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    Abortion Poll

    I would have picked #1 but I don't think women should get to choose the color of their jumpsuits. But a baby after 6 months/26 weeks has a good chance of surviving. The woman has already carried the baby that long, so unless there is a distinct medical reason, there really is no reason to abort baby. Not sure how anyone can argue pro choice, choice of what? The woman can have a choice, and simply have the baby delivered and then walk away. There's a 6 month old fetus that can likely survive.
  2. Yeah it seemed like a good speech, got a little long. But he tied things together very well and even had the Dems jumping up and clapping on some things. I thought he would talk a little more on infrastructure. But he laid out several good things.
  3. pokerider

    The Why Home Depot Sucks Thread.

    I go to both stores as well. HD is close to me so somewhat convenient. I've gone thru times where I've liked and disliked things about HD and Lowes but I think both are good. My fav. home improvment type store is Menards.
  4. pokerider

    Democrats Try Power Grab

    their definitely not going to make a holiday for voting. stupid idea, would costs the economy and businesses billions. And many people now get ballot by mail that they can send in or drop off.
  5. pokerider

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    They have to bring up the race card because they don't have any other argument! "If you don't agree with me, then you must be racist"! Its about security and about knowing who the people are who come into the country. Do they have a criminal history, here and or in their country. I have no problem with the US increasing its legal immigration of Mexico and other Central American countries. Those people who get in line, fill out their paperwork and are vetted.
  6. pokerider

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    what the fk is that supposed to mean? "well, most of them coming in don't want to kill me...." So if a prison break happened and everyone escaped and was not to far from your home, and only 20% of the prisoners were considered "violent or dangerous" then that would be OK? So "most" of them don't want to sell my son drugs, so most of them don't want to rape my daughter, so most of them won't shoot a cop who pulls them over.. . So MOST people in Mexico don't kill other people over drugs and power, MOST people simply get killed. Center for Immigration Studies estimates about 20% of illegals in the US have a criminal record. Over 20% of inmates in federal prisons are non US citizens, most all of them are here illegally and most of them are from Mexico and Central America. Its not like 1-2% of all these illegals are criminals, its a heck of a lot more then that. A wall is not going to stop all of that, but it will put a big dent in their easily getting in.
  7. pokerider

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    well the Dems lie and pretend illegals aren't coming in to the country, and there's no criminals associated with them. Who's the ones being ignorant here?
  8. pokerider

    The Orville

    Orville would be a lot better if Seth MacFarlane had some better sci fi writers. He's way more concerned about trying to make some point than sci fi.
  9. pokerider

    Roger Stone Arrested for Obstruction

    I think the police should be able to use lying to be able to arrest people too. Go out find a criminal and bring them in and interview them, when they lie, then charge them with lying! We can get all the criminals off the streets in no time!
  10. My vote is "Whoever replaces Ginsburg".
  11. Woohoo the War is Over!
  12. pokerider

    Republican Party: hostage taking versus compromise

    This is BS and you all know it. The Democrats are the ones here who are refusing to compromise. Also, for the Dems to do anything in the Senate, would require 13 Republicans to get on board just to pass any budget bill. But would require another 7 Republicans or so to do any veto override. So I doubt Dems are going to get 20 Republican senators to side with them. ALSO, the House would need over 50 republicans to override a veto. So if the Dems do not compromise the gov't will likely stay shutdown for quite awhile. This IS what Democrats wanted right? Resist Trump!
  13. pokerider

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    Trump can give the SOTU anytime, there is no time limit when it has to be done. Call it what you will but Trump is picking his battles.
  14. Democrats like to call everyone who doesn't agree with them as racists or bigots or sexists etc. On one hand they come out and say that minorities and women are not treated fairly, are not given the same opportunities and are "kept down" by white society in general. But when republicans actually try to treat blacks, women, hispanics etc. all the same as they do whites, they are then called racists, bigots and sexists. Democrats definitely do NOT want minorities and women in general to be treated as equal. They want to use that wedge as much as possible. Its also quite clear that many high profile self proclaimed liberals have been quite sexist in the past. The entire liberal movie industry pretends to be all for equal rights has been one of the most sexist and racist industries there is.
  15. I have a niece isn't vaccinating her 2 kids in Iowa. The only reason more kids aren't catching things like measles is because most people are vaccinated. Just a matter of time until worse things like smallpox come back again. When I was a kid my dad worked for some oil companies and was going to take a job in Malaysia, so we spent months getting all these add'l vaccinations. But then he ended up not going there and we moved to Wyoming instead. Anyway, I had a ton of vaccinations as a kid and no ill effects still over 40 years later.
  16. pokerider

    Hazelton to K-State

    I figured Pokes would lose Hazelton eventually. But K-State isn't any upgrade!
  17. Dims reject Trump border security and DACA proposal and ending the gov't shutdown before he even made it. They don't even have any counter proposals. Their plan is to allow the gov't shutdown to go on indefinitely in hopes it hurts Trump. Their fools if they think their not going to get pressure to move on this as well.
  18. pokerider

    Hey authoritarian gun grabbers...

    In Mexico, apparently there is only 1 gun store? (per a LA Times article I saw) And you have to pass several background checks etc. before you can purchase one. And they severely limit the types of guns you can buy. So vast majority of Mexican citizens do not own a gun or have access to one. So lets let Mexico be our model then, because its working out well there, most citizens don't have guns! Of course the cartels and criminals don't really care about that do they and Mexico has a murder rate roughly twice that of the US. And most the people they kill, including large groups of people in some cases, do not have guns, so their pretty much helpless to fight back.
  19. pokerider

    ===| Kirkland Razors |===

    I use a Merkur razor with Astra blades.
  20. pokerider

    Has Wyoming football peaked the last 3 seasons?

    The topic of this thread really should be Boise State has peaked (a few years ago) and are regressing. The OK St. and SDSU games this year, both teams the old Boise State would have handled without difficulty. Wyoming is on a slow uptrend, Boise State is in a declining one.
  21. Trump intentionally left the Democrats with a big negotiating chip. DACA. Are they going to attempt to cash it in?
  22. pokerider

    The New Democratic Party

    Democrats could actually get some traction in congress on of the policies they supposedly espouse, but their fanatical focus on Trump has gotten in the way of them doing anything meaningful. Even some of the new democrats in congress are seeing that. And Dems putting so much of their resources in helping illegals, even those with criminal records while ignoring problems so many US citizens is mind boggling. Dems could work with Trump on things like infrastructure in inner US cities, education, transportation and many other things but they are completely ignoring all those things. And the biggest Dem supporters, even the ones on this forum are all completely fine with this. The Dems think the only way they can win is to make Trump lose, not win themselves.
  23. pokerider

    Has Wyoming football peaked the last 3 seasons?

    Wyoming Football is just getting started. I look for them to win at least 6 games or more next year. Still a long long ways to go but just have to slowly improve year over year.
  24. The news today of the biggest illegal alien invasion ever of people tunneling under a fence is a de facto EMERGENCY. So yes, it is a man made emergency - by illegals!
  25. pokerider

    Here’s an impeachable offense

    Awwwwww, Dems put all their money on Porn Stars, sleazy lawyers and convicted liars in their effort to damage Trump and they get burned every time. too bad bitches!