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  1. The liberals in charge have never tried to get to the truth, they only wanted to bring down Trump and they thought connecting Trump to any Russian meddling would do that. If it was just Russian meddling, without any specifics regarding Trump, there wouldn't have even been an investigation.
  2. Because it was always being painted as Russian collusion.
  3. Again, for all the people who don't read well - There was no collusion by Trump. And Trump wouldn't have known about these specific Russian actors. So now have to determine how these guys were funded and what they'll say and where it goes from here.
  4. Wyoming/SDSU

    The announcer pegged it, Wyoming was doing good until they started jacking 3's! Thats what they do, take a lot of terrible shots and went from down 4 to down 14 in about 2 min.
  5. there goes any chance of 3 bids

    3 bids! Are you quite mad? If Nevada wins the MW Tourney, we're a 1 bid conf.
  6. Stay current on the

    Yeah this is a societal problem, to try and simplify it and call it a gun problem is treating a symptom. There are many ways someone can kill others if they put their mind to it.
  7. Stay current on the

    People who get angry and say mean things - that could be all of us sometimes. However, people who actively threaten others should not be ignored. This includes men who threaten women, including their estranged wife or g/f. People who threaten their classmates or work mates, people who threaten politicians, etc. The act of actually threatening someone with harm on social media or otherwise - those people should be able to be flagged and have to have some sort of evaluation and then possibly have things like their guns taken away. That includes things that are provable and factual. The problem is many times its hearsay, I heard him say he was going to kill someone, etc. that is usually not provable. But those people can still be flagged somehow and if enough people do complain about someone, then action could be taken.
  8. Trump gas Tax

    I'm completely against adding more than about 5 cents to the gas tax. Thats the last tax I want to see increased.
  9. Their going after him for Champagne and Cigars. They seem even more desperate in Israel than they are here for Trump!
  10. Wyoming @ UNLV

    Rebs should have a big letdown after their big Nevada win!
  11. Trump will not release Democrat meno

    they should release all of it, its pretty clear the Democrats, and the FBI both relied upon false info for their warrants. Which in of itself isn't so bad except for the fact they used the same false info several times after knowing it was false. Its also pretty clear the Dems would knowingly use completely false and illegally obtained intel to get rid of Trump if they could get away with it. Not just use it for political gain in the media, but actually try to use it legally to go after people.
  12. I thought it was dumb he didn't bother to stand at the end. And he probably should have shook hands with Un's sister. SK letting NK is all just for show, but is likely confusing for people in NK, which is a good thing.
  13. So thats the new definition of phony - someone who shakes things up until they get what they want. OK then!
  14. For those that still think the Blue is a gimmick

    No, its a gimmick to brainwash fans.
  15. Schiff Is After The Truth

    can you imagine the jokes most Russians probably tell about American politicians! Hey Sergei, guess what we told Amerikan Demokrat .....