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  1. Ok all you Trump haters. Time to pay up to your rock star heroes Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti so they can pay their legal fees.
  2. pokerider


    No, but I would be willing to have the US pay their travel expenses to send them home and I'd even throw in some free tacos!
  3. pokerider

    Taxem taxem taxem, rawhide!

    So when are the France California riots going to start on this tax?
  4. pokerider

    US now a net exporter of oil and fuel.

    With the US, Canada and Central America - we should not need any other foreign oil period.
  5. Yep, but this shows how the media treated it as OK when Obama changed his staff.
  6. The "nut job" who lowered my taxes, who is making better trade deals, who has the economy buzzing, who has significantly pumped up military funding (which is likely to high but has to much old technology too), who has significantly reduced regulations which help my industries like finance, banking and energy and all of which has significantly helped keep unemployment very low. And who is also actively trying to stop illegal immigration as well as working to bring peace to Korea peninsula. As opposed to Obama who did absolutely virtually nothing for working taxpaying citizens and Bush who got us into 2 wars. Your hate for Trump has blinded you to the fact that things are much better the past 2 years than they were the previous 16 years or more! And you damn well know its true!
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    A plea

    her other name she goes by is Carliana the Jackel!
  8. You post an article from 9 months ago on gun control? So did Trump take away some of your pie? If you had your way we would be like France and would be going down in flames!
  9. pokerider

    Should Alexander Mattison Declare Early??

    uh, YOU ARE making a big deal of it. Mattison is a good rb and has a legitimate shot at NFL. RB's should go for it when they can. He has nothing to gain by staying another year. Saying he should stay and get 2000 yards is kind of dumb. Penny was not the feature back his Jr year and didn't have near the stats or notoriety he got his Sr. year.
  10. pokerider

    North Korea dismantling key test facility

    N.Korea is looking at S.Korea and looking at Vietnam as models for economic growth. They are going to find themselves hitting roadblocks and will not be able to obtain foreign investments with their current situation. That should help to spur them to move forward on dismantling their nukes. Doesn't mean they will, but when you see your neighbor eating steak and all you get is cold beans you might end up changing some things. And not talking about Kim, but N.K. in general obviously. I'm sure Kim eats as well as a king.
  11. I'd much rather kill 2 birds with 1 stone than feed them a scone! And this article is just beating a dead horse! Anyway, gotta run to the store and get some bacon now.
  12. Except that she DIDN'T say that. Very good example of fake news. She was talking about the US relationship with Germany and the Marshall Plan "We have a very strong relationship with the government of Germany," Nauert said. "Looking back in the history books, today is the 71st anniversary of the speech that announced the Marshall Plan. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the D-Day invasion. We obviously have a very long history with the government of Germany, and we have a strong relationship with the government of Germany."
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    Should Alexander Mattison Declare Early??

    well heck, give him the Heisman!
  14. pokerider

    "‘I Won’t Be Here’" When It Blows Up

    so Trump caused the nat'l debt now! Ahhhhh.
  15. pokerider

    SDSU vs USD

    ya just noticing Aztecs lost to their daddy SD again.
  16. pokerider

    Computer Guys!!!!

    Its a long standing virus called Microsoft Windows.
  17. pokerider

    Wyoming vs SC

    Pokes beat S.Carolina and Richmond but lose to Niagara and No.Colorado.
  18. pokerider

    Should Alexander Mattison Declare Early??

    He's a Jr and most definitely should declare for NFL this spring. I doubt his prospects would go up much next year.
  19. pokerider

    Seattle NHL team

    there's more kids playing basketball in Wash. than Utah too! Doesn't matter. Several of the Canadian cities with NHL teams aren't any bigger than Salt Lake is. Salt Lake looks to have more ice rinks than huge Seattle does as well. Vegas Knights did well because their the only pro team there (excluding minor league teams) and they had a very good first year. Problem I see for Seattle is the expense of games, parking and concessions. Too much money for most people.
  20. pokerider

    Seattle NHL team

    Salt Lake would make a much better home for a NHL team than Seattle. Seattle couldn't even hang on to their basketball team. Utah has about twice as many high school hockey teams as Washington does from what I see. And most of Wash. are western teams.
  21. pokerider

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    I would have liked if Pokes got in a bowl game. But as it is, they don't deserve a bowl over any other MW team that got bowl games. Wyoming beat the teams they were supposed to but didn't win against the better teams. They basically just salvaged their 2-6 season with the last 4 wins. Next year, offensively looks more promising although defense may not be quite as good, we'll see. So disappointed with no bowl game but optimistic with the way the season ended.
  22. Its good to be the King!
  23. pokerider

    Sigh ............

    oh, sorry. I don't control that though.
  24. pokerider

    Matt Wells To Texas Tech?

    Boise State's program has diminished in recent years imo. The biggest reason now they are in the MWC championship game is primarily the fact that most of the rest of the teams in the MWC, especially Mtn side this year are poor to average at best. SDSU beat Boise, 6-6 Okie St. beat Boise soundly. Boise teams of yearn would have won those games easily.
  25. pokerider

    Matt Wells To Texas Tech?

    the entire Big12 doesn't play defense. About every B12 game I've watched both teams go up and down the field all game long.