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    Petty, vindictive and authoritarian.

    Amazing how liberals would run to defend Amazon against the USPS because of course, Trump! You guys look at every damn thing ONLY if it hurts Trump or not! The USPS is LOSING MONEY, they should not be selling their service to Amazon for a huge discount. A volume discount, yes, not a discount that loses money on every package!
  2. As far as trade policy goes, there's still a whole lot left on the table regarding China. They need to do more regarding intellectual property rights and theft of technology. US needs to make a longer term framework with China to improve on those things and not just China will buy more goods. Also, NAFTA needs to get done. It is actually a bigger deal to get done than China.
  3. pokerider

    Conference minnows search for Josh Allen 2.0

    Josh Allen certainly won't hurt MW schools recruiting! But I think it does help Wyoming quite a bit for him to be a top 10 pick, and along with Carson Wentz last year gives coach Bohl pretty impressive QB creds.
  4. If he had the exact same college career but went to USC or UCLA or Washington, they would be gushing about it. When he starts scoring a few td's the fans will know what they got.
  5. pokerider

    Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    still has to learn the offense, learn how to breakdown teams on film, learn his receivers tendencies, etc. You can't do all that in training camp. the coaches need to make it clear that the Bills current QB McCarron will be the QB for the Bills in 2018. And hopefully they get along ok. oh btw, do you guys remember McCarron's wife Katherine Webb ?
  6. pokerider

    Koreas Agree To End War By Year's End

    Where's all the "Thanks Obama" posts? So nobody really trusts Kim, but even he should be able to see keeping NK in the dark ages isn't going to do anything for him in the long term. With Trump now pressuring China to increase their sanctions on NK as well, they just don't have and won't have the $ necessary to continue as they have. THeir economy is abut 2-3% of what S.Korea economy is. We can only hope that Kim is figuring out that being friendly can pay much more dividends than being a perpetual adversary. I think if SK can convince him that its not their goal to overthrow him, he may continue on peace path. The problem down the road is going to be N.Koreans are going to want to flee if given the chance, and he will continue to crack down on any dissenters.
  7. pokerider

    Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    Certainly it would have been great if Allen had been the #1 pick (and he wasn't far from it) but going to Cleveland as the #1 pick would be a heck of a lot of add'l pressure to overperform. And a lot of their fans are crap. But going to Buffalo, which is a team I knew was interested in him but I obviously didn't know if they would be willing to trade up to get him. Its possible they could have got him by not trading up but I think they thought another team would trade up if Bills didn't. It should be a great situation for Allen In Buffalo, he won't be getting a lot of nat'l scrutiny like Darnold and Mayfield will get. And there won't be the pressure for him to come out on day 1 and be a top nfl qb. I don't expect Allen to be the starting QB for at least the first half of the season, depending how well the Bills do this year. All in all a good situation!
  8. pokerider

    Spring Football Reports

    I really like Nick Smith.... as a backup!
  9. pokerider

    Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    I posted on here Apr. 11 that I thought Allen would go in 12th or 15th pick. So as of now my guess is Mayfield to Browns, Barkley to Giants, Rosen to Jets, Browns then pick DE Bradley Chubb. Then the next 7 picks primarily defensive players and maybe an offensive lineman. I don't know who might take Darnold or Allen.
  10. pokerider

    Josh Allen Apologizes For Offensive Tweets

    it was some stupid things to tweet, but it sounded like he was trying to be cool. It could have kept him from being the #1 choice to Cleveland though as it sounds now their taking Mayfield.
  11. pokerider

    Looks like Theresa May is toast ...

    Thats a bunch of BS, regardless if they say that. They knew exactly what they were voting for, they just don't want to deal with any pain that goes along with it. For the US, Brexit is a great thing. It curbs the EU's power.
  12. This is a case where the Supreme court (most likely) does need to step in and make a complete determination to end DACA, but give Congress time to resolve it such as the program will end in 1 year. That may be the only way this gets resolved.
  13. pokerider

    Yeti Coolers

    Last time I was in Cabela's, Yeti had a big display there. I had considered getting one before but they are overpriced. But you have to wonder, are most of their customers millennial's in big cities or people who go hunting and camping a lot?
  14. pokerider

    GOP Rep. Trump evil Forest Gump

    More like 80% agree with me. They may not like Trump but Congress only has a 14% approval rating. And most people have a very low approval rating for most US Gov't agencies too. When Obama was President, most people still didn't have high approval of Congress either.
  15. pokerider

    GOP Rep. Trump evil Forest Gump

    Some of the Republicans want to blame Trump for their woes. The only negative thing Trump has done is expose the Republican establishment. The Dems with HIllary were already exposed, The Republicans are the ones hurting themselves. Trump obviously upsets people, on a daily basis, but the results have been strikingly positive. The fact that Trump does piss off so many people does mean to me he is doing his job, not because of it, but because of the status quo establishment do-nothing attitudes in Washington DC. From our congressmen to bureaucrats. Most of them think its all about them. They want things to move slow and easy and thats just not the world we live in anymore. Everyone is upset Trump keeps bumping the apple cart. But the Republicans were given control of the Congress and the Presidency and they act like their the minority party. THATS why Republicans are in trouble in the midterms.
  16. pokerider

    Paul Ryan will not seek re-election

    I claimed victory on the tax cuts! The gov't has taken more than its share of my earnings during my lifetime. I'll take any break I can get! And this massive spending bill they just passed was several months AFTER the tax cuts took effect. OVERSPENDING is the problem. And thats definitely a bi-partisan issue. THeir all guilty.
  17. pokerider

    Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    So right now still with 2 weeks to go, I don't think Allen is in the top 4 picks. I suspect Cleveland takes Darnold at #1, Giants take Rosen #2 and Jets go for Mayfield at #3. I haven't seen anything that says Jets are interested in Josh Allen. Then Cleveland probably will take Barkley or Chubb at #4. I just don't think Broncos will take a QB in the first round after the Paxton Lynch pick and they will take Chubb if they can get him. The next several teams - Indy, Tampa, Chicago, SF, Oakland and Miami aren't likely to take a QB in first round either. Allen could end up to Buffalo at #12 or Arizona at #15. Or some team could trade with one of these to move up and get Allen as well. But right now I don't see him as a top 4 pick.
  18. pokerider

    Top 125 Best Places to Live in U.S.

    So I went to go look at this trailer in Denver last weekend, I got off I-25 and went west on Alameda, which is a major avenue in Denver. Um, what a complete sh!thole. Miles of sh!thole, seedy bars, liquor stores, pot dispensaries and run down businesses. And many of the folks you see walking around probably don't speak english. Not all of Denver is new and shiny.
  19. pokerider

    China blinks first

    Here's the thing with China, their great at talking the talk! Trump is more astute than most will give him any credit, he knows their not going to change a damn thing until they have to. And as much as the US can hurt China in any trade war, China will be hurt much more. The trade gap is already over 4-1 and growing.
  20. pokerider

    No more financing

    I think this is mostly symbolic. But before some of you start rejoicing, there's boatloads of foreign money out there that could care less what you think of them.
  21. pokerider

    Paul Ryan will not seek re-election

    I'm not a big fan of Ryan, but I like him more than I did Boehner. But the big problem with Congress is the US Senate. You truly have to pay off each one of them for every vote.
  22. pokerider

    It could be a wild evening in the Middle East

    Maybe now Democrats will get what they've been wanting! War with Russia.
  23. pokerider

    Spring Football Reports

    I was looking at the conference statistics, OMG Wyoming's running game was pathetic in 2017. By far worst in the conference (stats). This is why Josh Allen had a much tougher year, no running game, offensive line was worse, and receivers were much less talented than previous year. The fact the Pokes went 8-5 is kind of amazing. The defense was much better this year though but still very tough for any D when your O has as many 3 & outs as Pokes did.
  24. pokerider

    Another Chemical Attack in Syria

    Biggest thing the US and Europe could do would be to get Russia to stop supporting Syria. But thats probably not a real possibility due to Russia wants to be there and the US and UK are more concerned with a Russian spy being killed than innocent people being gassed. The only long term way to get Russia to be a better actor in the world is if they are more involved in the world economy and actually have something to lose. They primarily just export raw materials abroad and energy to eastern Europe. They don't have much economic incentive to not stick their nose in things.
  25. I really don't see how anyone could sue Facebook, which is a social network, because their data wasn't private. Nothing about FB is private. Your bank has private info, your doctor has private info, things you voluntarily put on FB could hardly be considered private. That doesn't mean CA or others didn't misuse data, certainly that data wasn't meant to be used in those ways and FB shouldn't be using it or allowing others to use it like that. But its also not any worse than what Google does, they capture all your data, where you go, how much you spend and who you talk to. And they use it to make money.