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  1. Government Shutdown 2018

    Trump did exactly the right thing, have Congress decided DACA. Dems putting the fate of illegals ahead of the entire US Gov't and military, even though they have NO legislation to introduce on it, is not going to help their cause at all. This is all a political show by the Dems because they nothing else. They literally have nothing to offer. They think they can win by hating Trump and supporting illegals, that will give them some headlines but people will get wise to that quickly.
  2. Government Shutdown 2018

    Republicans are calling the Democrats bluff, and there will be no winners. Republicans won't win anything from this, but most assuredly Democrats are not going to come out looking good here.
  3. Government Shutdown 2018

    Govt shutdown isn't directly about DACA. There isn't any DACA bill or legislation that is sitting on the table. Dems are using DACA and healthcare as excuses to do a gov't shutdown. Its to change the positive economic narrative and put a black eye on Trump for his 1 year anniversary, and to keep the media's eye of the March for Life going on today. Democrats are playing the only card they have. I don't think their going to fool people into blaming Republicans.
  4. Sorry Wyoming Fans

    I have to think that Cleveland hit its low mark and can only go up from here. But regardless what team he goes to, I hope he doesn't play to much the first year. Its just to much for a rookie qb to step in the NFL and succeed right away. I'll be quite surprised if Allen is first pick though, but Browns have 2 high picks so double the chances.
  5. The US didn't have an actual war with Russia or USSR and they were far more antagonistic than China is. And with the US and Europe's extensive economic ties with China, I don't think war with China is something that can even remotely happen. It would be like burning your neighbors house down when you know half of your house would burn as well. That which you would lose is far greater than that which you could gain. Of course things can change in 20 or 50 years.
  6. Chain migration

    Not true. You had to be naturalized and apply for citizenship as early as 1790. And the US had a deportation law as early as 1798. Regardless, whatever the situation was 30 years or 100 years ago is irrelevant.
  7. Chain migration

    Um, back then, coming to farm was something to offer. Like I said, times have changed. And btw, my ancestors didn't sneak in! They came in legally.
  8. Jeff Flake speech regarding Trump

    Oh I see. Did you happen to hear the media talking to Trump's doctor? They seemed like they were colluding to not only try to get any negative info, but to introduce completely false and negative things regarding Trump's health. Trump is dead on regarding the media. About 80-90% of news media stories on Trump are negative, about 5% positive. Obama had about 42% negative media stories. When the media stops reporting and instead actively works to create a narrative they want you to believe, its not any better than a communist country using a state owned media outlet to only say what their told to say. I end up getting most of my news from financial outlets because its much harder for them to fudge the numbers.
  9. If there were more than a few Democrats who would work independently with Republicans, then a lot more would get done. The Dems take their marching orders from their party leadership and their big donors. They have not shown me they are working on behalf of most their voters. Over half Democrat voters do not want a gov't shutdown, and they do want to make a DACA deal. Only about 1/3 or less of Dems don't want any deals or anything done.
  10. Chain migration

    Chain migration does not look at why someone should get to come here in the first place. We do need to look at what does this person have to offer? Why do they get a "in" just because they know someone. How fair is that? And the biggest issue is there is no end to it. So you let 1 person in and they get to bring 20 more? WTF is that. No you let 1 person in, and then you look at the next deserving person. We don't need millions of people to pick crops and work in low paid jobs as in the past. We need skills, people who can contribute more than a simple laborer. There are still many young people, US citizens, blacks, whites, etc. that do not have skills or a good job. Bringing in constant flow of low skill labor simply represses wages in many of those jobs. So Rand Paul suggested the US allow the DACA people in and count that against the allowed legal immigration for some countries over a couple years. The Dems didn't want anything to do with that. The whole thing, illegals, DACA, the El Salvador people, etc. has nothing to do with what the US should do, it only matters to Dems that they can get these people citizenship to vote democrat. They don't take into account how this helps or hurts existing US Citizens at all. Its not even mentioned period.
  11. Democrats are gambling that a gov't shutdown helps them politically, and that no DACA deal will make republicans look bad. Regardless what happens in the House, the Dems will almost assuredly not win the Senate. Are they going to try and do nothing for 3 more years?
  12. Chain migration

    Chain migration got completely out of control with cousins and nephews etc. Completely ridiculous. I don't even think brothers and sisters s/b included. If I moved to Italy, I hardly think they should automatically allow my brothers and sisters in as well. Maybe look at allowing a guys wife and kids to come here after he's been here a period of time and paid for his own citizenship would be the most should be allowed.
  13. New California?

    I've said this before that California s/b split up into 3 states. But at least 2 like this would work however, why would the coastals want to give up control of the rest of the state? They have a control of it. Every one of those other counties would have to overwhelmingly be for a new state.
  14. President Shithole

    Like already stated here, the media completely overreacting to it, crying about calling Haiti a s-hole, just feeds their 30% that can't get enough Trump hate. They would have been more effective reporting on it and condemning it instead of acting like it was another Trump apocalypse. Regardless, whatever Trump says about Haiti or African countries, should not have anything to do with a gov't shutdown, nor current DACA immigration changes. Dems are looking to actively make DACA a political campaign item instead of trying to actually implement a real change now. Regardless of how the Dem propaganda media slants it, people will know the Dems did not try to actually do something for the DACA folks. When you are the minority in congress, you don't get to come in and put up a my way for the highway negotiation demand. And if they want to wait another entire year it may be to late, which is how long before the next congress takes over, and will also almost assuredly not be Dem controlled House and/or Senate anyway. Dems are doing nothing but trying to bide their time and hope to win Congress in the next 2 elections. There's quite a lot that is going to happen between now and then. Democrats could actively be participating on legislation and getting some of the things they want. Turning your backs on the other party didn't work for Republicans on Obamacare, and its not going to work for the Dems on immigration.
  15. This is Dems endgame

    I'm not assuming anything. Democrats in cities such as San Fran, Santa Cruz and now NYC are actively creating lawsuits against oil companies for climate change.