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  1. I would be the first to admit that I am a huge MWC Homer ( shameless )but, i would suggest multiple wins vs. UCF ie: BSU, USU, SUDS, UNR, probably Wyoming and even Fresno would have little trouble wit UCF even with their starting QB. Just sayin' well , maybe not Fresno ...
  2. By many standards on the left coast that is an endangered assault weapon.*** subject to immediate censorship***
  3. Broncotommy


    Idaho's glaring problem is the Petrino edition of daddy ball. To be honest, the Hawkins edition of daddy ball eventually cost a good coach his job. Take note Coach P.
  4. Broncotommy


    The Vandals stated "We are too good to move down to the Big Sky" !!! Sadly, they were mistaken. Personally, I miss the rivalry !
  5. This is my game of the year candidate !!! Good luck to all.
  6. Its threads like this that make me hate the off season. And to think it is just beginning. ?
  7. It also wasn't that long ago when BYU jr. was trying to plead their way into the MWC ( in spite of their less than sterling athletic history) with promises of powerful and influential friends in high places. They promised to pull strings for the conference and that they, and they alone could push the conference to bigger and greater things. etc, etc. Blah, Blah, Blah.!!! sound familiar? Those illustrious friends ever materialize? Hot air blast !!!!
  8. The Annual "Fire Dave Rice" thread. We should just pin this thread and reuse it at the end of every season. That way everybody can just +1 it and be done. What do you think Mug ?
  9. Somebody should just cut and paste this entire thread and just change the date up top before posting it to the board. It would make the deletion process a lot easier and faster. just for efficiency sake !
  10. Fear the stache'.....Hoo boy !

  11. has not set their status