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  1. hey, my budget would cut EVERYTHING. If I had my way, I would cut everything 10% across the board to start with and the start eliminating programs altogether. And then keep cutting until there's at least a positive flow.
  2. pokerider

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    That damn Trump is taking too much credit for everything!!!
  3. pokerider

    Saudis butcher Jamal Khashoggi at Istanbul Consulate

    what journalists? do you mean the Demokrat Propagandists that pose as reporters?
  4. damn RHINO's in Congress!
  5. pokerider

    Question for Wyoming & Nevada fans

    right now I would go with Fresno. I think their better than SDSU and Boise often seems to play better on the road than at home.
  6. pokerider

    Still glad I didnt vote for this ass

    I wish I had your problems.
  7. pokerider

    SDSU West leading big

    You have to tell them its a multi-purpose stadium for soccer. Don't tell them its for football.
  8. Heck even worse than that, the offense only scored 2 field goals in Hawaii. So watching the AF-SDSt game, AF certainly could have won that game and I don't think Aztecs played that well. But they made the big plays. Thats the thing the Pokes just can't do on offense is make the big plays. You can count the number of big plays offensively thru 7 games on one hand. I was looking and Wyoming and UNLV are among the 4 worst FBS teams in yards per offensive play, with UNLV being the worst.
  9. pokerider

    Game Thread - Fresno State vs. Wyoming

    Pokes consistently had offensive breakdowns every time they had the ball. Penalties all game long, how many times did they go from 1st or 2nd down and 10 to 15? TVW would make a good pass and ball be dropped, he would roll out and be chased and throw the ball away, and then just make some poor passes. They couldn't get more than a couple first downs before another breakdown occurred. 5-17 on 3rd down conv. Basically, its an entire team failure on offense. A good part of that coaching, the false starts as well as poor execution. And the rest is just lack of talent and lack of playmakers overall. The defense played well at times but got beat on several big plays as well. And still did not put much pressure on the QB.
  10. pokerider

    Saudis butcher Jamal Khashoggi at Istanbul Consulate

    oh, Jared Kushner did it! I guess they have to paint someone to blame. The real question is what will or should the US do about it? Obviously S.A. will never admit to it so to get them to voluntarily do something is unlikely. Its not something you end diplomatic relations over or make them an enemy of the US. Their talking about downgrading relations and restricting support.
  11. pokerider

    Nikki Haley resigns as UN Ambassador

    well thats odd isn't it? Susan RIce net worth doubled when she was UN Ambassador! And her net worth is $30M. Haley must not be doing it right.
  12. pokerider

    Happy Columbus Day!

    1492 - Columbus discovered.... the Bahamas!
  13. I still don't know how the jury let him off. Its not often their able to show someone took bribes so blatantly yet the jury was deadlocked.
  14. Fords sales were already going down almost 10% from previous year, before the tariffs went into effect. Also higher interest rates are putting a little dent in new vehicle sales as well. I saw an article that predicts within 20 years people may not be buying cars at all anymore.
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    Nikki Haley resigns as UN Ambassador

    So that doesn't seem good. She did well at the UN and called them out on everything. I'm surprised this would happen right now, midterms 4 weeks away.
  16. pokerider

    Happy Columbus Day!

    its actually surprising Columbus Day managed to be gov't holiday. I think Columbus deserves credit for what he did, remarkable at the time. But not really much to do with the US and our gov't. which wasn't even a country til almost 300 years later.
  17. pokerider

    The Kavanaughcalypse!

    Dems are pretending the SC has lost its legitimacy, primarily due to Kavanaugh. Well if thats the case then Congress has completely lost its legitimacy and Trump can "dismiss" them. See how that works?
  18. yeah, you got homeless people actively migrating to the west coast, you have many of them that actively refuse help and have no interest in getting and maintaining a job and those that are unable to do anything productive due to health issues. And you also have some people that are down on their luck and nowhere to go. I support programs that help homeless people, help them get situated so they can have a place to be and get a job so they can be self supporting. But many also get a job, get paid and just use the money on alcohol or drugs and then lose a job and do it all over again. These programs need to use their resources to help those who want to help themselves and the ones that don't - leave them on their own. You can't force someone to work right.
  19. pokerider

    Ryan Leaf 2.0 watch

    ah, so Josh Allen is in the NFL and starting for the Bills due to White Privilege! OK THEN! Apparently you didn't see much of the other 2 QB's the Bills had - McCarron and Peterson. Bills actively did not want Allen to be the starter at this point but their poor GM decisions left them without an adequate QB and Josh won the position because of it. Bills had a black QB the last few years (Tyrod Taylor) that they traded primarily due to salary, he simply wasn't worth the $16M he would have gotten had he stayed on the Bills.
  20. pokerider

    New trailer for Vice movie

    During Bush's first term, they called Cheney - Darth Cheney. And the media portrayed him as pulling all the strings and called him the most powerful VP in history. But that all changed in Bush 2nd term as Scooter Libby issue soured their relationship.
  21. pokerider

    Non-Sports Expansion Thread

    Yes, in 2020 there are 21 Republican Senate Seats up for 11 Dems. - However MOST of those are in deep red states, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Neb, Kan, OK, Tex, and many deep red southern states. And don't forget states like Alabama that currently has the Democrat Senator will likely change back to Republican. So if the Dems are counting on winning the Senate in 2020, they better hope for the next depression or world war! As far as stacking the Supreme Court - that would backfire tremendously. I don't think even the Dems are dumb enough to attempt it. Instead they would probably try to put a maximum age and term limit on it (but still not likely) . But to do that they may also need to do so for Congress as a whole.
  22. pokerider

    Next Leftist Talking Point

    Dems do this on everything - they lose the election - "Lets get rid of the Electoral College!" They lose on Kavanaugh - "Lets take Senators away from low populated states!" They lose the Supreme Court that they were counting on to force social changes, so now they are actually floating the idea of stacking the SC - "Lets add 6 SC Justices to offset the Conservative court". The Dems would do away with half the US Constitution if they could. 2nd Amendment? - No way that stays! Free Speech? - not if its something they don't like. US States equally controlling the Senate? - Oh thats not fair to millions in California. Heck by that reasoning the US should shed most of its wealth and power and give it to Asia and Africa and S.America. Borders? - The US should do away with borders! Freedom of Religion? - not if it doesn't endorse liberal policies. Democrats had all these big plans - liberal gov't to push socialist legislation, SC that would enforce liberal social changes, and liberal gov't agencies like the IRS, FBI, EPA etc. that would enact more and more regulations and work against conservative opposition. And along came Trump and ruined everything!
  23. pokerider

    Does the left ever get tired of losing?

    "Democracy" to Democrats is Mob Rule.
  24. Trump obviously has changed the GOP and in some ways it is the party of Trump. But the Republicans had to change, the Bush Republican era would not survive the current political climate. Trump calls out everyone and everything and has exposed a lot of whats wrong in Washington DC. Including the media. Obama basically exposed the media when they continually gushed over him for 8 years and then Trump comes in and the media completely turns on him and its very obvious. The Democrats pushed the Republicans and attacked from all sides, so what does that do? It forced them to all come together and push back and it fired up the Republican base. The Dems seem to be the party of insanity, they keep failing doing the same things over and over hoping for a better result.