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  1. My understanding was that Ettore Messina is tabbed to take over the Spurs when Pop goes. At least, that's how it was advertised by the San Antonio media when he came here. 4-time Euroleague winner, 5 losses in the Euroleague finals and 2 semifinal losses with a career winning percentage of .740. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ettore_Messina
  2. And the SWC dissolved. You know now it very well may include SMU but I think it will be a mistake. The Texas Legislature does like to throw its weight around. SMU minus the massive cheating of the 80s hasn't done anything since the... 50s (?). They have money, but don't really prioritize sports. Now that being said, the same thing was said about TCU around 98-00 but they've made huge turn around and put money in their sports and had success. In the end, I just don't think it would benefit the Big 12 to have 2 schools in the Metroplex if they are still getting decent media contracts unless SMU turns into TCU or Boise.
  3. I'd say less for SMU as long as TCU is in the Big 12. Houston, TCU, and Baylor seems sparse to cover Texas assuming that Tech gets a ride somewhere. But theres no Big 12 level schools around Austin (excluding Texas if they leave) and San Antonio to cover that hole.
  4. Yeah, I thought of UConn as an example after someone mentioned Villanova, but was too lazy to update my statements on here. So there is that. Obviously, it's not widespread and I'm not sure if there's been some NCAA rule change on it as they did in the late 90s with DII schools playing certain sports or the numbers of sports in DI. So there seems to be the ability for an FBS conference school to play FCS football (absent NCAA rule changes or those schools having been grandfathered in or something). The next question is can FBS conferences stop member schools from upgrading their football into that conference. Can the AAC not grant membership to Wichita State's football though they are a full member if they decide to go FBS? I'd think that they can't stop it but I'm not certain. Norte Dame plays outside their main conference but that's by choice rather than refusal to be admitted.
  5. It could end up affecting the MVFC. If the MVC ends up adding both, I'd think that they have to find Murray State a spot in the MVFC, which gives them 6 members and allows them to bring it in house if they want. More importantly, it wounds the OVC which then needs to add and so does Horizon League, which I think are both above the Summit. Depending on who the Summit pulls in, it could get interesting for the MVFC. I'd assume that everyone would like to keep the MVFC together since it's worked out so well for everyone.
  6. Those are Division I conferences, not FBS or even FCS and the schools play FCS football. I know of FCS schools that play in an another football league, the Pioneer, but my understanding is that it's their choice (Campbell) to do so and they could move to their home conferences if they want to (with the scholarship upgrades of course). With Campbell's move their are no FCS conferences with members in other football leagues(Pioneer).
  7. But the money is in FBS football especially if the AAC gets a better contract next go. Anyways it's all good. I mean just trying to see the logistics and if it was possible. They may not want football at all or just have pulled an amazing con to get into the best FBS available to them and then start FBS football. It will be years before we know.
  8. And if they decide to move to FBS, I assume the AAC can't stop them without threats to kick them out. Im just play devils advocate to an extent. I find it interesting. Wichita State has placed themselves in a great position. If they don't want football, then they are in a great conference for basketball. If they want to add football, they they are on the best conference available to them and can potentially restart football and move it up at their pace. If the Wichita move leads to a renaissance in basketball, it may make it harder to expel Wichita if they try to restart football as the basketball schools may not want rock the boat.
  9. Is it even possible for a school in an FBS football conference to play FCS football? Norte Dame plays outside their FBS conference but they play as an FBS independent of their own choice. Schools starting football have to play what 2 years (I think) of FCS to transition. However can conferences actually deny conference members the ability to play a conference sanctioned sport in said conference If the school wants to. I have seen no examples of this. I know what you'd like to happen, but are their NCAA rules or conference rules to stop Wichita State from just bringing in football when they want to? Other than speculation.
  10. I wonder if this ends the idea to bring back football since they are in a better conference without the upgrade or if this makes them plan for a future upgrade since they don't have to worry about finding a conference to play football in and it's already a solid conference.... It's a full invite and it's a lot harder to kick teams out once they are in especially if they start bringing in BBall credits.
  11. Ha, Houston.... Take that jerks!
  12. I do agree the tide is turning somewhat, but I don't think a move to the MWC is as big a boost as you may think. Texas (the state) just identifies more easternly sports-wise. Utah State, Fresno State and Nevada are all great schools, but just aren't huge draws here unless you're from the west. Time and conference affiliation could change that over time, but there's a reason Houston went East when the SWC disbanded. Texas State has made a lot of poor decisions, some forced and some not. Rebranding from Southwest Texas State is great future-wise, but it seriously pissed off some of their old fan base that don't identify as Texas State. Silly I know, but true. Texas State should have pushed for FBS a long time ago but sat on their hands until UTSA started sniffing around and especially when they started talking about football. Texas State should have pushed to claim San Antonio as their own but played around too much until UTSA started becoming serious in sports and a threat. UTSA doesn't own San Antonio but Texas State doesn't either and UTSA has a leg on them now being in San Antonio and has the city pushing and supporting them. Plus they have UT system to help. State should have put UTSA down before they ever started.
  13. Except those Texas State fans are more engaged with Longhorns, Aggies, Red Raiders sports....
  14. But the 10 pm Eastern game is not a valuable asset. The 11am, 230pm and 5-7 pm (central time zone) are the valuable times. 2/3s of the US population is getting ready for bed or in bed by halftime of a 10 start.