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  1. Yes, we know nat gas is cheap right now, that won't last forever either. So I'm glad you agree with me that gov't shouldn't get in the way of letting the market decide how utilities produce energy! We already know many utilities are phasing out coal plants. But thats not all plants and its not all coal as many things still require much more than what nat gas can produce. Steel making for instance. Of course the Biden policies will revert to shutting down US steel production as well, like they did before. So why not just make it all solar then? Didn't you say that ? Which is it, you
  2. If they would all just wear a mask they would all be saved! Right?
  3. They only believe what the media tells them to believe.
  4. The US Gov't has WASTED billions on solar bullshit. Solyndra, hundreds of solar companies went out of business in past 10 years because its a bunch of overpriced BS. It WON'T supply our energy needs anytime soon. I would have thought you knew about Cresent Dunes since its in your own backyard! I bet you did know all about it and pretending it is no big thing. from a Bloomberg article... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-01-06/a-1-billion-solar-plant-was-obsolete-before-it-ever-went-online In 2011 the $1 billion project was to be the biggest solar plant of its kin
  5. Maybe. Another scenario is if Biden wins and they decide to "pack the Supreme Court". About half the states likely won't accept that as it is basically stacking the deck. Not talking about 2-3 states but maybe half the states and then you might have a real problem.
  6. Yeah, maybe make another Crescent Dunes like in Nevada You know what that is right? You should know better than anyone.
  7. Seriously, your telling most the people in Wyoming to F off because you don't like Trump. Trump did help keep coal going in Wyoming these 4 years. No he is not going to force coal to be used over nat gas and he shouldn't Let the market determine that. Biden and Co. will force most the rest of coal industry to shut down though and not due to the market. They also specifically said they will stop oil production on federal properties, There will be add'l taxes put on oil and gas as well to make it more prohibitive to produce and to use. I'm sure you smart enough to realize that. But y
  8. They literally, which is beyond amazing, would rather the world burn than see Trumps tweets and taunts.
  9. they are saying they CAN'T be a independent contractor period. that is what their trying to make them do. Uber and Lyft may not leave the state but good luck trying to get a fking ride as there will not be many doing it, their damn sure not going to hire people to sit around.
  10. your actively for destruction of Wyoming. Biden and the Dems will shut down coal almost completely. They will force the shutdown of significant oil and gas production which a lot is on federal land in Wyoming. Wyoming gets about 60% of its revenues from the energy industry. Tens of thousands of people will basically be forced to leave the state altogether and long term the state will end up a big empty place and far term may not be a state at all. Do you think its all magically going to work itself out and just be okay? So if you hate Trump for various reasons thats one thing, b
  11. thats exactly it too. War in middle east while Obama is President - GOOD thing Peace in middle east while Trump president - BAD thing its well beyond pathetic at this point. Its a delusion of denial of anything Trump
  12. Obama was working on trying to appease Iran and buying them off. WHile still letting them proceed with their nuclear program and continuing to support terrorist groups. Yeah , great deal.
  13. That goes well beyond uber and lyft. A lot of independent truckers that have their own trucks. This is a classic case of the gov't getting involved where it shouldnt. There are quite a few people who drive for uber or lyft part time for extra money and this will be taken away from them. If I want to be my own boss and a independent contractor its ridiculous for the gov't to tell me I can't. Now sure anyone could argue otherwise.
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