down the LHN alway depends on the terms. If ESPN can use the LHN as leverage to get them into another ESPN conference and UT can make more money, theres a possibility. I'm not predicting it, but just stating that there are avenues. The weakness of the Big Ten schedule is why i didn't use them as an example. I don't imagine that Texas would see much of Penn St, Ohio St, Michigan, or Michigan State or for that matter Rutgers or Maryland. There's just not enough games. As for a potential Big Ten-West, I'd imagine these are the teams they'd play: Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Northwestern. Not terrible but not great. Is that worth the move? I'm not certain. It depends on the other benefits that would be derived by a move. And I understand about the difficulties of an SEC schedule. That's definitely a drawback. Although shutting down the LHN, would not be a 20 million dollar a year hit. It would be the difference from UTs 54ish million to the revenue that the SEC would get in their next contract. Yes they'd lose the LHN money, but they'd get money from the SEC contracts. Would it be enough to overcome the difference? I'm not sure. The SEC could get a nice bump.... especially factoring in UT and OU inventory.
  10. UTAlrightGuy

    Is the PAC12 on the verge of blowing up? Power 4?

    UT won't shut it down. However, ESPN could shut it down as part of a move to another ESPN property. It's that simple. And the subscriber model is slowly winding down. It's potentially going to be replaced with a "name brand model" where individual interest in schools/programs/teams drive the majority of the value. We were operating under the subscriber model during the last realignment. Anyways, Clemson just isn't worth it. Now down the line Florida State could be once the new model kicks in further. Texas would be worth it. However, Texas always snubs its nose at the SEC..... which is why I'd love Oklahoma to move first and put the pressure on UT.
  11. UTAlrightGuy

    Is the PAC12 on the verge of blowing up? Power 4?

    Which I understand and am only speaking to TV and conference payouts. The problem comes if the LHN is shuttered at the end of its contract or before. Texas should be able to sign another lucrative contact, perhaps worth not as much and without all of the perks of the LHN. It creates a natural evaluate period to take a look at potential revenues elsewhere. Would a post-LHN Big 12 be lucrative enough to keep Texas where it's at? Also in regards to "everything else, including ticket sales, parking, concessions, brand name, merchandising etc...", they could all be more valuable in the SEC or Big 10 where Texas would/could be playing better teams/brands. A hypothetical SEC West (I know it's a super duper long shot) would sell way more tickets and create more demand on all of the ancillary products.
  12. UTAlrightGuy

    Is the PAC12 on the verge of blowing up? Power 4?

    I don’t think Rutgers will make more than Texas as Texas should be pulling in 54ish this year with a light bump next year. Although I think they’ll only be a couple million behind. Although that’s what I think will be the undoing of the Big 12. When Texas is passed up in revenue and Oklahoma is left further behind, can they stomach being in a less prestigious conference, making less money than Rutgers, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Purdue or is having the control worth that much?
  13. I'd be fine with them getting paid if they were treated as a regular student. Any extracurriculars that they do, they get compensated, but they also have to pay for tuition, room and board, meals, tutors, weight room time (unless rec weights are used) and they have to academically qualify with no exemptions and no athletic scholarships and no funneling money to them through academic scholarships at a rate higher than the general body as a ruse. I'd honestly be fine with shutting down college athletics.
  14. UTAlrightGuy

    Commission on College Basketball Recommendations

    Thank you. MLB is my least knowledgeable major league but that's not really saying too much