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  1. pokerider

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    Trump missed a good opportunity to denounce any Russian meddling and warn of future consequences. And it will continue to cost him politically. He could have done it in a friendly way without being coarse. Just say, we have evidence of Russian officials meddling and if this type of thing happens again there will be costly sanctions. And just leave it at that.
  2. The problem is cutting some diplomats won't help anything and sanctions won't either. But Trump could have warned them and embarrassed them politically and he didn't do that.
  3. pokerider

    Peter Strzok hearing

    Democrats are actively trying to protect Strzok and using procedural outbursts to delay hearing. That's pretty damn amazing if you ask me. Dems clearly only are worried about the law when it benefits them. Strzok wasn't some Obama cabinet member or a disgraced Democratic candidate, he's was an FBI senior level official. The fact the Dems would try to help him at all sends a huge message.
  4. pokerider

    Wyoming under fire for being racist and sexist

    certainly not racist as anyone can go and be a "Cowboy" if they want to. It's almost like saying the word "hippie" is racist because it refers to whites. And Cowboy or the "Cowboy way" is not sexist at all as it encompasses women, almost like the word "humans" means men and women. And the most important thing to remember is Wyoming 16 - CSU 13
  5. pokerider

    Biden leads early poll for 2020

    Hillary is much less liked now than she was 2 years ago, there's no way she would win now or ever. And many people don't like Trump, but their not going to vote him out when they know its going to affect their bank account. You should know that by now.
  6. pokerider

    Trump Picks Kavanaugh

    Kavanaugh is a great pick, and I think he will end up being a fair SC Justice. He won't go in with some agenda to get done. Dems have overplayed their hand here by starting to protest before even knowing who it was going to be. It may help them with their hardcore base but will hurt them otherwise.
  7. I work in the banking business, Obama's policies severely hurt small and medium sized community banks . The big banks benefited because they can handle increased regulations much easier and have a lot more money to play with. Not all those regulations were bad but they just got carried away with it. Other things like preventing pipelines so oil has to be moved by rail and truck, does anyone actually believe that is better than using pipelines? Actively penalizing businesses because their successful, makes companies afraid to grow. Trying to put California type of regulations on everything just stifles the entire economy. One of the US biggest selling points is being business friendly, having cheap energy (in relation to most the rest of the world) and having reasonable regulations and oversight.
  8. pokerider

    Supreme Court: States may tax online retailers

    Yeah, I bought something from BHPhotevideo.com and they sent me a notice that they sent my purchase info to the State of Colorado and I would need to pay sales tax on it. Which I did put on my state tax form, because it was only $8 and I didn't want to deal with it later. I have plenty of other stuff on there that I didn't want to be flagged with this.
  9. pokerider

    My Ranking of European Cities

    I would only say your scale is slightly flawed as nothing compares to Rome for history and architecture.
  10. pokerider

    Big Tariff Trump Fans ....

    I think Germany knows they don't have much to worry about. They already don't buy many trucks and large SUV's due to their high gas prices. And Ford is not even going to be making many sedans. Even with a lower tariff people in Europe aren't going to be flocking to buy American cars. Now Japanese cars otoh they would. And Japan could make cars in the US to ship to Europe maybe.
  11. pokerider

    Supreme Court: States may tax online retailers

    It's more fair to the states and to local businesses. However it is quite a major burden for a small business to have to pay state taxes to 50 states. They have to make it a State thing and not a local gov't, because there is no way a small business can maintain that. Congress should set some rules and limits. A small company in Georgia that sells a box of beads to someone in Colorado and totals $1200 sales to the state shouldn't be burdened with a sales tax vs a company that sells $12M.
  12. pokerider

    Anti-Semitic English Soccer Fans

    Antisemitism, in the US and Europe, is something I've never understood. In the Mideast, thats a different thing and its not really Antisemitism as it is anti Israel.
  13. Term Limits is the only way. Most in Congress get reelected by spending money, the more they spend the more they seem to get reelected. Cutting funding for anything from roads to welfare to education to military to healthcare or anything is treated as taking money from those who need it. You got both sides paying homage to their big donors or the big issues they can get people to donate too. You change the system, especially in the Senate to 2 terms and those in their 2nd term won't be beholding to donor money. On the House side is more difficult but 12 years max would be plenty. And it can be grandfathered in so current members aren't affected. But even that they won't do because the big money donors wouldn't like that either.
  14. pokerider

    Border Crisis

    Its called enforcing the existing laws. So based on yours and others views such as sanctuary city laws, we should all just follow the laws we agree with and ignore the ones we don't like.
  15. pokerider

    Border Crisis

    Republicans do actively want to fix it, at least in part in keeping families together and applying some fixes to it. And they want to fix it so the current situation doesn't reflect badly on them, which of course the Dems with the media working with them to keep the situation going to make it look as bad as possible. Trump should have a press conference every few hours on this and hammer it. Send me a bill! Send me a bill!