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  1. LOL, I think Trump's problem is he's Trump! But I think Trump may be the only person who could stand up to all the BS, from the Dems,from the liberal media and from Hollywood & TV. Anyone else would sit back and let the media paint whatever they want and get away with it. With Trump he doesn't give an inch.
  2. So you would want the military to take action against an elected president? OK THEN!
  3. Republicans aren't going to get voted out for doing an infrastructure deal, not sure why you think that. And easily half the democrats could support a reasonable immigration bill - one that would give citizenship after so many years for people who are here now. Also remember DACA people? There's several things they could get but the Dem leadership is calling all the shots.
  4. Thats the thing, we can't have brain surgeons and doctors and smart people running gov't. We need gov't bureaucrats who spend their lives writing gov't regulations and determining laws and restrictions on how people should live. Right?
  5. You can't be that ignorant can you? If Trump was actually impeached and convicted in the Senate, the US military would not support Trump at all. Please note that only 2 things can remove an active president - #1 full impeachment, #2, Pres. Election!
  6. Thats the whole point of what the Dems are doing. They don't have any real power, they don't have any desire to actually accomplish anything right now and their money donors don't have any pressing issues either so its just do whatever they can for more obstruction and investigations and hearings. If Dems wanted to they could get a lot done on infrastructure, and also could work with Trump to get some healthcare changes that many current republicans would not be in favor of. Things like Immigration - Dems have absolutely zero interest in trying to fix, they would much rather campaign on it. Its going to be interesting to see how Dems handle the US-Mexico-Canada trade deal. If they shoot that down then that should be all anyone needs to know about their intentions.
  7. I had a nice Weber Charcoal smoker I just sold due to moving. It was good but too difficult to run it for long periods of time. Right now I'm planning on getting a Traeger sometime later this summer, unless I find something I might like better before that.
  8. Dems upset with Ben Carson kicking illegals out of Federal Housing. Because THAT'S THE LAW! We have US citizens homeless with illegals getting fed housing. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., who claimed that Carson's plan "would bring nothing but despair to thousands of American families." "If you read the rule carefully," Carsom said, "you will see that it provides a six-month deferral on request, if they have not found another place to live." Carson said that deferral can then be renewed twice, "for a total of 18 months, which is plenty of time for Congress to engage in comprehensive immigration reform so that this becomes a moot point." But we all know the Dems WON'T fix any existing laws, they'll just try to circumvent the current laws.
  9. So from what I gathered they did this knowing full well it would likely be rejected in a federal court. I think they overstepped their bounds, regardless of what their personal beliefs are. If your going to make a law, make something that can stick.
  10. uh, yeah. thanks for reinforcing my point! Lets go look at a ton of so called successful companies that have lost billions. Apple lost money in the mid 90's. Probably 90% of companies in fortune 500 have had years with big losses in the past. But I think its pretty apparent to most that Trump used the tax and bankruptcy laws, most of which were written and voted on by those politicians so many of you here seem to love. Like I've said for couple years now, I'm not worried about Trump's tax returns. I'm worried about MY tax returns!
  11. I'm surprised Wisc. has Trump after they threw out some republicans last Nov. and I'm surprised Penn is so close. But really, what does Biden have to run on? I'm an old white guy but I'm not Trump!
  12. I'm a complete free trader. But that is a 2 way street. It pains me to continually see other countries get away with virtually anything they want without any repercussions. China is the big dog and they've completely taken advantage of the trade situation, forced technology sharing, not enforcing IT or patents, blatant stealing of other companies designs etc. Reason companies let them get away with it was they could still make money doing it. If I can save $10M a year in mfg, then meh, I'll give them what they want. Tariffs are not a good solution for sure. But their not intended to be a solution, their intended to get China to the negotiating table and make them an offer they can't refuse! Long term, US consumers will lose $ and simply not buy as much stuff. And companies will begin moving some operations out of China as well. Both sides lose. The question is how much? China will lose their ass in a prolonged trade war. But they don't face the same political pressures so they may just bite the bullet. US consumers will lose, there's some very expensive electronics I'm looking to buy in the near future and I may end up just putting it on hold indefinitely. Other things I won't have much choice. What I think the US should start doing is prodding China on other things like human rights, denouncing certain aspects of their non-elected gov't, giving more attention to Taiwan, etc. things to piss China off and put them on notice. Basically a wad of cash in one hand, and a big bully club in the other hand, as bad as that sounds. Make the cost to China exceed whatever benefit they think their getting from not doing a fair trade deal.
  13. to me the big issue now compared to 100 or even 50 years ago is what skills do immigrants bring in? US already has a under-educated workforce. We don't really need millions and millions of unskilled people coming in. We do need and will need more skilled people coming in, and primarily computer skills. And those people are going to come more from places like India and Asia than Mexico or Venezuela.
  14. IMO, the way to keep these companies in check is to prevent them from buying other big or popular companies such as FB buying Instagram and Google buying YouTube. Obviously the problem would be determining what would be allowable and what would not. Regulation though would not hurt companies like FB, they can afford to be regulated much more than some small company could. Regulation could end up stifling new competitors.
  15. hey, at least its not as bad as what Kavanaugh did! Going to parties and underage drinking!
  16. Thanks to the Democrats, my plan for world domination is exceeding!
  17. its funny that the only time I hear most of these names, like Milo Yiannopoulos or Alex Jones, is when the liberals bring them up. They would mostly be in complete oblivion if liberals ignored them the way most conservatives do.
  18. Didn't see this one til now. But as far as Chicken sandwiches go, Chick-fil-A has virtually no competition. The chicken sandwiches from McDonalds, BK or Wendys, and my others don't compare at all to Chick-fil-A's.
  19. well this changes everything . i'm going to have to redo my taxes and I'll probably lose my job and be homeless now. Oh btw did anyone notice that Uber lost about $2 Billion each of the last 2 years or so? Did anyone ever notice how many years Amazon was not profitable? Did you know that GM lost $31B in 2008? Isn't that all amazing!
  20. Yeah, article looks at traditional conservatism and then compares that to Trump, who is certainly not in that group. But lets go look at the circumstances. Dems attacked Trump the day after election, and they've been attacking Trump on everything regardless of what the actual policy is. Attacking Trump and Trump supporters, attacking any and all who may support Trump. So what do you expect to happen? There is no more debate on actual policy issues, there is simply my side vs your side, whichever side that is.
  21. several schools would have to end up changing their names then. Wyoming would be SE Wyoming St., CSU would be North Central Colo St., NM would be Central New Mexico St., Nevada could still be UNR though.
  22. I like my Shark meat as cold as ice with a little salt!