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  1. pokerider

    Game Thread: 2018 US Midterm Elections

    What you like to pretend is "Civility" has been, as far as global trade goes - please bend over so we can continue screwing you, and please say thank you when we're done. It means, please continue to pay the majority of NATO's cost so Europe can spend more on their social programs. It means please continue to accept a NAFTA deal that primarily benefited Canada and Mexico. When your biggest trading partners, and your allies all continuously screw you over , then its time to slap their hands and tell them we're not paying the bar tab anymore. If someone tries to steal your wallet, are you worried about your wallet or their feelings??? Yeah. Results Matter more than cheap talk and civility. You can be the nicest guy in the world but if you don't have a fkg job and you can't pay your rent or mortgage, then nice isn't even going to buy you a cup of coffee. You guys can cry and moan about Trump's lack of civility but then completely disregard the blatant attacks on him daily. There's about a half dozen TV shows on daily that spend the majority of their time calling Trump about every nasty thing they can. Then you have several big media companies using their news and opinions shows to continually hammer Trump. Then you have all these celebrities that trash Trump worse than they would Hitler or Mao or Stalin who all literally caused the deaths of millions of people. Yet they want to put Trump in that same category. It really just diminishes the evil things these men did in history. If you look on twitter, you'll see some positive tweet that Trump or even Ivanka might put out about something, such as Veterans Day. Then go look at all the nasty tweets a lot of people put on there. It is beyond nasty. The best way, and really only way to restore any civility in society and politics is for each side to denounce incivility when they see it, on their own side!
  2. as I said most people end up voting for who they think is going to benefit them. Obviously many blacks do not see or believe in benefits of voting republican. To me the biggest reason so many republicans seem to have a hard time getting more blacks to vote for them, is they simply do not pander to blacks in the same way democrats do. I don't think many blacks actually hear the unfiltered message from republicans, they hear a more biased version which comes from places like CNN and MSNBC which, like this article shows, tries to put a racist slant on things they don't agree with. I think for Trump to win in 2020, he's going to have to do better with blacks and hispanics too. I think he needs to talk more with local black leaders, not celebs like Kanye. A couple weeks ago Trump met with Young Black Leadership Summit, which was by a conservative student group, Turning Point USA. So what do people like Al Sharpton say - they called the whole event Shameful photo op.
  3. So your saying that African American voters are voting against their own interests then? That seems to be what this article is saying. The Dems do a good job then of promoting race as the primary reason to vote Democrat, and they do use race regularly in that regard. Democrats are the ones who have primarily hurt blacks in the inner cities of this country, not Republicans.
  4. this country will never elect a Black President because we're just to damn racist! Oh wait! So Florida, NC, Wisconsin, Mich, Penn, Iowa, Indiana and Ohio - ALL voted for Obama in 2008. Yet, when they then voted for Trump in 2016, they all simply became racist! Isn't that something! I've been thru most of the country, including Alaska and Hawaii, down thru the deep south, in the Northeast and much of the midwest. Wyoming and Montana are two of the more conservative states in the country overall. I would also say as far as general populations go, they are two of the least racist states as well. This article is nothing but trying to promote identity politics. No doubt there's racists, anti-semitics, and people who just don't really like anyone who's not just like they are. But when it comes to voting for candidates, most people end up voting for who they think is going to benefit them. Its really disgusting that Dems and the media keep trying to use race as a wedge like they do.
  5. pokerider

    Game Thread: 2018 US Midterm Elections

    well here's the thing, by calling Trump incompetent you somehow are trying to tell us that Obama and Bush were much more competent. Both Bush and Obama, and other Presidents, seemed to think that Trade was simply the US buying cheap shit. Both seemed to think illegal immigration, which literally encompasses millions of people, was just some little nuisance we had to put up with. Both Bush and Obama's foreign policies proved ineffective and costly. And both their economic policies were disastrous. There's very little evidence to suggest that either of the two previous presidents were the least bit competent period. There is much more chaos and discourse with Trump than probably anyone before, but I will certainly take some chaos that leads to better results over a nice smooth ineffective result anytime. There seems to be a large part of the population that mostly wants a President they "like". Who is nice and makes a good figurehead but otherwise doesn't do shit for them. But don't worry there's going to be many of them lining up here in the next year for you.
  6. Jim Acosta can bloviate all he wants to, but not while Trump is there taking questions. Reporters can ask a question and sometimes they even get a followup question. But thats it, they get no more than that. If they want more than that its called an Interview. But all of this is just more of its Trump so support the other guy!
  7. pokerider

    North Korea dismantling key test facility

    Their watching to much MSNBC, and trying to diminish anything Trump has accomplished. N.Korea - they haven't got rid of their nukes!
  8. The Press does have a right to be in the WH and ask questions. If they don't give up the mic when told to do so, they will probably be removed each time. If they had someone come in each time and do that, then either they would not be called upon period, or Trump would simply not talk to the press any longer. They would just put out Sanders and just say talking points. Maybe thats their goal huh?
  9. Didn't say the Press couldn't be there. But that there are thousands of people with press creds who would like to be there. CNN can still be there as well. Its not the Press, nor CNN that lost their privilege.
  10. pokerider

    North Korea dismantling key test facility

    Yeah, NK conducted at least 21 missile tests in 2016-2017 (before and after Trump took office). They have not conducted any in the past year. They also did destroy their nuclear test site and some other facilities. So I guess thats a major fail then! Who knows, maybe Kim is just waiting for a Democrat to get back in office so he can proceed with his long range missile program. Nobody thought Kim would simply give up his nukes for a promise. This literally will take years to complete. Clinton, Bush and Obama all fumbled the ball badly on N.Korea. Trump assumed a much more aggressive posture towards N.K. in 2017 and then changed to a much more peaceful posture. And the Trump critics demonized him for both.
  11. If you're in the WH press briefing, and you get to ask your question and then you refuse to give up the mic. especially when the WH aid tries to take it back from you? Um, your OUT. It is a privilege to be in the WH. There's thousands of people who would like to be in there, if your going to be there at all then you best be following the rules. Anyone who pretends to support Acosta on this at all is simply because they don't like Trump period.
  12. pokerider

    Sessions Resigns

    Trump does not have to appoint Rosenstein as AG, and he definitely does not have to appoint someone who is sympathetic or supportive of Mueller either. The fact that republicans in congress are supportive of the Mueller investigation pretty much means neither Trump nor Whitakar are going to "end" it.
  13. pokerider

    North Korea dismantling key test facility

    Ah, nice to see Democrats gloating over N.Korea nukes again. I guess the US should reestablish sanctions! Oh wait, we didn't take the sanctions away. I think the N.Korean denuclearization is moving along as expected. S.Korea has had several meetings with Kim, as has other countries too. Kim has better status now than he did before and he can see what some of the benefits of giving up nukes will be. As well as realizing that S.Korea is not about to attack them in the future. You have to remember that a guy like Kim is even more paranoid than democrats!
  14. pokerider

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    I don't see any way Bobo doesn't get fired at this point.
  15. This is one of those great examples where Democrats pretend its unconstitutional for Trump to make Executive Orders, but they had no problem when Obama did it. Proving once again that something being "Constitutional" or not means very little. Here's what I THINK the court should rule - Have DACA expire say Dec. 31 2019 and FORCE Congress to do their damn job!