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    Wyoming vs NMSU

    Pokes have to be able to run the ball effectively to have any chance to win. Pure and simple. And based on last year, thats a big IF.
  2. pokerider

    Mike Bobo admitted to hospital

    Watching CSU football can make you go numb!
  3. oh gawd, I hope we don't have to get Amazon Prime to watch MW football!
  4. Yeah, thats about how it was for me too. Vacations were going to the next state to see family and sometimes taking the camper. I would somewhat agree on inflation, but to me its the cost of housing. Everyone wants to live in a big city and unless you have a really good paying job its hard to afford to live there. So those people making good salaries such as in tech or financial services or healthcare, end up paying high taxes for local services such as low income housing and public transportation. The cost of "stuff" will increase but much of that is newer high tech stuff. Smartphones that cost $300 now going for $1000. Things like computer video game cards, playing sports and paying for services which people are getting more services done - all going up.
  5. pokerider

    Interesting new science news out of NASA

    Earth supposedly didn't have much if any water when it formed. Most of the water came from asteroids and comets that continually hit the earth over time. And there's tons of these large dirty snowballs out there in the Ort cloud beyond Pluto. However the more they find other exoplanets, the more they find that earth is oddball. There's a lot of planets and moons that may have water but most of them are just frozen iceballs to far away from their sun.
  6. pokerider

    Omarosa On 'Meet The Press' ???

    Are you really that dense??? Um your right in the fact that foreign leaders liked Obama a heck of a lot more than Trump! No doubt about it. I certainly like hanging around someone who end's up buying the drinks as well! China's stock markets are already down over 18% this year. They've lost $100's of billions.
  7. Obviously you don't have a clue then. The economy is killing it right now, in almost every sector. As far as taxes go, you can only raise them so much. The Corp tax cut is actually repatriating monies that otherwise would not have been taxed at all! If you tax money made from investing to high, then people won't invest, the risk/reward won't be worth it because remember some investments lose money. Some things could probably be taxed higher but primarily US Gov't spending in all areas needs to be reduced.
  8. pokerider


    I don't think that would be good to do. I truly expect in the near term future the US, and private companies and other countries will all be doing more and more missions in space, from new telescopes being put out there to actual mining asteroids. Its not going to really be feasible imo long term for everyone to just do their own. Going to have to do things like the space station and share resources.
  9. pokerider

    Omarosa On 'Meet The Press' ???

    Trump gave her a job primarily because she was a black woman that had some name recognition. And she had a pretty cush job imo yet she still managed to screw that up. Trump however is being a heck of a lot smarter regarding foreign policy than Bush or Obama ever were. Bush overreacted to 9/11 and did the Iraq war. Obama was liked by most foreign officials because they were getting whatever the hell they wanted! You guys can call Trump every name in the book but his policies are beating the hell out of anything Obama did. I think the reason you hate Trump so much is everyday he proves what a useless empty suit Obama was.
  10. Ah, I'm glad you agree that Wash. DC has a major spending problem! They need to cut all the budgets!
  11. pokerider


    they just need to call it something more original than Space Force, because that does sound like a cheesy movie. Maybe Orbit Defense Agency or something. But in addition to that, we really need a better cyber defense agency specifically to counter any internet computer threats for gov't and business enterprises.
  12. pokerider

    Omarosa On 'Meet The Press' ???

    Omarosa is simply looking to get paid from the anti-Trump media, just like they paid Stormy Daniels. Had she written a book that reflected positively on Trump, we likely wouldn't have heard about it at all. She has already contradicted several things in the book and some of the things are exact opposite of what she's said in the past. She's proven herself to be completely untrustworthy. From what I've seen they have people sign explicit nda's when they go to work for the gov't and she probably should be charged with taping those conversations and then releasing them.
  13. People often buy more stuff when they have more money. Somebody should tell these people to stop buying stuff! retail-sales-in-2018-could-climb-higher Personally, my wife and I's income has gone up over 20% in the past 18 months. Due to regulation changes and lower tax rate, the banking related company I work for has had sales go way up and their stock price has doubled. My wife works in energy, 2 years ago she was looking for a job now she's turning down job offers. We've taken 2 vacations this year already. I have more money to spend and am saving much more. So please, continue to tell me how bad things are. The economy is doing spectacular right now. Democrats can try to spin it all they want but people aren't stupid, they know whats going on.
  14. pokerider

    Trump’s star being removed?

    Yep, these are the kinds of things Liberals like to stoop down to.
  15. pokerider

    This is disturbing

    I haven't specifically had a issue with Russia since 1989. I am much more worried about China than I am Russia. Russia to me is like a thug running around, causing some trouble and being a bad actor but not specifically hurting me. While China is like a thief out to steal my money and my job.
  16. pokerider

    Congressman Chris Collins...SMDH

    I think you assumed it. Per Bloomberg - The indictment notes that while the congressman didn’t trade himself and lost millions when the stock plunged So Collins very well may have told his son. Obviously you can't disclose those types of things. But I also wouldn't quite vilify someone for telling their son. The strange thing is I thought Congressmen were exempt themselves from some insider trading laws. He might have got in less his shares and not telling his son to, if thats what he did. These types of cases are hard to prove but in this case the proof is in the pudding.
  17. pokerider

    Wow, just wow

    making up more crap huh.
  18. pokerider

    More Trump tapes...

    oh, you got nothing so time to start making things up again huh
  19. pokerider

    Congressman Chris Collins...SMDH

    Are you certain about that? Collins specifically said he didn't sell his own shares.
  20. pokerider

    ******Trump Approval Rating Back To 50%!!!******

    I meant some folks just a couple days ago that told me they can't really stand Trump, but they definitely like what he's doing as president. I think there's a lot of people that may feel like this.
  21. So I think you guys need to rephrase this because this seems to be what you want here - New Immigrants and previously undocumented people, who get citizenship, should automatically be able to get welfare, social security and medical benefits immediately. And if we can just take the resources from current American, mostly US born citizens. Thats what your saying here. Heck, I'm sure there's an easy billion people in the world who would love to step in and start getting these benefits.
  22. pokerider

    This is disturbing

    uh, did you find it disturbing when Obama scoffed at Russia being any threat at all???
  23. Whats this "we" your talking about here?
  24. pokerider

    Medicare for all would... save money?

    I have a great idea - Lets have the gov't determine how much Medical doctors and nurses should get paid, and we could save a lot of money. Except this hasn't worked out very well for countries like India (huge Dr shortage there) as their doctors often leave the country to go live abroad. Meanwhile of course, actors, rock stars and athletes can make as many millions as possible cuz they don't benefit society directly.