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  1. pokerider

    This is some real FAKE NEWS

    Just wait til the next Sharknado comes!
  2. pokerider

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    What if their both telling the truth, as they each remember (or not remember) it? What if she was lured into a dark room and she was pushed on a bed and she only thought it was Kavanaugh? What if a lot of things happened differently than she says? There's no way to ever know for sure.
  3. pokerider

    MP3 player

    I still have an older ipod nano that I use when traveling.
  4. pokerider

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Republicans used their elected majority to block Garland's nomination from going thru. He was nominated less than 8 months before the election. Republicans exercised their due right per the law. Had Garland gone thru the process and nothing out of the ordinary had come up, he likely would have been confirmed by several Republicans because he was qualified. If the Republicans had something on Garland they would have brought it up during his hearings, not wait 2 months and bring it out days before the vote. That should not have any bearing whatsoever on Kavanaugh situation but obviously it does to Democrats. Remember Harriet Miers nomination by Bush? She was not considered qualified enough and did not have enough of a record that to many thought she was to much a risk by members of both parties and they later withdrew her nomination, and then Bush nominated Alito, an avowed anti-abortion judge. Anton Scalia was unanimously approved by the Senate and he was very conservative, if he were up today he may not get any Dem votes. Gorsuch had 3 Democrats votes and Kavanaugh may not get any. Thats how far we've come. I don't think this Ford woman will testify to the Senate but as I saw on TV tonight, 2 diff Dems said she may end up on 60 Minutes or something and tell her story. If so then that was likely the Dems plan all along, to simply use this as an election issue. Are that dumb then?
  5. pokerider

    In Stormy's words

    So is every woman who slept with Trump going to come out with a book now? Trump's Stormy encounter was 12 years ago, its creepy to me that liberals are so interested in it. Bill Clinton, John Kennedy, and others had affairs while in the White House. Trump's were before that.
  6. pokerider

    Social media ignoramus & racism, not a good combo.

    I can recall people in the past saying similar things, that Black QB's would not be successful in the NFL. And I remember saying well, Warren Moon was certainly successful, and Doug Williams was too. I also recall white people who've said white running backs weren't worthwhile.
  7. pokerider

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    This is a Senate hearing, it is up to them to determine if Kavanaugh is fit and able for SC. The FBI would take up any investigation if facts were uncovered that would give them reason to do that. But this Ford woman can't simply come out with this, go take some polygraph which not even admissible in any court and was not even administered by the gov't, and then just turn her back on it and say she doesn't even want to testify at all about it. If she doesn't go to at least a closed Senate hearing on it then the Senate cannot consider this issue as something to significantly delay his vote. If they wanted more of an investigation, then July was the time to bring this up and do that. Also the fact that Kavanaugh denies it so absolute and nobody else even can confirm such a drunken party that he was at happened, makes this whole thing seem unimaginable. The other thing is if something did happen, its quite likely there was no crime that happened period. He may have had some encounter with her that he just doesn't remember who she was at all, and it did not happen in the way she describes it. There's no way people can remember every encounter from parties in high school. And as was pointed out here by at least one person - it doesn't matter to liberals what happened or not, they simply don't want Kavanaugh confirmed for any reason. If we recall they started protesting Kavanaugh before his name was even announced. The fact he's Trump's pick, the fact he's not a liberal judge is all the reason they need. If Ginsberg or Breyer retire in the next year or two, the Democrats are going to completely lose their minds, what little they have left.
  8. this is a bunch of jibber jabber. Your conflating the Wiener laptop, Hillary's email investigation, Rudy Giuliani and Carter Page. I don't think anyone has said this was one big conspiracy. Comey should have been fired right away, but Trump gave Comey a chance but he basically proved he did not belong leading the FBI. The fact that guys like Comey, McCabe, Strzok and this Lisa Page had such high level positions in the FBI is probably the most disturbing part of this whole thing. The whole Carter Page thing has been debunked, he's about as much a spy as my Grandma. The simple fact is they used this false, paid for Steele dossier as their primary document, they intentionally leaked out elements of that dossier and then used news articles from those leaks as supporting documents. Strzok and Page both basically testified that there wasn't enough evidence to actually launch an investigation when the Mueller probe started. And, this Mueller probe has had nothing to do with anything involving Russia collusion. The FBI should have probably gone after Manafort years ago, Trump's lawyer Cohen problems are felony charges of bank fraud and tax evasion. The fact that he paid off Stormy Daniels is mostly just an embarrassment to Trump, and of course Trump's encounter with her was in 2006, none of that really has anything to do with the gov't or Russia or my taxes.
  9. pokerider

    Senate Races

    The real question is NOT will the Dems take the Senate, there would have to be something catastrophic for the Republicans to lose the Senate. The Democratic party leaders (Schumer, Pelosi, Waters) are actually hurting incumbent Democrats in the Senate. The Dems are leading in the House polls, the biggest issue is the large number of Republican incumbents not running. And what going to happen with N.Carolina? And even if the Dems do win the House, they would have to win really big to try and impeach Trump and he wouldn't be convicted in Senate anyway. Congress is already impotent, having a Dem House and Republican Senate may not make a huge difference but it will force some compromise, which the Dems have not been willing to do thus far at all. Regardless I don't see a Democratic House being much of an impediment against Trump. It will give him a good scapegoat though.
  10. pokerider

    Senate Races

    LOL - WHAT? The economy is doing about as good as it possibly can right now. Its not going to change in 6 week here. geez
  11. pokerider

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    I think the onus has to be on this woman and the Democrats. This woman has to be able to at least prove this party, as she describes it actually happened. Who did she go to the party with and how did she leave? Can she get others to confirm she was at a party with Kavanaugh and this other guy, can they confirm heavy drinking was going on, can anyone confirm Kavanaugh was intoxicated at a party like this. She may not remember the date it happened or exactly the place but should be able to describe it well enough for others to determine where it was. There's a lot of things that can be confirmed or not about this.
  12. pokerider

    Trade War with China escalates

    The status quo was fine in a lot of ways. However it did incentivize companies to produce in China vs in the US. And in the past a heck of a lot of the products made in China were not being bought by Chinese people. China did not really have much of a middle class until about the last 18 years or so and then it has grown quickly. Now China has much of the technology needed to produce high tech items and they are actively investing and subsidizing in things like semi conductors, AI, electric cars as well as heavy industries like steel and machinery. It will be difficult for companies to compete in the world market with heavily subsidized Chinese companies, and very difficult to sell products into China at all - which it already is in several industries. China has centrally managed their economy which includes all companies and imports and exports and looked for ways to exploit markets to their advantage. China's economy is growing faster than the US or Europe, which is to be expected since its much less mature. But it is already nearly the worlds biggest economy and the Chinese gov't is actively using its policies to restrict foreign competition. If left unchecked in another 10-12 years China would completely dominate most high tech industries. And with their huge market, as well as the other huge Asian markets including India, they would be much less reliant on the US or EU markets and much less willing to compromise on world trade. China is already actively trying to move away from producing cheap crap like clothes and plastic toys etc. as those industries don't produce near the value that things like electric cars or computer equipment. And China is spending much more on their military than in the past, they created these military bases in south China sea islands that will enable them to completely control the shipping lanes there. Right now the US economy is the strongest its been in a long time, right now is the best time and probably the last time the US can actively force China to alter their trade polices. China may not bend but it is going to cost them billions, it already has cost them billions and foreign investment into China has already slowed. I think these tariffs could have been handled a lot better and I hope we can get the deal done with Canada soon too. But right now tariffs are about the only way to nudge China, the only real alternative is to completely restrict Chinese imports and of course they would do the same and that would be much worse than tariffs. The thing to keep in mind is these tariffs are not meant to be permanent tax increases. They are being used as a tool to force other countries to make fair trade deals. And this is one of the reasons I like having Trump as President, he is actively working to remake these trade deals. Bush and Obama did next to nothing to improve these things.
  13. pokerider

    Where’s the Josh Allen thread?

    I've been watching the NFL for a long time and I've learned to not judge a rookie QB by their first year. John Elway had a very rough first year. Brett Favre only played in 1 game his rookie year. Buffalo is a lousy team, lousy offensive line and lousy defense, and I doubt any of their receivers would be starting on another team. But they have some young guys that they could be much improved next year if they can fix the O line.
  14. pokerider

    Where’s the Josh Allen thread?

    Its a good thing there wasn't any threads about Carr the last couple years huh!
  15. pokerider

    Where’s the Josh Allen thread?

    Allen had a good rookie start on a very poor team. He missed some throws and got sacked 5 times. But also moved the ball and got a TD pass as well. I was quite happy with his performance overall.