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  1. thought I would get mine in to try and get to 100
  2. I could give a rats ++++ about Hal or Dogs4Me I am just tired of the smack fest this board has become and would like to see some consistentcy from the Mod because it would be nice if you could come on and read good discussions about the conference. If that is what you call whining I guess you would rather this just be a smack board. Anyway I am done with this topic it is not worth my time.
  3. Yes... I am calling out the MOD because this is a big part of why this board is going to +++++. And you are not my mommy so if I don't like it I can call them out for being inconsistant. It is your choice and there choice to agree or not that is not my concern. If YOU do not like me calling them out, to quote you, the door is open for you to leave.
  4. I do not disagree about Hal but if you ban one person for it the MOD needs to be more consistant and do it to everyone that acts this way. Calling them out for not being consistant is the point of my post. I have been on this board for nearly 3 yrs and until recently it was a good board to get conference information now it is just a smack board. If they are trying to clean it up ie. banning Hal they need to do it to all the douche bags. Other wise what is the point of banning Hal he is not any diffrent than many others.
  5. Is this why you are here, because it’s not because the Vandals are in the MWC?
  6. WOW.. Hal gets banned but others like Dogs4Me starts multiple threads to do nothing but self admitadly troll BSU and SDSU and has nothing good to add to the board except smack but Hal get banned. And the people on this board cheer when Hal gets banned for the same thing. You all wonder why this board as gone to $hit.